31 DIY Projects: DIY Bar Carts

If you were looking for something to do this weekend, you might find these DIY bar carts (and their tutorials) quite handy. Easy and simple upcycling of older and unused (also: unloved) furniture means that you don’t need to spend a small fortune when renovating or decorating your home. It also means that you’ll be giving an old and much-loved piece of furniture a new lease of life, and you must admit, there’s something a little romantic about that. Simply imagine starting your new life with your BAE, and having a wonderfully upcycled piece of furniture that once belonged to a great-grandmother … or whatever. You know what we mean – vintage pieces are often unique and beautiful, and there’s nothing to stop you from showing them some love and really showing them off.

If you like to entertain, we definitely think you’re going to love these DIY bar carts ideas. From the very simple to the ridiculously complicated, we’ve found something that we think would suit every home. We’d love to know which ones have given you some inspiration. Don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favourite in the comments below. You can also get the conversation started on our social media pages – let’s be friends!

But, without any further ado, let’s get down to business …

1 – Foldaway DIY Bar Carts

The best thing about this DIY bar carts project is that when you’re finished with the cart itself, you can collapse it down and put it away. It won’t ever take up too much space, and you can pull it out as and when you need to. What a great idea, right? And now for the brilliant news … It’s just an old suitcase over a folding table.

Diy Bar Carts 4

The table can be picked up for next to nothing, and you can easily paint that, and give it whatever kind of finish you like too. Add your old-school suitcase over the top, and insert a waterproof barrier if you want to. Then throw your bottles in and wait for the partygoers to enjoy themselves … That’s the hope, anyway!

Source: thedesiwonderfulwoman

2 – Piped DIY Bar Carts

It’s a super cool idea, and one that’s perfect for the garden too! What do you think about pipe-based DIY bar carts, just like this one? This is good if you have pipework lying around that you need to find a use for, but can be quite pricey if you want to actually making it from scratch, buying the piping from homeware and DIY stores.

Diy Bar Carts 10

Time-consuming and probably more than a little frustrating, this is a really good idea if you have a couple of weekends to dedicate to the cause. Don’t forget to show us – we would LOVE to see these ones!

Source: alifedesigned.blogspot

3 – Bright and Simple DIY Bar Carts

Add some small wheels to a simple end / coffee table, and what do you have? The basis for some super cute DIY bar carts, that’s what. All you need to do once you’ve done that is figure out what colours you want to spray paint them, and then get spray painting. The bottom shelves have been created using wooden trays, which we think is a really good idea, and for hiding stuff you don’t want on display, you could easily use similarly-painted boxes or baskets.

Diy Bar Carts 9

Add the rail at the end for a tea towel, and you have something that would look great in anyone’s home during happy hour. All you need to do now is have enough booze in the house to stock it! (And not drink it)!

Source: tattooedmartha

4 – Vintage Upcycled DIY Bar Cart

We love nothing more than giving an old piece of furniture a new lease of life, and this DIY bar cart actually originally started out as a vintage record player. We know it’s hard to believe, but we’ve seen the evidence for ourself, and we’re super excited at the prospect of having a go at creating this for ourselves.

Diy Bar Carts 5

There is space for bottles of wine, bottles of spirits, glassware, and even an ice bowl, which is everything you need for a bar cart. Now all you need to do is work out where in your house you’re going to stash it. It’s far too pretty to hide away, don’t you think?

Source: cassandramonroe

5 – Pretty Panelling DIY Bar Carts

This is another really cute and pretty idea, and simple to recreate for your home. This one has been completed with a wonderful and earthy green and brown finish, but there’s nothing to stop you from making yours bold and bright if you wanted to. You could easily use an old bookshelf to recreate this look, or buy a bar cart and customise it with those side panel overlays.

Diy Bar Carts 8

If you feel like getting hands on, you could even create those side panels with your own designs on them, but that means using a powdered saw and we like to leave that to the handymen …

Source: theflairexchange

6 – Ikea Cart Makeover

We think this is a brilliant idea. I mean, how many of you have gotten lost in Ikea on the weekends with your parents or your other half? Well, now keep an eye out for carts on wheels like these, because they provide the perfect starting point for your DIY bar cart projects.

Diy Bar Carts 1

There are plenty of places in which you can find these carts on wheels for not very much, and you can even pick them on up Amazon also. In order to get this classic and sophisticated bar cart look however, you’ll need to give it a lick of paint. Spray paint is key, and this one has been spray painted gold, but you could opt for any colour – silver, black, rose gold, even white, blue, yellow and bright colours if you wanted to. The trays could be spray painted also, and you could also decorate them with wallpaper or fabric, as long as you can make sure you have finished it correctly so the spillages won’t ruin your brand new bar cart.

Source: seafoodplay

7 – Outdoor DIY Bar Carts

For when you want to take the party outside, we think DIY bar carts just like this one are perfect. Flowers and other greenery have been included to help give it that outdoorsy feel here, but you could always replace those with herbs, celery and other green items that you would regularly find in a cocktail. This could easily have been an old side table, the legs slightly amended to include wheels to make it portable.

Diy Bar Carts 7

It just goes to show that you can make everything new and fresh again with a little bit of work, and as far as simple DIY bar carts go, this one has got to be one of our favourites!

Source: runwaychef

8 – Freshly Painted

Even giving something a fresh lick of paint can give it a new lease of life, and that’s what makes these crafty little projects so much fun. This once boring and dull silver and red cart has been transformed into a classy and sophisticated looking brown and gold delight that would look much better in your home.

Diy Bar Carts 15

Add a tray and an ice bucket in the same shade and you’re on to a winner, if you ask us. You could even get creative and get matching glasses too, or paint them yourself to match the rest of the cart. What do you think?

Source: abeautifulmess

9 – Shelf Liner DIY Bar Carts

With the help of a little shelf liner, you could easily customise a moveable cart. In fact, you could even do the same thing with wallpaper too, as long as you put the right finish on it to ensure it doesn’t get ruined.

Diy Bar Carts 14

You can change the look up regularly too, replacing the paper or self liner every now and again too, or even make it match your current interior decor. It’s always good to have options!

Source: pinterest

10 – Simple to Spray Painted

Of course, if you wanted something a bit more bright and colourful, you could always go nuts with the spray painting, going bold and incorporating as many different bright pops of colour as you can. We love the yellow and pink design that has been used for this DIY project, but there’s nothing to stop you from going bold and bright with any number of colours and shades.

Diy Bar Carts 2

If you get inventive, don’t forget to come back and show us what you’ve done! We’d love to feature your DIY projects!

Source: bespoke-bride

11 – Laptop Table to DIY Bar Cart

Do you know what this DIY bar cart once was? It was a cheap laptop / computer table from Ikea. It’s been given a little makeover – some paint and coasters, and also the addition of a bottom shelf. No longer an Ikea laptop table, but a beautiful bar cart that provides the perfect place to store those summer cocktails you’re going to rustle up.

Diy Bar Carts 13

You could easily affix beautiful fabrics and netting to the side panels if you didn’t want everything so exposed, and you could even add frosting to the glass if you wanted to. In fact, the personalisation options are endless. What ideas can you come up with?

Source: stylemepretty

12 – Upcycled DIY Bar Carts

Believe it or not, this DIY bar cart actually started out as an old tool / toy chest for a kid, and it has been remodelled into a beautiful cart that anyone would be proud to stash their boozy drinks in. By stripping down the warped wood and a fresh lick of paint, as well as a few additional touches, an old piece of furniture that would otherwise have been thrown in the trash has even rejuvenated.Diy Bar Carts 6

Even better news than that, the piece is entirely unique and completely functional. What more could you possibly want?

Source: erynwithay.typepad

13 – Bed Slats Into DIY Bar Carts

If you ever wondered what to do with those old bed slats you had from your old bed frame, DIY bar carts like this give you the perfect solution. This bar cart was entirely created form the old bed frame slats, and we think it’s a great idea. The addition of a few screws, some coasters for the bottom, and a a bit of patience, and you too could have a rustic DIY bar cart that could be used both indoors and out.

Diy Bar Carts 12

You could paint this, of course, but we really like the natural effect. Now, who can we bribe to give us a hand with the creation of this beautiful masterpiece … ?

Source: niftynest.blogspot

14 – Mint Julep Bar

We can’t help but think that this beautiful mint julep bar is a great idea for a wedding or more formal garden event, and when you learn how little effort actually goes into the making of this wonderful piece, you’ll kick yourself for not giving it a shot sooner. It looks super cute, and it could easily be painted to suit your own decor.

Diy Bar Carts 3

You could even consider adding bows and other beautiful accessories to help making it look cuter, and for kids parties, you could swap the boozy beverages for juices instead! Great idea, right?

Source: pizzazzerie

15 – Rustic DIY Bar Carts

Are you more about the rustic life? If so, then DIY bar carts like this might be right up your alley, and there’s a really easy tutorial to follow for this cool home design piece too. The original inspiration design for this was over eight hundred bucks (that’s dollars to us English folk), but this blogger managed to make it for a fraction of that price.

Diy Bar Carts 11

You could wood stain this for a more unique and vintage feel, or go bright and bold if you’re all about the rainbow life. Either way, we think it’s a great one. How about you? Are you diggin’ this natural design?

Source: shanty-2-chic

16 – Mirror Up

Mirrors do a number of positive things for a room. Firstly, it helps to brighten a room up by reflecting the light. Secondly, it helps to make a small space appear bigger by … well, reflecting whatever is in the room.

Diy Bar Carts 16

Add a mirror to your bar cart and what do you have? Well, it’ll look like you’ve got more booze than you have by reflecting the stuff on the cart itself, and if you use the right kind of mirror shape, will look utterly adorable also. Winning all round, we say! Killing multiple birds with one stone, as they say. Don’t worry though, no birds were harmed in the making of this post.

Source: Devon Rachel

17 – Bookshelf Reinvention

If you’re thinking of throwing that old bookcase away, wait! There could be a new use for it, and DIY bar carts just like this one could be it! You could easily replace those legs and have coaster put on to make it more moveable, but if that’s not important to you, a stationary bar cart is even easier to replicate.

Diy Bar Carts 18

You could remove the backing entirely, to be able to see right through it, or replace the backing with a liner pattern, paint or wallpaper. Plenty of ways to customise it, and no seriously cost involved. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together nicely?

Source: The Everygirl

18 – Bamboo DIY Bar Cart

This old bamboo bar cart has been given a makeover with a touch of gold spray paint, and as you can see, the end result is not only really simple, but also very elegant and perfect for any home. If the bottoms of this cart were to be made out of a different material other than glass, there’s nothing tops top you from removing it and replacing it with glass too, or even thicker perspex for the more safety-conscious among you.

Diy Bar Carts 19

Either way, it’s a simple job but it could give that old piece of furniture the new lease of life it truly deserves. It might just be time to start hunting around the boot fairs and second-hand stores.

Source: Julie Blanner

19 – Piano DIY Bar Cart

We’re sure you probably don’t have an old piano just lying around, waiting to be renovated, but if you did, or you were able to get your hands on such a thing, DIY bar carts just like this one would be possible. And what a super awesome design it is.

Diy Bar Carts 20

You’re keeping a lot of the original features by renovating the piano in this way, but you’re also adding a few things to make it more functional as a bar. We think the entire idea works really well, and we’d be very proud to have a bar like this in our house. How about you?

Source: househoneys.com

20 – Old Changing Table DIY Bar Carts

This awesome bar cart idea actually started off with an old baby changing table. It just goes to show that literally everything you no longer have a use for can be given a brand new lease of life.

Diy Bar Carts 21

Remove the mattress-part the changing table (obviously), and give the wood a good sanding down, before hitting it with a primer. A touch of paint in your desired new shade or colour comes next, and then a gloss or wax to finish it. Add a wine rack to the bottom for extra storage – you can pick these up for next to nothing in Ikea, and that’s just one example.

Source: Pinterest

21 – Simple + Elegant DIY Bar Carts

We love this idea – the mirror is permanently affixed to the wall, but the foldaway table style of this DIY bar cart means that it can be moved. You can bring it out for your very best social events, and hide it away when you no longer need it. the mirror doesn’t take up any more space because it’s on the wall, and it also serves another purpose – it will also make that space look lighter, brighter, and much bigger too.

Diy Bar Carts 17

When you’re killing that many birds with one stone, why wouldn’t you want to recreate this for your own home? And better than that – for your own party? Will we get an invite for suggesting the idea to you … ?

*No birds were harmed in the making of this article … obviously.

Source: Bond Girl Glam

22 – Vintage TV DIY Bar Cart

What did we say about those wonderfully unique vintage pieces? This old TV could easily have been discarded in the trash, no longer used and definitely no longer loved. But with a little imagination and some TLC, look at how wonderful a creation you could have from it? How many old TV’s do you think you could find?

Diy Bar Carts 22

Add some legs if it doesn’t already have any, and that’s after you’ve taken away all the inner workings of the TV, of course. You’ll want to leave the dials, but you could always superglue these in once the wiring has been removed. With some fairy lights, or even built-in lights, you could have a DIY bar cart so awesome that everyone will want to get the next round in.

Source: Pinterest

23 – DIY Trunk / Suitcase Bar Cart

We keep coming up with some many new and beautiful ways to upcycle those vintage trunks and suitcases you may have stashed away in your grandmother’s attic. In fact, perhaps we should do an entire post on this?! But this DIY bar cart – it’s a super cute idea, don’t you think?

Diy Bar Carts 24

Using the suitcase or trunk on it’s side, and the top section as a door, of sorts, you already have the basics for something really adorable, and functional as a bar too. Just add coasters to the bottom to ensure it moves around where you need it to, and fill it with the best booze that money can buy … or that weird stuff that everyone seems to leave at the end of parties.

Source: Apartment Therapy

24 – Artistic + Sophisticated DIY Bar Cart

Wow, what a beautiful idea, right? And in this DIY bar cart idea, a beautiful art print has been used on the wall, rather than the mirror design we showed you before. Are you a dab hand at art yourself? You could paint something for the frame that sits behind it – a perfect opportunity to show off your artistic side. Alternatively, you could grab yourself a cheeky bit of wallpaper sample, and use that as your basis for your in-frame, behind-bar artwork.

Diy Bar Carts 31

Back to the DIY bar cart itself, this little beauty is a wonderful older piece of furniture, given a brand new lease of life with a touch of white paint, and some gold too for that added luxury appeal. The white and gold work really work together – bringing in a really sophisticated finish. It’s definitely one of our favourites!

Source: designsponge

25 – Kids Toy Chest to Bar Cart

Can you guess what this unique bar cart once started out as? In fact, we bet you’ll never guess. Do you give up yet? Fine, we’ll tell you …

This actually started out as a child’s tool chest. You know – one of those things little boys tend to have with hammers and pretend nails. Nothing that can actually hurt them, of course, but small, harmless replicas of the tools that daddy uses when he goes to work or does stuff around the home. Although the wood was warped to start with, a little stripping soon helped to solve that problem, and then some primer and a lick of paint after that. You could even use spray paint if paintbrushes weren’t fast enough for your liking.

Diy Bar Carts 25

Add some corner-covers for a more antique and vintage feel, and also a few hangers on the side … It’s a brilliant idea, and actually a super simple one too. You can find the full tutorial below!

Source: Eryn With A Y

26 – Stationary DIY Bart Cart

It’s more of an actual bar than a bar cart, but it’s definitely a piece that we felt deserved a special mention here. Even the larger and chunkier pieces of old furniture you have can be transformed into something new and magical, as displayed by this home DIY project gone right!

Diy Bar Carts 23

Take out the doors and replace them with new ones, add new handles, a lick of paint, and even the sides at the top if you wanted to. Then, all that’s left to do is stock it with plenty of boozy delights … And a few glasses too.

Source: These Two Hands

27 – Wood + Piping DIY Bar Cart

This beautiful little bar cart is a DIY project presented to you from the masters of power tools – Black and Decker. It’s a very basic design, but it looks much more complicated than it is to create, mostly because of the clever piping work that’s used to keep it all together.

Diy Bar Carts 27

With plenty of room for bottles, glasses, and anything else you might need on a traditional bar cart, the coasters on the bottom enable you to hide it away when you don’t need to use it, and you could also disguise it as another piece of furniture when you’re not having parties. An end table, for example.

Source: blackanddecker

28 – DIY Pallet Bar Carts

You can make so much stuff from the humble pallet these days, we don’t know why more people aren’t jumping on the bandwagon. This beautiful DIY bar cart is a simple wooden pallet – it has been painted, turned on its side, and coasters have been added to make it moveable around your home.

Diy Bar Carts 28

Stash the boozy bottles in the spaces within the wooden slats of the pallets, and you may even want to consider hanging a wine glass holder from the underneath of the upper slats. In fact, there are quite a few ways that you could customise this clever little design. What would you add to yours?

Source: myinterestinglife

29 – Simple Tray DIY Bar Cart

These marble trays make for a really glamorous addition to this DIY bar cart, and we can’t help but thing that this would actually make a very pretty makeup table also. At least, you could move it around the home to find the best lighting … Not that we’re talking about that right now.

Diy Bar Carts 29

Back to the bar cart idea, and this simple table design could easily have been just that – a simple table. Coasters added to the bottom turn the table into a cart, and you could add trays to existing flat surfaces. You could even consider covering older trays with shelf liners or even linoleum tiles for when you want to spice up existing interior decor.

Source: Etsy

30 – Ombre Bar Cart

If you already have a bar cart that doesn’t match your existing decor, give it a new lease of life with some paint. Right now, we’re one hundred percent obsessed with the ombre look – on our hair, on our nails, and now, even on our furniture and interior design.

Diy Bar Carts 30

The blue fading into the bright white here is certainly one way to brighten up that space in a dark room, and it really helps when you add contrasting glasses, etc. to really make things stand out. Had you thought about adding some paint to the furniture you already own? How much of a difference could it make to your home?

Source: papernstitchblog

31 – Garden Party DIY Bar Cart

Can you believe that this DIY bar cart actually started out as an old door? Nope, we wouldn’t have believed it either, but we’ve taken a peek at the tutorial and we’re not lying when we say that. We’ve double checked!

Diy Bar Carts 26

Add a bracket and a shelf at the top, and then you have a space for hanging glasses, and also bigger bottles that won’t fit at the bottom. Then add a smaller end table at the bottom, giving you that main frame to mix your fabulous drinks on. The door can be leaned back slightly against a flat wall, but just make sure that it can’t slip. You definitely don’t want any accidents to happen.

Source: Home And Garden Digest

And there you have them – 31 fabulous designs for DIY bar carts that we definitely think deserve to be in your home. From the fun to the fabulous, upcycling furniture is the fun new way to spend your weekends. The weather is getting warmer now too – you could make your bar cart in the sun, and then serve drinks up from it when it’s done. It is the season to garden party, and what better addition than these serving platforms?

Don’t forget to let us know which of these fabulous creations caught your eye, and check out the tutorials too. Without the people behind them, we’d have no inspiration at all.

If you recreate any of these fabulous pieces for yourself, send them into us! We’d love to see how creative you got, and we would love to feature you on our site!

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