31 Looks: Gorgeous Coffin Nails To Take Inspiration From

The name might sound a bit depressing, but these gorgeous coffin nails are definitely NOT that! In fact, if you’re having a bad day, you might just find that some of these colourful beauties cheer things right up … At the very least, they’ll give you some inspo to take to your next nail appointment.

If you’re in the market for new nail inspiration today, be prepared to be dazzled. We’ve got 31 gorgeous coffin nails to take inspiration from and we think you’re gonna LOVE ‘em!

31 Looks: Gorgeous Coffin Nails To Take Inspiration From

1 – Amazing Leopard Print Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are one of the ‘newer’ styles of nail, long and thin and usually cut straight at the top, favoured by the likes of Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Offering slightly more length and, therefore, more surface area to decorate, they are becoming the nail type of choice for those looking to add a certain something-something to an outfit.

Leopard Print Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: chaunlegend

2 – Pink n’ Purple Matte Ombre Coffin Nails

Not feeling leopard print? That’s totally okay, we’ve got plenty more to show you. Just like these absolutely gorgeous coffin nails, featuring a magnificent pink to lilac-purple ombré. It’s all been finished off with a matte finish, rather than a glossy one, and that’s what helps to give you the velvet look that’s just dying to be touched.

Pink And Purple Matte Ombre Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: rosielybeauty

3 – Red, Blue + Grey Gorgeous Coffin Nails

Stylish – check. Long – check. Coffin-shaped – check. We reckon these nails look just the right amount of both professional and glam, and are even considering them for our 4th July nail designs for next year. But what do you think? How long do you like your nails?

Red, Blue And Grey Very Long Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: missnicolemaria

4 – Dark Green Galaxy Effect Coffin Nails

If the galaxy were green, we reckon it would look a little bit like this – a wonderful mix of light and dark hues, all marbled and swirled together in a magical little universe. We’re loving these, and we can’t help but think a sprinkling of glitter to look like stars might be a nice addition. What about you?

Dark Green Galaxy Effect Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: hodanails

5 – Pale Blue Coffin Nails With Stars Feature

From blue to green … and there’s that little sprinkling of glitter that we spoke of! Oh … and the stars. There’s not much we didn’t love about this wonderful nail look, but we’re especially loving the matte finish. We’re all about the matte finish right now.

Pale Blue Gorgeous Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: philglamournails

6 – Pastel Rainbow Swirls

For those days when you’re not really sure what colour you want your nails to be, throw a bit of everything in there. We’re totally taking inspiration from this multicoloured pastel rainbow look, and we’re also wondering how good these would look if just the tips were painted … ?

Patel Rainbow Effect Tips Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: riyathai87

7 – Blue, Purple + Coral Gorgeous Coffin Nails

That coral pink-peach shade is just perfect for summer, we think, and we love that it’s been added to slightly darker shades in this beautiful nail look.

Gorgeous Coffin Nails 3 Vinanailshouston

Follow the artist: vinanailshouston

8 – Neutral-Faded + Glam Coffin Nails

These coffin nails are something else entirely, with a neutral-faded-black effect that really adds a little something extra to the look. They’re unique and bold, yet totally muted and understated, all at the same time. We’re not sure how they manage to tick so many boxes at once but we love the fact they do!

9 Gorgeous Coffin Nails Nailsby_Tony

Follow the artist: nailsby_tony

9 – Orange + Yellow Bright Coffin Nails For Summer

You can’t really mention nails for summer without having orange-yellow designs in there. The two shades were just MADE for summer! Throw in some gold fleck action and you’ve got a killer look that is begging to be worn at the beach.

Orange + Yellow Holiday Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: nailstudiobytom

10 – Gorgeous Pink + Blue Coffin Nails

The first thing we saw when we saw these gorgeous coffin nails was that they’d make great baby/gender-announcement nails. Pink or blue? Whether you’re making a big announcement or not, these stunning holo-Nails sure do tick some serious boxes. They’re shiny and light-reflective, artistic, beautiful … Do we need to carry on?

Blue + Pink Transparent Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: chaunlegend

11 – Baby Pink, Black, Silver + White Coffin Nails

This nail look screams STYLISH and we are totally here for it! Combining matte and light-reflective designs, there’s a little something of everything to keep everyone happy. Is anyone else getting swingin’ sixties vibes from these?

Pink, Black, White And Silver Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: kingstonnails

12 – Turquoise Coffin Mani With Accent Nail

Having just the one featured coffin nail serves so many purposes, we’re basically doing it all the time. Firstly, it’s easier to change one nail than ten when you get bored. Secondly, it helps to bring the bling accessories price down. (Does anyone else’s “nail lady” charge PER gem and colour??) Thirdly, it’s quicker. And fourthly, it’s eye-catching. Everyone’s attention is going to be drawn to that one nail, rather than struggling to focus on all of them, ya know?

Turquoise Coffin Nais With Pink Ring Finger Nail

Follow the artist: rosielybeauty

13 – Tropical Colours + Gold Gorgeous Coffin Nails

These nails have ‘summer vacay’ written all over them. That’s what we think, anyway. We also think the gold leaf nail trend is damn fabulous and it’s about time we featured them in a CherryCherryBeauty post all of their own. What do you think?

Orange, Green, Yellow And Gold Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: riyathai87

14 – Pink + Leopard Print Glittertastic Coffin Nails

Even though we can choose from so many weird and wonderful nail designs these days, there’s a massive part of us that still absolutely adores the humble French mani. This ‘just the tips’ design is a fantastic way to stick to a nude nail … for the most part.

Leopard Print, Silver Glitter And Bright Pink Long Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: missnicolemaria

15 – Beautiful Lilac-Tipped Glam Coffin Nails

We don’t even know where to start with these gorgeous coffin nails, they’re so damn beautiful. We’ve been loving the almost-retro redo of the butterfly trend that seems to be going on right now, and this nail look is an absolutely brilliant ‘grown-up’ way of joining in.

10 Gorgeous Coffin Nails Kingstonnails

Follow the artist: kingstonnails

16 – Rich Purple Holographic Coffin Nails

Are we ever going to get bored with the holographic nail trend? No, we don’t think so. And when they look as beautiful as these rich purple-blue coffin nails, why would we want the trend to pass?? Hands up if you’re totally still obsessed with the trend … ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Rich Purple Holographic Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: hodanails

17 – Tropical Vacay-Ready Coffin Nails

Need a nail design that’ll really get you in the mood for an up-and-coming tropical vacay? Ta daaaaaah! The only thing these hands are missing is the fruity cocktail, complete with little umbrellas.

Tropical Holiday-Ready Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: nailsby_tony

18 -Different Coloured Coffin Nail Tips

Do you ever wake up and just not know what kind of mood you’re in? Should you wear pink? Green? Orange? How about all of the colours together? It should clash, but it doesn’t. It definitely, definitely doesn’t. In fact, this multi-coloured tipped look is everything we might want and more from our gorgeous coffin nails, and it’s definitely a picture we’ll have in hand on our next trip to the nail salon!

Rainbow Tipped Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: vincentnails

19 – French Manicure + Luxury Marble Coffin Nail Look

If anyone ever wants to propose to us, they’ll be happy to learn we’ve already picked out the dress, venue, shoes, hair, makeup, colour scheme, flowers, and nails. And in case those spouses-to-be were wondering what those nails might look like, these gorgeous coffin nails are pretty much it. We’ll just need a few minutes to daydream about the happy-ever-after if that’s okay?

Marble White Coffin Nail Looks

Follow the artist: loveeffectnails

20 – Just The Edge Pastel Tips

Just the tips … but with a difference. There’s just the tiniest splash of colour, but doesn’t it create such a unique twist on otherwise nude nails? We’re getting carried away with all the colour combo possibilities, to be honest.

Pastel Negative Space Tips Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: chaunlegend

21 – Holographic Shimmering Gorgeous Coffin Nails

There’s that holographic magnificence again! We told you already: we’re NEVER going to get bored of the multi-toned trend. The colours in these gorgeous coffin nails are almost mesmerising, don’t you agree?

Holographic Purple Gorgeous Coffin Nail Designs

Follow the artist: joannasnails

22 – Black With Brightly-Patterned Feature Nails

We’re big, big fans of long, black, matte coffin nails … but that does get a little boring sometimes. If your black mani needs a little bit of livening-up, this brightly-coloured pattern design might just be the way to do it.

Bright Patterned Feature Nail With The Rest Black

Follow the artist: philglamournails

23 – Glam Pink Coffin Nail Design With Glitter Detail

Looking for something glam? Look no further! Another look we’d totally add to our bridal mani idea board on Pinterest, we’re obsessed with the silver crescent-shaped accessory added to the very base of the ring finger nail. If you wanted to draw attention that to sparkler on your finger, that would definitely be the way to do it.

Pink Long Coffin Nail Ideas

Follow the artist: nailfashionbyjenny

24 – Mint Green Coffin Nail Style

The mint green trend is one that pops up at the same time spring does each year, and it just reminds us of the good things in life. Mostly, mint choc chip ice cream. What’s your favourite flavour? And what are your thoughts on the mint green trend?

Pale Mint Green Simple Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: hodanails

25 – Coloured Marble Effect Black Coffin Nails

You want marble? We got it. Feeling a pattern too? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Thinking of bling? Guess what … we can give you that too. For the days when you want everything without it being too much, these gorgeous coffin nails are perfect!

Gorgeous Coffin Nails Vinanailshouston

Follow the artist: vinanailshouston

26 – Rich Blue Galaxy Effect Coffin Nails

Just like the holographic nail trend, galaxy nails are a mood that we’ll never get bored of. Let your inner space-geek free and aim for the stars with this other-worldly design!

Dark Blue Gorgeous Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: nailsbymztina

27 – Pretty in Purple + Gold Long Coffin Nails

Gold and purple together is a classic luxury combo, and luxury is definitely the right word to describe these gorgeous coffin nails. What two colours would you glitz together if you were to get a mani like this?

Purple Dark To Light Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: missnicolemaria

28 – Orange Ombre Holiday Coffin Nails

Are you going on holiday soon? Where are you going? Is it somewhere hot, with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches? We’re not jealous. Okay, we are. We’re completely jealous. But if we were getting our suitcases ready to jet off to pastures sunnier, these nails would probably be the ones we’d pick. That gradient is something else! ?

Bright Tropical Orange Gorgeous Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: philglamournails

29 – Smokey Pink + Sparkling Coffin Nails

Oh, hello! Where have these nails been all our lives? They’re a little bit like the perfect sultry, smokey nails to go along with the perfect sultry, smokey eye makeup look – and we LOVE them!

Gorgeous Coffin Nails 2 Vinanailshouston

Follow the artist: vinanailshouston

30 – Nude + Brown Gorgeous Coffin Nails

Brown nail colours with flecked gold leaf is a combination that actually looks good enough to eat. It reminds us of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which is the favourite chocolate for most of us in the CherryCherryBeauty den. What’s your favourite chocolate? Would you pay homage to it by theming your nails?

Gorgeous Coffin Nails

Follow the artist: rosielybeauty

31 – Gorgeous Coffin Nails With Holographic Pieces

I’d like a rainbow, please, but make it SPARKLE.

That’s the exact line we’re going to use when we sashay into the nail salon and get ready for our next manicures, whilst waving this image around. Because we could all do with a little more colour and sparkle in our lives! ✨

Gorgeous Coffin Nails Long And Bright

Follow the artist: riyathai87

We could carry on with these gorgeous coffin nails forever, but we think we’ve given you plenty of inspiration to be getting on with for just now. Dark, light, bright or understated, we think we’ve covered everything. If you’ve created a nail look that you’re proud-as-punch of, show them off to us! Use the submit form so that we can feature you!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check us out today, and don’t forget to follow the artists you love and were inspired by!