31 Makeup Looks For Summer

Summer, summer, summer … It’s our favourite time of year. The sun is out, everything seems to just burst into colour, and life is good. And speaking of colour, that’s just what we’d like to talk to you about today – a wide and diverse range of colourful makeup looks for summer that we think you’re going to absolutely adore. Why? Because we did.

Grab yourself an ice cold drink, folks … You’re going to need it with the heat this array of summer looks is packin’!

31 Makeup Looks For Summer

1 – Bright Turquoise Blue Eyeshadow

Bright, turquoise blue is such a bold and bright colour to wear, you’d be forgiven for being somewhat intimidated by it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright looks, and when you’re feeling a little self-conscious about the bold hues you’re wearing, just check out Instagram for a few minutes. Take a look at *those* bold and bright beauties. Do you think those Instagram makeup babes care that someone thinks their eyeshadow is too blue? No … and neither should you!

Go bold, go bright, or go home!

(Only if you want to, though.)

Turquoise Blue Eyeshadow And Brown-Hazel Eyes

Follow the artist: marisolbautistaa

2 – Bold + Tropical Sunset Eye Look

This look is absolutely perfect for a tropical summer vacay, but we don’t need to hop on a plane to find an excuse to rock a look this dazzling. Matching up beautiful blue-turquoise-green shades with bright yellows, orange and brained-gold hues is a combination that’s never going to go wrong.

Bright Sunset Orange Turquoise Eyeshadow

Follow the artist: serenity_vanity

3 – Orange + Yellow Gold Summer Glow

Don’t fancy blue? Leave it at home and just opt for a bright orange-sunset tone from your palette, with lashes and lashes of gold. Want to know how to get your gold to pop as bright as this one? Make sure you use a good eyeshadow primer, top things off with a pale concealer to give you a light/virtually white base to paint on top of, and then add some setting spray to make sure it all stays put throughout the night.

Oh, and don’t forget to take photos for the ‘Gram!

Orange And Yellow Gold Makeup Looks For Summer

Follow the artist: instabeautybyjess

4 – Pink, Red + Yellow Summer Blend

Such a gorgeous summery look like this has a special place on a list like the one we’re writing right now, proving that even the bolshiest of colours can be worn together to create a makeup look that is actually stunning. We’d never have thought of pairing the pink and yellow together in such a way, especially with those darker pinky-red tones towards the cut crease and eyebrow, but it’s a look we’ll be remembering for our next summer vacay, that’s for sure.

Makeup Looks For Summer Makeupby_Ev21

Follow the artist: makeupby_ev21

5 – Yellow, Orange and Purple Eyeshadow Idea for Summer

We’re switching the pink for purple in this look, and we’re adding more yellow than orange tones to the mix too. Well, not us, but you know what we mean, right?

The only thing this summer night-effect look is missing is a couple of palm trees, but we’re sure it won’t take us long to find those once you direct us to that beach… ?

Orange, Yellow And Purple Summer Eyeshadow Look

Follow the artist: _makeupbymacey

6 – Rich + Summery Glam Purple Tones

Okay, hold the light, pale shades of lilac and purple … we’re going all out with this one. And doesn’t you think it screams luxury? Throughout the years, that’s what purple has been known for — a shade that is difficult and expensive to create (or it used to be) and was therefore kept for those who lived a life of luxury.

You ain’t gotta be rich or royal for a look this beautiful. Will you be adding this one to your holiday makeup mood board?

Rich And Deep Purple Eye Look For Summer

Follow the artist: instabeautybyjess

7 – Dramatic Blue + Pink Summer Eye Look

This look is outta-this-world amazing, combining the brightest of blues with the most fabulous pinks. It’s all been finished off nicely with that slick of jet black liner too.

Just remember, kids, always wear sunscreen no matter what summer makeup looks you go for. Your skin will be much more accommodating to the makeup you choose to put on it when you take care of it!

Bright And Dramatic Blue And Pink Summer Makeup

Follow the artist: elliehowell

8 – Light to Dark Summer Night Look

Let’s face it, smeared and melting makeup in summer is NOT the one. If you’re worried about it happening to you and ruining a look that is potentially as gorgeous as this one, you should look at using a moisturiser that is oil-free. Products that contain oil are likely to sit on your face and not be absorbed in time, which will, in turn, lead to your makeup not truly settling down. When it doesn’t settle, it’s more likely to slip n’ slide. No setting spray in the world is going to help with that. Start from the base up, folks!

Pink And Orange Half N' Half Eyeshadow

Follow the artist: roxana_sadowska

9 – Pretty Little Pastel Rainbows

The rainbow trend is definitely a big one tight now, and this look shows how you can incorporate it into your makeup look without being overly bright and bold. You know, just in case super bold and bright wasn’t exactly your thing. The pastel rainbow is sometimes easier to wear than the bolshier colours, and with a slick of nude lipstick or gloss, could be the perfect look for you this summer.

Pastel Rainbow Summer Eyeshadow Look

Follow the artist: nikkietutorials

10 – Orange + Sunflower Summer Eyeshadow Look

Sunflowers and summer go together just as well as … well, sunflowers and summer. They just belong together, don’t you think? Just like this eye look belongs on our eyes! The orange and yellow hues used in this stunning makeup look really are something else. We’re just dying for an excuse to wear makeup as fiery hot as this.

Orange And Sunflower Eyeshadow Look

Follow the artist: harbsy

11 – Simple n’ Bright Orange Look

Of course, you don’t need to go all out there with your summer makeup looks. This one uses tones of orange and green together for something that is actually quite muted, understated, and easy to wear, no matter what the occasion or event.

Bright Orange Summer Look For Blue Eyes

Follow the artist: esantoinette

12 – A Pretty Little Pop of Pink

For us, this is a perfect five-minute summer makeup idea that would be great for work, college, or just out and about shopping with our gal pals. No eyeliner means the look is instantly quicker than most others (because you know how fussy liner can be on a stinkin’ hot day), and that pop of brighter, lighter shades in the centre of the eye will help to make you appear more alert and awake. That’s never a bad thing, right?

Pretty In Pink For Summer

Follow the artist: brookenoelbeauty

13 – Slicked Back Summer Lovin’

Ooooft, this makeup look is FIERCE and just so perfect for summer. We’ll argue that point all day long! We’re not sure what we’re most obsessed with, but it could be the glorious gold shades used on the inner corners of the eyes. Or maybe it’s that orange tone on the cut crease and towards the eyebrows? You know, it could be the darker gold hues swiped along the eyelid itself.

Maybe we just love the whole look?!

Slicked Back Summer Look

Follow the artist: nikkietutorials

14 – Simple n’ Fun Summery Look

Remember we told you to use an oil-free moisturiser on your face before you start applying these summer makeup looks? Well, you should also look at something oil-free in the foundation department too, and for the same reasons. The oilier your makeup, the less time it’ll be able to stand the hot summer temperatures. This look won’t last five minutes without the right base to build it on.

Simple, Neutral Summery Look

Follow the artist: xsabrinanicole

15 – Golden Bronzed Summer Glow

If you want an eye look that is as golden as your spray tan, this one’s the one to go for. It’s sultry, sweet, and spicy, all at the same time, and once again, there’s no need to worry about that dreaded eyeliner! (Don’t get us wrong, we love liquid eyeliner, but it goes wrong more often than it goes right … right?)

Golden Glow Eyeshadow Look For Summer

Follow the artist: elliehowell

16 – Light to Dark Sunset Blend

We can imagine ourselves sipping tropical cocktails out of coconuts in this eye makeup, enjoying all of the delights that summer-holiday sunsets have to offer. Preferably with someone to cool us down by fanning us with palm leaves. Would anyone like to volunteer for the position?


Orange, Gold And Yellow Summer Makeup Looks

Follow the artist: bydanielleathena

17 – Light to Bright Summer Eyeshadow Blend

A very similar look, but slightly less fiery and sunset-like, this is probably the one we’ll be wearing throughout the day, before we head to the cocktail party and enjoy those coconut beverages!

Blended Orange Neutral Makeup

Follow the artist: denitslava

18 – Dark Golden Tones with Black Liner

There something about those bronzed, golden tones that just works so well with hot, summer nights, and this look is no exception. It could be sultry, it could be fun, and it could also be tweaked — a bit of glitter and the look is an entirely different one!

Dark Golden Toned Look

Follow the artist: looneylimner

19 – Rich + Glowing Tones for Summer

We would like our highlighter to pop as bright as this one, please. And if our eyeshadow could also look like this stunning, summery style, that would also be awesome. Please and thank you!

Bright And Deep Orange Eyeshadow On Blue Eyes

Follow the artist: alannagellingmakeup

20 – Golden Glow + a Hint of Blue

That touch of bright blue along the bottom lash line is a great way to add a pop of colour to any bronzed, summery makeup style, and you’re not just limited to blue shades. We love this particular blue-green look, though, of course.

Makeup Looks For Summer

Follow the artist: mirakitze

21 – Deep Purple + Red Eye Look for Summer Nights

We’re taking a break from golden, bronzed shades in the makeup palette for this one, definitely a look worthy of a night at a summer club or restaurant. Or, you know, anywhere you just feel like wearing it. Purple to pink to red to orange to yellow, and all blended so well that you can’t see where one begins and the other ends. We can only dream of having blending skills this magnificent.

Deep Purple And Red Eye Look For Summer

Follow the artist: _makeupbymacey

22 – Love Summer

The colours in this remind us of the colours used in the logo, which means that this makeup look is definitely ‘Gram-worthy. That’s not the only reason why we love it, though. We also love it because it’s glamorous, poppin’ with colour, and will go with a thousand holiday outfits we’ve been planning in our heads.

Makeup Looks For Summer 3 Serenity Vanity

Follow the artist: serenity_vanity

23 – Bright Yellow Summer Eyeshadow Look

We’ve always found yellow to be a really intimidating colour in a makeup palette, and it’s always the shade we overlook the most. Not now, though. We’re making it our mission to go crazy with those lively yellow tones, and we’ll start by trying to recreate this absolutely amazing sunny makeup look!

Bright Yellow Summer Eyeshadow Look

Follow the artist: instabeautybyjess

24 – Deep, Dark Blue Makeup Looks For Summer

We want our makeup to be as blue as the deep, dark ocean, and that’s why this little beauty made its way onto to the list. And let’s be honest about this, who doesn’t want to play with that stunning shade of blue? What’s your favourite shade?

Dark Blue Summer Makeup Looks

Follow the artist: bydanielleathena

25 – Simple Neon Summer Liner Look

Keep it simple and keep it neon — this look has summer partaaaay written all over it. Little neon pops have been increasing in popularity recently, and even Kylie Jenner has been experimenting with those little additions of colour. What do you think of this bright liner display?

Simple Liner Look For Summer

Follow the artist: xsabrinanicole

26 – Simple Golden-Shimmer Summer Look

Is this one of our favourite summer makeup looks? Yes, it is. Why? Because it’s a simple one, yet still pretty and glam, and it’s perfect for those days when we really just can’t be bothered to dip our eyeshadow brushes in a hundred different shades to get the most colourful look we can manage. It’s totally okay to go understated and muted from time to time. This look is a beautiful example of how you can do just that.

Simple, Nude Summer Look

Follow the artist: elliehowell

27 – Awesome Watermelon Eyeshadow Design

If we’re drinking watermelon drinks, Beyonce-style, we might as well make our makeup match. This fun and summery look is awesome for when you want something more fun and cheerful than glam. We’re loving it, and we also now want to drink all the watermelon drinks … how about you?

Watermelon Eyeshadow Design

Follow the artist: serenity_vanity

28 – Beautiful Summer Sunset Eyeshadow Blend

The blend on this has us like ? … But seriously, though, have you ever seen such a beautiful sunset makeup look in your life? We’ve seen a few beauties (we created 21 Sunset Makeup Looks after all), but this one might just be right at the top of the palm tree for us. All we need to do now is find the perfect excuse to wear the look. What would yours be?

Rainbow-Blended Style Summer Look

Follow the artist: meesharia

29 – Dramatic Red + Yellow Eye Look

It’s dramatic and fiery and we’re adding it to list! There’s not a slick of black eyeliner in sight, but this look doesn’t exactly need. It’s bold and bright enough with it — you’re guaranteed to turn heads!

Red + Yellow Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

Follow the artist: phoebles

30 – A Rainbow Summer

We love this look so much, we can’t stop looking at it — the perfect rainbow makeup look for a tropical vacay. Or, you know, just a BBQ party in your own back garden, if that’s all your budget can afford … like most of us here at the CherryCherryBeauty den.

Rainbow Coloured Summery Blend

Follow the artist: roxana_sadowska

31 – Pinky-Shimmery Summer Hues

Looking for a makeup look that’ll go great with your blue eyes? We’d like to present this fabtasic look! (We’re totally making fabtastic a word, and this makeup look 100% deserves to be called it.) There’s everything you could want in there — bright and summery shades, a killer cut crease, and a blend that we ourselves could only dream of achieving. We’re adding this one to the list of must-try looks!

Pink And Orange/Yellow Eyeshadow Look Blue Eyes

Follow the artist: alannagellingmakeup

There are some truly beautiful looks on this page, aren’t there? Perfect makeup looks for summer if you ask us, but we’d love to know what looks you’re planning on rockin’. Don’t forget to submit your Insta-accounts to us if you’d like to be featured in a future post on CherryCherryBeauty. We can’t wait to see your amazing makeup creations!