31 Looks: Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration

Did you know that the colour pink wasn’t always used as a symbol for a baby girl? In fact, for many years, the colour pink was actually associated with emotion, rather than gender — happiness and joy. And, of course, thanks to Mean Girls, “on Wednesdays we wear pink”. Just in case you needed some #nailinspo for your next manicure, we would like to present to you some pretty pink nail inspiration.

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1 – Pink Chequered Gradient Nails

It looks complicated and fussy, but these cute chequered gradient nails are cool because of how simple they are. You should first start by painting your nails with a base coat, because this helps to protect your nails, stop them from being stained yellow with bright colours. It also helps to make your mani last longer, especially when used with a good top coat too. Once your base coat has dried, simple use tape to mask off the areas that you would like to leave white. The rest of the nail — the parts that you want to paint in your contrasting colour — will be left un-taped. The gradient effect can be achieved by using two or three shades of pink, getting lighter or darker, painted in stripes onto a clean makeup sponge. When you dab that sponge onto your nail, the un-taped sections will get their little pink makeover, but the taped sections won’t. Again, once everything has dried, simply remove the tape and you’re good to go, ready to apply your top coat and rock those pretty pink nails. Simpler than you thought, right?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 1

Source: kandeenails

2 – Pink Optical Illusion Nails

With so many ways to paint your nails, it pays to get a little inventive from time to time. Pretty pink nail inspiration like this one is definitely inventive, using an optical illusion style pattern to really bring the look to life. If you wanted something that was bright and eye-catching, this one would definitely be a great place to start. The contrasting dark and light shades of pink work really well together, especially in that optical pattern.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 7

Source: nailsit

3 – Pretty Pink Nudes

You just can’t beat pretty pink nude nails, especially in this fantastic coffin shape. It’s one of the simplest looks you could opt for, and definitely in terms of style and design. It’s also one of the most glamorous too. Haven’t you seen? All of the beauty bloggers on Instagram have these fab nails, and there’s a good reason for that. They’re awesome. Simply awesome.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 10

Source: jamiegenevieve

4 – Festival Vibes Pink Nail Ideas

Are you feeling all of the festive vibes right now? You’re not the only one. It’s been a long and cold winter, and we can’t wait for the days that it’s warm enough to roll around in fields until the middle of the night. And long beyond that, should we choose to. Anyway, summery, festival vibes aside, we can’t wait for the perfect excuse to rock these absolute cuties. What do you think? Festival cool enough for you?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 2

Source: kandeenails

5 – Pretty Pink Pineapple

We’re totally obsessed with pineapples right now, and we can’t wait for the summer (once again) so that we can eat them, drink out of them, wear clothes emblazoned with them, and nails adorned with them too. This pretty pink pineapple look has been very simply created using a stencil or stamp design, but you could hand paint it if you were feeling particularly creative, or even use decals too. There are some pretty cute ones to pick from out there. And, if it’s got a pineapple on it, we want to know all about it. Make sure you share your finds with us!

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 11

Source: nailistayco

6 – Glam Pink & Sophisticated

A slightly different take on the pink nude glam set we showed you previously, these ones have been given a bit more of an edge, with one nail on each hand given a studded touch. You could opt for any colour or design, but the pyramid style rose gold delights that you can see here work so well with that nude pink tone. Alternatively, of course, you could focus your attention on the glitter swirl effect, which we think is pretty damn amazing.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 17

Source: haha_nails_

7 – Glam Pink, White & Black Nails

For those days when only something super glam will do, we would like to present to you these fabulous pink and black glam nails. The pattern on these are give them that luxurious and glam look, and you could substitute the pink for a wide range of colours to give you a wide range of different finished looks. Of course, we love the bright pink tone in this manicure idea, but what shade would you have alongside that fab and luxurious pattern?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 8

Source: nailsit

8 – Oh La La Pink Nail Inspiration

And for when you want something oh la la, how about these fancy looking pink manicure ideas? The lace effect on these are what make them super fancy, but you could mix and match a wide range of ideas, all taken from this finished look, to give you something entirely unique.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 3

Source: kandeenails

9 – Drippin’ in Silver & Pink

We’ve mentioned the drip effect before, but this one brings a touch of the metallic into the mix. Metallic nails have been all the rage for a while now, and it’s hardly surprising. They’re about as glam as you can get in terms of nail finishes. The pink and silver metallic hues used in this design are truly stunning too, don’t you think?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 18

Source: haha_nails_

10 – Pink n’ Pointed

If you want to make your fingers seem long and slender, you should opt for long and pointed nails. In the same way that long and pointed nude or light-coloured shoes can make your legs look longer, long and pointed nude or light-coloured nails can make your fingers look longer. Y’know, for those Instagram hand-shots to show off the latest jewellery name that everyone’s gotta wear …

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 19

Source: empirenailsandbeauty

11 – Fun Summer Pink Nails

Looking for something fun to wear for the summer? How do these bright pink beauties take your fancy? We love them, super bright and super fun, perfect for when you’re all about those vacation vibes. You know, ignoring all of life’s responsibilities and hanging out by the pool with a Pina Colada in your hand. These nails would be perfect for that.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 16

Source: haha_nails_

12 – Glam Multi-Tone Pink Nails

If you’ve got nails like this pretty pink nail inspiration look and you want to make them last for as long as possible, try adding a slick of top coat over them every other day. This will not only add a layer of protection to stop your nails from chipping but will also leave them super glossy. You can even buy matte finish top coat too, just in case shiny and glossy wasn’t your thing right now.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 22

Source: kristina.berzinaschafer

13 – Beyonce Themed Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration

What happens when you love Beyonce and you also love pink … These nails happen, that’s what! And, aren’t they fabulous? As Queen Bee herself would say, “Who run the world? GIRLS!”

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 26

Source: nailedbyceline

14 – Strawberry & Chocolate Nails

Brown and pink go really well together, as fabulously shown by these chocolate and strawberry themed talons. A touch of glitter added to the bottom half of these nails has been added to give them a more sparkly feel, but we love these colours together with or without the bling. It’s ticking all of the right boxes for us, but how do you feel about it?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 20

Source: empirenailsandbeauty

15 – Pinky-Pink & Rose Gold

Ooooft, this is a pretty epic nail look, don’t you think? We are just dying for an excuse to rock nails as glam as these absolute treats. A couple of shades of pink, one bottle of white, and as many rose-gold accessories and glitter that you can get your hands on. We love everything about this look, but we’d love to know your thoughts!

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 15

Source: haha_nails_

16 – Pink Marble with Gold Leaf Border

Gold leaf just adds a little special something to any manicure, but this pretty pink nail inspiration look has combined two really luxurious effects for a look that is out-of-this-world glam. Pink marble plus a gold lead border? It’s all we could want from our nails. Everything about this look is giving us all the happy vibes, but is it ticking all of the right boxes for you? Or are you looking for something a little different?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 25

Source: nailedbyceline

17 – Bright & Dark Geometric Pink

We’re taking things over to the super-glossy side with these geometric delights. Pink and purple, combined with white … It’s a colour combination that was made in heaven, and with simple shapes, could easily be hand-painted with relative ease.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 29

Source: merlin_nails

18 – All the Pinks & Greys

There are plenty of tips you can use to make your manicure last longer, and when you’ve got talons that look this good, you’re going to want them to last for as long as they possibly can, right? If you opt for lighter, more neutral shades, such as this one, it won’t be instantly obvious should you have a chipped or smudged incident. Any small smudges can usually be hidden quite well with a layer of top coat too. If you’ve gone for a simple pink look, having a similar shade at home will give you the opportunity to touch things up, and can give you a little bit more wear from your mani, making nail appointments less frequent and a bit cheaper!

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 23

Source: kristina.berzinaschafer

19 – Sugar & Spice Matte Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration

Matte and glitter are two contrasting effects that work really well together, and this sugar and spice matte pin look just proves our point perfectly. Even without the rhinestone addition, these nails would look amazing. How does this look take your fancy? They’re pink, so we’re already heading in the right direction. They’re also pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 21

Source: empirenailsandbeauty

20 – Pink Transparency & Rhinestones

Transparent nails are quite a modern touch to rock on your nails, but as this look shows, the right combination of features could make your nails stand out for all the right reasons. What more could you possible what from your pretty pink nail inspiration?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 14

Source: haha_nails_

21 – Long, Pink n’ Fancy Coffin Nails

Looking for something bolder and brighter? How about these wonderful pink, glitter, and white coffin nails? Coffin nails are a big hit right now. Again, just take a peek at Instagram and you’ll see so many different ways of wearing them, with different colours, finishes, effects, and more. These stunning pink coffin nails are definitely at the top of our list though. In fact, we’re dying for summer to come around so that we have the perfect excuse to wear them.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 28

Source: lori_nails

22 – Pink Camo X Bondage

Fancy something a little …. more from your pretty pink nail inspiration? This look certainly sits outside the box, but adds more than your average manicure idea into the equation. Camo print plus bondage, quite the quirky combination, but it’s definitely a fab one, that’s for sure!

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 24

Source: nailedbyceline

23 – 3D Rose Pink Nail Inspiration

3D nails are another big trend, and you can easily make your nails stand out in a more three-dimensional way by adding flowers and other decorative items to them. A gradient from pink to purple has been used as the backdrop for this pretty floral idea, and there’s nothing to stop you from customising the roses too, painting them whatever shades you need them to be to fit in with your colour scheme.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 6

Source: customsbychristy

24 – Sassy, Long & Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration

Well, if you’re on the hunt for something sassy, this pretty pink look might just be right up your street. With plenty of bling in the form of rhinestones a’plenty, these are going to catch the eyes of everyone around you, for all the right reasons. If these don’t scream, “It’s my birthday!” nails, we don’t know what does. Just saying.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 13

Source: haha_nails_

25 – Pink & White Ombre Nail Plus Glitter

Ombre nails are actually much easier to do than you’d think if you fancy giving the look a shot at home. This pretty pink nail inspiration is super cute. So cute, in fact, that we might need to add this look to the list of Valentine’s Day nails too. There’s a hint of romance about them, especially with those subtle white flowers to give them a more textured finish.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 30

Source: merlin_nails

26 – Neon Pink & Geometric Nail Ideas

Did you know that shaking a bottle of nail varnish is actually bad? This adds bubbles into the mix, and when you have bubbles in your nail polish, you’ll end up with bubbles on your nails too. We’re sure that’s not exactly what you’re going for when you try to recreate pretty pink nail inspiration looks like this one. Rather than shaking the bottle furiously for a few minutes, try rolling it between your hands instead. Your heat will soften the liquid a little, and you’ll end up with fewer bubbles.

Pretty In Pink Nail Inspiration 31

Source: sparkleandfadenaildesign

27 – Pink n’ Purple Half n’ Half Nails

For those days when you can’t really decide what colour you feel like having in your talons, go for a half n’ half look, but don’t have such a rigid and straight line down the centre to separate the two shades. We love the slight blend these two bright pops of colour have been given. You could swap the pink and purple for any number of contrasting or matching shades too. What would you have along with your pink?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 5

Source: customsbychristy

28 – Patchwork Design Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration

Sticking with a similar idea — contrasting colours and shades — how do you feel about this almost patchwork-effect looking nail design? We’d never seen anything like it. In fact, we’re a little obsessed with the look, if we’re being entirely honest about it. The silver glitter that has been used to separate the different shades really does add something really eye-catching to the design.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 27

Source: lori_nails

29 – All That Glitters in Pink

And, for all those times when you have virtually no time to focus on your nails at all, just add a slight pink hue to them, and then finish them off with a dabbed-on glitter tip. This look really could have you picture-perfect in almost no time at all. Every little helps when you’re counting the minutes like you’re counting the numbers on your bank balance too, right?

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 12

Source: nailistayco

30 – Pretty Pink Daisy Nails

It’s almost spring. We can’t wait for the warmer weather to hit us. We also can’t wait to see daisies and other flowers again, giving us the perfect time and opportunity to rock these pretty pink designs. Cute as a daisy and refreshingly simple too, a nail stamp might be the easiest way to achieve these nails yourself, but there’s nothing to stop you getting creative and hand-painting them too.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 9

Source: nailsit

31 – Pink Holographic Nails

Last, but certainly not least, we come to this wonderful holographic design, combining pink with all of the other shades of the rainbow in a manicure look that can’t wait to rock ourselves. With or without the black pattern detailing, these nails are truly fabulous. Holographic nails are still very much in.

Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration 4

Source: customsbychristy

We have absolutely adored working on this fun piece, and we’d love to give thanks to the nail artists that have allowed us to share their wonderful pieces of art. If you’re a nail artist, or you think there’s a nail artist that we should be paying more attention to, let us know. You can get in touch with us on social media, and you can also leave your comments in the box below this blog post. Leave the Instagram details of your/your nail artist’s Instagram page and we’ll come take a closer look. We’d love to feature THEM/YOU in a future piece on CherryCherryBeauty.com.

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