32 Christmas Nail Designs You’ll Love

It’s that time of year again. The nights are getting longer and the days are definitely getting shorter and shorter. Winter is coming. In fact winter is basically upon us. It’s cold, all we want to do is Netflix and chill but we must have the best Christmas nail designs to rock with!

Check out these 32 Christmas nail designs you’ll love:

Instagram / Manicured.mess
Instagram / manicured.mess

We ‘ll start things off with these cute short nails showing that size really doesn’t matter. Even if you can’t have long talons you can still rock the latest styles and this Christmas nail design is perfect. Making a feature out of just one or two of the nails, a glitter top cost is the easiest thing you can do make your nails a bit more festive. The cute little snowman is super easy to do too. There are some easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube and I found this one to give you a hand :

Instagram / Nailtalk
Instagram / nailtalk

I can’t express this to you enough – any colour of nail polish is instantly more festive when you add a glitter top coat.

If all that glitter is a little too much for you, tone things down by picking one or two nails on each hand and just adding the glitter to those.

Instagram / Nailtalk
Instagram / nailtalk

If glitter is a little too glitzy for you, you could always try something a bit more subtle. This shimmer top coat adds the most discreet little hint of festivity to your nails whilst still being simple enough to wear with any outfit. Try this Manhattan Reflect Effect polish!

Instagram / Nailtalk
Instagram / nailtalk

With the right combination of colours you could create a beautiful two tone nail effect for Christmas just like this one. Think of all the festive shades you could pick from – reds, greens, gold and silver, purple, blue…. In fact, pretty much any colour!

Make half the nail one colour, the other half of the nail the secondary colour, and use a sponge and some glitter to mask the join between the two. A nice glossy top coat will complete the look and help it to last.

Instagram / Nailtalk
Instagram / nailtalk

One of the simplest Christmas nail designs – pick a festive colour and opt for a glittery or shimmery version of it.

Another great way to recreate a colour or shimmery effect like this is to pour leftover eye shadows into a clear or top coat nail polish. Mix it together well and you have a completely unique, personalised shade to you!

Instagram / Nailtalk
Instagram / nailtalk

You’ve got two of the most festive colours combined here but in a way you might not have seen before. It’s a simple red, shimmery backdrop but with a slight addition – two simple gold foil bands going across the tip. It’s simple, easy and effective – just what you need for last minute Christmas nail designs! You can find these gold wire / strips here.

Instagram / Nailtalk
Instagram / nailtalk

You can’t get much more festive or wintery than a snowflake and these blue beauties are perfect! Go for a baby blue base and a slightly darker blue for the contrasting flakes.

Instagram / Jmy.nails
Instagram / jmy.nails

These Christmas nail designs look more complicated than they actually are. Get things started with a simple white base. Use a black nail pen or a very fine brush to add the black “squiggles”, then add some brightly coloured, almost fluorescent dots to mimic Christmas lights. You can add some glitter to add light reflecting properties. Check out this Barry M Nail Art Pen to help achieve those black “squiggles”!

Instagram / Cassanomahanails
Instagram / cassanomahanails

Christmas gives you the perfect time to play around with novelty nails and it’s not like there aren’t enough characters you could use. Reindeers, snowmen, Santa Claus… Why not ask your nail technician to get creative?

(*Or you could cheat by using stickers and transfers! Click here for some designs I love!)

Instagram / Claire_Ann_85
Instagram / claire_ann_85

Speaking of transfers… They’re not just for kids you know! These silver decals look great against a matte black backdrop. The multicoloured glitter flakes stops the look from being too two-dimensional. I found these beautiful Snowflake Transfers – why not take a look?

Instagram / Hanaly1810
Instagram / hanaly1810

You wouldn’t normally associate pastel colours with Christmas but this look just shows you how easy it is to wear ANY colour festively. The snowflakes instantly winterise the pastel hue and don’t forget those glitter patches. Christmas is the PERFECT time to wear glitter!

Instagram / Pish.posh.polish
Instagram / pish.posh.polish

Another simple look. – white backdrop with red, green and gold multi-sized dots. It’s both classic and elegant – perfect for all those festive parties!

Instagram / Hannabanana80
Instagram / hannabanana80

Sticking with the polka dot theme, this is another simplified look that you can do at home. I find a hair grip “end” is about the right size of dot to recreate this look.

Instagram / Glitter_Rox_Nails
Instagram / glitter_rox_nails

A slightly more intricate look, these simple French manicure / white-tip nails have been Christmas-ified with the blue snowflakes, gem embellishments and glitter swirls. It’s an easy way to add some festivity to your regular look.

Instagram / Sarah_Mills
Instagram / sarah_mills

If you always have the same shape of nail every time you visit the salon, why not opt for something a little different for christmas? Stiletto or pointed nails are a great way to play around with a new look and they’re not as difficult to get the hang of as you first may have thought.

Instagram / Nailsbylisae
Instagram / nailsbylisae

Black tips may not immediately come to mind when you think of Christmas but with the simple snowflake and star design you can see here, it’s a great way of keeping things super simple.

To liven things up you could always make one nail a feature nail as you can see here.

Instagram / Nailsbylisae
Instagram / nailsbylisae

If you want an easy way to recreate the cool look you’ve seen here, there’s one simple hack you need to know about.


(Also known as nail wraps.)

The white and glitter Christmas tree style nails will be a little harder to recreate with deliberately placed glitter flakes. You’ll need plenty of top coat to keep the flakes in place too.

Instagram / Janierosemessham
Instagram / janierosemessham

Everyone loves Frozen and if you were festively inspired when you watched the movie, you should check out these killer Christmas nail designs. Nude nails leading to all different shades of blue towards the end of the pointed tips and plenty of glitter makes the look festive.

Instagram / Nails_By_Danielle_
Instagram / nails_by_danielle_

Coffin nails are long like stiletto or pointed nails but without the sharp edge and hassle. Opt for simple red coffin nails and as before, add the touch of glitter or a snowflake for when you want to make a statement.

Instagram / Nails_By_Danielle_
Instagram / nails_by_danielle_

Rather then focusing in glitter and embellishments, why not keep things super simple by just painting you nails the colours of Christmas? Red, green and gold are always a winning combo for Christmas nail designs.

Instagram / Nails_By_Danielle_
Instagram / nails_by_danielle_

Do you want to keep things relatively simple yet Christmassy at the same time? Go for a white-tipped French manicure but hold the white and add lots of glitter instead. You’re not restricted to silver either (although it is relatively discreet.) Play around with different glitter colours to match your Christmas outfits.

Instagram / Nails_By_Danielle_
Instagram / nails_by_danielle_

You can’t go wrong with snowflakes and the good news is that you can pop a snowflake over any colour backdrop you like and still make it look beautifully festive. Again, the glitter is optional!

Instagram / Nailingtons
Instagram / nailingtons

Black and gold makes Christmas look classy and these beautiful Christmas nail designs are on my to-do list this year. There are a lot of different features here – glitter, designs, silhouettes, embellishments…

Keep things simple by choosing one and starting with that.

Instagram / Nailingtons
Instagram / nailingtons

Nothing says Christmas quite like candy cane and this red and white design is both elegant and easy to do. You can buy nail wraps or foils to recreate this look, or use thin foil tapes to mask off the areas you want to leave white. The white backdrop + foil tape + red paint over the top = this look when you pull the tape off.

Instagram / Nailstorming
Instagram / nailstorming

Minions are one of the most love characters out right now so why not go for minion Christmas nail designs? Play around with different funny faces and get creative! What’s the worst that can happen…?

Instagram / Charloehue
Instagram / charloehue

With the help of a black nail pen you can copy this stunning Christmas look. You could even cheat with silhouette transfers over a simple shimmery backdrop.

Instagram / Nailingtons
Instagram / nailingtons

White and silver Christmas nail designs are perfect because they remind us all of snow. Think of silver glitters and white backdrops and add reindeers or other christmassy-designs in the contrasting colour. It’s a really elegant, classy christmas look!

Instagram / Petals_On_Water
Instagram / petals_on_water

For something a little different, why not opt for a winter scene across your nails rather than a festive pattern? This snowy, northern lights background is stunning and it gives you the opportunity to play around with something a little more complex.

Instagram / Nailexperiments
Instagram / nailexperiments

We’re all wearing patterned winter sweaters already so you may as well get your nails to match. Again this look is easily achieved with nail wraps rather than trying to hand paint them.

*I’ve tried to DIY this look and it took me forever and I still didn’t get it right. In the end I gave up and bought nail wraps from Amazon. You can see the red link above.

Instagram / S.ay.anail
Instagram / s.ay.anail

A look that perhaps you won’t have seen before, sweater or knitted nails are nails with a build up of product, or a layer of thick glue that is left to dry before adding nail polish. It achieves this lumpy, textured effect that you can see here. If you’re wearing a ribbed or patterned winter sweater, why not make your christmas nail designs match?

Instagram / Iriepoooh
Instagram / iriepoooh

This look appears much more complicated than it is again. It’s simple a slightly off-white backdrop with a whiter snowflake painted along the tip. Underneath that, there is a layer of silver glitter. When you pull the look apart you can see it’s only three layers making it more achievable than you first thought.

Instagram / Anne_Cinderella
Instagram / anne_cinderella

Another slightly more complicated look, it’s another winter scene but instead of the Northern Lights we showed you in the earlier one, this one is winter trees and snow. The iridescent lilac / pink backdrop provides the perfect backdrop and the threes don’t need to be picture-perfect either, making it much easier to do at home.

So there you have them – 32 christmas nail designs you’ll love! How many of them are you tempted to try out this year? Add them to Instagram and tag #CherryCherryBeauty so we can see your great work!

And before we forget – HAPPY CHRISTMAS!