31 Nails for Summer

If you’re on the hunt for some super cool nails for summer 2017, look no further. We’ve got some that we think you might just like, and there’s a little something to suit every taste too! Whether you’re on the hunt for long talons or short ones, bright ones or subtle ones, ones covered in glitter or packed with rhinestones … It really doesn’t matter. There are so many trends and styles that you can choose from right now, and you might find these a great place to start on the hunt for inspiration:

1 – Neon Pink + Orange Summer Nails

You will need to make sure you’re protecting your nails during the warmer summer months, and there are a few tips that you can use for that. Firstly, when you’re using a bright colour, just like these bright neon nails for summer 2017, make sure you add a base coat. This will add a protective layer between your nail bed and the polish you’re using, and it will also stop your nails from going that horrid yellow colour. That’s staining, by the way, and it can happen when you don’t give your nails a chance to breathe in between manicures. It can also happen when you’re using bright colours, such as red, orange, and yellow. Bright pinks can also have the same yellowing effect.

Just in case you were in the mood for some neon brights this summer, we’d definitely recommend checking this out > 21 Neon Nails for 2017. And don’t forget about that protective base coat. We’d recommend this one > Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat.

Nails For Summer 2017 20

Source: gelnailsbynatha

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2 – Lilac Lovelies Nails for Summer 2017

When you want something a little more muted, however, how do you feel about these lovely lilac nails for summer 2017? They’re pretty in pastel, another of the biggest nail trends for the year, and there’s a little bit of something to suit everyone too. There’s glitter, rhinestones, nail foils, a holographic finish, and more. If it’s variety you want, these have got plenty!

Nails For Summer 2017 19

Source: bellissima_nails_by_laura

3 – Powder Ombre Nails

Of course, you could always take away the glitter, gloss and shine, and go with a matte finish instead. That’s just what we loved about these stunning powder ombre nails, and we’re dying for an excuse to rock them. That matte finish is easy to achieve with the nail polishes you already have in your collection. Simply create your ombre as you usually would, but instead of using a glossy top coat, use a matte one instead. It really is that simple! We’ve been using this one lately, and we only have good things to say about it > Barry M Cosmetics Matte Nail Paint.

Nails For Summer 2017 22

Source: thecolorbar_nailstudio

4 – Glitter on Glitter Nails for Summer 2017

Anyway, back to that glitter that we love so much, and you could just piled on the stuff if you’re on the hunt for nails for summer 2017 that really sparkle. The trick to achieving super shiny and light-reflecting nails, such as these, is to layer up that glitter. Use a thin layer of one glitter (with a hint of pink, for example), and then use another layer of glitter over the top of that. This one could have different sized glitter pieces, or perhaps a different tinge / shade to it. You’ll get different effects when you play around with different looks, and if you do happen to play around with them, please send them into us. We would love the chance to feature you on CherryCherryBeauty!

Nails For Summer 2017 18

Source: empirenailsandbeauty

5 – Tropical Sunset Nails for Summer 2017

Nails for summer 2017 just wouldn’t be complete with a tropical palm tree scene, and here’s one that we totally fell in love with. The orange and yellow hues remind us of every sunset we desperately want to watch. That beachy, tropical scene is really making us jealous too. We’re not going anywhere on vacation this year. How about you? Tell us all your holiday plans and make us totally jealous!

Nails For Summer 2017 1

Source: sohotrightnail

6 – Pointed Palm Leaf Nails

There are those tropical leaves again, but this time, they’re a little different. Slightly longer and more pointed, although you could create a similar look on any shape of nail, there’s a really cool, matte finish to these. It brings a really gown up feel to those nails for summer 2017. If you’re looking for classy nails to rock this year, we’d definitely like to put these ones in the running.

Nails For Summer 2017 2

Source: nailsby_evon

7 – Tropical Floral Nails for Summer 2017

We cannot get enough of those tropical, beachy vibes right now, and we’re getting all the right ones from these square beauties! Tropical flowers and tropical leaves go hand in hand, as far as we are concerned, and we love the colours that have been used in this combo. All we need now is that tropical destination …

Nails For Summer 2017 3

Source: nailedbyCleo

8 – White + Leafy

Remember that many things can ruin your nails over the warmer, summer months. Chlorine is a nightmare, not just for your hair, but for your nails too. Even air conditioning units can be detrimental to the health of your nails, and other parts of your body, particularly your skin. You should make sure you’re taking care of yourself. You should definitely take care of your manicure. Make sure that you’re using a hand cream that offers plenty of hydration, moisturising properties, and also nourishing properties. What’s the point in having great nails when your hands are not well taken care of? We’ve been using this one lately > Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream for Women.

Nails For Summer 2017 4

Source: domblackfilenails

9 – Tropical Ombre

Nail stamps can be really handy when you want to create tropical looking nails, just like these nails for summer 2017. It took us a while to get the hang os nail stamping, but once we did get it right, we found it to be super easy. It also makes creating these fabulous looks much quicker. You could easily create that yellow to white ombre on the bottom, before using black polish and a tropical leaf stamp to create that summery look.

Nails For Summer 2017 5

Source: sohotrightnail

10 – Pointed + Pink

How about thinking outside the box for designs to take with you to your next nail appointment? We love these pink beauties, all three-dimensional, with embellishments, and some pretty cute geometric designs. We love it when we see something a little different, especially when it comes to nail designs. What do you think about these? Would you put them to the top of your list?

Nails For Summer 2017 6

Source: nailsby_evon

11 – Under the Sea Turtle Nails

For when you want to be swimming with the turtles, but your bank balance won’t allow, how about these super cute under-the-sea turtle nails for summer 2017? We loved these mermaid-effect, square-tipped delights. We also love the way that the really bright, metallic silver has been cleverly used to make up the body of the turtle itself. Shining and shimmering, but just a little hint of. Just the water – shimmering and changing with the waves.

Nails For Summer 2017 7

Source: haha_nails_

12 – Magical Mermaid Nails for Summer 2017

Speaking of mermaid nails, they’re a really big deal right now, aren’t they? If you haven’t seen these mermaidtastic delights on social media, we don’t know where you’ve been hiding. We don’t seem to be able to make it through a single day without seeing a brand new design of them, not that we’re complaining about that, of course. These pointed, gel nails for summer 2017 blend in all the right components of those mermaid themed nails, and we love them, every speck of glitter and shell included!

Nails For Summer 2017 9

Source: Pinterest

13 – Foil Blend + Palm Trees

Foil pieces and palm trees – what a great combination! If you want nails that really stand out, reflecting the light in the way that only foil pieces can, this look is a definitely winner. Save this one to your camera roll, and don’t forget to show your nail artist this bold, blue, pink and gold look. What colours would you come up with? Or do you love these ones as much as we do?

Nails For Summer 2017 10

Source: notorious_nails_

14 – Pastel + Pointed

They’re probably not the most convenient of nail styles or shapes to have, but you must admit, these nails for summer 2017 are FIERCE! We’d love to have the kind of lifestyle where we could rock super-long talons every day, but you could shorten these and opt for the same stunning rainbow effect? The nails-in-the-bath-shot is optional obviously.

Nails For Summer 2017 12

Source: elinasnailart

15 – Pink Flamingo Thing

Pink flamingos are a big deal right now; another of the big trends for summer 2017. If we’re wearing pink flamingos on our clothes, handbags, shoes, and even decorating our homes with them, it just makes sense that we adorn our nails with the fabulous pink birds too. The contrast with this bright, turquoise blue shade works so well. We love it! Fun and fabulous!

Nails For Summer 2017 11

Source: stormilahuillier

16 – White + Nude

White and nudes are two nail shades that never go out of style, but white can be a very difficult shade to work with. You’ll need a super clean and smooth base for white and light tones, mostly because they show off every lump and bump on the nail bed. If you don’t clear the old polish off before you start, and smooth things down, you’ll have jagged outlines of the old mani, and it just won’t look as great as these nails for summer 2017.

Nails For Summer 2017 13

Source: meowme.designs

17 – Mermaid Sparkle Ombre

Didn’t we say that mermaid nails were everywhere? Well, here’s a brand new take on them – a clever combination of pastel ombre with glitter pieces that give you an all-over ocean-y finish. We’re a big fan of the ocean right now too. Did you get the chance to check out our 21 Ocean Hair Looks to Copy This Summer?

Nails For Summer 2017 14

Source: justagirlandhernails

18 – Peach, Pointed + Powdered

Another day, another stunning matte look, but this time, the stunning peach tones make them perfect nails for summer 2017. That’s even more so the case when you throw that stunning marble-effect nail in there too. Oh, and in case you didn’t mention, those foil pieces wrap around a wonderful negative space design. Stunning nails … don’t you think?

Nails For Summer 2017 15

Source: laquenailbar

19 – Elegant Shimmer Nails for Summer 2017

Keep things nude and simple with these stunning stiletto nails, a slight shimmer added to really make them eye-catching. These are a great design for when the boss is a bit of stickler for the rules, and you’re not allowed to rock the kind of talons you’d really like to, at work. Keep them all simple, just like you can see here, or steal one of the other ideas that you’ve seen in these nails for summer 2017, and throw that in for good measure.

Nails For Summer 2017 16

Source: domblackfilenails

20 – Purple & Peachez Nails for Summer 2017

We had so much love for these fun nails for summer 2017, and whether you’re about long or short, square or pointed, this design is fab! Lots of glitter, lots of sparkle, and lots of holographic pieces … We love it. But how about you? Are these purple and peaches nails right up your street?

Nails For Summer 2017 17

Source: empirenailsandbeauty

21 – Tropical Anchor Nails for Summer

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without that nautical theme. In fact, it’s a big one for this season, and it’s a trend we loved so much, we featured it. Just in case you wanted to know more, you can find it here > 21 Ways to Wear Nautical Stripes This Summer. Back to the nails though, and what are your opinions on these fun summer lovelies? Tropical, colourful, and eye-catching … isn’t that just what you were looking for?

Nails For Summer 2017 8

Source: haha_nails_

22 – Neon Rainbow Blend Summer Nails

Sheer shades are well known for two things – looking fabulous and wrecking your nails. Okay, so we went a little overboard with our last statement, but sheer polishes certainly aren’t good for your nails during the summer. If you go for more opaque shades, and also cream-based polishes, you’ll have less of yellowing and staining that often blights nails during the warmer months. Those sheer shades also have a nasty habit of fading quicker too. There – now you know!

Nails For Summer 2017 23

Source: nailfuel

23 – Brilliantly Bold + Blue

Keep a cuticle cream or lotion with you at all times if you want nails for summer 2017 that look as great as these brilliantly bold and blue talons. The length and shape of these might not be the most convenient that you could choose, but you could always switch these dramatic lengths for something shorter and much more manageable. Summer is the perfect time to get a bit creative with brighter and bolder shades, so if there are a few hanging around in the bottom of your nail polish box, it might be time to dig them out and give them an outing!

Nails For Summer 2017 24

Source: we.nails

24 – Lifework Bright Summer Nails

These fabulous nails for summer 2017 bring together everything we love about summer – the bright shades, the edgy fashions, and the chance to really play around with whatever the hell you want. If you want fancy black line work, have it. If you want bright colours that you wouldn’t otherwise have worn, do it. You’ll only regret it if you don’t. It pays to have something else other than plain ol’ white tips from time to time.

Nails For Summer 2017 25

Source: vincentnails

25 – Rainbow Tropical Summer Silhouette

We love rainbows. And tropical scenes. We also love palm trees. Basically, these nails for summer 2017 are everything we love, and that’s why they definitely deserve a place on this list. Going back to what we said previously about nail stamping, and we definitely think it’s a technique it pays to take a closer look at. You’d be amazed at the simple, yet oh-so-fabulous designs you can create from these simple stamps, and you can always layer them up once it has dried to achieve new and interesting nail looks.

Nails For Summer 2017 29

Source: nailexperiments

26 – Bright Summer Unicorn Nails

Unicorn nails are everywhere this year, almost as much as mermaid nails are. There are so many ways to customise them too, ranging form the typical and classic unicorn horn that you can see here, to fabulous hand-painted works of art, featuring depictions of actual unicorns. You should keep your eyes peeled if you’re a big unicorn fan, as we’ve got some fabulous nail designs coming your way. In case you can’t wait for those, however, you should definitely take a peek at this > Unicorn Items We’re Obsessed With.

Nails For Summer 2017 28

Source: nailsbylanni

27 – Flamingo Summer Nails

We know, we’ve gone flamingo mad. We love those crazy link birds though, don’t you? No, just us then? We don’t care, we’re still rocking them. Anyway, we’ve seen so many flamingo style nails on the fabulous world of Instagram lately, that we’ve decided to give them a feature all of their own! Keep your eyes peeled for that, or give the social media pages a ‘like’ to be kept up to date with everything we’ve got going on … You know you want to!

Nails For Summer 2017 26

Source: griss_nails

28 – Neon Bright Coffin Nails for Summer

Back to those bright, neon beauties again, and we’re totally in love with these nails, ones that we think would be perfect for that bright summer vacay you’re planning on taking. We’re not going on holiday this year, just in case you were wondering. And no, we’re not very happy about it. But with nails like these, at least we can close our eyes and pretend we’re lying on a white sandy beach somewhere … Oh the dreams!

Nails For Summer 2017 27

Source: nailsbylanni

29 – Black and Holographic Summer Nails for 2017

Everyone’s diggin’ holographic nails right now, and here’s a great example of how to incorporate those holo-designs into your talons. There are tropical flowers, to keep with that theme of nails for summer 2017, but they’re quite sophisticated and neutral. They’d be easy to wear with a whole range of outfits, and they’re not too bright or bold that your boss might take offence to them. Winning all round, we’d say. How about you?

Nails For Summer 2017 30

Source: nailexperiments

30 – Tropical Sunset Nails for Summer 2017

And what would this list of nails for summer 2017 be if it didn’t include a perfect purple sunset scene? Longer nails are obviously easier to work with when you have intricate and complicate designs in mind, but that’s not to say you can’t achieve similar looks on shorter and more manageable talons. It’s the colours that bring this look to life – that stunning purple working it’s way into that golden glow of the orange. As long as you’ve got that, and a palm tree, of course, you’re basically winning. Summer nails that make you feel super summery!

Nails For Summer 2017 31

Source: nailsbyly

31 – Featured Holographic Nail + White Tips

And for those girls who love a classic white tip, how about keepin’ them? We know, we bet you didn’t expect us to say that, seeing as we’re always banging on about thinkin’ outside the box. But these nails are pretty, and we really do love them. Just adding one feature nail, that has a slightly different design to the rest, can really bring your boring nails to life. This is even the case when you have the same thing on the rest of the nails. In this case, we’re talking about those classic white tips.

Nails For Summer 2017 21

Source: gelnailsbynatha

So … What did you think of our 21 neon nails for 2017? Which ones stood out to you for all the right reasons? We’d love to know what you thought. You can leave your comments below, or getting touch via our social media pages, the details for which you will find at the top and at the side of this post. We can’t wait to get the conversation started.

Don’t forget to show these cool nail artists some love. We’d have no inspiration at all if it weren’t for them! And if you think you’ve done something that you can be proud of, send them in. We would love to feature you in a future post for CherryCherryBeauty! C’mon – show off your wares. We’re excited to see them.

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