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41 Beautiful Blue Bedrooms

One of the best things about using the colour blue for your bedroom scheme, is that it can cover a wide range of shades. You have the very lightest of them, with such a slight hint of blue that it barely looks blue at all. And then you have those rich and regal, deeper blue shades. Complementing other colours brilliantly, there are so many contrasting shades that you could play around with. We feature more than a few of them in these 41 beautiful blue bedrooms. We’re basically in love with almost all of them!

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1 – Blue Baroque Style

Well, we might as well get things kick-started with some style. This luxurious bedroom has been completely done-out in a magnificent blue, baroque style, and is filled with all things elegant and expensive. Vintage, shabby chic pieces have been added to really bring the baroque theme to life here. Just take a look at the bedside cabinets and dresser. They’re beautiful, and actually much simpler to recreate at home than you’d think …

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 1

Source: italianstyleqatar

2 – Modern & Spacious Blue Bedroom Inspiration

Storage is essential for a beautiful looking bedroom like this one, and there are so many ways that you could ‘create’ storage, even in really small bedrooms. Baskets and bowls, for example, are perfect for collecting together knick-knacks that would otherwise be scattered all throughout the room. You could even paint or cover old shoeboxes with a contrasting-coloured wallpaper too, adding them to shelves on the wall. It doesn’t matter what you’re hiding in there when you can add a lid to it and pop it up high on the wall …

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 3

Source: asasdecor1

3 – Powdery Blue Room

The best thing to do when looking at replicating these beautiful bedrooms is learn to appreciate the space and features that you have around you, rather than trying to squeeze too much into a too-small space. If you have a large window, you could make the best use of them by adding blue curtains. When you add contrasting bed linen, and perhaps a rug, a few cushions, and a couple of other blue accessories, you have a beautiful blue bedroom all of your own.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 4

Source: centered_by_design

4 – Bold Blue Accents

Your headboard is an underestimated space in your bedroom, and with the right colour choices, could transform the way your room looks entirely. Adding a blue headboard and bed frame, just like you can see here, may seem like a brave move, but sometimes those brave moves make for brilliant things. This room, for example, ticks every box we could and more.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 5

Source: ericabryendesign

5 – Dreamy Blue Bedroom Inspiration

We’re all dreaming for a bedroom as big as this one, let’s be honest, but this room isn’t actually as big as you’d think. Clever mirrors have been placed at the end of the room to make the entire space look much, much bigger. You can use the same idea in your own bedroom, using a mirrored wardrobe door, for example, to reflect. Mirrors will not only make your room look much bigger when they are strategically placed, but they’ll also make the space look brighter too, reflecting the light.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 2

Source: boss_interiors

6 – Anchors Away Nautical Blue Themed Bedroom

Plant life is a great idea for when you want to inject some life into a room … literally. There are actually many benefits to having some greenery around you when you sleep too. If you’re using flowers, opt for those that have therapeutic aromatherapy scents. Sprigs of lavender in a glass by the bed, for example, would be perfect for encouraging natural sleep and reducing stress.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 6

Source: potterybarn

7 – Luxury Rich Blue Bedroom Ideas

Curtains always add a sense of luxury to a space, and the more luxurious your curtains are, the more luxurious the overall room theme will be. If you don’t have a large window to add these soft furnishings to, utilise a different space instead. Fabulous and beautiful blue bedroom ideas have added a curtain pole and curtains to the area above the bed. Rather than framing the window, you’re framing the bed instead. It’s a smart way to use the space you have, rather than wish for a brand new space entirely.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 12

Source: yenivett

8 – Nordic Blue Bedroom Inspiration

Bedding is another important feature in the room. You don’t need to mix and match your curtains to your bedding, although this is definitely the easiest way to incorporate a theme or colour scheme. Instead, look at mixing and matching your bedding, according to the season. You’d change the duvet from winter to summer, so why wouldn’t you change your decor around a little instead? If you have relatively neutral walls and floors, the curtains and bedding are the first and simplest things to change when you want to bring an entirely new feel into the room.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 13

Source: Etsy

9 – Quilted Luxury Blue Bed Ideas

You’d be amazed at the power a headboard has, and if you want to make a big impact in a small bedroom, your headboard could be one of the easiest places to start. There are so many ways you can DIY a headboard to match your luxury theme, without having to fork out a luxury amount of money. In fact, we talk about that a lot more here > 21 DIY Headboard Ideas We’re Obsessed With.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 17

Source: primavera_home

10 – Simple, Straight White & Blue Lines

We’re a little obsessed with that DIY palette-bed idea going on in this picture, but we’re loving the Calvin Klein bedding (found at John Lewis > click the image for more details) more. It is important to look at your bed linen as an investment because it’s going to be the thing you sleep in every night for the next … well, however long you use that bedding for. You will notice the difference when you pay out a little more for something a little higher in quality, and you could always look at creating your own designs on plain white (and then dyed) bedding too.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 16

Source: John Lewis

11 – Wonderful Mix of Blues

Lavish lighting is always a great idea for when you want to inject a bit of faux-luxury into the mix, and there are so many relatively cheap, but oh-so-fancy lighting ideas that you could make your choice from. We have actually featured a few interesting and unique designs here, but there are lots of ways in which you could use your bedroom lighting to make a big impact, especially in beautiful blue bedrooms like the ones we’re showing you today.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 26

Source: Pinterest

12 – Luxury Blue Beauty

Layering up is a really good trick when you want to liven things up in an otherwise dull looking room. Layering up cushions, throws, and rugs seem to be a really big deal in the world of interior design right now, and we must admit, the finished look is definitely worth going to all that effort for. What are your thoughts on layering up rugs and other features to bring a three-dimensional feel to the room? Is it something that you would do?

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 27

Source: figliolifurniture

13 – Pretty Blue & Peonies

If you have beautiful blue bedroom ideas that you think could rival these, we would definitely love to see them. In fact, we’re always on the hunt for inspiration to feature in future blog posts for CherryCherryBeauty, so if you want some showing-off, send your images into us and we will do just that — show you off! You know what to do — get in touch here, or on social media. You can even tag us in #CherryCherryBeauty. We’ll take it from there. (And we’ll make sure you get credit too. We won’t just steal and run.)

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 14

Source: Very

14 – Light Blue & Mirrored Finish

We’ve already explored the idea of using mirrors on the wall to make a bedroom look bigger and brighter, but mirror-finish furniture can work just as well. They also look very glamorous and are very in-demand right now. There are a few things that you will need to take into consideration before opting for a beautiful furniture choice such as this one. How are you going to handle all the glass-cleaning, for example? And the fingerprints …

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 18

Source: primavera_home

15 – Blue & Simple

Low-key accessories are a great way of making sure the statement or theme comes out in your bedroom. A few cushions here and there, for example, could make the world of difference when paired with new, blue bedding. A blue throw or a blue rug could follow suit, and you could add these touches as and when you can afford to. You don’t need to renovate your entire room all in one go if you don’t have the budget for it.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 20

Source: mrhomestaging

16 – Grand & Beautiful Blue Bedrooms

French and embroidered is perhaps one of the more classic ways of rocking the beautiful blue bedrooms trend, and bed linen can go a long way to bringing a theme into the room.Even if you have a bed frame that you’re no longer impressed with, you don’t need to go out and buy a brand new one. You’ll often find that a lick of paint can go a long way. An old and brown wooden bed frame, for example, could easily be transformed into a wonderfully white one instead. Alternatively, work with what you have, rocking the vintage look. This room has been transformed with elegant and vintage touches, and we definitely fell in love with it the moment we spotted it.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 28

Source: figliolifurniture

17 – Cosy Beautiful Blue Bedrooms

If you’re opting for a big statement curtain, but don’t want the rest of the room to be taken over by them, keep the rest of the room relatively neutral and light. With a larger space to work with, you have the option to go darker in tone. If you have a smaller space, you can still rock those darker hues, but breaking them up with lighter shades and good lighting is a smart way to make the space look bigger.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 19

Source: Pinterest

18 – Luxury Blues & Gold Bedroom Ideas

Believe it or not, blue has the ability to work with pretty much every other colour or shade that you can think of, it’s just a case of customising the shade of blue so that it works for you. (Hey, that rhymed!) Blue is commonly mixed with silver but as this stunning bedroom inspiration shows, it can work with gold and tones of yellow too. Mix and match your metallics and you’ll be surprised at how many different looks you’ll be able to create.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 15

Source: Very

19 – Luxury Midnight Blue Hues

The artwork that you choose to have on your wall will have a big impact on the overall feel of the room, and one of the best things that you can do to incorporate a theme or colour shade is to look for artwork and other wall hangings and decorations. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you could always ask a local artist to do the piece for you. There are plenty of artists out there who would love to take on this job. Alternatively, you could always just get a little creative on your own too. Who knows what wonderful art you might come up with when you just put paintbrush to paper … or canvas.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 21

Source: mrhomestaging

20 – By the Sea Blue Bedroom Inspo

Blue by-the-sea style bedrooms are always a good idea, whether you live beside the seaside or not. Who doesn’t want to wake up feeling like you’re hanging out on the beach? There are plenty of nautical additions that you could add to your space to make it more beachy in theme, and we’d definitely start by looking at this cool bedroom idea for inspiration.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 8

Source: potterybarn

21 – Beautiful Blue Room with a View

We’re all dreaming of a beautiful blue bedroom with a view, just like this one, but not all of us are blessed with such luck. You could always fake the view, of course. Have you thought about wall murals? Again, if you feel like getting creative, who knows what you might come up with. And, you know what they say; fake it until you make it!

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 22

Source: mrhomestaging

22 – Blue Wall in the Bedroom

Opting for a bright blue wall might seem like a brave choice, but if you really don’t like it that much, you can always paint it back. That’s the thing about these decorating ideas; they can be un-done with a bit of work. (Admittedly, probably not the kind of work that you’d want to do in your spare time. Who wants to decorate once, let alone twice?) Be bold with your colour choices every once in a while, however, and you might just find that they pay off. Now, there’s an idea!

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 11

Source: teaspoon_heaven

23 – Lightest Blue Luxury Touches

You will need to make sure your bedroom design inspiration actually matches your tastes and requirements. Light and bright colours are a great idea for when you want to make a small space seem bigger, but if you have light and bright curtains at the windows, the bright light in the morning is likely to wake you up. There’s nothing better than waking up with the sunlight beaming on your face, of course, unless you are hoping for a lie-in and the sun wakes you up at six in the morning. Black-out curtains might be better in this situation, but then you may need to rethink the kind of colours you’d be using around your windows, and whether or not they would suit the rest of your room.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 7

Source: kelleynan

24 – Bold Ocean Blue Bedroom

The bed is often the easiest place to start when it comes to renovating your bedroom. It’s usually the biggest piece of furniture in the space, and you will nee to make sure whatever kind of bed that you buy will fit in the room well. You don’t want to cover a radiator or a window, for example. Once you have the bed worked out, you can go from there, putting cabinets either side, choosing the bed linen and lighting, and maybe even making a featured art piece (or buying one) for above the bed.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 8

Source: Pinterest

25 – Brilliant Blue Loft Space Bedroom

The best thing about decorating your bedroom is that you’re usually the only person in it. Well, you and your other half if you have one. But, because it’s a room that you can shut off from the rest of the world, you can make it look however you want it to. If you want something brick-based and loft-inspired, go for it. This bedroom is a great one to look at for inspiration. Alternatively, if you want something bright and bold, using big patterns, do it. It’s YOUR bedroom, remember?

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 23

Source: tal_tiplitzkiy_interior_design

26 – Luxury Yacht Bedroom Inspiration

To be fair, this bedroom design is on a yacht, so unless you have one spare, recreating this is going to take some work. It doesn’t mean that you can’t take features from the design to mix and match into your own room though. In fact, that’s a great way to use a look thats’ on trend, but still making it personal to you.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 24

Source: naurelle_furniture

27 – Cosy Blue Bedroom Inspo

Blue and white comes with a kind-of crispness about it, making it fab for adding to your bedroom. Despite being both quite light shades, they can be used in a warming way. One of the biggest reasons behind so many people avoiding blue shades is because of the cooling reputation it has. Cooler and lighter shades are known for being more cooling than their deeper, darker, and more richer blue cousins, but with the right textured and warming accessories, you won’t even notice the chill.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 7

Source: Pinterest

28 – Blue Grandeur

Grandeur and luxury are probably two things that you would like to add to the very top of your wish list when it comes to decorating your bedroom, but the budget doesn’t always allow for that, does it? It certainly doesn’t for us anyway. There are ways that you can ‘fake’ a luxury bedroom. The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that all of your cluttered is removed, and that means finding an appropriate hiding spot/storage spot for everything. Next to that, you will want to look at staging your bed properly. In this case, plenty of cushions and accessories, such as throws, to make things look super comfortable and cosy, but without looking too cluttered. As they say, just fake it ‘til you make it. We won’t tell anyone if you don’t … ?

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 25

Source: naurelle_furniture

29 – Beautifully Clean & Blue

You really don’t need to spend a small fortune on art. Although, if you want to do that, there’s nothing wrong with it. But, art that is as simple as blue swirls on a canvas could be just the right addition to your simple blue and white bedroom, and you could come up with a hundred and one unique ways of decorating the canvas, and more. In fact, while we’re on the subject, we’ve even covered canvasses in wallpaper test-rips, providing a great art piece for the wall. If you get bored with the colour scheme or idea, you can simple take it down and re-paint it, or re-cover it with different wallpaper rips. Don’t say we told you to do that though …

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 10

Source: teaspoon_heaven

30 – Classically Blue Bedroom

If you’re not the biggest fan of headboards, use cushion and other bed accessories to accentuate the ambience of your bed. It’s easy to fall into the trap that the headboard is one of the most important features of the room, but it’s the bed as a whole that this rule applies to. You can make your bed look just as beautiful and grand without a headboard, as you can with one.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 9

Source: potterybarn

31 – Blue Patterned Wallpaper Feature Wall

This wallpaper is absolutely fabulous, there’s no denying that. But, if you already have white wallpapered walls, you may find that a very similar look could be achieved with a darker blue paint, and some masking tape too. You don’t need to spend a small fortune when you renovate your bedroom, although we all want to throw all of our money at the task. Work with what you have, rather than going above and beyond your means. What’s the point in having a fabulous bedroom when you can’t afford to sleep in it at night?

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 6

Source: ericabryendesign

32 – Cosy-Cool Blues & Browns

Didn’t we say that natural brown tones and blue shades work well together? Well, here’s another beautiful blue bedroom look that shows off that exact point. Don’t forget about the layered up bedding in your newly-decorated room. It’s a massive trend for right now, and it helps to make things super warm and cosy when the temperatures plummet too.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 32

Source: beddinghouse_official

33 – Dreamy Blues

A bold and blue pattern on the wall may seem like a daunting thought, but you could always just consider having the wallpaper on one or two walls within the room only. This leaves the other two walls bare (or, decorated as you like) and makes those bold prints much easier to rock. For example, you could make a feature wall out of the one that your bed’s headboard sits on. With the rest of the room not with that bold printed paper, it won’t look quite as small and confined, especially if the pattern is quite dark too.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 35

Source: hollypalmerphotography

34 – Bedroom in Blues

The walls have been left a neutral shade, as has the carpet, and even the main bulk of the soft furnishings are a neutral white or off-white shade. The wood features have been left with a relatively dark and natural wood finish too.It’s the accessories that have added the blue tones to this stunning bedroom design. It just goes to show how much of an impressive impact a few accessories could make when they are added to the right room. This room is giving us all the beautiful bleu bedroom vibes!

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 36

Source: november_design_group

35 – Silver & Beautiful Blue Bedrooms

Silver and blue are two shades that work together perfectly, and that goes for almost all shades of blue too, whether you want to go lighter or darker. We absolutely love the headboard design used in this beautiful blue bedroom idea. It’s almost like a photo-frame, framing the bed. What’s not to love about that?

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 38

Source: uniquedecorinteriors

36 – Classic & Cosy Blue Bedroom Vibes

Keep things classic, country, and traditional, with darker wooden shades and lighter blue, almost duck egg tones mixed together. This would make a great guest bedroom, or even a master bedroom. We’d need a few more cushions than that on our bed though. Hands up if you’re also a cushion junkie!

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 40

Source: swhomecolour

37 – Simply-Blue Bedroom Inspo

Who said that blue and green didn’t work well together? The lighter green ton used on the walls works really beautifully with the deeper blue tones used within the bed linen. Those green shades make it easier to add some greenery into your life too — real greenery. Everybody knows that having actual green and leafy plants in your home is a great way to get better sleep, breathe better air, and even chill out more. How many plants do you have in your bedroom?

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 41

Source: bainesmanchester

38 – Beachy Blue Mood

Keep things cool, laid-back, and beach-dreamy with this somewhat mussed-up look. Your bedroom is meant to look a little lived-in. You do spend a lot of your time in there, after all. Although, to be fair, many of us would happily admit that they don’t spend anywhere near as much time as they’d like in the bedroom, and definitely we’re definitely not getting enough sleep! Maybe this cool and beachy vibes will help to bring on a sea breeze induced nap?

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 33

Source: beddinghouse_official

39 – Cool & Modern Blue Bedroom Inspiration

Looking for a cool, blue look for a teenager that makes a mess? Silver and blue work really well together, and you can make the materials work a little in your favour too. The metallic finishes used in this bedroom design are going to be much easier to clean. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth and you’d never know there was once crayon all over it!

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 39

Source: uniquedecorinteriors

40 – High Contrast White & Deep Blue Bedroom

If you’re on the hunt for a look that is high contrast and high drama, you won’t find better than a really deep and rich blue shade, against a super, brilliant-white backdrop. The two shades just work so perfectly together and give you a really crisp and elegant finish. The darker the blue, the more regal it will come across. That’s the general way of it, anyway, but there are ways that you can stop yours from looking too stuffy if you don’t want it to.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 37

Source: november_design_group

41 – Rich Blue & Neutral Tones

If you want to incorporate a more rustic feel to your bedroom, try adding rustic wooden touches to your blue tones. Darker and deeper blue hues work really well when you want a comfy, country finish, but lighter blues can work just as well.

Beautiful Blue Bedrooms 34

Source: secretlinenstore

What did you think of these 41 beautiful blue bedrooms? We loved each and every one of them, and we hope that we have provided you with the inspiration you need if you’re currently redecorating yourself. Of course, if you have a beautiful room that you want to show off, show it off! We’re always looking for inspiration for future pieces on, and we can’t wait to see all of your brilliant blue designs.

Thanks, as always, for reading, and we hope to see you again soon!



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