31 Cinderella Nails

Cinderella … one of our very favourite Disney princesses, it must be said, and the oldest too. She was actually 19 years of age in the original film, and that makes her the oldest out of all of them. We bet that’s a fun fact you didn’t know!

Moving back to the topic in hand, however, and we’re talking about Cinderella nails today. We’ve found some of the most beautiful Cinderella-themed and inspired nail ideas, and we can’t wait to hear which ones tickled your fancy. We loved all of them, but which ones top the list for you? Leave your comments in the box below, and don’t forget to show these wonderful nail artists some love while you’re there. We wouldn’t have any nail inspiration at all if it weren’t for their wonderful designs.

1 – Spiked Cinderella

She might look like a royal princess, but she was actually one of the very first princess ever to have been born of non-royal blood. That’s right – Cinderella was just a regular girl when she happened to come across her royal Prince Charming, much like Kate Middleton now. Maybe that’s why so many people seem to love her. That and her fashion sense, of course …

But these nails – they’re good enough for royalty, and definitely one of the sparkliest designs we’ve seen in a while. What do you think about that long and spiked shape?

Cinderella Nails 31

Source: nail_houserock_

2 – Hearts + Glitter Cinderella Nails

We think that Cinderella would have nails like this herself if she lived in this day and age, a heart, some glitter, and even a negative space design thrown in there for good measure. We love that powdery blue shade, and we love the glitter even more. There’s no princess in sight, but they’re still Cinderella enough for us. How about you?

Cinderella Nails 30

Source: nailsbybethany_

3 – Disney Cinderella Nail Transfers

There’s something to be said for those nail transfers that you buy the kids … and they wear once and never play with ever again. Steal them back and use them on your own nails. They’re the quickest way to get the cutest styles on your talons.

All you need is a simple base coat, in this case, a wonderful shimmering nude, and then you apply the decals over the top, waiting for them to dry in place and then covering with a strong top coat. Perhaps two coats if you have the time. You won’t want these designs sliding around all over the place while you’re trying to look your princessy-best!

Cinderella Nails 23

Source: nailartbylara

4 – Pink + Blue Cinderella Nails

What do you think about these stunning blue and pink Cinderella nails? Mixing the two shades together is clever – pink isn’t usually a colour you would associate with this glass-shoe adorned Disney Princess.

The pointed edge helps to modern this classic look, and we love the black lace-effect addition. You could go totally wild with these nails, having a different design on each tip, of just picking one feature and going with that across the board. You could, of course, change it up anyway that you liked, and if you do that, make sure you show us!

Cinderella Nails 19

Source: _sminkmakeup_

5 – Cute Minnie / Cinderella Nails

Well, have you seen anything so cute in all your life? They’re Cinderella nails for short nails, but Minnie Mouse has dressed up as the Disney princess, rather than featuring the Disney princess herself.

It’s a clever twist, and one that we think is definitely super cute. What do you think? Should you play around with the original idea, or not?

Cinderella Nails 12

Source: meimeinails

6 – Turquoise + Gold Glitter Cinderella Nails

Well, aren’t these Cinderella nails just damn fabulous? Simple too, and even more simple if you just so happen to have Disney / Cinderella inspired stencils to help you recreate the princess-perfect look.

Start with your base coat, then add your turquoise glitter base. We’ve found that you get a much more even finish if you use a sponge to dab on your glitter polish, rather than using the brush to just smear it around. Then, when it’s all dried, simple use a gold paint (and a sponge again), and those Disney stencils. It’s all very simple when you break it down into stages. And what a cracking look too – definitely one that’s fit for a princess.

Cinderella Nails 8

Source: taiwynsilan

7 – Long + Sharp Cinderella Nails

We don’t know how big Cinderella’s feet are, or what size shoes she wears, but in the newer remakes, such as Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, she is said to have UK sized 4.5. She’s meant to have small and delicate feet to show how small and delicate she is as a person. Quite unlike this long and sharp nails of course, which are totally badass!

Cinderella Nails 20

Source: giusy_cannavacciuolo

8 – Modern + Short Cinderella Nails

Hey, no one saudi you needed to have the actual princess on your nails in order to make them princess-looking. These modern and short Cinderella nails have just the right hint of glass-slipper sparkled about them, but without being too much. It’s a perfect design if you can’t get away with bright and bold nails – such as your boss not liking them!

Cinderella Nails 29

Source: eunicetannails

9 – Blue Embellished Cinderella Nails

Just in case you were wondering what Walt Disney’s favourite ever animated moment is, it’s in the original Cinderella movie. When Cinderella is transformed from her slave-like rags, into that beautiful shimmering gown, Disney was sold. That’s his favourite movie, and with nails like this, you could almost recreate the moment yourself. We definitely think that Walt Disney would be a fan.

Cinderella Nails 28

Source: carolita.semmler

10 – Blue Glitter Cinderella Nails

The live-action model for Cinderella was Helen Stanley, and she was also responsible of the shape of two other Disney beauties also – one a princess, and one not. In 101 Dalmations, Helen was the inspiration behind the dog owner, Anita, and in Sleeping Beauty, she was the inspiration behind Princess Aurora. We sure are jealous of her – three Disney beauties in one. We wonder if she would have rocked amazing Disney nails like these?

Cinderella Nails 27

Source: elizabeths_nail_makeup_files

11 – Holographic Cinderella Nails

We know this is all about Cinderella, but you should probably be aware that the house cat she served – Lucifer – was actually based on a real life cat! It was animator, Ward Kimball, who owned the feline friend, and decided to use him – Feetsy, a cat with six toes – as inspiration for the evil house cat. It was actually while Walt Disney came to town one day that he had the great idea. Maybe we should start looking at Lucifer-inspired nails, as well as wonderful holographic Cinderella nails just like these?

Cinderella Nails 26

Source: offtoneverlandnails

12 – Chic Cinderella Nails

We kinda love these Cinderella nails, even though they’re not exactly traditional Cinderella nails. You must admit there’s something about them though – an almost Paris-like twist on a classic fairytale story. Believe it or not, the ending was originally meant to have gone slightly differently than it did in the Disney story. The fairy godmother was due to come back one more time to transform Cinderella into her glass-slipper adorned version of herself, to prove to the Prince that she was actually who she said she was. It would have been cool to see the good ol’ fairy godmother again, but we’re glad the movie had the perfect ending that it did. Aren’t you?

Cinderella Nails 22

Source: littlegnix_85

13 – Glass Slipper Cinderella Nails

Believe it or not, the girl who played the voice of Cinderella never actually knew she was auditioning for the part in the first place. We’re sure she would have been super nervous if she had known, so it’s probably for the best. Although, back then they wouldn’t have been aware of how popular this movie, and many other Disney movies, would end up being. This is a firm favourite for many a little prince and princess around the globe now, and we thinking marking the occasion with stunning Disney nails such as these is a marvellous idea.

Cinderella Nails 21

Source: sophrainbownails

14 – Tiffany Blue Cinderella Glitter Gradient

We love these nails, not only because they’re almost like a bright Tiffany-style blue shade, but also because they’re really easy. Pick one or two nails that will become your “featured” nails, and on them, use a sponge to dab on a glitter of the same shade. Adding the same shade of glitter to the base nail colour you have used brings a sparkle to your talons without making them look overdone, and you could easily amend these slightly to match any shape or length of nail you want. If you’re not a fan of shorter talons, why not try the blue glitter gradient on the tips of shorter nails instead?

Cinderella Nails 9

Source: scandalobeauty

15 – Embellished Princess Cinderella Nails

If you want some sparkle on your Cinderella nails, you’ll need to add some rhinestones and gems to the occasion, and that’s something that we think Cinderella would definitely have approved of. You don’t need to add sparkle, glitz and glam to every nail if that doesn’t suit your personal tastes. Just pick one and go nuts with the sparkles on that one instead. It’s all about customising your look to make it more “you”. So, go ahead and get customising!

Cinderella Nails 7

Source: omorfia.beauty

16 – Short + Sweet Cinderella Nails

Cinderella actually started out as a folk tale, with thousands of slightly different variants springing up all over the worlds since its first origins. The oldest known origins to the Cinderella story actually dates back to ancient Greek times, but it has since changed and sprung up in places such as China, the Middle East, Europe, and more. Now that’s the history lesson out the way, you have some fun facts to back up your glamtastic Cinderella nails. And what glamtastic nails they are too!

Cinderella Nails 6

Source: naildecor

17 – Cendrillon Nails

The Disney version of Cinderella was the 12th film to be released from the animating genius, Walt Disney, and it was based on a French tale by a chap called Charles Perrault – “Cendrillon”. Maybe we should name these beautiful Cinderella nails, Cendrillon nails instead?

Cinderella Nails 5

Source: thenaildresser

18 – Cinderella & Friends

Add a touch of blue, some glitter, and a few of Disney’s closest friends to the mix and what do you have? Cinderella nails as beautiful as these are, of course! Those white crowns have been beautifully hand-painted, and they’re a lot easier than you first may have thought. It’s just a case of practice, and you know what they say – practice makes perfect!

Cinderella Nails 4

Source: jessycanailz

19 – 3D Cinderella Nails

Add a touch of the 3D to the mix with these stunning nail designs, embellishments added to give them that 3D lace effect. You’ll be amazed at the different designs and finishes you can create once you get experimental with different items around your house. Lace nails were a big thing, and wire nails too. There appears to be a trend forming here …

Cinderella Nails 3

Source: srunkaartistry

20 – Almond Cinderella Nails

If you like pointed nails, but worry that you might be a bit too “stabby” with them, perhaps you should try almond shaped nails instead? These beautiful designs are pointed, therefore still punky and modern, but with a slightly more rounded off edge, giving them a much more feminine edge. They’re also easier to live with, or so we’ve noticed anyway. Pretty and practical – what more could you ask for?

Cinderella Nails 2

Source: sarah.does.nails

21 – Stroke of Midnight Cinderella Nails

The stroke of midnight – one of the most important features in the entire tale. It just makes sense to pay homage to that one rule – be home by midnight – in your Cinderella nail designs. We love the way that the clock feature has been added to these designs, also with Snow White incorporated into the other hand. That reminds us … we’ve found some beautiful Snow White nails that we are desperate to show you!

Cinderella Nails 1

Source: amandatrivett

22 – Shades of Blue

Add some blue, then throw on some marble, and then add a Cinderella twist, and what do you have? Stunning Cinderella-themed nails just like these, of course! That classic blue shade has become closely associated with the Disney Princess, so you wouldn’t need too much of a big Cinderella hint in order to make them the themed nails you’re looking for.

Cinderella Nails 10

Source: caznails

23 – Beauty and the Beast / Cinderella Nails

There seems to be a growing trend right now – one hand is themed with one Disney princess on the nails, and the other hand is themed with another Disney princess entirely. We’ve seen a few of these, but we love these Beauty and the Beast / Cinderella nails look. Would you be brave enough to go for a different look on each hand??

Cinderella Nails 13

Source: n.ka_na

24 – Princess Themed Nails

One thing that is almost certainly guaranteed to make your nails look princess themed, it’s definitely a tiara! We love the tiara addition on the thumb nail of these beautiful Cinderella nails, and you could also use the same tiara design for the rest of the Disney princesses too.

Cinderella Nails 18

Source: gypsi_nails_by_linz

25 – Cinderella Glitter Gradient

We love glitter, we love glitter gradients, and we also love Cinderella. That means we are one hundred percent in love with these themed nails, without any hint of the princess herself in sight. These nails just prove that you can have beautiful Disney themed nails without going too far or over the top. Your boss might even approve of these …

Cinderella Nails 25

Source: nailrella

26 – Glass Slipper Nails

We’re back to the glass slipper again, and what a beautiful glass slipper it is too! Speaking of which, have you seen the Cinderella themed shoes that have recently been released by the shoe genius, Jimmy Choo? You should definitely check them out. They’d go with these Cinderella nails beautifully.

Cinderella Nails 24

Source: great_nails_bastrop

27 – Blue Heart Tipped Cinderella Nails

We would just like to draw your attention to the pretty blue nails in these designs, but one of the nails in particular. That blue heart-shaped tip nail is so awesome, especially with the black lace outline style. With a steady hand, it’s easily enough recreated with a black nail polish pen. If you manage it, don’t forget to show us!

Cinderella Nails 17

Source: _glamournaillounge

28 – Nude Cinderella Nails

Right, if you wanted Cinderella nails that were nude, modern and totally awesome, these designs are definitely ones to look to for inspiration. The nude base makes them so much easier to wear than some of the bolder styles, if that’s what you were worried about. That blue hint with the rhinestones combined with the white lace-effect pattern really works. We love it!

Cinderella Nails 16

Source: nailzbylianet

29 – Silhouette Cinderella Nails

How do you feel about these Cinderella nails? Rathe than the regular black silhouettes you’re probably used to seeing on nails, however, blue silhouettes have been used instead, and we think it’s a blooming wonderful idea. If you’re no good with the hand-painting business, you might want to try stencils to get started with. Oh, and don’t forget to let us know how it all goes! We can’t wait to see your designs, and we would LOVE to feature them on CherryCherryBeauty!

Cinderella Nails 15

Source: affinita_nail_megu

30 – White + Glam Cinderella Nails

Use a white base, add some glitter in a pale / silver shade, draw on a pumpkin, and maybe even a glass slipper. Let it all dry and make sure you’ve used a really good and strong top coat, and you too could have nails as fabulous as these Disney princess themed designs.

Cinderella Nails 14

Source: jade.professional.beauty

31 – Square Cinderella Nails

Last but certainly not least, we come to these stunning square-tipped Cinderella themed nails. Blue, which seems to set the trend with most of these princess style designs, and also with some glitter and shimmer added for good measure. The square shape gives you a literal blank canvas on which to create some beautiful art, so get creating! Pumpkins, glass slippers, even the little mice (we loved Gus!) … We can’t wait to see them!

Cinderella Nails 11

Source: s_j_harvey

And there you have them – 31 Cinderella designs that we absolutely love right now! Long, short, square, oval, pointed, unique, bold, pastel, muted and brilliant. The question is, which one is your favourite? Which picture will you be marching into the nail salon holding? We can’t wait to see!

If you’ve created a nail masterpiece, send it in to us. You can DM us on Instagram, send us a message on Facebook, or Tweet us. Get in touch, show off your work. We want to show it off too! Don’t forget to show the artists we featured today some love too. We wouldn’t have anything to show you at all if it weren’t for their fabulous creations.