31 Looks: 4th July Nail Art

All of these 4th July nails that we are about to show you are fabulous in their own little way, but there is a serious message to be read into the blue, red, and white coloured festivities. A United States federal holiday, it was first used to mark the July 4th, 1776 Declaration of Independence, but it has been adapted a little, almost into a celebration of things USA and patriotic.

It’s coming close to that time of year again, and we decided to commemorate the occasion by giving you a little bit of nail inspiration. 4th July nails, to be exact, and we hope you love what we’ve got coming. Don’t forget to show the nail artists some love too. You’ll find each of their links beneath each image. A cheeky little ‘follow’ would, no doubt, be appreciated.

1 – Red, White & Fabulously Blue

If we’re celebrating, we might as well celebrate with style. What better style than these super fabulous red, white, and blue talons, perfect for every patriotic occasion. The tips have been very cleverly done, with alternating colours to work with that pointed tip. You could even use this shape idea with other colours, for other events. With or without the rhinestones, this 4th July nail art idea is a great one!

4Th July Nail Art 1

Follow the artist: naq57

2 – Short 4th July Nail Art Ideas

You don’t need super long talons to get your patriotic point across. These cute 4th of July themed nails could easily be adapted for longer nails, but look just as cute on shorter and more manageable nails. You know, just in case you’re like us and can’t do anything for at least three weeks after having nail extensions because we’re so used to living with short nails.

4Th July Nail Art 6

Follow the artist: naillovebykylie

3 – Simple & Glam Fourth July Nail Art

Long and square-tipped, these simple and glam fourth July Nail art designs are very clever, and you could hand-paint, stamp, or use decals or transfers to get that cute star look. We love the way that the white stars have been used over the blue background, but you could easily mix and match up the colours that you use. As long as they’re all white, blue, and red, of course. They’re colours that have just become so symbolic for Independence Day and all things United States of America-themed! ??

4Th July Nail Art 14

Follow the artist: evy.novoa

4 – Light n’ Playful 4th July Nail Inspo

If you’re on the lookout for something a little more light n’ playful, how do you feel about this 4th July nail art? Using more pink tones than red ones, and a lighter shade of blue too, it’s a look we can definitely get on board with. We particularly like the ombré/mixed colour effect that has been used on the stars over the white background. Those are definitely in the running for our next manicure design.

4Th July Nail Art 18

Follow the artist: angelkiss.naildesigns

5 – Distressed Denim Style 4th July Nails

Rocking the denim look on Independence Day this year? We don’t blame you. We’re a big fan of denim. So much so, in fact, that we completely fell in love with these longer, distressed denim style 4th July nails. It’s still a very glam and cool look, but there’s something slightly edgier about. That’s what we think anyway, but we’d love to hear your thoughts as always. For the record, we also love the use of glitter around the bottom of the nail.

4Th July Nail Art 7

Follow the artist: naillovebykylie

6 – Simple 4th July Nail Art Idea

This one is such a simple nail look, but a very clever one at the same time. You’ve got everything you need in there to associate it with the occasion — the red, white, and blue. It’s not so complicated that it takes forever to achieve, on the other hand. You could pick just one nail to make the “featured nail”, otherwise known as the one with the white stars over the blue background. You also have a range of star-shaped items to play around with too. Paint the nail white, add star shapes, paint blue, and then peel the star shapes off to reveal the white underneath. Or, paint the nail blue, and then add the white stars, either hand-painting them or using decals/stamping. Each look has a load of different ways to recreate it, each making them slightly more unique. That’s what we love about 4th July Nail Art like these — they’re all entirely customisable.

4Th July Nail Art 2

Follow the artist: naq57

7 – Dark Blue, Red & White Patriotic Nails

These nails are really cute, a little ‘office-esque’, we feel. Easier than you’d think to recreate too, just in case you don’t have all the time (or money) in the world to spare for nail appointments. Tape helps you to recreate those stripes, and you could easily hand paint the stars if you have the patience, or use a number of ways to get them on there if you don’t. Stamping is probably the easiest way you’ll find, but that’s not the only way.

4Th July Nail Art 20

Follow the artist: nails4cocktails

8 – Celebration of July 4th Nails

Do you like to go all out and have a real 4th July celebration? These nails might just match your theme perfectly. The Statute of Liberty silhouette is a really cool addition to these celebratory talons, but we’re also a little obsessed with that firework design, both clever and simple in equal measures.

4Th July Nail Art 15

Follow the artist: evy.novoa

9 – Red, White & Glittery Blue

Are you feeling something glittery for your 4th July manicure? We don’t blame you. We’re kinda looking for something similar. These might just tick all of your 4th of July boxes, adding stars and stripes into the mix too. Stencils will make your life much easier when you’re looking for an all-over uniform design. Nail tape or wire will come in handy for those stripes too. Alternatively, you may find nail wraps or stamping techniques an easier approach. There are so many ways to replicate this fab look and tweak it to make it more unique for you too. We can’t wait to see what y’all come up with.

4Th July Nail Art 21

Follow the artist: nails4cocktails

10 – Gold, Stars & Stripes 4th July Nails

Do you fancy adding some gold into the mix? We reckon you should try these Independence Day-themed nails on for size, a cute mix of stars, blue, and metallic tones that look just fab on shorter nails. We’re loving the simplicity of this look, and we also think it would look pretty cute with metallic silver tones, just as much as the gold ones that you can see here. Which do you think you’d prefer? Silver or gold?

4Th July Nail Art 8

Follow the artist: naillovebykylie

11 – Stars, Stripes & Sparkles

And here’s a pretty amazing look to consider for your 4th July Nail art! How does a holographic touch sound to you? We’re pretty much obsessed with every element used to complete this nail look, a mix of features that just scream “Independence Day celebration”!

4Th July Nail Art 19

Follow the artist: angelkiss.naildesigns

12 – Glitter Celebration 4th July Nail Art

Although all of these nails are damn fabulous, it’s the glitter confetti one that we would like to bring your attention to. If you had to pick one design to go across all of your nails, that one would incorporate every colour and technical element you’d need. You can buy glitter nail polish that contains exactly those three shades, but there’s nothing to stop you from layering up your own (over that white background) for a unique but similar look.

4Th July Nail Art 3

Follow the artist: naq57

13 – Little Stars & Celebrations 4th July Nail Art

Looking for a 4th July Nail art look that you can do in under five minutes at your office desk? How about this one? It’s got stars. There are stripes too, in the form of silver glitter strands. The right colours are in there. It’s got everything you need to get celebratory-ready in virtually no time at all. That sounds pretty awesome to us!

4Th July Nail Art 23

Follow the artist: nimynails

14 – Turquoise 4th July Nails

What about when you’re looking for something a little different? When you don’t want to use the traditional 4th July colours? We think this nail look might just provide all the inspiration you need, using slightly different tones of blue than you’d usually use for the occasion. This turquoise pop is a really fabulous way of spicing things up, not that the look needs extra spice, of course.

4Th July Nail Art 9

Follow the artist: naillovebykylie

15 – Fireworks over Red Nails

If you plan to celebrate 4th of July this year with fireworks, these nails will suit the occasion just perfectly. Sparkling blue and silver fireworks, over a fiery red backdrop? Yes, that’s exactly what we were looking for, thank you very much!

4Th July Nail Art 25

Follow the artist: sparkle_shine_spa_salon

16 – 4th July Nail Tips

Fancy showing just the nail tips some 4th July love? We’ve got just the nail look for that, and what a nail look it is too. Silver stars, white stripes, blue sparkles? Tick, tick, tick. This look has everything on the list of things we want. Are they doing the same for you too?

4Th July Nail Art 24

Follow the artist: nailedforthegods

17 – Statue of Liberty 4th July Nail Art

Well, if you were looking for nails that literally nailed all things Independence Day related, this one would definitely be it. (Pun definitely, but accidentally, intended.) The addition of a little glitter piece really brings those firework nails to life, and we’re loving the Statue of Liberty nails too, of course. Those are probably easiest achieved with a stamp. Add some Stars and Stripes on the remaining nails and you’ve got pretty much everything you need to celebrate in style!

4Th July Nail Art 4

Follow the artist: naq57

18 – Stars n’ Swirls 4th July Nail Art

Swirly and fantastic, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this 4th July nail art look. It’s got all three of the colours you need to bring the look together — red, white, and blue, and there are stars! We love stars! Of course, you could also some glitter in there, if you wanted these nails to really stand out.

4Th July Nail Art 24

Follow the artist: sharnailstar

19 – Dots & Stripes Independence Day Nails

Let’s step away from the stars for just a moment, instead incorporating spots in with the stripes. Oh, and there’s that glitter addition we were discussing too. Stripes are easily achieved using thin nail tape. Paint on your base coat, such as white, and then use tape to mask off the sections you’d like to leave that base shade. Paint the red in the in-taped areas and then, when the polish is dry, simply peel away the tape. If you peel away too soon, you might smudge the still-tacky polish. Add your top coat when you’re finished perfecting and minor tidy-ups.

Alternatively, if it’s the spots you’re after, you will find that a wide range of household items can be used to add white spots over a dark and rich blue background.

4Th July Nail Art 10

Follow the artist: naillovebykylie

20 – Celebratory White Tips

White tips are a firm favourite for many women across the globe. These nails come in super handy when you want to keep to your traditional white-tipped look, whilst still adding a little something to help celebrate the occasion. A simple blue line can be added to the base of the white tips to achieve this cute look, and those red stars could easily be decals, embellishments, or even hand-painted. Cover it all white a light spattering of glitter, and you too could have 4th July nail art as cute as these.

4Th July Nail Art 24

Follow the artist: sparkle_shine_spa_salon

21 – Dotty About 4th July Nail Art

Okay, we’d just like to go back to the dotty and spotty idea for a moment, if you’ll allow it. Cleverly mixed in with not just the American flag, but also the stars, stripes, and traditional red, white, and blue shades that have known to be heavily linked to the occasion.

4Th July Nail Art 25

Follow the artist: gs_hairandnailstylist

22 – Blinged Up & Short July Fourth Nails

We don’t really need any more of an excuse to celebrate. We’d celebrate Wednesday if we could, just because it was close to Thursday, and that’s only one more day (or half day) away from the weekend. Well, for some of us anyway. But, just in case you were looking for the perfect excuse or opportunity to rock fabulous 4th July nail art like this, a big Independence Day-themed party is just perfect. Dust off the grill, grab the beer cooler and make sure that you have plenty of ice and plastic cups. Fireworks are optional, but with nails this ‘lit’, fireworks just aren’t necessary.

4Th July Nail Art 11

Follow the artist: naillovebykylie

23 – Military Twist 4th July Nail Art

It’s your regular 4th July nail art, but with a twist. Without those fierce, loyal, and brave soldiers fighting our corner, many of us wouldn’t be able to celebrate at all. We like the way that the military twist has been added to this fab patriotic look. It gives us all the feels, but how about you?

4Th July Nail Art 5

Follow the artist: naq57

24 – Stars n’ Sparkles

Lookin’ as good as ice cream, this sprinkled stars n’ sparkles nail look for 4th July is so much fun for something that is actually very simple. You just need a couple of things to get started — the white base shade, red, white, and blue glittery strands, and silver stars. Oh, you’ll also need a good nail adhesive to make sure the stars stay in place too. It just goes to show that even the simplest of ideas can pack such a design-punch. These ones most certainly make a statement, and we’re in no doubt of what statement that is. Happy 4th July!

4Th July Nail Art

Follow the artist: soula_nailart

25 – Bright & Bold 4th July Nail Art

If it’s bright and bold 4th July nail art that you’re on the hunt for, you’ve definitely come to the right place. These cool nails get right to the point, throwing in stripes, stars, and the traditional colours, along with the ‘4th’ pattern to reinforce the statement. Square-tipped and stunning, are these screaming out to you?

4Th July Nail Art 17

Follow the artist: evy.novoa

26 – Simple & Short 4th July Nail Ideas

We’re not trying to burst anyone’s bubble here, but Independence Day, despite being known for being on July 4th, is technically actually meant to be on the 2nd. In fact, that gives you the perfect excuse to have separate celebrations, one on the 2nd and another on the 4th. You could have different 4th July nail art for each too. Now, there’s a thought …

4Th July Nail Art 12

Follow the artist: naillovebykylie

27 – Stars, Shimmer, Stripes & Fireworks

This stunning 4th July nail art look connects a number of beautiful features that you may choose to add to your manicure. The silver stars on top of the bright, white background were what caught our attention initially, but the red and silver striped nail popped into or vision soon after. We love the way that various features have been used to create a complete look. It’s both cool and creative!

4Th July Nail Art

Follow the artist: majesticstephanie

28 – Red, White & Blue Glitter Tip Nails

There’s that red, white and blue glitter again, but this time it has only been used across the tips of the nails. That’s actually the part of this look that we would like to bring to your attention. Although the stars added to the other nails really do add a little special something to the 4th July Nail Art, these talons would be just fine without those additions. We do love this entire look as a whole though. Don’t you?

4Th July Nail Art 6

Follow the artist: naq57

29 – Red Stars & Stripes

If you really do like the sound of stars, how about making them bigger? And red, while you’re at it? These are a cute and simple way of incorporating that 4th July theme, and they’d be perfect for shorter nails too. What do you think about this glitzy look? Is it red, white and blue enough?

4Th July Nail Art 26

Follow the artist: sparkle_shine_spa_salon

30 – Patriotic July Fourth Nails

If it’s patriotic you’re looking for, this manicure definitely fits the bill, and it’s all been finished off nicely with that glittery addition, both on the featured nail and in the light-reflecting diagonal gemstone line. Don’t be afraid to use a combination of design if you can’t make up your mind what you’d like to have. At the same, if you wanted a simpler look you could just pick one of the nails that you see here, leaving all of yours matching and uniform. We like the sound of both, but what do you think?

4Th July Nail Art 13

Follow the artist: naillovebykylie

31 – 4th July Eagle Nail Inspiration

What better way to celebrate the all-American Independence Day than with the symbol of all things USA — the eagle? The eagle itself is said to be a symbol of courage, strength, and immortality, which makes it absolutely perfect for your 4th July nail art. And, just in case you needed a little assistance, we’ve found some eagle-themed nail art transfers, etc.

4Th July Nail Art 16

Follow the artist: evy.novoa

We hope that we’ve gotten you one step closer to being ready for the big Independence Day celebrations. At the very least, we hope that you’ve got plenty of inspiration — starting blocks, as such — for your celebratory mani. We definitely hope that you have an amazing time too, whatever it is that you find yourself doing.
Thanks for reading today. Don’t forget to share your 4th July nail art with us. We’ll need lots of new inspiration for next year! Have a fabulous day ✨