31 Fall Nail Ideas

Hello, you lovely lot! Are you on the hunt for fall nail ideas today? That’s good because we’ve got a few looks that we definitely think you’re going to love. And there’s a little something for everyone too, no matter what kind of nail length, style, or even colour you’re looking for.

Grab yourself a cuppa and get comfortable, it’s about to get talon-tastic!

31 Fall Nail Ideas

1 – Fall Leaf Print Nails

You can’t really go wrong with a leaf print during fall (or autumn, if you’re British), and this leaf print is definitely ticking a few of the right boxes, don’t you think? It’s pretty, fits the theme, and can be completely customised. If you don’t like the bronzed-terracotta tones used in this look, you could switch them out for different shades — greens, plums, rich reds, etc.

Follow the artist: armstrongnails

2 – White Marble Fall Nails

How do we feel about marble nails? These aren’t exactly fall-themed, as such, but we predict that marble is going to be a bit hit over the next fall/winter season. It’s a fairly easy to look to recreate at home, too, just in case you don’t have time to run to the salon for a new mani. (Who does these days?)

Follow the artist: annailz

3 – Neutral Fall Coffin Nails

Need something season-perfect? How about this for a fabulous fall nail idea? The rusty-red glossy swirled look is absolutely everything we’re looking for this fall, and we can’t get enough of the neutral tones used on the centre nail. And then there’s the rhinestones and gems … we love rhinestones and gems! This look might be the one for us, to be honest. How do you feel about them?

Follow the artist: fiina_naillounge

4 – Colourful and Simple Fall Nails

These are so cute, aren’t they? We love the way that the shape of the leaf has been used as a silhouette for a beautiful blend of shades behind. They’re watercolour-looking, which instantly makes us love them more because we LOVE arty nail designs, and they’re also relatively easy to achieve with the use of stickers, decals and/or stencils.

Follow the artist: ldnailsxo

5 – Black and Leopard Print Coffin Nails

Leopard print, leopard print, we love you. And we really do, too! Leopard print comes back into fashion every year, around the time that fall hits and the leaves start changing colour. What should make this year any different? Give the retro look a modern twist with a style like these stunning black and leopard print design coffin nails.

Follow the artist: naildesignbykamila

6 – Nudes and Browns Fall Nails

What about geometric shapes on your almond nails, how do you feel about them? Mix up those neutrals with geometric shapes for a look that is not only cool, but also very artistic. You don’t need too much of a steady hand to recreate the look, either, especially if you’ve got tape to hand.

Follow the artist: fiina_naillounge

7 – Leafy Nails For Fall

We’re back to leafy nails but these ones have been done a little differently. The outline of the leaves, rather than being a black line, is actually a white line, making the glitter tones of the leaves themselves really stand out. Sometimes, just sometimes, you need the smallest tweak or change to an old and overdone look to bring it back to life again. This look is a classic example of that.

Follow the artist: ldnailsxo

8 – Orange and Bronze Coffin Nails For Fall

Don’t fancy letting go of the summer just yet? We don’t blame you, and that’s why we’re including this wonderful, bright orange look. It’s got those bronzed tones in there, with the gold leaf flecks, so, technically, they’re still fitting in with the fall theme. Plus … we just kinda love these coffin nails. You understand, right?

Follow the artist: zack_pn

9 – Tortoiseshell Nail Inspiration For Fall

Tortoiseshell! Now that’s a nail look we’ve not seen before. And, we must admit, we absolutely adore the idea. Tortoiseshell is one of those classic designs that we’re thrilled is making a comeback — and the colour scheme just fits so perfectly for fall too! Perfect timing.

Follow the artist: hannahroxit

10 – Animal Print Fall Nail Design

Are we featuring animal print too much? We don’t think so. Leopard print seems to make a comeback every year, around the time that fall and winter come back around. We’re not complaining in the slightest; it’s one of our favourite looks ever! Especially when we’re talking about cute animal print designs for fall nails like these.

Follow the artist: naildesignbykamila

11 – Black n’ Rose Gold Fall Nails

Looking for a way to celebrate something big or good during the fall season? Need glam nails that fit the shades of the season? How about these? They’re virtually perfect! There’s rose gold, black, glitter, leaves — that’s what we needed to fit the fall theme, right? There you go, job done. Your next nails are right here.

Follow the artist: ldnailsxo

12 – Artistic Nails For Fall

Didn’t we tell you that we loved artistic-looking nail designs? That’s why these are on the list, and we can’t think of any better excuse than RIGHT NOW to show you them. Go for something out the box this fall, especially if you’re usually very straight-laced. What’s the point in waiting for a special occasion to get your nails done?

Follow the artist: lafayette_nails

13 – Fox and Leaf Nail Design

We don’t know what we love more about this adorable fall-inspired nail look. It might be the fox. Or it might be the leaves. It might just be the whole damn lot! What’s your favourite part about these gorgeous nails?

Follow the artist: thedotcouture

14 – Short n’ Sweet Fall Nails

Showcase your talents by getting really creative … with a look like this one!

Follow the artist: nailartemarilia

15 – Fierce Fall Nails

We’re kinda holding on to summer for all its worth with these fabulous and fierce nails for fall. A mix of stiletto and coffin shapes make this design a rather unique one, and probably not the most practical one. We want to hear from you if you’ve had mix n’ match nail styles in your manicure. What was it like? Let us know in the comments below!

Follow the artist: mrtrungnguyen

16 – Terracotta Nail Inspiration For Fall

It seems that terracotta is a shade very much on-trend for fall this year and since it reminds us of one of our very favourite things about the season — pumpkin spiced lattes — we’re absolutely adding it to the list of fall nail ideas. Terracotta and pumpkin spiced everything, please. Thank you.

Follow the artist: fiina_naillounge

17 – Holographic Shattered Glass Nail Looks For Fall

We’re a big fan of holographic pieces on nails at any time of the year, but the shattered glass look has been cleverly achieved with golden and green tones, really bringing in an earthy, fall feel to the finished design. What do you think of these? Are they fall enough for you?

Follow the artist: hannahroxit

18 – Glittery n’ Leafy Nail Designs For Fall

Got a fall wedding to attend to? We reckon these nails might just live up to the challenge. There’s something very pretty and unique about these, the white tones bringing some lightness to an otherwise darker manicure look. Those glitter shades are amazing, too, let’s face it.

Follow the artist: ldnailsxo

19 – Orange Fall Nails

Orange for fall, is that a thing? Can we make it a thing? Because it’s almost rusty-bronze-brown, which are the most basic colours of the autumnal spectrum. Also, we just love these ones. That’s totally okay, right?

Follow the artist: zack_pn

20 – Easy Fall Nails

This might not be a shade that you’d normally associate with fall but that doesn’t mean you need to disregard it entirely. The blue shade is just what you need to bring some colour back into your life, especially when it feels like everything around you is a multitude of bronze, brown, and grey tones. We’re loving the cuteness of this hand-painted leaf design, but we’d love to know what you think about them.

Follow the artist: hannahroxit

21 – Loving Leopard Print Nail Designs For Fall

Leopard print again. (Sorry, not sorry.) This manicure has been given an additional touch of leopard print over a neutral, nude backdrop, showing you how you can make your nails stand out and blend in, all at the same time.

Follow the artist: ladies_like_nails

22 – Short n’ Leafy Fall Nails

Need something short, sweet n’ simple that you can do from the comfort of your own home? How about this look for a great idea? Stencils are great for achieving amazing looks like this one, and you can get your hands on sheets of them very pretty cheap online. Don’t forget about nail stamps, too. They’re a great tool to use for nail design, and although they can take a little bit of time and patience to get used to, are definitely worth it. Have you seen the wide array of designs and shapes you can achieve with them? It’s incredible!

Follow the artist: justagirlandhernails

23 – Purple Fall Nails

Don’t fancy sticking with the traditional shades of fall? It’s okay, we know just what you need: a purple look, like this one! Rich tones like this are great for all-year-round, helping to bring a luxury, sophisticated addition to any occasion. We like ours super glossy, just like you can see here, but we also think this purple delight would also look great finished off with a matte polish.

Follow the artist: annailz

24 – Purple Leaf Print Fall Nail Design

While we’re on the subject of purple nails for fall, let’s have a look at how virtually any colour combination can be made to look fall-like with the addition of leaves. They could be handpainted on, or you could use decals or stamps, and it’s the fastest and easiest way to give your nails an autumnal feel.

Follow the artist: armstrongnails

25 – Yellow and Marble Fall Nails

We’re stilling clinging on to the very last remnants of summer with these bright beauties, but we think the red-orange tinge in the marble helps to make it a more fall-like. What do you think? And no one actually said you had to have fall colours to have fall nails, right??

Follow the artist: fiina_naillounge

26 – Neutral Leopard Nails For Fall

We loved these nails a lot because they remind of us of one of our favourite autumn/winter sweaters — and it gets pulled out every single year, without fail, for at least the last three or four years. We know we’ve gone a little leopard print crazy in this piece, but you could always do what this look has done and have the print on one or two of your nails only.

Follow the artist: an_krd

27 – Nude Black and Nude Ombre Nails

We love two things in life — ombre everything and Huda Beauty products. So, you can probably imagine our obsession with these stunning matte, ombre nails. We are absolutely, 100% head-over-heels in love with them. These are definitely the next ones on our list when we head to the nail salon. Which ones of these looks we’ve shown you today do you think will be yours?

Follow the artist: lafayette_nails

28 – Leaf Print Fall Nail Designs

You know, you could keep things nice n’ simple with your fall nail ideas and literally have the word “fall” written across them. Not that anyone needs reminding of what season it is when it’s already gettin’ chilly outside, right?

Follow the artist: ldnailsxo

29 – Khaki Green Long Nail Designs For Fall

Khaki green — fall colour or not? We think it definitely is — and even more so when they look as fantastic as these talons do! As far as fall nail ideas go, we know these aren’t the most practical design to use as inspiration, but the look itself is spectacularly simple and gorgeous at the same time.

Follow the artist: fiina_naillounge

30 – Rusty Glitter Nails

Make it glitter in all the best autumnal shades and you don’t really need anything else. You could easily guess which season you were living in with nails in those colours, or is it just us that thinks that?

Follow the artist: hannahroxit

31 – Bright and Colourful Nail Inspiration For Fall

Make it bright, make it bold, make it floral … and then you might end up with fall nail ideas that look like this! Florals are best during the colder months of the year, when you don’t often see flowers anywhere else. Brighten up your own day!

Follow the artist: zack_pn

We hope that you loved these 21 fall nail ideas but don’t forget to go and show the artists some love! We are grateful for their inspiration and would have very boring nails if it weren’t for their brilliant designs.

We’d love to know which of these was your favourite. Leave your comments in the box below, and don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to see next!

Have a wonderful day, folks.