31 Looks: Cute Nails for Spring 2018

It finally looks like spring is on the horizon and we couldn’t be more ecstatic about that. It’s been a long and very cold winter for some and a very wet one for others, but spring brings drier weather, warmer temperatures, and — let’s face it — a much better mood. If you wanted to celebrate the changing of the seasons with a little bit of colour, we’ve got some nail inspiration that we think you’re going to love. With a little something for everyone, whether it’s long, short, square-tipped, oval, squoval, or pointed nails that you’re looking for, and these nails for spring 2018 are bringing so many good vibes into the CherryCherryBeauty office! We hope they bring the same happy vibes to your day too.

1 – Simple Gradient Effect Nails

It’s a very simple look, particularly when you break it down, but this mani is absolutely perfect for spring. The gradient underneath is easily achieved using a makeup sponge, and you could use a stencil to get the intricate design. We’re loving the pastels that have been put together for this spring nail look. In fact, there’s not a lot that we didn’t love about it.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 1

Source: _cupcakenails_

2 – Pink n’ Glittery Cute Nails for Spring

We’re always looking for the perfect excuse to rock lovely long talons like these nails for spring 2018. Glittery, shimmering, pink and pastel, it’s got everything you could want to reflect your happier mood. Plus, they’re super pretty. Don’t you think they’re super pretty?

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 2

Source: jessedoesnails

3 – Buttercup Ombre & Glitter Nail Art

Buttercup shades of yellow just seem to be the perfect backdrop for these cute spring-themed nails, although we love the way that glitter has been added to bring a few more shades into the mix. That pink/purple and buttercup-yellow combination is certainly one that we can get right on board with, especially for the up and coming season.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 3

Source: jeealee

4 – Pastel & Different Cute Nails for Spring 2018

Nothing says spring quite like different pastel pops, especially when they’ve been teamed with a precise white tip like you can see here. Your nails can burst into colour in exactly the same way that the flowers will in your backyard. What a beautiful sight to see!

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 4

Source: angelkiss.naildesigns

5 – Dragonflies & Ladybugs for Spring

What do you call them? Ladybugs? Ladybirds? Technically, they’re actually beetles, rather than bugs, but we sure do love them. Their black and red spotted appearance have made them a firm favourite among big kids and little kids alike, and they’re a popular adornment for nails, especially spring-time nails. These ladybug nails also feature dragonflies, another flying critter often seen in the warmer temperatures of spring and summer. When you think about it, these nails perfectly encapsulate spring. That’s why we loved them so!

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 13

Source: evy.novoa

6 – Floral Embellished Long Nails for Spring

Firstly, we love that peachy shade used in these spring themed nails. Secondly, we also love the floral embellishment, adding a crown, of sorts, to the bottom of your nail look. Effective but actually quite simple, this one is a perfect fit for both long and short nails alike.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 6

Source: naq57

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7 – Cute & Outlined Cute Nails for Spring

It is actually common practice in some places around the world to celebrate and mark the end of winter and coming of spring. In Poland, for example, and other Slavic/Baltic countries, an effigy is burnt and then throw into the river (or somewhere similar) to say goodbye. We don’t advise doing that, but we do recommend celebrating the new season in style. With nails for spring 2018 like these, perhaps? There’ll be no burning of anything going on anywhere near these beautiful talons.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 15

Source: meimeinails

8 – Hello Spring Pastel Nails

See in the spring with both colour and style, with these pastel pretties. We particularly love the watercolour effect used for the backdrop of this design, and we were even more delighted when we watched a few YouTube tutorials to see how it was done. It’s so much simpler than you’d think. A stencil, transfer, or nail decal is the perfect finishing touch, and we found some super cute ones HERE.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 7

Source: _cupcakenails_

9 – Simple & Short Flower Nails

If you’re looking for a very easy, five-minute manicure for spring, this design might really work for you. A cute daisy design, the simple shapes makes this look an easy one to hand paint at home. Add a few glitter sparkles to the mix (or as much as you like) and you’ve got yourself a very sweet mani that’ll do just perfect for spring.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 23

Source: nimynails

10 – Amazing Pastel Smoke-Effect Nails

These are such amazing nails, we had to double-take them to make sure they were real and not a photoshopped design! We’ve done our research though. They’re definitely real. They’re also definitely pretty fantastic. If you wanted your talons to stand out, perhaps to emphasise a brand new rock on your finger, we reckon this would be an epic look to take some inspiration from.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 16

Source: vincentnails

11 – Peach-Coral & Geometric Cute Nails for Spring 2018

These peachy-coral tones we’re just made for spring, and if you add a slightly more orange hue to the shade, you’ll also be enhancing the colour of your tan too. Geometric shapes have made this look different to similar coloured designs, although our imagination does run a little riot when we think of all of the other shades we could put together. Which colours would you use?

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 8

Source: jeealee

12 – Pastel Striped Tips

A very cool and simple look, this is a great mani design when you don’t want to stray too far from your favoured white tips. Adding just the right amount of celebratory pastels, this spring nail look is definitely checking off all the wants on our nail checklist.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 17

Source: ladysmithnails

13 – Swirly Watercolour Cute Nails for Spring

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube showing you how to create these wonderful watercolour effect nails, and we’re definitely going to need to check them out, especially if we’d like to create them ourselves. The shimmering top swirl on these is what captured our attention, closely followed by the pretty pastel blend in the background.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 9

Source: angelkiss.naildesigns

14 – Glitter-Dusting Over Pastel Tips

Glitter dusted tips … What a cute and unique nail design, and one that seems to fit in perfectly for spring, we must point out. Pink and lilac are a great combo or both spring and summer-themed manicures, and this one could just be right at the top of the list.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 22

Source: sparkle_shine_spa_salon

15 – Dotty About Glitter

Spring/summer 2018 fashion trends depict beautiful and colourful creations, and we think that it just makes perfect sense for your nails to follow suit. While we’re on the subject of beautiful and colourful creations, it was designers such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford that led the way with glitzy-gold delights on the catwalks for spring/summer 2018 fashion shows. If you’re a big fan of fashion, you’ll know that gold and bright pinks are definitely in-trend. These nails tick every box!

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 21

Source: stylish.beauty.nails

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16 – Almond Shaped Cute Nails for Spring 2018

If you’d love long and strong nails so that you could achieve these beautiful nails for spring 2018 without relying on nail extensions, you’ll need to start taking care of them properly. One easy way to start is to use a strengthening base coat first. There are plenty to choose from but look for the ones that offer nutrients, hydration, and moisturising properties to get the best results, fast. When your nail base is in tip-top condition, any design you put on top of it will look a thousand times better. Poor nail condition can cause bubbling, ridges, and even a flat finish. And not the good kind of flat.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 14

Source: naq57

17 – Pastels & Patterns

You would be amazed by how many nail wraps, decals, and transfers that you can get your hands on these days. With every colour, design, and style imaginable, they have been created to make your life easier, helping you to achieve salon-finish nail designs at home, and for a fraction of the price too. There are even ways to create your own decals and wraps, first painting your design on to plastic, allowing to dry, and then placing on your nail. With a quick slick of glossy top coat over the top, no one would ever guess that you did the design yourself, in just a few short minutes.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 20

Source: nailedforthegods

18 – Rose Gold & Pink Spring Nails

If you’re still a little bit obsessed with rose gold, don’t panic. We are too, and we’ve totally got you covered. These shimmering, splendid rose gold delights have mixed in pink, pastel hues too, making it fit just right for those pastel-themed spring outfits you’re planning. Are these as good as [rose] gold for you? Okay, we admit; that pun was pretty shocking. We’ll work on it.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 18

Source: flairnailsandlash


19 – Flecked Rainbows for Spring

Who’d have thought that a few flicks of a thin brush and some differently-coloured polish could result in a nail design as pretty as this one? That’s really all it is too, giving a finished effect of something rainbow-feathery-like. Set on a clean, white backdrop, it’s a great look for spring, but also a terrific look for summer too.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 19

Source: gs_hairandnailstylist

20 – Hello Spring Nails

If you’re feeling all the matte vibes, these spring nails could just work, contrasting a dark and black backdrop, along with peachy-nude tones. All in a matte finish, of course. Add your pretty floral finish and you’ll be saying hello to the new season in style.

Nails For Spring 2018 24

Source: shannasnailadventures

21 – Gold n’ Frosted Lilac Nails

One of the first flowers to bloom in the spring is lilac, and it just so happens to be the perfect pastel shade to use for the season too. This is a fact that we think has been elegantly proved with these beautiful spring nails, but we can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Are these gold and lilac frosted nails ‘blooming’ wonderful for you?

Nails For Spring 2018 28

Source: stunnin.nails

22 – Pastel Roses & Unicorn Horn

What a stunning look, right?! We honestly couldn’t get enough of these pastel treats, wonderful spring-themed shades of lilac and turquoise. The 3D-effect has added something truly fabulous to these unicorn-esque nails for spring 2018, don’t you agree?

Nails For Spring 2018 27

Source: nailedbyterry

23 – Sculpted Floral Nails

Fancy something floral and fancy? Well, these scupted floral nails might just be what you’re looking for. That spiked finished might not be the most practical nail shape you can opt for, but it sure is something else. And, let’s not forget; absolutely Instagram-able. The design is pretty amazing though, a mix of floral and glittered designs. What do you think? Does this spring look sprinkle some shimmer on your life?

Cute Nails For Spring 29

Source: ohlaalaanails

24 – Stunning Floral Gradient Nails

When you want to mix two different colours into the mix, a gradient look is definitely the way to go about it, something that has been fabulously shown off with this look, yet another floral delight. The gemstones help to bring that daisy theme to life too, although, you must remember to have some nail glue spare in your bag in case of emergencies. You know how they like to happen when you least expect it.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 30

Source: nailartbyjen


25 – Good Vibes Only

Right, let’s get one thing straight; we want good vibes only. None of your negativity, thanks, so keep it to yourself. If you’re feeling as sassy and good-vibes-only as us, you’ll need nails like this to say it, so you don’t have to. Cute and sassy nails are our favourite nails, but how about you?

Nails For Spring 2018 25

Source: shannasnailadventures

26 – Square-Tipped & Pastel Cute Nails for Spring 2018

These adorable, quilt-effect nails are brilliant and very simple to recreate too. That is, of course, once you have mastered that pastel, watercolour backdrop. Using a white nail pen or polish with a thin brush, those quilted lines are easy to add on. Alternatively, you could look at using a stencil design to make life easier and a little neater/more uniform.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 12

Source: evy.novoa

27 – Floral Glittered Nails for Spring 2018

Spring is the perfect time to bright, pastel pops of colour, just like you can see in these wonderful floral and glittered nails for spring 2018. Make them a little clashy and oh-so-bright and your manicure will fit right in with the wonderful different shades of the flowers around you, in full bloom.

Nails For Spring 2018 26

Source: stunnin.nails

28 – Glittery Multicoloured Cute Nails for Spring

Well, if you wanted to cover all colour bases, this nail look has definitely got you covered. Different rainbow, shimmering shades, all nicely melted together … it’s all we’ve ever wanted from our nails. Hands up if you’re just as in love with these colourful creations as we are! ??‍♀️

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 10

Source: naillovebykylie

29 – Ombre Pastel Pink Design Tips

A cute and clever way to bring some spice to an ombre look, and also a great way to liven up simple tips, what are your thoughts on this ombre pink pastel look? It’s cute and simple, easy to handpaint or create with stencils. You could even adapt it to meet your nail shape a litlte better should you need to, too. We love this one. Pretty in pink, what do you think?

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 31

Source: nailartbyjen

30 – Blue to White Ombre & Daisy Spring Nails

The ombré look provides the perfect backdrop for many a nail look, especially when you’re playing around with pastel hues. Dots and daisies are the perfect little addition when you’re trying to incorporate that springtime them. What do you think? Will they put a spring in your step?

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 11

Source: naq57

31 – Blue & Daisies Cute Nails for Spring 2018

If your favourite flowers are daisies, these blue daisy nails might just work for you. Short, sweet and simple, just like the flower itself, they’re the perfect design for livening up a simple one-colour manicure in next to no time. A touch of glitter on that one featured nail and the look is complete, and what a cute look it is too.

Cute Nails For Spring 2018 5

Source: naillovebykylie

What do you think? Are there enough inspirational springtime looks here to give you ideas of what to have next? Maybe you have already created a cute, spring-themed nail look that you believe deserves to be shown off? Well, that’s just what we would like to do — show them off! Leave your Instagram link in the comments below and we’ll stop on by and check you out. We can’t wait to see all of your designs.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. We hope you found whatever you were looking for. Let us know what you would like to see next. Have a fab day! ✨