31 Unicorn Nails

Are you a unicorn lover? Well, we have amazing news for you! We’ve found 31 unicorn nails that you need to take a look at … And possibly making an appointment at the nail salon for. The unicorn itself might be a mythical and elusive being, but these unicorn nail styles and designs don’t need to be. Also, they’re often much easier to achieve and recreate at home than you first may think.

There are looks to suit long nails and short nails, spiked or square, simple and complex, and everything else in between. And we can’t wait to learn what you think of them too. Feel free to leave your comments and let us know your favourites in the comments below the post. Don’t forget to send your favourite unicorn nail designs in to us also, or tag us in them on social media. We would love to feature you, or your favourite nail artist’s design on CherryCherryBeauty.

Without any further ado, however, it’s time to bring you the good stuff …

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1 – Amazing Textured and Holographic Unicorn Nails

Nail stamps are a great way of recreating a tricky design that would be quite difficult to achieve with hand-painting techniques alone. The black silhouette of the unicorn has been used over a beautiful holographic backdrop to give the complete unicorn nails effect, but you could add the stamp (or even unicorn decals or nail transfers) over the top of any kind of colour, tone, or style you like. Add a watercolour backdrop or even a white one with some glitter. We can’t wait to see what beautiful designs you wonderful lot come up with, so don’t forget to tag us in your favourite unicorn nails on social media. You can also send them in to us. We would love to feature you in future articles for CherryCherryBeauty.

Unicorn Nails 2

Source: nailexperiments

2 – Pretty in Pink Unicorn Almond Nails

On Wednesday’s, we wear pink. And on this Wednesday, we’ll be strutting into the office rocking these fabulous unicorn nails. Have you ever seen those tutorials for DIY nail transfers and decals? You essentially paint your design on to cling film, wait for it to dry, peel it off and then apply it to your nails. Add a layer of glossy top coat to finish things off and you’ll have nails that look just as damn sassy as these sparkly little numbers.

Unicorn Nails 7

Source: kiedysnails

3 – Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Nail Art

These are stunning unicorn nails, right? Again, we want to bring your attention to the nail stamping techniques that have been used to recreate these pretty little delights. If you want an easy way to brighten up your day, we would definitely recommend checking out the nail art method. It’s easier than it looks, although it can be a little messy to start with. If we can get the hang of it, you can too … Although, we must admit it’s taking some getting used to. It’s like painting, but on a smaller and more fiddly scale.

Unicorn Nails 4

Source: nailexperiments

4 – Black Unicorn Silhouette Nails

A black silhouette is the perfect thing to pack a pretty powerful punch when you’ve only got a small space to work with. These black silhouette unicorn nails look great with that rainbow backdrop, and together they make quite the eye-catching combination. It’s a winning unicorn nails look, if you ask us. Which you totally were … Right?

Unicorn Nails 8

Source: killerwhalenails

5 – Classically Traditional Unicorn Nail Designs

Would you like to know a fun unicorn fact? Of course you would! Well, no one really knows where the whole unicorn thing started, but there have been depictions of the horned beauty dating as far back as 15,000 BCE. The land was what we know now as France, and it was in the Lascaux Caves. Back then, however, the people believed that unicorns had two horns on their heads and not just the one. They were drawn very close together.

Unicorn Nails 10

Source: killerwhalenails

6 – Silver and Pink Unicorn Nail Art

If you’re going to go cute and girlie, you might as well go the whole hog with your unicorn nails. This adorable look goes great with the pastel pink and silver, holographic shades used as a backdrop, and we especially love that star embellishment addition. What would you add to your unicorn nails to make them sparkle? We’re looking for inspiration!

Unicorn Nails 13

Source: nailistayco

7 – Simple + Cute Unicorn Nail Art

Quite a few well-known people said that they bumped into the mythical unicorn, Marco Polo being just one of them. He told people that the unicorn they had believed was real wasn’t a real thing, and actually, the beings were incredibly ugly. He’d gotten a tad confused, it would seem, as it wasn’t actually a unicorn at all that he bumped into. It was a horned being of some sort – the rhino! We didn’t laugh at that too much …

Unicorn Nails 11

Source: varvarakravetc

8 – Sparkletastic Unicorn Nail Styles

Another famous person who reportedly bumped into the humble unicorn on his travels was Genghis Khan. He was in the process of trying to conquer India but saw a horned beauty that he took as a sign or message from his father, who was dead. He then changed his mind about attempting to take over the country, making his entire army turn on their heels.

Unicorn Nails 15

Source: @cloud_nails/ Instagram

9 – Ombre Chevon Unicorn Nails

How about adding some pastel chevrons to your unicorn nails? These are easily achieved without using nail tape if you have a relatively steady hand, but remember that you’re going to add that silver line in between and over the top of the two shades, so you can cover any mistakes relatively easily with a couple of slick-coats. You could even choose a plain black nail decal or transfer in a unicorn style, colouring it in with your own favourite colours and shades. Get creative! You never know what you might come up with!

Unicorn Nails 16

Source: starfishnails

10 – Diamonds + Unicorn Nail Art

Well, if you want some sparkle on your unicorn nail designs, you should definitely look at adding rhinestones and other nail embellishments. You’ll need some good-strength glue to hold those decals in place too, otherwise, you’ll find yourself replacing them every five minutes. As you can imagine, it’s quite annoying.

Unicorn Nails 14

Source: nailistayco

11 – Mermaid Pony Unicorn Nail Art

Love unicorns? Love mermaids too? Throw the two together and you’ll end up with unicorn nails like these absolute beauties! Have one mermaid nail, one unicorn nail, or mix and match the two however you feel like. We love it when you lot get creative. As we’ve said before – don’t forget to show us what you come up with!

Unicorn Nails 12

Source: wonderlandnailroom

12 – Rainbows over White Unicorn Nails

With a white backdrop, you can achieve a magical mirage of looks and styles, especially when you’re playing around with unicorn nails. You could use a stencil to achieve these stunning star and unicorn nail designs, or stickers, decals and transfers if you have them. We love looking in the kid’s section of nail accessories for cute stuff like unicorns and stars. You’ll be amazed at what you can find!

Unicorn Nails 9

Source: kiedysnails

13 – Beautiful Blue Unicorn Nails

Are you feeling blue? And no, we don’t mean in a bad way. If you are, and you fancy incorporating some blue unicorn nails into the mix, we urge you to take a peek at these lovely talons. A cute unicorn with a seemingly grown-up blue mani makes a much better combination than you’d think. We hadn’t even thought about a royal or navy blue shade with our unicorn nails. Had you?

Unicorn Nails 5

Source: griss_nails

14 – Unicorn Stamp Nail Art

There we go with the unicorn nails and stamps again, but we can’t express to you how easy these stamps are, and how creative you can get, once you just give them a try. Once again these have been created with a classic unicorn shape and style, the black silhouette working with the great contrast of the light, pastel, rainbow shades.

Unicorn Nails 17

Source: ladyandthe_stamp

15 – Unicorn Embellished Nails

For when you just want the easiest unicorn nail accessory of all, how about using a plain and simple silver unicorn embellishment? It’s simple, easy, effective, and as long as you use the right adhesive, will keep to the unicorn theme until you get bored and want to change things up.

Unicorn Nails 18

Source: thecottonsugar

16 – Pink and Black Stars + Unicorns

Here’s a fun nail fact for you – your nails could tell you more about the health of the rest of your body than you first may have thought. Something to think about before you cover them over with these beautiful unicorn nail designs, at least. Green nails or nails with a tinge of yellow to them (that’s not caused by polish staining) can often be symptoms of problems with the respiratory system, and also could be a sign that swelling is occurring beneath the nail bed. They’re not just there to make you look good, although they certainly can do that, with the right manicure. Your nails could show you signs of your health, and those are not signs you’ll want to ignore.

Unicorn Nails 6

Source: nailexperiments

17 – My Little Pony / Unicorn Nails

Unicorns are often depicted as quite magical creatures, and not only has unicorn tears apparently been linked to healing in mythology, but the blood of the animal is also said to have those same mythical healing properties. Of course, we’re not saying these unicorn nails will heal you, but you must admit, they are damn fabulous.

Unicorn Nails 19

Source: nailsbycharl

18 – Clouds and Unicorn Nails

If your nail polish is super thick or drying out, you may find that these smooth and stunning unicorn nails (and similar designs and styles) won’t be quite so achievable. Rather than throwing them out and then spending a small fortune on brand new nail polish colours, give your old ones a new lease of life with this great trick …

Unicorn Nails 20

Source: ohmygoshpolish

19 – Simple + Rainbow Coloured Unicorn Nail Styles

You should keep nail polish away from all sources of heat if you want them to last longer. In fact, many beauty experts suggest that you keep your nail polishes, as well as a whole range of other beauty products, in the fridge to extend their life. Try this tip! We did, and not only does face cream feel better on your skin straight from the fridge, but nail polish seems to be a lot smoother too.

Unicorn Nails 21

Source: nailstorming

20 – I Poop Rainbows Unicorn Nails

If you love all things unicorn, you should definitely take a little peek around CherryCherryBeauty. We love those mythical beasts and we feature them a lot. As well as these stunning unicorn nails, we would recommend these to you also:

Unicorn Nails 3

Source: griss_nails

21 – Cute + Fat Unicorn Nails

It’s never nice to see yellowing of the nails, but when you’re playing around with darker and brighter shades, just like those in unicorn nails like these, you run the risk of that yellowing happening if you don’t make sure it doesn’t. A good base coat can help to add a protective layer, and rubbing a lemon on your nails can help to counteract the yellow-toning. Lemon is known for its natural bleaching properties, but you must be aware that this action will also dry your nails out quite a bit. Make sure you use a good hand and nail moisturiser when you’re finished, and a good cuticle oil too.

Unicorn Nails 1

Source: griss_nails

22 – Trippy Unicorn Nails

Did you know that it can take between six and nine months for a full fingernail to grow, right from the start (cuticle) to the tip? There are vitamins you can take to try and speed up this process, and a good healthy and balanced diet will also help, making sure you also drink plenty of water. Then you’ll have the perfect base to create these stunning unicorn nails over the top of. When it comes to beauty, it really does start working from the inside, out.

Unicorn Nails 22

Source: nailedbyceline

23 – Pastel Watercolour Unicorn Art Nails

If you want to try these unicorn nails at home, and give yourself an at-home mani / pedi at the same time, you’ll need to go shopping, or make sure you have these things to hand – paper towels, nail polish and nail polish remover, toe separators, nail trimmer, nail file, cuticle oil, cotton wool balls, strong base coat, strong top coat. Once you have purchased these things, you can keep them and do all those manicures you normally spend a fortune on, at home. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube showing you how to perfect the at-home mani / pedi, and you can even find recipes for DIY beauty products, including hand creams, nail cuticle oils, foot rubs, and a whole host more.

Unicorn Nails 23

Source: breedlovehoops

24 – Pretty and Pastel Unicorn Theme Nails

You should always apply nail polish in the following order – base coat, one thin coat of nail polish, second thin coat of nail polish after the first one has been left to completely dry, a third coat, still thin, if necessary, and then a strong top coat to finish it all off. The base coat stops staining, yellowing, and damage and the top coat makes sure everything stays in place and doesn’t chip. When you’re applying multiple coats or layers, always make sure they’re thin, and that you let every layer dry before you start adding more over the top of it. If you don’t, you’ll experience bubbles.

Unicorn Nails 24

Source: rg_judy

25 – Dark Unicorn Nails

If you have weak nails and don’t think unicorn nails such as these will work on them, try strengthening them for a few days before you head to the nail salon. You should drink plenty of water, make sure you eat well, and maybe even look at taking vitamins too. There are a number of vitamins and minerals that have been said to have a positive effect on how strong, fast and long your nails grow. Perhaps it’s time to check them out?

Unicorn Nails 25

Source: misashton

26 – Unicorn Horn and Holo Chrome Stiletto Nails

When you’re picking nail polish from the rack on the wall in your local nail salon, be mindful of how many people those bottles of polish have been used on before. We would always recommend taking your own polishes to the nail bar, especially if it’s a new place and you’re not used to it. At least you know what you’re getting when you take your own polishes with you, and you won’t be in for any nasty surprises, such as fungal infections.

Unicorn Nails 26

Source: chloecruse_nails

27 – Unicorn Pink + Holo Space Nails

All nail salons should be sterile environments, with employees who look clean and well-kept, work stations that are clean and free from clutter, and also certificates on the wall. If you don’t see certificates, or you don’t think the nail salon looks clean or well-kempt (or the employees, for that matter), don’t go ahead with the manicure. You’ll run the risk of suffering from rather nasty side effects, including infections. This can have long-term detrimental effects on the health of your nails, and may even prevent you from getting a fabulous manicure for some time to come.

Unicorn Nails 27

Source: ukwordgirl by susanna_nailartist

28 – Time for Unicorn Nails

Have you ever noticed white spots on your nails? And not the good kind? Well, you shouldn’t just paint over the spots and hope no one sees them. You should pay attention to them. They are telling you something. It could be that you have a lack of a couple of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and zinc. These are often rectified with a quick change to your diet, for example, including more milk and other dairy produce, and also taking daily multivitamins. The latter could also help your nails to grow longer, stronger, and faster too!

Unicorn Nails 28

Source: nikkietutorials

29 – Powders + Pastels Unicorn Nails

There are lots of causes to those white spots, a deficiency in calcium and zinc aside. One of the relatively rare causes (although definitely one to think about) is an allergic reaction to beauty products such as nail polish remover. Even an allergy to nail polish, or hardening agents, could be the cause. If you’ve tried everything else to no avail, try avoiding all nail related beauty products for a while. You might find that little hiatus makes things better.

Unicorn Nails 29

Source: pokolorovane

30 – Blinged Up Blues [+ Greens]

If you find bubbles in your mani, it’ll ruin it. Sadly, there are lots of things that cause these tiny bubbles. One of the worst culprits is when you don’t let one coat dry fully before applying the second one over the top. Invest in a nail polish drying fan, and don’t rely on the sprays that you can get. Oh, and fast drying polishes don’t always work that well (or fast) either. They often take longer than advertised to fully dry. Before the polish has fully dried, there are plenty of opportunities for them to develop bubbles or smudge.

Unicorn Nails 30

Source: getnailedbymargs

31 – Pink + Sparkly Unicorn Nails

Finding a good nail salon to recreate your fabulous unicorn nails inspirations can be hard work, especially with so many of them popping up all over the place. Sadly, alongside the increased amount of nail salons, comes the increased amount of nail related complaints. By making sure you pick a good, reliable and reputable nail salon, you can reduce the chances of these horror stories happening to you. Always use your common sense, for example. If you think the nail salon is really dirty, don’t go in. If you have booked an appointment, cancel it, and then tell them why. You are well within your rights to NOT be served in a dirty salon. You wouldn’t eat in a dirty restaurant, would you?

Unicorn Nails 31

Source: angela_nailed_it

And there you have them – 31 unicorn nails that we absolutely love right now! Long, short, square, oval, pointed, unique, bold, pastel, muted and brilliant. The question is, which one is your favourite? Which picture will you be marching into the nail salon holding? We can’t wait to see!

If you’ve created a nail masterpiece, send it in to us. You can DM us on Instagram, send us a message on Facebook, or Tweet us. Get in touch, show off your work. We want to show it off too! Don’t forget to show the artists we featured today some love too. We wouldn’t have anything to show you at all if it weren’t for their fabulous creations.

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