31 Ice Cream Designs for Nails

Have you got the scoop on the latest nail trend? And yes, the pun was definitely intended! We’re talking about ice cream designs for nails, and with summer coming up, we’re literally watering at the mouth at the very thought of them.

If you feel like getting creative with a design that won’t melt under the pressure, take a peek at some of these amazing designs. Don’t forget to show the artists some love too! Prepare to be dazzled …

1 – Summer Loving

We can’t wait for summer, let’s get that out the way nice and early. The sooner we can start wearing shorts and actually eating ice cream, as well as rocking these ice cream designs for nails … obviously. These nail designs are super easy to achieve at home – it’s essentially a triangle for the cone, plus a triangle (with some squidgy lines) for the main ice cream tip. Get creative with your colours, and add some summer loving, and you could be well on your way to enjoying the summer in no time at all.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 27
Instagram / @cloud_nails

2 – Pretty + Pastels

I bet you can’t guess what the most popular ice cream flavour on the market is? We bet you say chocolate, but that only weighs in at second place, with nineteen percent of the ice cream sales around the world being attributed to the flavour. The winner is actually vanilla ice cream, with over 33%.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 1
Instagram / @missjaysnailsandbeauty

3 – Ice Creams + Cupcakes

At any one given point, over 85% of all American people will have ice cream in their freezer. And just in case you want some ice cream designs for nails to go along with that serious ice cream addiction we appear to have, what about these wonderful delights? You’ve got ice cream designs for nails thrown in with cupcakes, and those are all of our favourite things!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 2
Instagram / @ewaklosek

4 – 3D Sculptured Ice Cream Designs for Nails

When you’re playing around with something like ice cream designs for nails, you can get away with making things a little textured. Why not add a 3D effect to your nails by building them up, until you have a beautiful ice cream design that looks a little something like this? You could add some rhinestones to really bling things up!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 3
Instagram / @fefethecreator

5 – Beachy Ice Cream Designs

These are so simple and so cute, we’re kicking ourselves for not having come up with them ourselves. Paint the tips like they are ice cream cones, and then fill the top with pastel, dripping, ice-creamy delights. They’re simply stunning, and just perfect for a day on the beach. C’mon, summer, hurry up! We’re all waiting for you!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 10
Spotted on Pinterest

6 – Ice Cream + Sprinkles

How do you feel about sprinkles on your ice cream? We did a little investigating, and we’ve learned that the most popular topping for ice creams isn’t sprinkles at all, but chocolate syrup. We want to go back to the sprinkles you – you can use a thin brush plus brightly coloured nail polish lines to achieve the same effect as these nails. Just remember that white backdrop to really make things pop.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 19
Instagram / @silverliningnails

7 – Sprinkle Tips

Speaking of sprinkles, what about sprinkle tips? If you didn’t want an all-over sprinkled look like the one we showed you before, here’s a slightly different way to play the design. These ice cream designs for nails focus on a pastel pink backdrop, but you could opt for any shade of backdrop you like, as long as it was a beautiful pastel one. Add the white ice cream fluffiness to the tips, and then add those sprinkles, and you’re good to go. There’s no need for a cherry on the top!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 13

Source: emylu91

8 – Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream Designs for Nails

We think this is a really cool idea – a mint green nail polish backdrop, with some brown or bronze glitter pieces over the top. It’s so mint choc chip, we can’t even handle it. Add some red if you feel like a splash of strawberry sauce, or even some brown if you’d rather than have chocolate. Just remember to give things a good once-over with top coat to make sure everything stays just where it should.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 9
Instagram / @hannahinternational

9 -Pink Ice Cream Nails

On Wednesdays, we wear pink, in the words of Mean Girls. And in the summer on Wednesdays, we wear pink ice cream designs for nails. Just in case you needed some inspiration, what do you think about these little beauties? You’ve got a pink backdrop, and then you could use ice cream decals if you don’t fancy hand-painting these ice cream designs for nails. Hey, it’s not really cheating. Plus, we won’t tell anyone!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 14
Instagram / @lalanails_bsas

10 – Ice Cream Emoji Nails

They’re so cute with those adorable little faces, they remind us so much of ice cream emojis. It’s a similar idea to the ones we’ve shown you before – the ice cream cone tips with melted and dripping ice cream over the top, but with cute cartoon faces added for good measure.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 20
Instagram / @liss_929

11 – Nude on Nude Ice Cream Designs for Nails

If you want ice cream nails without really standing out, these nude on nude nails are utterly brilliant. They also remind us a little bit of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits that everyone around the world seem to be going nuts for. We haven’t tried them yet, but we’d love to know your thoughts if you have. Give us a shout out in the comments below, or get in touch via our social media sites to have your beauty product reviews on CherryCherryBeauty. We’d love to feature you!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 8
Instagram / @olivia.mijangos

12 – Ice Cream Decals

What did we tell you about decals? You might think they’re cheating or tacky, but when used in the right ways they can be so cute! There’s a mixture of lollies and ice creams here, over a beautiful nude backdrop, and we think they look good enough to eat! Not that you’d want to, of course, that would muss up your mani!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 15
Instagram / @nailsbyamatista

13 – Textured Ice Cream Nails

Textured nails have become a really big deal lately, and we love the little pink textured addition that has been added to these ice cream designs for nails. They add just the right amount of something extra to help make them really stand out. We love them – how about you?

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 28
Instagram / @kristinavasilevanails

14 – Chocolate Drop Ice Cream Nails

It doesn’t really matter what colour backdrop you have on your nails, you can make ice cream nails out of them somehow. This beautiful Tiffany-blue style shade has been wonderfully adorned with what looks like chocolate dripping ice cream, and we think it makes the perfect little addition.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 7
Instagram / @mcts03

15 – Ice Cream Featured Nail

When you want ice cream nails, but not too much ice cream nails, the one featured nail is a great way to rock the summery trend. It adds just the right amount of something to your talons, without having too much that your boss pulls you up on it. Plus they’re fun and pretty in pink … What more could you be looking for from your ice cream designs for nails?

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 29
Instagram / @dominikanailssthelens

16 – Pretty in Pastels Ice Cream Nails

Did you know that the British band, The Beatles, once had an ice cream flavour named after them? We’re actually super jealous about that – we want an ice cream flavour named after us too! Just in case you were interested, the flavour was “Beatle Nut” and it was made by Baskin Robbins!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 6
Instagram / @hqhair

17 – La-La-La-Lolly Nail Designs

Summer was made for ice cold lollies, and we can’t think of a better way to reiterate that point than by having those ice-cold wonders painted on our talons. If you’re looking for a way to summer-up your nails in no time at all, think about ice cream nail decals over a simple coloured backdrop. Or, like you can see here, just add polka dots.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 16
Instagram / @lalanails_bsas

18 – Ice Cream Nail Stamps

Nail stamps are a really great to learn how to use when you want to get into doing your own manicures at home, and with so many different designs, there are plenty of creations you can come up with. You could use the basic stamp shape of an ice-cream to give you that basic shape, going over it with your desired colours and a thin nail brush. Think of it as a stencil – you go over the top and build it up to look exactly as you want to.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 17
Instagram / @shavon808

19 – Simple + Short Ice Cream Designs for Nails

Not that we’re trying to make you hungry or anything, but how do you feel about these ice cream designs for nails? The only thing that gets us through those cold winter months is the prospect of these mouthwatering delights throughout summer, and the only thing better than eating ice cream, is rocking ice cream nails to go with them!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 5
Instagram / @Nash_Nails

20 – Ice Creams + Donuts

What goes better with ice cream than donuts? We love this design, especially with those beautiful embellishments to bring the entire look to life. Remember – you can stick decals and rhinestones over existing manicures if you don’t have time for a brand new nail re-do. There are plenty of ways you can extend the life of your nails to save money (and time). Maybe we should bring you some of the very best tips and tricks … What do you think?

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 18
Instagram / @nail_meri

21 – Waffle Cone Nails

There’s no real “ice cream” as such on these ice cream designs for nails, but they’re sill ice-creamy nevertheless. We love the way the waffle cone has been used here, alongside a polka dot, almost-dripping design. You could create a textured look if you wanted to, or just leave them 2D with plenty of glossy top coat.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 4
Instagram / @allethastutz

22 – Cartoon Ice Creams

If you’re no good at realistic ice cream designs don’t make realistic ice cream designs. Go with something sketched and “cartoony” instead. Just because it doesn’t look like those nails you saw on Instagram on time, doesn’t mean it’s not a great design. Let your creativity go – you never know what you might just come up with.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 26
Instagram / @zenpolish

23 – Fast Food Nails

We love everything about these ice cream designs for nails, mostly because they contain ALL of our favourite foods, not just the ice cream. Throw some pizza on there, a donut or two, maybe some pretzels too … It’s like a picnic of all of our favourite things, and we can’t think of any other way we’d rather get into the summer-picnic-spirit.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 30
Instagram / @nails.by_julia

24 – Strawberry Pink Ice Cream Cones

There seems to be three main “designs” as such when it comes to talking about ice cream designs for nails. There are the “drips” – abstract designs that look like ice cream drips. Then there are the detailed and intricate cone designs. Following on from that, you have those textured and 3D designs. This is another that falls into the cone designs, but this one focuses on just on shade of ice cream dripping, rather than using a range of pastel shades.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 11
Instagram / @nailsbycambria

25 – Watercolour Ice Cream Designs for Nails

We love the way a watercolour design has been used to achieve the ice cream girls on these nail designs, and they almost look a little watermelon-like, but we think that’s just the colours used in the funky style. These are easily hand-drawn, and because of that watercolour nature, they don’t need to be just perfect. That makes them the perfect designs for beginners!

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 25
Instagram / @zenpolish

26 – Shimmering Blue Beauties

Ice cream as we know it today seems to have originated somewhere in France in the seventeenth century. It was 1904 that the ice cream cone was first created, and it all came about because an ice cream vendor had run out of plates. He rolled up pastry into a horn-like structure, filling that with the ice cream instead. It was such a great idea that it cottoned on fast.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 12
Instagram / @nixx1408

27 – Gold and Barely There

If you want just the slightest hint of ice cream designs for nails, how about these beautiful gold and shimmering tips? They’re almost like white tips, with a little more “dripping” on them, and instead of the white, gold has been used instead. It’s subtle and pretty, and also matches every outfit choice you could make. What’s not to love?

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 21
Instagram / @marienails

28 – Glitter Tips + Ice Cream Designs for Nails

When working with a background and front-shade, often shown in these ice cream designs for nails, make sure they have enough of a contrast to make them stand out. Glitter is a great tool, and in this case it has been used to add an almost-gold glitter cone effect.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 22
Instagram / @mirandasnailsbristol

29 – Squidgy Ice Cream Nails

The month in which the most ice cream is purchased around the world is June, and that’s hardly surprising. It’s often the mildest of the summer months, pleasant to run around and play in. And all that playing around just means one thing – more ice cream! And more ice cream designs for nails just like these … obviously.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 23
Instagram / @nailsbydanielle

30 – Fluorescent Ice Cream Nails

Fancy something bolder and brighter? These ice cream designs for nails might just do the trick, and you could use stamps, nail decals, transfers, stickers, or whatever you liked to create them. Alternatively, we saw this really cool trick where designs were painted on to clingfilm / plastic wrapping, before being allowed to dry and then transferred on to the nail itself. It basically works as a DIY nail transfer idea, and it’s a pretty bloody smart one too, we reckon.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 24
Instagram / @zenpolish

31 – Glamorous Ice Cream Nails

And for those special occasions where you’ll need killer ice cream designs for nails that really stand out, we would like to highly recommend these beauties. Just enough ice cream on them to follow the trend, they’re long and glittery, and wonderfully iced up.

Ice Cream Designs For Nails 31
Instagram / @smooch_nailsandbeauty

And there you have them – a little selection of our favourite 31 ice cream designs for nails. Which ones do you think look good enough to eat? Are there any that have persuaded you to give these designs a go yourself at home? We’d love to see what you come up with, so if you’re feeling creative, make sure you send in your designs.

If you’ve created a nail masterpiece, send it in to us. You can DM us on Instagram, send us a message on Facebook, or Tweet us. Get in touch, show off your work. We want to show it off too! Don’t forget to show the artists we featured today some love too. We wouldn’t have anything to show you at all if it weren’t for their fabulous creations!