31 Galaxy Nails That Are out of This World

Are you looking for nails that are truly out of this world? You need to check out the brand new nail tends then — galaxy nails. When you can bring the stars, and the rest of the universe, to you, why wouldn’t you want to do just that?

Whether you’re looking for something simple and understated, or nails that pack a space-age and powerful punch, there are galaxy nail designs here to suit everyone. The latest nail trends have never been so easier to achieve, especially with step-by-step tutorials. Let’s all thank YouTube!

Anyway, without any further ado, we bring to you … .

1 – Spiral Space Nails

A hint of blue, a splatter of white, and perhaps a bit of aquamarine and turquoise, all over a dark blue / backdrop, all together makes the perfect spiral space nails. Don’t be too afraid to give this nail trend a try. The beautiful thing about these stunning nails is that they’re not meant to look uniform. Getting them ‘wrong’ is part of the fun, and all help to create a magical and mysterious masterpiece.

Galaxy Space Nails 1

Source: haha_nails_

2 – Holographic Space Nails

You can mix and match a wide range of colours and shades with these galaxy nails, and that’s what makes them so much fun. It doesn’t matter what colours you have in your nail varnish box, you can create a space themed masterpiece with them. This one has been created using dark shades of purple with lighter shades of blue, with a glitter topcoat and holographic pieces to really catch the light. Shine bright like a … star? ⭐️

Galaxy Nails 2

Source: zingernail

3 – Black + Glitter Galaxy Nails

Are you looking for a cute way to wear your galaxy theme in short and square-tipped nails? Ta dah! What do you think of these little beauties?

A matte black finish is perfect as the base for this glittery delight, particularly if you really want them to stand out. Shiny and matte together offer such a brilliant contrast, it would be foolish to miss these out when looking at nail ideas.

Galaxy Nails 5

Source: nailsbydatri

4 – Glitter Effect Galaxy Nails

Wow! These are something else, aren’t they? Adding layers of differently-sized glitter is a great to add multiple dimensions to your talons. And aren’t you hoping to reach another dimension with yours?

You don’t need super long talons to rock galaxy nails like these, but more length does give you more space to have more of an impact. We do so love glitter nails, and we love glitter galaxy nails even more!

Galaxy Nails 6

Source: nail_junqee

5 – Black + Rhinestone Galaxy Nails

Didn’t we say that matte black was a great idea? Well, once again we would like to say TA DAH! Have we ever told you our greatest trick when it comes to matte nails, of any colour and design? Well, it’s called matte top coat, and it’s the best thing that you can invest in right now.

You simply add your regular nail polish, glossy or not, and wait for it to dry. Once it has dried, throw the matte top coat over the top, wait for it to dry, and then give it a second coat, and you’ll be left with matte nails that everyone will be envious of. Isn’t that the point …?

Galaxy Nails 8

Source: haha_nails_

6 – Galaxy Nails with Foil Pieces

One of the easiest ways that you can recreate these galaxy nails, is by using nail foils or foil pieces. When cleverly, yet randomly, placed like you can see here, it gives the illusion of something galaxy / space-themed, and we totally love them for that. It’s getting those galaxy nails that you really love, but with just the minimal effort. It’s perfect for those busy gals who don’t have the time to head to the salon before a big event. We’ve got your back, girls!

Galaxy Nails 9

Source: nailartbycrystal

7 – Pink, Purple + Pointed Galaxy Nails

Well, if you’re doing it, you might as well do it in style, and that’s definitely what these galaxy nails are doing … BIG and BOLD style!

The swirls of shimmer colour are what bring the galaxy to these galaxy nails, and we love the contrast between the dark and bright shades, and those transparent, spiked tips. Glitter pieces thrown on over the top or not, these galaxy nails most definitely rock. They’re for girls who are, quite literally, out of this world.

Galaxy Nails 10

Source: nailsby_evon

8 – Stars + Galaxy Nails

What goes perfectly with galaxy nails? Stars, of course, and we love that there have been a few white stars added to this space-themed design to bring it all together perfectly.

Did you know that the smallest of galaxies, called dwarf galaxies, still contain millions of stars. In fact, it’s a few tens of millions of stars if you want to get really specific about it. Just the thought of being one person in among those millions and billions of stars makes us feel very small. Doesn’t it make you feel small too?

Galaxy Nails 11

Source: nailartbycrystal

9 – Glittertastic Galaxy Nail Looks

With a simple swirly mix of colour acting as the background, multi-size and shape glitter pieces can act really well as stars if you don’t have any white paint to hand. Or if you don’t have the patience to draw those stars in, one by one. I mean, there are said to be over 170 million galaxies out there … Who has time to draw *all* of those stars on their nails? And, to think, we’re just ONE of those 170 billion galaxies. We feel really small again …

Galaxy Nails 19

Source: lacquered_liz

10 – Out of this World Galaxy Nail Designs

These marble swirl galaxy nails are really out of this world, and they’re next on our list of nails to do. they’re easily recreated too, using a watercolour / marble technique and cleverly blending white, grey, slightly blue, green and purple shades into the mix with a pointed tool. The same pointed tool can be used to apply those white circles you can see, which emulate stars brilliantly. Alternatively, you could take a more flicking approach to those stars, if you don’t mind making a bit of a mess.

Galaxy Nails 20

Source: Nail Career Education / Youtube

11 – Purple + Rainbow Pastel Galaxy Nails

How about when you wanted to lighten the mood, looking at the lighter side of these galaxy nails, rather than the darker side …? (Do you see what we did there?)

NASA would be proud of these fabulous space-themed nails, long, smooth, and rainbow-galaxy themed, all in one. What more could you possibly want from your nails, apart from a slightly more convenient shape and length?

Galaxy Nails 21

Source: naq57

12 – Galaxy on White Nails

What happens when you only want a bit of the galaxy on your nails, and not, like, the whole galaxy? Sometimes there is such a thing as too much space, you know. For those occasions, we would very much like to put forward these exquisite galaxy nails. They’re short, sweet, and simple, and basically everything we’re looking for. What do you think? Are these a winning combo of galaxy and white for your liking?

Galaxy Nails 22

Source: Lamargotte / Nailpolis

13 – Multichrome Galaxy Nails

There are a number of reasons why we fell in love with these galaxy nails, and just one of them is how easy they are to recreate yourself. Using two different shades of holographic nail polish, you can clever blend the two together, in an ombre way, to give the impression of something galaxy-themed and space-age. We loved the simplicity of these ones, and you could always add white stars or glitter over the top to bring more those stars into the mix. What do you think? With or without the stars?

Galaxy Nails 18

Source: lacquered_liz

14 – Red + Galaxy Nails

I bet you thought galaxy nails and red nails wouldn’t go that well together, didn’t you? Well, this magical mani certainly dispels those myths, mixing the two trends together really well in easy and manageable spiked, but relatively short designs. If you want to make them slightly more managable than your average stiletto points, round them off a bit, and make them more almond shaped. So much easier, trust us! (We’re a big fan of the almond!)

Galaxy Nails 17

Source: edyta_borecka_matek

15 – Dark Blue + Green Pointed Galaxy Nails

There are three main types of galaxy out there, according to astronomers, and you might find the three shapes (or classifications) will help to give you some inspiration for your galaxy themed beauties. There are spiral galaxies, elliptical galaxies, and irregular galaxies. The question is, which one would you opt for on your talons?

Galaxy Nails 16

Source: yarn_nerd

16 – Pink, Gold + Sparkling Galaxy Nails

The Milky Way is, of course, our galaxy – the one we live in. We’re classed as one of those spiral galaxies that we spoke of previously, and there are four main ‘arms’ to the spiral. The centre of the galaxy is a long way from us. It’s over 26,000 light years away if you want to super exact about things. Don’t worry though, with galaxy nails like these, you can bring the stars to you. There – pretty nail designs AND you learned something new today. Aren’t you glad you came?! (That’s why you should most definitely ‘like’ our social media pages to keep up to date with all those fun facts!)

Galaxy Nails 15

Source: joyyyboy

17 – Holographic Black + Silver Galaxy Nails

Have you seen those super awesome highly pigmented holographic powders that you rub onto your nails, rather than paint on? Well, this fabulous holographic black and silver galaxy nails look can easily be achieved with that shimmery stuff, rubbing it just onto the tips to achieve the multicoloured, eye-catching design you can see here. Over the top of black, or a wide range of other colours, this certainly is a look that will attract the light, and stand out for all the right reasons.

Galaxy Nails 13

Source: vegasnails

18 – Marble Effect Galaxy Nails

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is believed to be about 13.6 BILLION years old, and it’s also said to contain somewhere in the region of 100 to 400 BILLION stars. That’s a lot of stars! And we think galaxy nails just like these are perfect if you want to show off your new space-themed nails PLUS a new fun space fact. Who said being beautiful never taught you anything … apart from my Dad?

Galaxy Nails 12

Source: vonravenbeautyartist


19 – Bright + Purple Popping Galaxy Nail Looks

So, there’s bad news ahead. The earth is probably not going to be around forever. Why? Because experts believe that our galaxy, Milky Way, and our closest galaxy-neighbour, Andromeda, are going to crash right into each other. It’s okay though, there’s plenty of time to get your nails done in time. This isn’t going to happen for another five billion or so years yet. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Galaxy Nails 7

Source: manisatmidnight

20 – Matte + Glossy Galaxy Nails

What better way to show galaxy nails (or space nails) than to paint an astronaut right over the top of them. It doesn’t really matter what fabulous and space-age design you go for the backdrop then, you’ll instantly know you’re in space because there’s an astronaut right in front of you. Of course, keeping to the theme of silver glitters, along with blues, blacks, and purples as the backdrop certainly helps.

Galaxy Nails 4

Source: haha_nails_

21 – Holographic Foil Galaxy Nails

Didn’t we say that foil pieces were the perfect thing to help you achieve these stunning galaxy nails? Well, here’s another beautiful look that pretty much proves our point. Throw them on randomly, layer them up, add glitter or little white stars in amongst them … There are plenty of ways that you can make them more ‘you’, and we can’t think of a single reason why we wouldn’t want to give these fabulous talons a go! They might just be one of our favourites … What do you think?

Galaxy Nails 3

Source: wild_oleander

22 – Lovely, Pastel + Lilac Galaxy Nails

They’re lovely, pastel and lilac galaxy nails, just as the name suggests really. We love them because they’re much lighter than most of the other galaxy nails we’ve come across, using starting off with quite dark shades of black, purple, blue and more. These pretty pastels still give off enough of a space vibe to make them galaxy nails, without the need to resort to such dramatic and dark shades. What do you think? Are you more of the light or dark side? (Another Star Wars pun … We’ve never even watched the movies!)

Galaxy Nails 23

23 – Splish, Splash Galaxy Nail Designs

If you’re feeling super creative (and a bit messy), you could add some Vaseline or liquid latex to the outside of your nails (to protect your skin from nail-polish-messes) and then, quite literally, splish-splash. Using your brushes in a flicking motion, flick the darker and lighter shades over each other to give a messy starry impression. Beneath that, you could add more galaxy-themed shades as a backdrop, like you can see here, but you’ll often find the best looks come when you let your hands flow-free and just get a little creative!

Galaxy Nails 24

Source: tillynailart

24 – Half n’ Half, Diagonal Space Nails

If you don’t have lots of length on your side, use the space on your nails in more inventive ways. These half n’ half diagonal nails are perfect, allowing you to keep them shorter and more manageable, but still adding some of that style you love so much. You don’t even need to keep the lines straight or perfect, which makes the design so much easier. In fact, this is one of the best if you feel like getting creative, but not too creative. You know … Creative at the last minute.

Galaxy Nails 25

Source: Massiel Pena / Nailpolis

25 – Mermaid Coloured Space Nails

They’re mermaid-like colours, swirled together in a space / galaxy-themed way. What’s not to love about what we have called these mermaid coloured space nails? Add a few stars to an old mermaid-mani, and no one would ever know the difference! Did someone say time-saving?

Galaxy Nails 27

Source: nailsit

26 – Dripping Galaxy Nails

The next galaxy over from us – our galaxy neighbour, in a way – is Andromeda. That’s the one we told you Planet Earth is going to crash into, in about five billion years. Andromeda is another spiral galaxy, containing what is believed to be over one TRILLION stars. That’s a figure that astounds us, but the fun facts don’t stop surprising you there. Attached (or accompanied) to Andromeda, is 14 smaller, dwarf galaxies. There – you’ve been loaded with another fun fact to go with your galaxy nails.

Galaxy Nails 28

Source: bwlblogger

27 – Red, Pink + Black Galaxy Nail Styles

If you’re a big follower of astrology, we have bad news for you. There is actually no scientific expert to suggest that any astrological predictions actually come true, or that the alignment of the planets (or other such things) can have an effect on your life, fate or destiny. Of course, we’re not sure where we stand on the subject, but we do know that the alignment of the planets are perfect in the sense that they allow us to be alive. Earth only flourishes because of the exact ‘sweet spot’ it is sat in. If it were any closer to the sun, conditions would be too hot. If the planet were any further away from the sun, it would get too cold. It’s the sweet spot, and we’re celebrating that sweet spot in style with these stunning galaxy nail designs.

Galaxy Nails 30

Source: nailsbyjjownna

28 – Black + Silver Glitter Galaxy Nail Designs

For the record, space actually “officially” begins about 62 miles up in the atmosphere above the earth, or just under 100 km. Oh, and here’s a sad fact – you are not technically weightless in space. You still weigh the same, but it’s gravity that changes everything. No space diets for us then.

Galaxy Nails 31

Source: babsnails

29 – Space + Galaxy Nails

People think they know lots about galaxies, but a lot of what we have been led to believe is either a myth or the ‘fact’ has been changed over the years, with more research leading to more answers. We are finding more answers and, indeed, more questions with every space expedition we take part in, and with telescopes getting more and more powerful, with the ability to see further and further, we are finding more out about these beautiful creations that we once knew NOTHING about. For example, people believe that the sun, just one of the stars in our galaxy, is yellow, but the light it gives off is actually white. It’s the gases that cause scattering of the various colours, and that’s what gives it that yellow, sun-like shade. The earth’s atmosphere actually distorts it.

Galaxy Nails 32

Source: annkristin0

30 – Pretty n’ Pastel Galaxy Nails

Experts don’t actually know how galaxies are or were formed. It’s believed to be down to the “Big Bang” theory, and the big explosion causing clouds of dust and gas to spiral around each other to create a whole bunch of stuff. There are some who believe other reasons are behind them, however, such as stars clustering together and getting bigger and bigger, with many more stars and planets forming within them, over time. Nobody knows though, and that’s the cool thing about space – in our lifetime, many questions will remain unanswered, and we won’t ever get to the end …

To infinity, and beyond!

Galaxy Nails 29

Source: Alice in Wonderland CZ/ Nailpolis

31 – Blue, Glitter, Shimer + Star Galaxy Nail Designs

And finally, we would love to present to you these fabulous galaxy nails. Blue, bold, glittery, shimmering, and about as fabulous as we hope to be some day. What do you think? Are these the ones for you? Did we save the best ones to last? We can’t wait to hear what you think, and more than that, we would love to feature you on CherryCherryBeauty. If you tag us in your images on social media or send them to us via private message, we will feature you in a future piece for the site. We’re always looking for inspiration, and we can’t wait to hear what you want to see next!

Galaxy Nails 26

Source: Glittr / Nailpolis

And there you have them – 31 galaxy nails are that out of this world. With so many stunning styles to choose from, we can’t think how you’re going to pick your favourites, but we do know that there are much worse jobs to have … Right?

Which ones stood out to you for all the right reasons? We’d love to know what you thought. You can leave your comments below, or get in touch via our social media pages, the details for which you will find at the top and at the side of this post. We can’t wait to get the conversation started.

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