31 Looks: My Little Pony Hair

If you were looking for a hair colour so beautiful, people might not think it was actually real, you definitely need to check out these My Little Pony hair looks we’ve found. From pastel shades to super bright pops, there’s a hair look to suit everyone … And every pony too. The only think you need to work out is which one to start with.

Make yourself comfortable ladies, pour yourself a cup of tea of coffee, it’s time to take a closer look at these :

1 – Unicorn My Little Pony Hair

We couldn’t work out whether it reminded us of unicorns, My Little Pony, or just everything we love in life. We do know that this drink contains some serious sugar, and also some serious calories. The hair won’t be quite as calorific, of course, just one of the reasons why we love it so. What do you think, however? Would you be bold and bright enough to rock this bright look?

My Little Pony Hair 3

Source: bamhairsalon

2 – Applejack My Little Pony Hair

When we first saw this hair, it reminded us of Applejack – the beautiful peach and light orange My Little Pony character. It’s a stunning look, combining bright yellows with almost muted peach-orange shades. It’s definitely one we fell in love with. It gives us all those happy summer vibes, how about you?

My Little Pony Hair 11

Source: hairbymisskellyo

3 – Fluttershy My Little Pony Hair

Out of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Fluttershy was made up of beautiful pastel shades of yellow and pink. We think this My Little Pony hair pays tribute to those beautiful and bold shades wonderfully, slightly more bolder and brighter than their pony counterpart. If it’s Fluttershy My Little Pony hair you’re on the hunt for, hunt no further!

My Little Pony Hair 3

Source: cupcakemaiden

4 – Almost-Natural My Little Pony Hair

We called it almost-natural, because it looks … well, almost-natural. Imagine having a neutral brown / dark blonde base, rather than a white / silver tone? Rather than focusing on bleaching / lighting all over before you add your pastel tones, add streaks of instead – a balayage, but with the bleach rather than the colour. When you do then place the colour over the top, you’ll be left with beautiful shades of blues and silvers, that almost look as if they could be natural.

My Little Pony Hair 4

Source: changeswc

5 – Slightly Faded My Little Pony Hair

One of the biggest reasons people choose NOT to opt for brightly coloured designs and styles like these My Little Pony hair designs, is because they are worried how the look will fade. If you do things the right way, it could fade like this – from a much brighter and bolder look, to a muted one that is much cuter and easier to wear for so many.

You can achieve the same look by using your regular hair dyes too. If you have red, blues and dark purples at home, dilute them with some conditioner. You will notice that it gives them a stunning pastel finish. Don’t say we don’t share all our coolest hair dye tricks and hacks with you!

My Little Pony Hair 5

Source: stevi.courageandhair

6 – Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony Hair

Purple to pink, but it’s an ombre with a difference. This My Little Pony hair have us all those Twilight Sparkle vibes, a hand-painted ombre blend that is so perfectly mixed together, you can’t tell where one shade starts and the other begins. That’s the best thing about these balayage / hand-painted blends of colour. They bring some “natural” to a rather bright and unnatural hair colour.

My Little Pony Hair 9

Source: reettakakko

7 – Spike the Dog My Little Pony Hair

Twilight Sparkle has a pet pooch, and that’s where Spike the Dog comes into the mix. The cutest purple pooch with green tufts of hair, a look that almost could have been used as inspiration for these adorable pastel and muted half n’ half mix. If you’re worried about your roots looking too bad in between touch-up appointments, space buns are a great way to rock the look. It’s our go-to look when we have coloured hair and it is in dire need of some TLC. They’re super easy to do, and utterly adorable too!

My Little Pony Hair 14

Source: tashaleelyn

8 – Prince Shining Armor My Little Pony Hair

Shining Armor, otherwise known as Prince Shining Armor, was the son of Night Light. He was also the slightly older brother of Twilight Sparkle, and the husband of Princess Cadence. Just in case you didn’t know all of that already. He was the beautiful white pony with the many shades of blue mane, and we think this My Little Pony hair looks just like his stunning locks. What do you think?

My Little Pony Hair 8

Source: stevi.courageandhair

9 – Princess Luna My Little Pony Hair

Known as a dark-blue alicorn (which we’re assuming is a hybrid of alien and unicorn), Princess Luna was a very pretty princess indeed, and just one reason for that is her stunning blue locks. We think this My Little Pony hair look is perfect to replicate her, how about you? You should know that blue hair is often considered to be quite high maintenance. You will find yourself needing to go for touch-ups quite frequently, and that’s something you’ll definitely want to take into account with all of these My Little Pony hair looks, particularly the brighter ones.

My Little Pony Hair 9

Source: hairstyleslatinas

10 – My Little Pony Pastel Swirl Hair

If you can’t make up your mind which of the My Little Pony characters you want to pay homage to in your hair designs, how about adding a touch of them both, or just your favourite shades? We loved this swirled look, and it’s easily recreated by dyeing it in this swirl pattern – simply use your brush and swirl down the hair with the various shades you have chosen.

My Little Pony Hair 10

Source: nealmhair

11 – Applejack Yellow Hair

Are you feeling bold and bright? We can’t think of a better time to rock bright yellow and blonde hair, and you can use My Little Pony hair as the perfect excuse. Just say you’re channeling your inner Applejack!

My Little Pony Hair 11

Source: hairbykaylavee

12 – Prince Shining Armor Long Hair

We’ve gone back to Prince Shining Armor again with this look, but there’s good reason for it. This one combines some of the white of his colouring (his actual pony frame), perfectly encapsulated in the silver ends of this ombre blue pony hair. The waves just help to show off all the stunning tones. Aren’t you dying to get this look as much as we are?!

My Little Pony Hair 12

Source: hairbykaseyoh

13 – Scootaloo My Little Pony Hair

If you want hair that is quite literally out of this world, we would definitely recommend beautiful shades of reds and oranges. Similar in colour to the beautiful pony, Scootaloo, it’s a fiery look for fiery babe. Are you up for the challenge?

My Little Pony Hair 13

Source: glamiris

14 – Apple Bloom My Little Pony Hair

This hair reminded us of a slightly more orange (than yellow) Apple bloom from My Little Pony, and you may recall her being the younger sister of Applejack, a pony we have already featured on this list. Of course, this hair look has a little more blue than the original character, but we don’t mind that in the slightest. What do you think? Would you add the blue, or go without it?

My Little Pony Hair 12

Source: hairbymisskellyo

15 – Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Hair

When you’ve got rainbow hair as beautiful as this, it can only mean one thing. You must have based your hair on the beautiful My Little Pony character – Rainbow Dash. We must admit, that’s one of our favourites, and not just because of the fabulous colours of the mane. For the record, if you already have bright rainbow shades at home, you don’t need to go out and buy brand new pastel pops to help make these slightly more muted rainbow beauty. If you dilute your regular hair dye with conditioner, you’ll achieve stunning pastel shades. Doesn’t that helpful tip make you want to get creative and playful?

My Little Pony Hair 6

Source: blondieshair

16 – (A Little Bit) Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony Hair

It’s a little bit Twilight Sparkle and that’s why we love it, but we especially love the beautiful and colourful mix have shades that have been used together to create this fun and playful look. Who said purples and turquoise / ocean-shades couldn’t work well together. We think that this look like a stormy sea sunset, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

My Little Pony Hair 4

Source: bamhairsalon

17 – Short My Little Pony Hair

Well, this look certainly busts the myth that you can’t play around with different colours and shades when you have short hair. This look is fabulous, made all there modern and edgy with that cute undercut. Add some flicks and curls and what do you have? My Little Pony hair that is totally kickass!

My Little Pony Hair 10

Source: reettakakko

18 – Mrs. Cup Cake Hair

If Mrs. Cup Cake walked into a salon and asked for her colour, we imagine that she would ask for something a little like this. Beautiful and muted pastel shades of pink are definitely a hot hit for spring and summer, and the pastel pink shade will just continue to fade into a more powdery shade with every wash. It’s actually a lot easier to wear than you first may have thought. Are you feeling like you MUST give it a shot for yourself?

My Little Pony Hair 15

Source: tashaleelyn

19 – Sweetie Belle My Little Pony Hair

What a fabulous look, and one that’s all the rage these days. Rather than having the colours and shade concentrated to the ends of your hair, an ombre that darkens or intensifies as it goes down, the colour has been added to the roots instead. Purple / lilac and silver shades blend really well together, and using purple shampoo and condition will also help to keep the colour alive as the weeks go on.

My Little Pony Hair 16

Source: sarahdowlevamphairess

20 – Rainbow Dash Roots My Little Pony Hair

Have you got short hair? There’s no need to miss out on the My Little Pony hair fun! These stunning rainbow roots, and also hidden rainbow section, shows you exactly how to rock bright and bold shades with ease, even when you don’t have length on your side. It’s definitely one you’ll want to cake a thousand selfies with, but is this look for you?

My Little Pony Hair 20

Source: hairbykaseyoh

21 – Pastel Pop My Little Pony Hair

Again, for those days when you want to be all of the ponies in one, how’s this pastel look strike you? It certainly struck us down, and bowled us over too! Who said pinks, purples and yellows couldn’t go well together anyway? We think this look reminds us of ponies and bunches of flowers. What do you think?

My Little Pony Hair 21

Source: alexisbutterflyloft

22 – Big Macintosh My Little Pony Hair

Want a look that’s slightly easier on the roots to wear? Well, how about this one? Firstly, it looks like Big Macintosh, and secondly, it’s flaming amazing! (Did you get the pun there?)

One thing we will say when you’re using semi-permanent dyes that you can easily apply yourself at home – keep the dye on your hair for slightly longer than it tells you to. In our experience, the recommended 15 – 30 minutes is usually not enough to get the colour to really stick, and we often leave it on for around 30 – 45 minutes instead. Just make sure you have done the strand test beforehand to check for allergic reactions.

My Little Pony Hair 23

Source: glamiris

23 – Lyra Heartstrings My Little Pony Hair

What an absolutely stunning look, and one that you should know will likely fade quite quickly. Pastel or lighter shades, such as these, tend to be more of a wash than a permanent block of colour, and you’ll need to keep up with some maintenance at home to make sure the look pops for as long as you want it to. One thing you can do to make your life easier is use a designated shampoo for your hair colour or type. Color-treated shampoos are designed to help keep your shades in check, and you could always add some of your semi-perm dye to shampoo and conditioner to help build the color up a little.

My Little Pony Hair 22

Source: colordollzbytoni

24 – Princess Celestia Hair

How do you feel about Princess Celestia hair? We fell in love with, of course, but we love these wavy, pastel beauties. It’s the waves that really bring looks like this to life, not only helping to bring some volume to the mix, but also helping to show off all the tones and shades in the design.

My Little Pony Hair 24

Source: hairbykaylavee

25 – Hidden Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Hair

Another look that is proving to be incredibly popular right now, hidden rainbow hair is a look that basically involves you hiding rainbow hair underneath somewhere. When you lift the top section, you are greeted by a beautiful mix of rainbow shades, but when the hair is worn down, you’d never know the rainbow was there at all. If you can’t commit to this look in your own hair, you could always buy rainbow hair extensions, or dye blonde hair extensions these rainbow shades, and then clip them in as you need to. Easy, peasy, and super cool! What more could you possibly want?

My Little Pony Hair 17

Source: trishshairdesign

26 – Pastel My Little Pony Hair + Dark Roots

If you have dark hair, you can still rock My Little Pony hair, as elegantly shown by this pastel mix of blends. We love the look, pastel shades helping to dull the colours a little over the more bigger and brighter shades. It always works really well with this darker shades of root growth too, something we wasn’t quite prepared for. Perhaps it’s the contrast? Whatever it is, we love it. A lot.

My Little Pony Hair 13

Source: hairbymisskellyo

27 – Pinkie Pie Hair

Pinkie Pie was an earth pony, so if you think of yourself as a earthy kind of person, we think this My Little Pony is the perfect answer to the next-hair question. Lighter and darker shades will help to make your hair look thicker, if thinner hair is your problem, and you can also use waves, and plenty of volume-boosting mousse, to create the impression of thick and luscious locks. You could always just add hair extensions, of course. You’ll find that many them can be dyed to match your latest beautiful hair shade these days.

My Little Pony Hair 8

Source: dani.lovelylocks

28 – Rainbow Dash Rainbow Hair

With a mane that Rainbow Dash would have been proud of, this hair is so brilliant, we want to rsh out and get it immediately. It’s rainbow hair, but cleverly done so that each share blends into each other perfectly. You might need to bear in mind that longer hair would certainly make this look a lot easier to achieve, but once again, you could alway rely on hair extensions …. Who said faking it was wrong?

My Little Pony Hair 7

Source: officialzsazsa

29 – Colourful My Little Pony Short Hair

Believe it or not, My Little Pony has actually been around since 1981. For the record, that’s before any of us in the CherryCherryBeauty den. With colourful bodies and beautiful manes, each pony had their own personality, often displayed by the colours they were made up of. Most of them had a beautiful and unique symbol or marking somewhere, usually on the flank, but they have been given a major remodel more than a few times of the decades since.

Would you pay homage to the equestrian girls with My Little Pony hair?

My Little Pony Hair 5

Source: blondieshair

30 – Rarity My Little Pony Hair

The beautiful purple and pink waves of these adorable look seriously reminded us of Rarity’s mane from My Little Pony, until we saw the stunning blue pops beneath. Then we couldn’t work out which pony it reminded us of the most, but we didn’t care. We knew it needed to make the list of beautiful My Little Pony hair styles and designs.

My Little Pony Hair 2

Source: bamhairsalon

31 – Pink + Purple My Little Pony Hair

It’s like the purple to pink ombre blend we showed you earlier on, but this time, things have been the other way around. we really love the bright pink pop at the top of the hair, blended down into a darker purple shade. We also love the addition of those long curls. Once again, if you have shorter hair, do not despair. You could easily add locks with hair extensions, and those waves will be a breeze. Use a wide-barrelled curling tong, and only apply your waves and curls from half the hair down. Tousle it out with your fingers, and then add a quick touch of hair spray, and you and your My Little Pony hair will be ready to fight another day, spreading peace and love. At the very least, everyone will be paying you wonderful hair compliments. If we’re honest, that’s just what we live for.

My Little Pony Hair 1

Source: schruppert

And there you have them – 31 of our favourite My Little Pony hair looks, styles, and designs. There really is a colour and shade for everyone – didn’t we tell you? We’d love to know which looks seriously rocked your boat too. Did you gain inspiration from any of them and go for bright and bold shades yourself? Show us – we’d love to feature your fabulous hair on CherryCherryBeauty.com.

Don’t forget to show these wonderful models and hair artists some love. We’d have no inspiration at all if it weren’t for them and their stunning hair looks. And come back soon – we’ve got some really cool stuff that we can’t wait to show you.