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31 Camouflage Nail Designs

Whether you’re welcoming home a soldier from battle or just dig the camo style, we think you’re going to love these camouflage nail designs. Long, short, pointed, dipped, traditionally coloured or wonderfully modernised; there is a look to suit every camo-loving babe, and we can’t wait to hear about your favourites.

Don’t forget to show these artists’ behind these fabulous looks some love too. You’ll find their links beneath each image and we definitely think they’re worthy of a cheeky like/follow … What do you think? (Also: where would we get our inspiration from if it wasn’t for them?)

31 Camouflage Nail Designs

1 – Liquid Dripped Camo Nails

The cool dripping effect used on these camo nail designs has been very popular lately, especially being used as part of the packaging and design of Kylie Jenner’s makeup line. It’s actually a really easy effect to do yourself too, should you fancy getting creative at home. Using those gold tones is a really good way of glamming up quite a dull and otherwise dark style. Camouflage is meant to make you fade into your surroundings after all …

camo nail designs liquid drip
Source: nailsby

2 – Khaki Green + Bronzed Camo Nails

What goes better with the khaki green shades usually associate with camouflage colours? Bronze, of course! There’s not a hint of camouflage in this design, but the traditional khaki green shade has been used from it. This nail look just goes to show that metallics will work really well with those camo-khaki tones.

khaki camouflage nail designs
Source: meowme.designs

3 – Short n’ Studded Camo Nails

Fancy keepin’ things short n’ studded? This look should be right up your street, combining a traditional camouflage effect with the regular khaki, brown, and black shades, but given a bit of glamming up with those gold coloured studs. It’s still a fierce, military look, but just … extra. Don’t all nails deserve to be a little extra?

short camouflage nail designs
Source: nailstorming

4 – Turquoise & Camo Nail Designs

One colour that we would never have thought of pairing with the conventional khaki shades is turquoise. As you can see, however, it’s a colour combo that works exceptionally well. This nail look ticks all the right boxes for us, but how about you? Too blue?

turquoise camo nails
Source: home_of_deva

5 – Rosy & Romantic Camo Nails

Another pairing you just wouldn’t expect to see, but one that works very well nevertheless — rosy and romantic camouflage nail designs. There is a combination of looks in this one, but they all work very well together. You could pull one or two nails as ideas for your own, or try to recreate the entire thing. We definitely couldn’t pick just the one nail to use from these delights, that’s for sure.

rose camouflage nail designs
Source: haha_nails_

6 – Pink & Camouflage Hearts

How cute? How romantic? We are completely and utterly obsessed with these pink and camouflage hearts, perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day with a soldier, perhaps? It’s a simple idea, but a very clever one. It’s also a very feminine nail look for a design that is traditionally quite male-associated. This look is very cleverly done if you’re asking for our opinion. (Which we’re assuming you are.)

pink camo nails
Source: home_of_deva

7 – Glam Camouflage Nail Art

And, for the times when pink and romantic just won’t do, how about something glam and camo instead? Only the one nail has had the camouflage design added, and that’s all the look needs. The lovely khaki green shade on the rest of these coffin army nails keeps things simple, but still in with the same theme.

coffin army nails
Source: jamiegenevieve

8 – All the Blues, Greens & Purple Camo Nails

And for all those times when the traditional camouflage colours just won’t do, how does this one tickle your fancy? (They really are fancy too, don’t you think?) Swap the regular khaki green, brown, and black tones for blues, greens, and purple shades instead. It’s a clever twist, but one that could make all the difference, with it without big green neon bows attached!

neon camouflage nail designs
Source: nailedbymary

9 – Gold Embellished Camouflage Nails

We’ve already seen a similar short camouflage look, but this one has just the one stud attached, and it has been turned into a corner, giving you a brand new look with the tools you already have. (If you managed to recreate the first one, of course.) It’s amazing how just one little change to your mani design can make all the difference, isn’t it?

camo nail designs studded
Source: nailstorming

10 – Black + Camo Nail Designs

Traditional, yet modern, these black and camouflage nail designs are another classic example of how a simple twist could make a lot of difference. The half n’ half nails are what we’d like you to pay attention to in this fab design, although the entire look is pretty damn awesome. You can use tape to mask off different areas of your nails if you want to add different designs or shades. You can get shaped stencils and cutouts too, to make life easier. Sometimes, however, you can get away with using tape that you have cut into the shape you want. Just make sure you leave it all to dry properly before you remove any tape, otherwise, you’ll run the risk of pulling the look to pieces. That would make everyone sad.

black camouflage nail designs
Source: elsasnailworkz

11 – Feminine and Floral Camouflage Nail Designs

What’s the simplest way to add a feminine air to a rather masculine pattern? Pink flowers, of course, although any shade of flower would probably work quite well. The actual camouflage design has been created in lighter shades with this look, which makes those pink pops much easier to see. Lighter taupe colours, as well as black, cream, and light khaki green have been used. The backdrop is lighter in tone than some of the darker combinations we’ve shown you already.

feminine camouflage nail designs
Source: nailstorming

12 – Bang Bang Camouflage Nail Art

If you were looking for a way to add something super extra to your camouflage nail designs, we reckon this look would be a great one to use for inspiration. There’s a little bit of everything in there — the ‘Bang’, the matte finish, some camo effect, and even some studded rhinestones. What more could you possibly want? This nail look is amazing!

cool camo nail designs
Source: home_of_deva

13 – Cute Pink Camo Nails

Sometimes, a gal just needs to feel cute. These camouflage nail designs are perfect for the cute days when all things pink are on the menu, but you feel like adding some fierce-factor too. Rather than the traditional colours of camo, light and dark pink has been used, alongside grey. Just for the record, grey goes with pretty much every other shade that you can think of, making it one of the most versatile colours you could have in your collection.

pretty camouflage nail designs
Source: glonailbar

14 – Pink Camo Coffin Nails

This West Seattle-based nail artist is keeping things perfectly in-tune with the pink theme, with these pink camouflage nails. Beautiful added to that smooth coffin shape, this looks screams that you mean business, but you’re still feminine at the same time. That’s exactly why we love it!

pink Camo Nail Designs

Source: impekablenails

15 – Up Close Camo Nail Look

The camouflage design itself is actually very easy to recreate yourself, just in case you feel like getting creative rather than rushing straight out to the local nail salon. The pattern is simply made up of ‘blobs’ of colour, in this case, green, glittery green, beige, a terracotta-taupe shade, plus black. Simple blob the colours together until the entire nail bed is covered, and you should have something that looks a little bit like this one. Once you have the camouflage pattern figured out, you can get super creative, even substituting colours, finishes, and even decorative additions and embellishments.

camouflage nail design
Source: suger23

16 – Blue Camo Nail Designs

Feelin’ blue? With nails this fabulous, you definitely won’t be. Did you know that treating yourself to a small pamper session, such as getting a manicure or pedicure, is important for overall good health and well-being? It’s actually advised that you spend a few moments each day just doing something that you love doing. Basically, getting your nails done is actually good for your health. Not that we needed an excuse to rock nails this beautifully-blue.

blue camouflage nail designs
Spotted on Pinteret

17 – Matte Black & Grey Camouflage Nails

If you’re a big fan of a matte-finish, you’re going to love these camo themed delights. The entire look has been given a matte finish, which you can easily do at home with the help of matte top coat. Yes, it’s a real thing, and the best thing about it is that you can use it to make any nail colour you already own matte too. Even the really super-glossy ones. Give it a try and we promise you’ll be obsessed. We were for a while!

black and grey camouflage nail designs
Spotted on Pinterest

18 – Designer Inspired Camo Nail Art

Of course, for those designer label-lovin’ ladies out there, there’s always these awesome designer inspired camouflage nail designs. Just the one Nail has been given the label-love, but just that one nail is it all it takes. Especially when you’re talking about Louis Vuitton, darling.

designer camouflage nail designs
Source: embdesignsofarkansas

19 – Autumnal Camo Delights

These fabulous designs mix the autumnal/small shades in with that camouflage pattern, and we think this look would work really well when the leaves start to change colour and the temperatures drop a little. Additional gold embellishments or not, these are something else. Warmer, perhaps? It’s the red-tinged autumn colours, we think, but we love it.

Camouflage Nail Designs Autumn

Source: beautywithchelsey

20 – Mickey & Camouflage Nails

After something outrageously fun how about these killer talons? You’ve got the camouflage design, and then, you’ve got Mickey Mouse on there too. It’s certainly a super fun kickass style, especially with that long and pointed shape. But what do you think? Would you rock them? (Could you, or are they just too long?)

camouflage nail designs mickey mouse
Source: home_of_deva

21 – Rhinestone Camouflage Nail Designs

The easiest way to spice up a manicure that you already have is to add something new to it. If you already had this camouflage nail designs, for example, and you were looking for a way to make them a bit more refreshed, but without losing the camo look, the addition of rhinestones could be just the ticket. Rather than changing your look this time, how about trying to add something new?

green and pink coffin army nails
Spotted on Pinterest

22 – Military Jewels

One simple way to spice up those camouflage nails is to add some jewels and glitter to the mix. Or, you know, just one nail with jewels, just like you can see here. The gold jewel really works well against the contrasting darker green and khaki tones. It’s a cool look, but is it one that can see yourself wearing? We’d love to know.

army nails
Spotted on Pinterest

23 – Spiked Camo Mani

Fancy giving your camo mani more of a spiked edge? Well, what do you think about these spiked nails? Spiked with rhinestones, as well as being spiked in shape, they’re fabulous. Rhinestones are a great way to add some bling to a manicure, but they can be a pain, constantly falling off all the time. Make sure you have an emergency repair kit on you for any last minut emergencies, and by that, we mean some nail glue to stick them right back on again!

coffin army nails natural
Source: sarahnelsonnaildesigns

24 – Orange Camouflage Nail Designs

How about injecting some bold and bright colour into your camouflage nail designs? We’re really digging this orange look, using different shades of orange and paler tones, along with that black. Fierce and fabulous; that’s what we’d call these nails. What would you call them?

orange camouflage nail designs
Source: tenterfieldtipsntoes

25 – Colourful Camo Print Nails

Are you looking for more colour still? How about these colourful delights, a slightly different take on the traditional camo trend? When you think about it, you could use just about any colour or tone that you wanted in your camo mani. Pastels, neons, matte, nude, glossy, glitter, you name it; you can have it. That’s kinda why we love them so much, but what is it that you love about the camouflage design?

colourful camouflage nail designs
Source: beautybyashn

26 – Pretty in Pink (& Black) Camouflage Nail Designs

If, like Mean Girls, you like to wear pink on Wednesday’s, these pink and black coffin army nails might just tick all the right boxes. A few slicks of colour here and there are all it takes to bring this military-themed design together. Isn’t it amazing what a few simple brush strokes can achieve?

pink coffin army nails
Source: glossynails

27 – Glam Red Camouflage Nail Art

They say that red is the colour of passion and we’re definitely feeling passionate about these glam red coffin army nails. We are very passionately in favour of getting them ourselves! You really can create this simple design with almost colour in your box, a point that we think we’ve proven quite eloquently. That gives you plenty of excuses to reach for those shades that you haven’t shown some love in a really long time.

red coffin army nails

Source: jessedoesnails

28 – Red, White & Black Stripes & Camouflage Print

We’re sticking with that wonderful red theme with these fabulous camouflage nails, using stripes to give them a really sporty feel. We also think that these nails would look just as fabulous in a matte finish as they do with the glossy effect over the top. Either way, they’re a fab design. What do you think?

red and black camouflage nail designs
Source: nails4cocktails

29 – Yellow Camouflage Nails

If you were on the hunt for a manicure that really stands out, you could do a whole load worse than these bright, statement coffin army nails. Mixing bright tones with a more neutral shade, such as the grey that you can see in these fab nails, can help to make some of the more bolder tones easier to wear. You could mix and other bright colours with grey too. It’s one of those investment colours that just goes with everything else.

yellow coffin army nails
Spotted on Pinterest

30 – Pink & Purple Camouflage Nails

And, once again, if bold and bright was right up your street, you might just love these square-tipped delights. You’ve got that neutral grey tone in there, just like the yellow and grey nails that we showed you before. We’ve proven the point again, we think. Grey works with everything, especially when you’re talking about camo print nails.

pink and purple camouflage nail designs
Source: glossynails

31 – Sparkly & Nude Camouflage Nail Designs

Oh, look! There are those grey tones again, but this time they have been used in a very different way. Rather than going for bold and bright, the grey has been used in conjunction with other, lighter shades. The same grey polish can be used for both bold and muted manicure ideas, but we love both styles equally the same. We also have an awful lot of love for these pink and grey camouflage nails too.

nude camouflage nail designs
Spotted on Pinterest

And they they are … 31 of the most fabulous camouflage nail designs we’ve ever seen. Do you agree? We would love to know your thoughts. As always, feel free to leave your comments in the space below this post, or get in touch via social media.

If you’ve created wonderful camouflage nails that need to be shown off, tell us about them. We would love to future you in a future piece on, and we can’t think these fab nail artists enough for giving us permission to use their images. Don’t forget to show them some love. You’ll find links to find them beneath each image.

Thanks so much for reading today. We’ve had so much fun huntin’ these out, and we can’t wait to see what you lovely, creative lot have got to offer too! Have a wonderful day! ?


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