41 Christmas Makeup Ideas

Can you believe it’s *that* time of year, already? No, we can’t either, but the calendar is telling us that Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re already thinking about all things hair, makeup, and outfit-related, you’re going to love some of the ideas we’ve got to show you today. We’re paying some special attention to Christmas makeup ideas 2017, and we know that only the very best is going to work as inspiration for your festive makeup looks.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for something super sparkly and out-of-this-world, or muted and understated with just the right amount of subtle shimmer, there’s a look for everyone. We think you’re going to really like some of these …

1 – Red & Golden

Name two colours that go together better than red and gold for Christmas … We’ll wait. No, we’re kidding, there are so many colours that go really well together for the festive period, but we certainly have plenty of love for this red and golden eye makeup design. It’s like a longer-defined cut crease, and it’s actually not that difficult to do. Did you know that a plastic spoon provided the perfect shape to hold and cover your eyelid as you’re creating that cut crease masterpiece?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 27

Source: glamourbyamy

2 – Stars on the Tree

You can’t really have Christmas without a few stars, and here’s a makeup look that contains a few of them too. There are so many ways that you could use all sorts of stories and embellishments, but we like the subtle and cute way that they have been used in this festive design. Also: we’re all totally obsessed with that fabulous purple lip shade. What do you think?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 20

Source: paranatka

3 – Matte Ombre Lip Look

Ombre works for everything. Nails, hair, makeup, you name it, it just works. And here we have an ombré lip look that we think would be perfect for Christmas. There are plenty of tutorials to follow on YouTube if you want a killer ombré lip look. We know there are plenty of them because we’ve seen almost all of them. Does anyone else lose actual hours of their day to makeup videos on the internet?

No? Just us then …

Christmas Makeup Ideas 19

Source: slaybyciara

4 – Bejeweled Christmas Makeup Ideas 2017

How do you feel about rhinestones on your eyes? We’re not sure they’d be all that comfortable to wear, but they sure do look good. And, let’s be honest about this, everything that’s meant to make us look good normally feels uncomfortable. Just take a look at high heels. Out of 150 high heels we have between us, there’s probably only one single pair in the lot that is actually comfortable to wear. Anyway, we’re digressing. We love this look. The rhinestones, the sharp lines, everything. What do you think?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 14

Source: makeupbyriquelle

5 – Red Eyed & Festive

This look might be a little too red and festive for some, but we absolutely love it. Glitter makeup is such a big deal right now, but it does take a bit of practice. Oh, and you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got a really good setting spray to keep it all in check. It’s a stunning look, but does it tick all of your festive boxes?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 5

Source: thecutestberry

6 – Gold Eyes for Christmas

Gold eyes were just made for Christmas, but it can be quite tough to find a really good palette that has a really good and highly pigmented colour to it. A neutral, pinky-Jude has been used in the socket to help make this look pop, but if you’re finding the gold shadow you have is pigmented enough, pop a really light concealer underneath, or white eyeshadow/liner. The white acts as a blank canvas and makes the colours on top really pop.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 9

Source: ohhmels

7 – Christmas Berries

If you don’t want a brigh red shade to work with in your Christmas makeup ideas 2017, opt for a deeper, berry-like shade instead. We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but this look rocks a wonderful berry-red eyeliner, except it’s not really eyeliner at all. You can use some lip products as eye products, and even cheek stains or highlighters in some cases. It’s all about multitasking, you see?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 21

Source: paranatka

8 – Super Sharp Liner + Classic Red Lips

It’s a classic look, but one that works every time — super sharp, black eyeliner with a classic red lip. A matte lip product has been used here, but you could opt for a gloss lip to jazz things up for a festive occasion. You could even go all-out with a red glitter lip. Which one would you choose?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 31

Source: lenkalul

9 – Copper Toned Smokey Eyes

Those really are some amazing nude lips, but it’s the copper-toned smokey eye we’d like to bring your attention to. It’s still festive, bringing in reddish-gold tones, but the added dark smokiness makes it a really stand-out makeup look. You’ll need some serious blending skills for a look like this one. How are yours?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 23

Source: ursulavalentine

10 – Fired Up Eyes for Christmas

No one said you needed to stick to the traditional red, green and gold tones for your Christmas makeup ideas 2017. Although, somehow, this fiery look manages to still incorporate the festive theme. We think it’s the shimmer and sparkle that does it. What do you think?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 8

Source: ohhmels

11 – Ruby Red Festive Vibes

Here is another look that allows you to use your liquid lip products on your eyes. This time, however, a little black liner has been cleverly used with the red lip product, used as eyeliner. The rest of the eye look is actually quite neutral and simple, a killer nude-brown cut crease. The red lips and hint of red on the eyes really makes it all pop.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 28

Source: donnacherry_

12 – Rose Gold Cut Crease

Rose gold; how do you feel abut it? Because we’re a little bit obsessed with this festive rose gold cut crease look. It lightens things up around the eyes, especially with that smokey blackness. The rose gold tones also work well with that rich red lip.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 32

Source: lenkalul

13 – Classic Red Lips & Feature Eyes

This is a very classic red lip and eyes look, but it’s been given a really modern twist. There’s a flash of bright blue liner used in the lower lash line. It really makes this beauty’s blue eyes pop and sparkle, and the same trick could also do the same for you. Try it, then come back and let us know how it goes!

Christmas Makeup Ideas 12

Source: makemeupmissa

14 – Deeply Green

If you always go red and gold tones when you plan your festive beauty products, how about changing things up a bit? How about Christmas makeup ideas 2017 that include some green to the occasion? There’s a touch of gold added to the lower lash line here, but you could always switch it up for more green, or even another shade, such as red.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 11

Source: makemeupmissa

15 – Burned Orange Looks for Christmas Makeup

The burned orange shades in this Christmas look aren’t traditionally festive, but they are beautiful. Would you add orange tones to your Christmas makeup ideas 2017? Here’s a clever makeup hack for you if you seem to have a hard time making your lip products stick. Firstly, use a lip primer. Secondly, add your first coat and then put the product down. Rather than slicking a second coat on, grab some tissue, setting powder, and a brush. The tissue should be held to your lips before brushing the powder over the top. It really helps to make the product stay much longer.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 22

Source: ursulavalentine

16 – Killer Green Festive Makeup Look

Now *that* is a cut crease and a half. We are also *very* envious of those cut crease skills. It adds just the right amount of green to make the look Christmas themed, and really makes those brown eyes sparkle.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 29

Source: donnacherry_

17 – Black Graphic Liner

Have you ever tried your hand at a black graphic liner look? We have. It was a disaster. However, with some practice, we did find that this look was actually quite simple. It takes a steady hand, yes, but it’s also easier if you have a makeup artist friend. Or, y’know, just a friend who likes to play around with makeup.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 33

Source: lenkalul

18 – Smokey & Sweet

It’s smokey but still sweet, and that’s why we loved this look. If a deep and dark black is too much for you to consider when playing around with the smokey eye look, don’t be afraid to play with lighter shades. You can layer and blend grey tones, brown, green, blue, and even plum or dark red shades to create a cute and smokey look.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 38

Source: nicolconcilio

19 – Cherry Bomb

Well, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right. Christmas makeup ideas 2017 should include something like this — fierce, cherry-red, and absolutely ‘the bomb’!

Christmas Makeup Ideas 30

Source: donnacherry_

20 – Glam Christmas Makeup Looks 2017

Feelin’ glam this Christmas? How about Christmas makeup ideas 2017 like this one? It’s got everything you’d need covered, and could even be jazzed up a little should you want to add something more. A red glitter lip, perhaps? Or an elegant cut crease? Or is it beautiful enough as it is for you?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 34

Source: loje_loje

21 – Pretty Poppin’ Purple

We love everything about this look, one that can be festive-themed or not. We’d think it would make for great makeup for a wide range of events and occasions. Just remember to add that lighter, shimmery shade to the inner corner of your eyes. It’s a great trick to use for when you want to look more alert and awake.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 39

Source: alyssamarieartistry

22 – Bronze Toned & Red Lipped

Bronze tones work on virtually every skin tone, just one reason why you definitely a makeup palette that contains them. What makes these bronze-toned palettes even better is that you can do almost all of your makeup using them. Lighter shades make for great highlighters. The darker, less metallic tones make for great contouring aids. And the rest can be used in a hundred different makeup looks on your eyes. We know, it’s smart. And, in case we weren’t bring helpful enough, here are a few bronze-toned palettes that we would recommend to you:

Christmas Makeup Ideas 41

Source: sheidafashionista

23 – Deep & Rich Christmas Lips

If you’re scared of over lining your lips, don’t be. You just need to look in the mirror for a moment, take a look at your lips, and you’ll see that there is an outer lip line and an inner lip line. The inner one is the one you’d usually go by. The outer line is what other people use (such as makeup artists) to overline. This overlining is what makes the lips look fuller, and there Rae actually lip contouring techniques that you can use too. These include adding a lighter, shimmering (or light reflecting) tone to the centre of your bottom lip.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 13

Source: makemeupmissa

24 – Christmas Green Gems

For when you want to go from day to night real quick, we’d like to recommend this fabulous green-gemmed delight to you. If you have gems on your side, especially festively-coloured ones, and some glue or makeup adhesive to keep them in place, you have everything you need to Christmas yourself right up!

Christmas Makeup Ideas 10

Source: ohhmels

25 – Pink Plum Toned Christmas Makeup Ideas 2017

Pink and plum — what do you think about the colour combo? We love it, especially for our Christmas makeup ideas 2017. It’s one of those looks that would probably be a little too much for us to wear at any other point of the year, but at Christmas, hey, it’s just fine!

Christmas Makeup Ideas 24

Source: ursulavalentine

26 – Christmas Tree Greenery

All the shades of green have been smartly blended together to give a festive look that we also think would be perfect for other green-themed events too. Like, St. Patrick’s Day. We know, genius idea, right?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 7

Source: beccaboo318

27 – Bedazzled

Ooooft, this is a look that deserves some love, don’t you think? Thicken your black liner up and add some sparkle to the centre of it. It’s such a simple makeup twist, we’re almost kicking ourselves for not having thought of it sooner. It’s definitely a makeup look we’ll be investigating further, don’t worry!

Christmas Makeup Ideas 25

Source: glamourbyamy

28 – Golden Black

The double liner trick is such a simple one, but a very effective one too. It’s quite literally a case of doubling-up on your eyeliner, in this case, adding a slick of gold over a slick of black. You could opt for any number of colour co-ordinations with this twist too. What would you have on your second, on-black shade?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 35

Source: jaleyhohnson

29 – Lipliner as Eyeliner

When you’re experimenting and using different products on your eyelids, make sure you’re using a really good eyeshadow primer first. You must remember that most lip products aren’t designed to be worn on the lids, and can, therefore, look entirely different. They can also wear different. We would recommend using long-lasting lip products as eyeliner, and also making sure you’re using a good eyeshadow primer too. We heard nothing but good things about Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, and we’re happy to report we had nothing but good experiences when we bought and tried it for ourselves.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 6

Source: beccaboo318

30 – Fierce, Red Xmas Look

Well, if you want some fierce and that means Christmas business, this is a look to rule them all! You’ll want a matte base when you’re working with all that shimmer and bright pops of colour, and we actually have a great makeup hack for you. You can use your regular eyeshadow primer on the most oily parts of your face. That alone won’t have the best results though. Use some of your setting spray on top of that, and then, once it’s all dried, apply your foundation product over the top. We’d recommend using a brush to apply your foundation too, and preferably a liquid formula. You’ll find your skin (and, therefore, your photos) will stay shine-free all night and day long.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 40

Source: alyssamarieartistry

31 – Elegant & Simple Red Lip Look

Keep things simple with your Christmas makeup idea sounds 2017. Just use your regular makeup looks, but add more depth. What we mean by that, is add to the intensity and build up the colour a little more. If you’re afraid of straying from the regular shades in your palette, or you just don’t want to go too dark, in reading the intensity of an everyday, regular makeup style is a great trick. Or, as some might like to say, #makeuphack.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 26

Source: glamourbyamy

32 – Hint o’ Bronze Glitter

Ooooh, this is a cool look, don’t you think? It’s a regular black liner look, but it’s been given a hint of something sparkly about it. We love the copper-bronze tone glitter used over the top. Have you ever consider adding a touch of sparkle to your everyday black liner before?

Christmas Makeup Ideas 36

Source: jaleyhohnson

33 – Sparkling Champagne

For a look that tastes as great as the drink you’ll be guzzling gallons of this holiday season, we’d like to present this exquisite makeup look to you. It’s the light and shimmery champagne that we love. Some might say we’re love-drunk on it … (Okay, bad pun, we know.)

Christmas Makeup Ideas 15

Source: makeupbyriquelle

34 – Red Lips & Red Liner

When all else fails, just match your eyes to your lips and make them both the colour of the blood of your victims … We’re kidding, of course, but this is a killer look. And a great one for Christmas too. Well, we think so anyway. How about you? What are your thoughts on this look? You know what to do — add Your comments in the box below this post! (Or give us a shou-out on social media. We’d love that!)

Christmas Makeup Ideas 4

Source: _lahrin_

35 – Bold Christmas Eyes & Lips

This beauty is killing it with this wonderful face of makeup-art, and a great contender for one of the best Christmas makeup ideas 2017. There’s a matte and lightly ombré lip. Tick. A deep plum-purple shade. Tick. Brown-neutral smokey eye. Tick. Gold cut crease design. Tick. What more could you possibly want? (Although we’d love the beautiful face the makeup has been applied to, too!)

Christmas Makeup Ideas 18

Source: slaybyciara

36 – Simple Cut Crease & Red Glitter Liner

We feel as if this look definitely needs a moment of appreciation. Red glitter liner is such an easy addition to an otherwise pretty ‘regular’ makeup look. And, by regular, we mean one that we’ve already seen done the same way a hundred times over. Perhaps even more times than that. We love a makeup look that stands out.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 17

Source: makeupbyriquelle

37 – Fun Christmas Makeup Ideas 2017

For when you want to have fun at Christmas, thinking outside the box with your colour choices, how about this look? Glittery blue liner brings in some festivity. We actually have some blue tinsel for the tree that is EXACTLY that shade which, of course, makes us love it even more. The red lip helps to keep it classic. Ticks all the right boxes for us!

Christmas Makeup Ideas 37

Source: nicolconcilio

38 – Cranberry & Gold for Christmas

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without cranberries, and we love the way that cranberry tones have been used in this festive look. Of course, we can’t fail to mention that blooming wonderful gold cut crease and liner too. The precision … It’s a work of art.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 16

Source: makeupbyriquelle

39 – Oh, the Neutrals!

Go for something slightly more neutral if red and gold aren’t quite your thing. This look is quite a neutral one, but there’s a mustard-metallic hint to the eye makeup that we’re actually a little mesmerised by. Those shades work so well with her deep brown eye colour too.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 3

Source: _lahrin_

40 – All That Shimmers & Sparkles

If you can’t wear shimmering and sparkling makeup at Christmas, when can you wear it? This one is a little more nude and neutral than some of the others that we’ve shown you. This could easily be a slightly festive daytime look for work, for example. It’s the simple addition of a bit of shimmer that makes it work for Christmas, and there’s a whole hosted colours and tones you could play around with too.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 2

Source: wickedbeautification

41 – Rose Red & Gold Liner for Christmas

Gold and glittery liner, how do we feel about that? Personally, we couldn’t get enough of this look, especially with that darker rose gold background. It’s funny how just one simple change to your makeup could change the outcome entirely. How many times do you think you’ve worn this simple makeup look with BLACK liner? Just changing the black liner to gold makes this look something sparkly and brand new.

Christmas Makeup Ideas 1

Source: nikitahhx

Wow! There were some truly breathtaking Christmas makeup ideas 2017 in that list, don’t you think? We actually think we may have given ourselves too many options now, because now we want to wear pretty much all of these. At least we’ll have a different makeup look for every outfit we’ve got planned though … That’s a good thing, right?

Anyway, we’ve had so much fun compiling this list of Christmas makeup ideas 201, and we really hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to show the artists we’ve featured some love. You’ll find the links to their Instagram pages beneath each picture. We wouldn’t have any festive #makeupinspo at all if it weren’t for these designs and ideas. We’re going to have lots more fun recreating them (and probably messing it up), and we hope you have loads of fun too.

As always, thanks so much for reading. We appreciate and value your support.

Merry Christmas! We hope Santa brings you everything you want this year ??