nail idea's for valentines day

31 Looks: Nail Idea’s for Valentines Day

It’s time to start hunting out some nail idea’s for Valentines Day, and we’re totally excited at the prospect of that. If there is ever the perfect excuse to fill your nails with designs of hearts and kisses, it’s Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re celebrating with a loved one or just showing yourself some much-needed and long-overdue love, there are nail idea’s for valentines day around every corner. We hope that you can find some inspiration in a few of these absolute stunners:

1 – Coffee & Cream Cute Nails For Valentine’s Day

Perfect for a coffee date with that special someone … or just yourself! These coffee and cream cute nails for Valentines Day really are everything we love and more, a hint of holographic foil pieces added just to help them pick up the light. It’s the drizzled love heart in the centre of that middle nail that we love the most. It’s easily achieved using a heart stencil and some careful dribbling too. Definitely at the top of our Valentine’s Day lust-list, but how about you? We love this a latte! (We know, we know, bad pun!)

Nails For Valentines Day 13

Source: evy.novoa

2 – Turquoise & Rose Gold Nails for Valentines Day

Feeling something a little more pastel? How about these turquoise and rose gold cute nails for Valentine’s Day, complete with a beautiful shimmery silver background to really liven things up? With tape and stencils, you could achieve any number of clever designs, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. As always, if you want to be featured, just give us a shout. We’d love to feature you and your designs!

Nails For Valentines Day 12

Source: angelkiss.naildesigns

3 – Simple White, Black & Red Love Hearts

A few simple designs have been thrown together to achieve these beautiful nail idea’s for Valentine’s Day, although we definitely can’t pick our favourite from this fab bunch. The ‘Love’ tips are amazing — the word ‘ love’ is used to separate the natural nail from the red tip. We also love the negative space effect used in the red nail with the black swirly-heart. In fact, there wasn’t a lot that we didn’t love about these romantic nail designs. Would you recreate all that you can see in this look? Or would you just pick one element and work that into your Valentine’s Day theme?

Nails For Valentines Day 17

Source: glossynails

4 – Pastel Marble Swirls

There’s not a love heart in sight with these pretty-in-pink designs, but we think they’re the perfect cute nails for Valentine’s Day. The marble effect is a really cool and glam one, and one that can be customised in so many ways, it’s a design that could literally be used to match any outfit choice you have in the line-up. Finish things up with a slick of gold glitter, just like you can see here, and you’ve got something that sparkles as much as you do, whether you’re celebrating with someone special or just hanging out with the girls … Who, let’s face it, are your special people anyway.

Nails For Valentines Day 7

Source: justagirlandhernails

5 – Black, Pink & Gold Love Heart Nails

Just in case you were having love heart withdrawals, we’re bringing them right back with these fab nail idea’s for Valentines Day. Pink and black is a very classic combination for one of the most romantic days of the year, but the glittery gold edge helps to bring the whole thing together and sparkle under the light. And, you never know, you might need those fabulous nails for a new ring that might just make its way onto your finger …

Nails For Valentines Day 14

Source: naillovebykylie

6 – Love & Kisses Nail Idea’s for Valentine’s Day

For when you want to spread some love and kisses, how about these love and kisses-themed nails for Valentines Day? Using the classic colours of the occasion – red, gold, black, and pink, they’re cute, customisable, and absolutely perfect for the most romantic day of the year. You could get really creative, using a design like this as inspiration. That’s even more so the case when you look at using nail decals and transfers. We’ve actually found some really cute designs that would make doing your nails quicker. Take a look at these, for example, spotted on Etsy. It’s okay to ‘cheat’ and use decals, transfers, and other nail art pieces. When you don’t have time to head to the salon, or you’re just trying to save a few quid on maintenance appointments, DIY’ing your nails come in handy.

You don’t need to be an artist or a nail professional in order to have professional-worthy talons. (And even they use ‘cheat’ methods, such as decals and transfers, from time to time too!)

Nails For Valentines Day 16

Source: naq57

7 – Rose Gold Nails & Negative Space

Rose gold nails is still one of the biggest nail trends around, and these rose gold nails are fab for when you want to inject some rose gold into your life. The design on these is also super cute, perfect for both long and short nails alike. We also love the blend of matte and glossy finishes. When you have high contrasts like that, your nails will really stand out. Isn’t that what you were hoping for?

Nails For Valentines Day 15

Source: sarahnelsonnaildesigns

8 – Heartbeat Nails

A very cool design, but also a very simple one, these heartbeat nails are perfect for Valentine’s Day nails coffin shape. The design and shape of that heartbeat design work really well with the pointed, long nails that you can see here, especially with that black love-heart design on the thumb too. Cute, simple, and you could customise that heartbeat line however you wanted. These are one of our absolute favourites, and probably the ones that we’re going to go for this Valentine’s Day!

Nails For Valentines Day 11

Source: jessedoesnails

9 – Drizzled with Raspberry Love Cute Nails for Valentines Day

This nail look reminded us of raspberry sauce drizzled over ice cream, but that’s not the only reason we loved it. That love heart design is particularly awesome, created relatively easily with both stencils and careful hand-painting. We also have a lot of love for that awesome, yet simple, pink glitter nail. Layered up in that way makes it look like the wrapper around a candy treat. Perhaps the candy treats that you’ll be unwrapping from a special someone this year?

Nails For Valentines Day 10

Source: _cupcakenails_

10 – Pink n’ White Ombre

We love an ombré nail, a design that is so simple, yet incredibly effective. A pink and white ombré nail is the perfect backdrop for a wide range of designs that would be just awesome as your cute nails for Valentine’s Day, but the simple rose gold and shimmery hearts on just one or two of the nails that you can see here is another fab way to finish it all off. Also: these nails look a little bit like marshmallows, and we can’t get enough of that.

Nails For Valentines Day 1

Source: flairnailsandlash

11 – Written With Love

Red is the colour often associated with love and passion, so it just makes sense to incorporate the colour into your nails for Valentine’s Day. If you’re opting for a bright and bold red shade, why not look at “jazzing” things up a little, just like you can see in these scribble-style, romantic nails? They’re a little bit retro, a truck-load of fun, and just perfect if you want to leave no doubt as to your feelings and intentions on the big day itself.

Nails For Valentines Day 9

Source: nails4cocktails

12 – Nude & Black Nail Idea’s for Valentines Day

If you were on the hunt for something a little more muted and understated this Valentine’s Day, these nails might just tick all of the right boxes for you. A little bit of everything all thrown together in the right way has made this romantic manicure definitely one to take some inspiration from. Plus, it’s a look that’ll go with pretty much everything else you could have thought about wearing. Winning!

Nails For Valentines Day 3


13 – Pastel Lovers Dream Cute Nails For Valentines Day

If you’re feeling all of the pastel vibes this Valentine’s Day, we can definitely recommend these little wonders. We’re loving the pointed look of these, quite the edgy opposite to those innocent pastel shades. Whether you’re thinking pink or blue, these cute nails for Valentines Day are perfect for you. And yes, we know that was the world’s worst love poem. We do still love these nails though.

Nails For Valentines Day 6

Source: empirenailsandbeauty

14 – Grown Up Gold & Maroon Nails for Valentines Day

For when pastels aren’t quite your cup of tea, these grown-up gold and maroon nails might act as great manicure inspiration. Gold nail tape will make this look much easier to achieve, and although the gold love heart embellishments aren’t necessary to make this a cute look, it certainly helps to bring the romantic theme into play.

Nails For Valentines Day 17

Source: ladysmithnails

15 – Rose Gold Nails Love

We love, love, love this look, and then we love it a little bit more than that too. Although we’re bringing you inspiration for the smaller, minor details to help you celebrate the big day, try not to get too hung up on the little details. It’s a day of showing love. Show some love your rose gold nails and outfit, yes, but don’t do it at the detriment of your personal relationships or bank balance. Sometimes it pays to go back to basics. Remember what Valentine’s Day is really all about.

Nails For Valentines Day 20

Source: sarahnelsonnaildesigns

16 – True Love Valentines Nails

Feeling flirty than romantic? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, especially with these brightly coloured treats. You could have whatever love-inspired words you liked emblazoned across these totally customisable nails, but we do recommend keeping things somewhat ‘safe’ and family-friendly if you’re going to need to rock them at work. You know what your boss is like …

Nails For Valentines Day 22

Source: kandeenails

17 – Embroidered Hearts

We couldn’t work out if these Valentine’s Day-themed nails looked more like they were embroidered patches or gingerbread-men-style biscuits. We do know, however, that we absolutely adore them. Sweet like biscuits, red and romantic, stunningly simple … What more could you possibly want? We’ll have these ones, thanks!

Source: angelkiss.naildesigns

18 – Glittered With Love

We’re spelling it out, but this time with all things pink, silver, and glittery. When you think about it, that’s everything you need to bring a simple, yet effective Valentine’s Day theme to your next manicure. Take this one as inspiration — it’s ticking all the boxes.

Nails For Valentines Day 28

Source: sarahnelsonnaildesigns

19 – Bye, Na Uh Nails

We could think of quite a few Valentine’s Days past where these cute nails for valentines day would have come in quite handy. Like that time our boyfriend broke up with us, rather than present us with the extravagant gift we’d hoped for. For when you’re not feeling romantic or lovey-dovey at all, how do you feel about this cute mani?

Nails For Valentines Day 27

Source: _cupcakenails_

20 – Nude-Pink & Stamped With Love

If nude-pink tones are your palette of choice for your romantic celebrations, these nails might come in handy for inspiration. A very pretty and shimmering colour, it has just the right a,punt of pink to match the love and hearts theme. Not that you need to match that colour scheme at all, of course, but just in case you wanted to.

Source: ladysmithnails

21 – Red & Black Romantic & Short Nails

Roses are red, violets are blue, we think these red and black nail idea’s for Valentine’s Day are just perfect for you. Okay, the rhyme is corny, but the nails are totally cute, right? Will you be feeling all the love for this design?

Nails For Valentines Day 25

Source: glossynails

22 – Matte Black Nails for Valentines Day

Sticking with the square-shaped nails for Valentine’s Day, we’re super excited to show off these matte black and glossy purple nails. Darker nails probably aren’t your first thought for something romantically-based, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the look regardless. We love it when you creative lovelies think outside the box. It’s so simpl, very easily customised, and just right for the occasion.

Nails For Valentines Day 23

Source: naillovebykylie

23 – Artistically Romantically Long

Talking of things’outside the box’, what are your views on these long and artistic nail designs? They’re certainly Instagram worthy, that’s for sure. Long and absolutely lovely, a clever mix of nail designs have been used to piece the look together, including silver nail embellishments, pink and red tones, for the romance and passion, and even some transparent, glittery tips too. You could really go crazy with a design like this one.

Nails For Valentines Day 31

Source: vincentnails

24 – Glitzy & Glam Pink Nails for Valentines Day

Just in case you were keeping your eyes peeled for something pretty and pink, how about these glitzy and glam nails for Valentines Day? Bright and bold and with just the right amount of sparkle too, these have got romantic special occasion written all over them. Although, not literally, of course.

Nails For Valentines Day 30

Source: margaritasnailz

25 – Red & White Hearts Nails

It’s easy, cute, and matches the romantic theme perfectly, but that’s not the best thing about this look. The best thing about it is that you can add as many or as few love hearts as you like. The shape is a relatively easy one to hand-paint, but decals are a fab way to ‘fake’ it if you don’t have the highest levels of patience. This one’s a Valentine’s Day winner for us. What are your thoughts? Could this design be your Valentine’s mani?

Nails For Valentines Day 8

Source: kandeenails

26 – Spelling It Out

For when they’re just not getting the hint, spell it out for that potential special someone in your life … Quite literally. When you’ve got the word, ‘love,’ written across your talons, there’s no way they won’t get the hint. To make sure they know EXACTLY what is on your mind, maybe you should spell it out with glam nails for Valentines Day like these?

Nails For Valentines Day 21

Source: sarahnelsonnaildesigns

27 – Matte Pastel Cute Nails For Valentines Day With Heart Tips

This is a pretty cool look, don’t you think? The pointed tips have been cleverly used in the heart-shaped design for these pastel pretties. The matte finish certainly helps to make a difference too. Subtle and understated, not even your boss will mind about these romantic delights. (Although, you probably shouldn’t quote us on that.)

Nails For Valentines Day 5

Source: domblackfilenails

28 – Pink Glitter Thing

For when you want a pop of pink, but not a love heart in sight, what are your views on these glittertastic delights? Simple, great for natural nails, and very quick to do yourself at home, glitter is the best way to add some sparkle to the occasion, especially in this pretty pink way. If you use a really good base coat (and a layer of PVA/craft glue), you’ll even find that the glitter comes right off, nice and easy, for when you need to back to real life. Sadly, Valentine’s Day doesn’t last forever. It would be super expensive if it did!

Nails For Valentines Day 19

Source: gs_hairandnailstylist

29 – Queen of Hearts Nails

It might be a day that’s totally dedicated to couples, but there’s nothing wrong (and everything right) with being the queen of your own heart. Bad puns aside, these queen of hearts nails are absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day, and young could even spice things up a tad, injecting different colours into the mix.

Nails For Valentines Day 4

Source: nailedforthegods

30 – White & Burgundy Love Heart Nails

These are pretty darn fabulous, don’t you think? White and burgundy might not seem like the most romantic combination in your colour boss, but the Valentine’s Day theme has been brought in with the love heart shapes. When you think about it, that means you could pick pretty much any colour combo that you liked and still make it work. We’re loving this glam, grown-up theme, but which shades would you put together for your nails for Valentines Day?

Nails For Valentines Day 18

Source: ladysmithnails

31 – Simply With Love

Cute Snoopy-themed Valentine’s Day nails like these ones give us all the feel-good vibes, and they’re so cute on shorter nails too. Just in case you thought you needed longer talons to show off a super cute design, this nail look shows exactly the opposite. Shorter nails are just as cute, and you can get just as creative too. Oh, and they’re more practical to boot. That sounds very much like a winning design combo to us, how about you?

Nails For Valentines Day 2

Source: youniquenailartistry

Wow! Those were some beautiful nails for Valentines Day, don’t you think? We’d like to give lots of love to the amazing artists behind these images, for letting us share their work. We’d also like to give lots of love to you for reading. We can’t wait to hear which of these looks have given you the most inspiration. We’d also very much like to check out your work if you’re a nail artist (professional or otherwise). Get in touch. We’d definitely love to feature you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!