31 Stunning Bathroom Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to redecorate and transform a space within your home, and sometimes it’s the easiest little tricks and adaptions that can make the biggest impact. This is something we’re going to show you now, in these 31 stunning bathroom ideas you’ll want to steal. From stylish and chic to elegant and luxurious, there are a thousand and one ways you could completely transform the bathroom in your home with very little cost involved, and very little stress too.

Here’s a few of the bathroom designs we’ve fallen in love with in our quest to bring you some interior design inspiration, and a few tricks and tips that you might useful too! We would love to see your bathrooms if you think you have one to die for, so make sure you send them in to us. We would love to feature you and your beautiful home on CherryCherryBeauty. For now, however, we would like to present you with these:

1 – Bath + Relaxation Centre

Grey is a colour you probably won’t have considered putting in your bathroom, but if you have a big enough space, you also have the opportunity to play with darker shades. Smaller bathrooms look even smaller still when yo bring dark and dingy shades into the mix. We love the way that everything has been kept elegantly simple, using dark grey on the walls and a light, bright white on almost everything else. It has a relaxing, spa feel to it, and we would love to waste hours of our life away in that bath!

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 19

Source: John Lewis

2 – Gold + Luxurious Bathroom Ideas

If you don’t have lots of room on your side, and a dreamy, big and bright bathroom like this isn’t quite within your reach, you can help to make your own bathroom bigger and brighter. First start by lightening things up. Lighter and brighter shades are well known to make a room look airier and much bigger too. A mirror can help, not only to reflect light, but also to make the space look bigger. And, more than that, remove clutter. You can easily use the height of the walls and make them work for you by installing stacked shelves. You can place bathroom bits and pieces in theme-decorated boxes and other things to keep them out of view. A tiny bathroom will look better than a cluttered bathroom.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 22

Source: Pinterest

3 – All White Everything

A lick of pain on the walls will make the biggest difference to your bathroom. In fact, this rule applies to almost any space in your home, so when looking at redecorating, always to your walls first. You will find that most rental properties will allow you to redecorate a little to make the home to your taste, but generally it’s only when you choose very neutral colours. When you own your home, and therefore your bathroom, you are free to play around as much as you like.

If you are in a rental property, however, and you want to make a few changes to make your shower space a brighter, lighter and more airy one, adding a light shade to the walls is a great start. These white bathrooms, for example, are easy to achieve. You will need to keep an eye out for grubby little handprints though, especially if you have kids in the home. Make sure you choose paint for the walls that you can easily wipe-clean.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 24

Source: Ma Allen Interiors

4 – Mint Green + Simple

If you were looking for a light, bright and airy shade that wasn’t quite blue, but still quite ocean-y, about mint green? It really is a very delightful shade, especially when you opt for a more pastel finish. Used in a bathroom with light wood and white fixtures will give you an amazingly modern and fresh feel, and is a great combination of shades to use in a number of rooms in your home, not just the one you like to take a bath in.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

5 – Bath with a View

You might not think that the bathroom was the most important room of the house, but when you think about it, you spend so much time in there. Almost as much time as the bedroom in some cases. You know … when you’re getting ready for a big night out, for example.

It is said that we spend up to three hours of every week in the bathroom, and that’s the “average” person, probably not taking into account the hours it takes to get your hand done for a good night out with your BAE or your BFFs. We’ve spent three hours in the bathroom getting ready in ONE go before. Not that we’re countin’ or anything. We would definitely want to spend even longer in there than that if we had stunning bathroom ideas like this to enjoy.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 16

Source: riobel_inc

6 – Airy Window Bath Time

If you don’t have side-space to store things in your bathroom, use the tools and spaces that you already have to hand. If you have plenty of wall space, for example, you have plenty of spaces for shelves and shelving units. These, in their own right, can be a focal point for the entire room. This small alcove, for example, has been given a wonderfully bright and breezy feel by creating shelves which have then been decorating with small items that match the theme.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

7 – Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Redecorating your bathroom, or any other room in your house, doesn’t need to cost you a small fortune. In fact, we’ve found one example of how an entire bathroom has been given a new lease of life for less than $150, which is about £100 or so for you UK folk. There are some really great tips you can use, especially buying laminated and waterproof wall coverings to give you a temporary covering. These are great for rental properties, and below you will find a few examples that we really liked.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 18

Source: This Nest is Blessed

8 – Simple Accessories

You can use small additions to make your bathroom a more inviting space, if you don’t have the cash on hand to redecorate the entire room. Things such as rugs, plant pots, art on the walls, and even mirrors can have a massive effect. These little finishing touches help to add a little colour into a dull / plain room, and helps you to put your own personal stamp on a place that you might be able to entirely decorate the way you’d like to. You can buy this tiered makeup / jewellery stand, for example, from John Lewis, but if you had some free time you could easily make one yourself. You can decorate little things like in whatever shades, colours and even textures, that you like, giving you more ways to customise your space.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 20

Source: John Lewis

9 – Bathroom Chandelier

Who wouldn’t want a chandelier in their bathroom? We know that we want one, and we also know that the second you add a luxury item, such as a chandelier, to any room, an air of luxury hangs over the entirety of the room. It just makes sense to carry that luxury theme on, bringing in high quality towels in rich and beautiful colours. Oh, and a huge bath that you can fall asleep in, of course.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

10 – Towel It Up

Do you remember when we told you about those tiny touches that often make a big impact in a room? Well, the small touches in your bathroom are things such as towels, curtains or blinds, etc. In a white room, it will be these items that add your ‘theme’ or colour / shade preferences. These towels look wonderful against that clean, white backdrop!

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 21

Source: Very

11 – Light Grey + Minimalist Lines

Did you know that a lot of us are using the bathroom as the space for our “alone time”, mostly because it’s the only place in the house that we can get ANY time alone. And trust us on this; it’s driving us nuts! But with 39% of all people in the UK saying they go to the bathroom to think, and 43% of all UK people saying that the only time they got any time to themselves when they were in the bathroom, it makes sense to make the space as tranquil and relaxing as you can.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 23

Source: Pinterest

12 – Elegant + Sophisticated Bathroom Ideas

Got nowhere to stick you tub? Heck, if your bathroom is big enough to get away with it, shove it right in the middle of your bathroom and make it your feature focal point for the space. Roll-top baths are particularly good for this elegant and feminine feel, and what else are you going to use all that floor space for? It’s just begging for a wonderful new bath, and we would highly recommend a big one that you can relax in, just like this!

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

13 – Gold Leaf Tiles

Gold leaf tiles … because why wouldn’t you want them? If it’s a touch of luxury you’re asking for, you can’t do much better than this. Of course, if this bright gold look is a little too gold for you, you could tame things down a little. Think about mixing random gold leaf tiles in between white ones. It helps to break things down without injecting too much of that metallic shade, and at the same time, those shiny tiles will really help to reflect the light and make your space look bigger.

If you’re renting, you can achieve this look also. You can buy gold tile transfers that you put on and peel off when it’s time to move on. You can also buy sheet coverings too, making it easier to change your bathroom look as often as you change your style …

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 26

Source: House Beautiful

14 – Dreamy + Picturesque Bathroom Goals

We can all dream of dreamy and picturesque stunning bathroom ideas like these, but sadly not all of us blessed with such stunning views. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy some scenery of your own, however. Art work on the walls can have a really positive impact if you choose the right kind of stuff. Imagine lying in the bath and seeing a canvas on the wall of the place you spent the majority of your summer holidays as a kid. It would bring a smile to your face every time you saw it. Cute right?

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 31

Source: Pinterest

15 – Elegant Bath Placement

What an absolutely beautiful bathroom! As far as we’re concerned, when it comes to stunning bathroom ideas, this one’s a winner for us, all beautifully done in that wonderful chocolate brown shade. If you have the option, making a feature of your bath is never going to be a bad thing, and those centre-placed taps make it easier to enjoy the bath with two of you in it … No one really enjoys lying at the “tap end” after all! It just screams romance. Grown up romance! All that’s missing is a few candles, but we’ve got plenty we can throw into the mix. Now all we need is that dreamy bathroom!

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 30

Source: chadderandco

16 – Beautiful Lighting

Lighting is important in the bathroom, but it is often overlooked. Just changing a lampshade or lighting fixture can completely transform a room, particularly if you add a bright bulb into the mix too. If you have a small space, your efforts should be primarily focused on how to make it look bigger and brighter. Good, bright lighting is just one of the ways you can manage this.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

17 – Pebble Sink

For when you don’t have room to make a feature out of the bath, how about making a wonderful feature out of the sink instead? This stunning pebble-shaped sink looks like something from another world, and it definitely stands out from the rest of them. If you’re looking to add a touch of something different to your bathroom, think outside the box. Go with shapes and styles that you might not have looked at before. You never know what kind of fantastic home creations you might come up with.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 17

Source: riobel_inc

18 – Pool Room Bathroom Ideas

Do you live near the sea? Who cares if you don’t, pretend you do with sea-themed / beach-themed bathroom. It uses light and bright colours which, as we have already mentioned (a few times) will help to make your bathroom look like a much more inviting space.You don’t need to opt for the traditional lighthouses and ships theme either. And, as you can see, there isn’t a single faux-shell in sight. It’s all been very beautifully finished with white wood cladding effect on the walls, to help bring that seaside theme inside.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 25

Source: Pinterest

19 – Cute + Chintzy Bathroom

Do you love your wallpaper? Make a feature out of it. Rather than having a mirror above the sink, whites the traditional way of going about things, stick an empty frame up there instead. Your wallpaper is art, after all. You could spray paint an old, large frame to match your decor, gold in this case, and then you can get it to match your taps! It’s a classic way of using small spaces well, and making art out of something simple is one of the smallest changes you could make.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

20 – Zebra Print Bath

Because who wouldn’t want a zebra print bath? This really is something else; a beautiful example of how creative you really could get if you just let your imagination flow free a little. If you’re going for a big and bold print, such as this zebra print, keep it to one section only. In this case, the bath. With the rest of the room left simple with blacks and whites, the look works really well. If there were any more of the zebra print thrown in there, you might find that it would be a little too much. Or not … It’s a personal preference thing after all. What’s yours? Zebra print bathrooms, yay or nay? (You know what to do – leave your comments in the space below this post!)

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 29

Source: afewfavouritethings

21 – Floral Bathroom Wall Ideas

Florals are in, didn’t anybody tell you? These big pink florals are definitely in too, and if you want to make a real statement with your feminine bathroom, this is the way to do it. The bold black and gold of the sink really stands out against the almost clash backdrop, but we love it. It’s bold and bright and classy in all the right ways, and you can really let your personality flow free.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 28

Source: House Beautiful

22 – Featured Bathroom Wall Art

If you don’t have the luxury of being able to decorate your bathroom however you wish, there are still things you can do. If you live in a rental property, for example, there’s a good chance there will be a clause in your tenancy agreement that states you can’t do anything too drastic to your home. We would always recommend having a chat with your landlord or rental agency. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by how flexible they’ll be when it comes to putting your own personal stamp on the place you now live.

Alternatively, if you can’t get away with changing the colour of the walls entirely like you wish, use art and larger wall coverings to put your personality in there instead. This could be a painting on the wall. It could also be a rug that has been hung on the wall. It could be a moveable murial made of tiles on a wooden foundation that you could just hang on the wall and then take down again when it’s time to move. There are plenty of things you can do, it’s just a matter of working out where you want to start.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

23 – Stone Layer Formation Wall Art

What a stunning look, and a bold one too! That stone layer formation wallpaper / wall covering is really beautiful, but you’ll probably want to keep the rest of the features int the room quite simple. Otherwise you might find the combination somewhat overpowering. It’s a really vivid space, but all the grey and blue shades work really well together.

Bright and bold wall coverings in the bathroom … Would you do it?

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 27

Source: House Beautiful

24 – Brick Wall Bathroom Ideas

Full-length mirrors are great, and that’s not just for the amazing selfie opportunities. You know how the bathroom always seems to offer the best lighting in the home?! Yeah, we’ve noticed that too. (Just remember to check the background and surroundings before you upload bathroom snaps to social media. You’ve seen the bad ones … so have we!)

Anyway, a full length mirror could be more than just a selfie-aid. You could use it to disguise a cupboard. You just need a small depth to hide away those bathroom bits and pieces, and it would only take a couple of inches away from the floor space. If you think-out where you will put it, you might find that this space-saving storage idea might just work perfectly for you.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 15

Source: riobel_inc

25 – Glass, Wood and White Bathroom Ideas

There were a number of things that we really liked about stunning bathroom ideas like this one. For example, that built-in shower storage space is genius. There’s never anywhere for us to hang or place our bottles filled with lotions and potions, all designed to make us look, smell or feel fabulous. We also love that built-in seat. Because, y’know, mornings are hard. Sometimes it would be really nice if we could sit down in the shower.

Jokes aside, this really is a stunning bathroom, and the customisation of it is genius. There are so many features we want to steal for our own bathroom goals. What would you steal for yours?

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 3

Source: Pinterest

26 – Glass and Marble Bathroom Ideas

Marble was made for bathrooms, or so it seems, but you will need to know about how to take care of your wonderful new bathroom before you sign on the dotted line. You can’t use any kind of abrasive material cloth on marble, for fear of scratching it, and you also can’t leave it wet. If you don’t dry it, water marks will start to appear and they can be notoriously hard to get rid of on a marble surface. Bleach and other harsh chemicals should be avoided also, to prevent any discolouration of your brand new stunning bathroom ideas. Finally, you will need to have the marble sealed if it hasn’t already been done, and you may wish to do some research for marble-specific cleaning and maintenance products too. What’s the point in spending a small fortune on a beautiful marble bathroom when you don’t take care of it?

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 12

Source: jacob_tilebar

27 – Light-Up Bath

Because why wouldn’t you want to light up the bath with a beautiful chandelier that you most definitely wouldn’t want to fall on you! We know it looks beautiful, but we honestly can’t get that thought out of our heads now. What do you think about chandeliers over the bath? Brave? Stylish? Would you?

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 14

Source: Pinterest

28 – Mostly Black Bathroom Ideas

Most people would probably tell you to avoid painting your walls jet black all over when you have a relatively small bathroom, but sometimes it’s a lot of fun to break the rules. In theory, this idea wouldn’t work, but the use of light coloured fixtures and appliances, as well as mirrors to help reflect light, has made for a combination that (we think) actually works really well. What do you think? Would you?

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

29 – Exotic Bathroom Ideas

For a taste of the exotic, you can’t beat this beautiful blue-green bathroom. It’s everything we want our entire house to look like right now, a bit Moroccan, a lot BEAUTIFUL! Do you remember when we said you could hang a rug on the wall if you weren’t allowed to paint / re-tile / decorate the walls? Well, this is a perfect example of that. You can use so much to decorate your walls. Art is what you make of it, and art can be something that you create yourself. It doesn’t need to have a whopping great big price attached from some exclusive gallery.

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

30 – Regal Bathroom Display

What a stunning and truly regal display we have found for you. If it’s stunning bathroom ideas you’re on the hunt for, you can’t do much better than this. You’ve got a light and airy room, with a beautiful big tub, stunningly breathtaking views, and lighting to die for. What wouldn’t you want from this fabulous bathroom makeup? Art on the walls can have just as much of an impact as a big window with a stunning view. If you can’t afford it, fake it. Get a beautiful and scenic canvas print to hang up instead. Just make sure you waterproof it!

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 11

Source: jacob_tilebar

31 – Marble Delight

Marble is a material that is definitely symbolic of everything opulent, luxurious and style, and when it comes to stunning bathroom ideas you’ll want to steal, you really can’t get better than this. You can opt for just one marble piece to make a feature of in our bathroom, or have everything in that beautiful swirled-stone, it’s all down to you. If having a marble sink seems a little too much for you, you could always opt for one featured marble-effect wall, or even a marble-effect floor too. There are plenty of ways you can achieve that opulent style on a budget!

Stunning Bathroom Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

And there you have them – 31 stunning bathroom ideas that we think are damn fabulous. What do you think? Are there any ideas here that you think you want to add to your bathroom? Have you done one better than these ideas, do you think? If you’ve got a room to show off, send them in – let us show them off. We’ll link right back to you, and if you provide us with a tutorial / step-by-step instructions, we’ll even share those too. We want to share your good ideas. We wouldn’t have any #homegoals at all if it weren’t for these inspirational ideas.

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

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