41 Pastel Pink Hair Looks

It’s that time of year again … The warmer weather is coming. Grey and dreary days are behind us, and things are starting to get more colourful again. We love the turn of the seasons, when everything changes from black, white, and grey, to bright and bold explosions of colour, using it as the perfect excuse to change up our hair. We’ve had darker and moodier hair for far too long … It’s time to get our bold and wild sides flow free. We decided that it was time to bring you some fabulous and colourful hair looks, ad this time, we’re paying special attention to some pastel pink hair looks.

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1 – Pastel Unicorn Hair Look

Unicorns were such a big hit over the last few years, and we’re talking about unicorn-themed everything too. We had unicorn bedding and wallpaper, unicorn clocks and t-shirts, unicorn drinks, purses, shoes, handbags, makeup, and even hair. This fabulous unicorn-inspired look is definitely led by that beautiful pastel pink pop, but the peekaboo shades that shine through really add new depth and dimension to the look. It’s like pastel pink hair looks with some modernisation. When you’re bored of JUST pink, add a few more pastel shades into the mix.

Pastel Pink Hair 20

Source: technicolor_hair

2 – Dusky Pink Prettiness

Of course, you don’t need to go for something pretty; you could opt for something more dusky pink instead, wonderfully shown off by this powdery delight. Different tones of lilac, blonde, rose gold, and dusky pink and have been blended together so well in this fab hair look, and we can’t help but think it would be just perfect for the spring/summer. What do you think?

Pastel Pink Hair 1

Source: somekindafabulous

3 – Barely There Pastel Pink Highlights

For when you want some pink, but not too much, these barely-there pink highlights in light blonde hair are a pretty cute choice. It’s pastel pink enough to show off your playful side, but not too bright that it takes over your entire hair look. Discreet and subtle … Is that the kind of pastel pink hair looks you’re hunting for?

Pastel Pink Hair 10

Source: smokedlacehair

4 – Peachy-Pink Twisted Twirls

Speaking of which, what kind of pink are you looking for this year? Bright? Paste? Something slightly in the middle of the two? This crazy-cute hair look brings in both light and bright pinks, working with darker shades on the roots, and we think that this is a great idea. Why? Because roots are high maintenance, whether you have dark or light hair underneath the colours. By making a feature of them, in this case, opting for a darker and richer shade of pink, you’re actually doing yourself a favour. The darker tones can easily be added to at home, giving you a way to maintain your look for cheaper than regular salon prices. A blend of colours also makes for an easier grow or fade out too, in our experience. A one-colour-only look is much more difficult to keep control of.

Pastel Pink Hair 7

Source: serahdoeshairahh

5 – Bubblegum Pink Wash Over Blonde

If you want pastel pink hair looks that are as damn cute as this bubblegum number, you’re going to need to know all about bleaching. This isn’t a process we recommend that you try at home if you aren’t sure quite what you’re doing. With bleach, so many different things can go wrong. If you’re trying to go from a very dark natural or coloured state to a very light one, you’ll probably need more than one stage of lightening (bleaching) treatments. The more of these that you put on your hair, the more damaging it will be. This alone poses a problem, because colour works better, sits more evenly, and lasts longer when you DON’T have damaged hair.

Pastel Pink Hair 22

Source: hairwithallthecolors

6 – Pastel Pink Hair + Bruised Roots

Carrying on from our previous point, here’s what we suggest: If you’re going to try pastel pink hair looks for the first time, go to a salon to get it done. You will learn a lot by watching what your artist does to your locks, and you can also ask questions too. Many hairdressers and colourists will be more than happy to give you tips and tricks on how you can make your pastel pink hair looks last longer. These people are professionals (providing that you go to a professional salon) — this is their job. They know what they are doing and you can learn an awful lot from them … even if it does mean paying out for the appointment.

Pastel Pink Hair 25

Source: glamiris

7 – Cotton Candy Princess Hair

Feeling something warming, rather than icy cool blondes and cool-toned pinks? How about this cotton candy princess hair? Different tones of light and dark pink have been used to recreate this look — something that you can actually try from the comfort of your own home. With so many temporary or wash-in/wash-out hair colouring products on the market these days, you can road-test them before you finally decided on a winning colour combo. This look could easily be achieved with a couple of different pink and red dyes, using conditioner to ‘pastelise’ some of them in a different tub, helping to create a more ombre/gradient effect. Using different tones of light and dark is a great way to make thinner hair look thicker, and it’s much easier than a solid one-colour look all over.

Pastel Pink Hair 19

Source: hairabykara

8 – Pastel Pink & Rainbow Ends

Of course, for when pink just won’t do on its own, you could always look for something rainbow-inspired, just like this beautiful hair look. Some serious bleaching and toning would have gone into a look like this one, before the rainbow and pastel pink shades were added to complete it. These are stages that we highly recommend you get done by a professional. If you have very dark hair, don’t expect to get a look like this one in just the one sitting either. The lightening process for this will likely take more than a few appointments.

Pastel Pink Hair 18

Source: breannaroxy

9 – Rosy Gold Glow

Rose gold hair was a big thing over recent seasons, and it’s a trend that appears to be showing no signs of slowing down. We’re still going mad for rose gold everything, and this rose gold hair … Well, yeah, we definitely went a little crazy for it. Warm, inviting, and, dare we say it? Even a little bit damn romantic. It looks perfect with those bouncy curls, and that look will take just 15-20 minutes in the morning too. (Or even shorter if you do the prep work the night before!)

Pastel Pink Hair 11

Source: smokedlacehair

10 – Pink Pastel Hue

A great way to turn a bright pink at-home dye shade into a more muted and pastel one is to add conditioner to it. If you plan on dying your hair at home, particularly these pastel and pretty shades, we recommend that you get yourself the ‘kit’. When you’re planning on achieving a look that isn’t straight out of the bottle, blending two or more different colours together, you’ll need a mixing bowl. If you’re planning on using more than one tone together, you’ll need more than one mixing bowl. With two different shades of pink and some cheap conditioner, you can mix your own personalised shade, achieving a much more three-dimensional look than just one colour all over.

Pastel Pink Hair 23

Source: lj.sharman

11 – Pink Tinkerbell Bob

What’s the perfect colour to accompany the cutest of cute pixie hair cuts? This bubblegum pink look … What else? If you’re planning on going for the chop, perhaps getting rid of some length to make summer easier (and to get rid of more than a few split ends), you could really make a fashion statement at the same time, opting for a bright, fun, and bold hair colour. This pink pop is dreamy as you like, but there are so many ways you could customise this cute cut to more match your personality. In fact, we can’t wait to see what you beautiful lot come up with! (Don’t forget to show us!)

Pastel Pink Hair 24

Source: bescene

12 – White Blonde & Pastel Pink Hair Looks

White blonde and pastel pink hair looks like this one are adorable and turn heads for all of the right reasons … Just don’t think they’re low-maintenance. Pink seems to fade faster than most other colours, and that beautiful bright pop you had one day will turn to a very muted and watered-down version of itself in just a couple of washed, particularly if you haven’t done the prep work.

You should be deep conditioning your hair for a few weeks (perhaps even months) before you opt for serious lightening treatments that would be necessary for this kind of colour combo. You should also look at getting a few split ends cut off too, maybe even having a few inches taken off to ensure only the really good and strong hair is left behind to face all the treatment you’re about to give it. It’s definitely not a look that you’ll achieve overnight, especially if you don’t already have lighter coloured hair to start with.

Pastel Pink Hair 17

Source: whoisbrandymetcalf

13 – Pink Popped Roots

For when you want a bit of pink, but not too much, how about poppin’ pink roots? It’s definitely an easier and faster look to achieve than dying all of your hair pink, and you could even incorporate other shades into the mix, such as this stunning, summery peach shade. The possibilities of colour combos are endless here. What would you have with your pink roots?

Pastel Pink Hair 26

Source: glamiris

14 – Rosy Gold Pink Glow

Mix bright and light tones of pink together for a blended pink ‘do just like this one. If you have quite thin hair, this is actually a really good way of rocking the pink look. You can add extra dimension by using two or more different shades of pink, rather than plastering just the one shade all over your locks. Some loose and relaxed curls are also great for adding some extra oomph and bounce to the occasion. This one’s a winner for us. Is it ticking all of the right boxes for you?

Pastel Pink Hair 33

Source: hairbykaseyoh

15 – Pastel Pie

Confidence really is key when you’re rocking a pretty, bright, or bold hair look. People WILL look at you. People WILL stare at you. That’s a good thing — they’re looking at you because your hair is just so damn fabulous. If Kylie Jenner were rockin’ that hair, it would be all over the papers. You just know it. You need to rock your look. Own it. Wear it with pride. When one of the CherryCherryBeauty girls dyed her locks pink, she said the first thing she noticed was that everyone stared at her as she walked by. That’s one of the things you’re not exactly told about at the salon.

Pastel Pink Hair 38

Source: maryh.ott

16 – Pastel Pinks & Purples

You could always look at adding your chosen pink colour to the ends of your hair, rather than at the roots or all over. The dip-dyed look has become a very popular one over recent years, giving people a chance to play around with colour without having to go for a really big and drastic change. Dip-dyed ends are relatively easy to do yourself at home, and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that can help you with the process.

In fact, quite a few of the CherryCherryBeauty girls have dip-dyed their hair using the tutorials to guide them, and the looks have turned out super awesome! You could play around with temporary colours before putting the more permanent ones on your locks. You know what they say — practice makes perfect.

Pastel Pink Hair 12

Source: smokedlacehair

17 – Naturally Pink n’ Short

Think that you need to miss out on bright colour just because you’ve got shorter locks? As you can see, this is definitely not the case! This cute pink wash-over has been added to a wonderful natural shade underneath, allowing it to just peek through at the roots. A blunt bob cut completes the look — a great one for when you want to go short to give your hair a break in summer.

Pastel Pink Hair 13

Source: kjostyles

18 – Colourful Pink + Peekaboo Long Hair

Long locks like this give you the perfect opportunity to play around with different colours, such as these peekaboo blue and purple treats, poking through the wonderful pinky shade. Of course, good condition hair is key to getting this look just right, whether you’re having your hair done in the salon or at home. Using hair masks AFTER your hair has been coloured isn’t a good idea — it’ll fade the colour done so quickly, you might as well not have had your do’ done in the first place. Make sure you use hair masks BEFORE you get coloured, looking for natural ingredients such as olive oil, Argan oil, or coconut oil.

Pastel Pink Hair 32

Source: hairbymisskellyo

19 – Short + Fun Pastel Pink Hair

There are actually plenty of ways you can get your hair ready for the big change. For a few weeks before, make sure that you’re conditioning your hair every day in the shower. If you can leave the conditioner on your hair overnight, washing it out in the morning, do that too. Just make sure you put something over your pillowcase so that it doesn’t get ruined. We have a “special” hair pillow and pillowcase that we use for this.

When you dye your hair as regularly as some of the CherryCherryBeauty den does, it’s necessary to have such “special” items!

Pastel Pink Hair 39

Source: courtgannhair

20 – Perfect Pastel Pink Short + Curly

Mel B recently went for a rosy-coloured pink like this one, sporting hers with a mohawk design that looked beyond fabulous. We’re absolutely in love with the romantic tight curls here, but we can’t help but think the shade would look amazing on almost any hair type. What are your thoughts? You know what to do: leave your comments in the box below this post! (Or get in touch via social media.)

Pastel Pink Hair 41

Source: isaac4mayor

21 – Pink & Purple Pastels Over Blonde

Pink and purple pastels go perfectly together, as you can see from this pretty, summery look. Another clever blend of tones and hues, thin hair is instantly given a new lease of “voluminated” life when you add some different shades of your colour palette into the mix. We’re using this one for our oomph-inspiration.

Pastel Pink Hair 16

Source: whoisbrandymetcalf

22 – Silvery, Pastel Pink + Lovely Lilac Colourmelt

Alternatively, if you weren’t feeling pastel pink and purple vibes, you could always mix some silvery-grey into the mix. We’ve obsessed with this shimmering look, one that actually looks a little like dipped liquid silver. Perfect for spring, a beautiful blend of pink tones. What are your thoughts on this pretty little look?

Pastel Pink Hair 37

Source: maryh.ott

23 – Cotton Candy Pastel Hair

There are so many different shades and hues of pink to choose from now. Even walking into the salon and asking for “pastel pink hair looks” could have a thousand different outcomes. By collecting as many photos of what you’d like as possible, you can be sure that your hair artist has an EXACT idea of the kind of colour you’re hoping for. In some cases, the EXACT shade won’t be possible. This can be when your hair is too dark, naturally or coloured, to start with.

Pastel Pink Hair 40

Source: courtgannhair

24 – Long + Luscious Pink Locks

You can easily achieve long pastel pink locks at home with the help of hair extensions, and good quality ones can be dyed to match your own hair. No one would ever know they were extensions. In fact, there are now so many ways to play around with your hair, from using different colours and blends, wigs, hair extensions, and so much more besides. There’s a whole world of hair craziness out there. We can’t wait to see it!

Pastel Pink Hair 31

Source: hairbymisskellyo

25 – Bubblegum Roots, Pastel Ends

Can’t decide whether you want bright pink hair or light pink hair? This hair gives you an excellent mix of the two. Rocking darker roots definitely makes the grow-out easier — you won’t need to bleach them quite so much. The lighter ends give you a way to incorporate your favourite pastel pink tones. We think it’s perfect, but what about you?

Pastel Pink Hair 36

Source: maryh.ott

26 – Silver to Pastel Pink Bob

A graduated silver to pink bob is a great way of rocking short hair with some funky tones in it. We would highly recommend checking this stunning number out for a little inspiration. The good news, whether you have long, short, or medium-length hair, there is a pink and pastel look that will work perfectly.

Pastel Pink Hair 6

Source: serahdoeshairahh

27 – Rainbow + Pastel Pink Hair

For the days when all you want is rainbows in your life, how about pastel pink hair looks just like this one? Brighter and with more yellow tones than some of the other rainbow looks we’ve shown you, it’s definitely one that will stand out for all the right reasons. It’s totally perfect for summer too.

Pastel Pink Hair 30

Source: hairbymisskellyo

28 – Dusky Dark to Light Pastel Pink Hair

Natural or darker roots with pastel pink hair looks are a big thing right now. Kim Kardashian did it. Constance Wu did it too. You may have noticed that they both had a little something in common … They both left the roots relatively neutral or dark. It’s time to embrace your toots, ladies. They’re in fashion now, and we couldn’t be MORE grateful for that! It means that you give you get a bit more time between salon appointments, plus, your hair gets a well-deserved break.

Pastel Pink Hair 35

Source: katkolors

29 – Asymmetrical Dusky Pink Bob

An asymmetrical bob is a cute hairstyle enough by itself, but when you add this stunning dusky pink shade into the mix, you really do have a recipe made in hair heaven. How about you? Ticking the right boxes? Giving you some serious hair envy? Yep, we thought so.

Pastel Pink Hair 15

Source: whoisbrandymetcalf

30 – Unicorn Inspired Pastel Pink Hair Looks

Are you feeling inspired by unicorns? This hair look might just be right up your street then, a mix of wonderful pastel shades, all beautifully blended together to look natural … if bright pink and purple hair can even look natural, of course. The blending work that has gone into this design really is amazing though. We can’t get enough of it.

Pastel Pink Hair 5

Source: serahdoeshairahh

31 – Peach + Pastel Pink Peekaboo Look

In some ways, this could be just be one of the most perfect pastel pink hair looks. You can show it off, hide it away, or any combination of the two. You could really go crazy with the colours again with a look like this one, but we really do adore the peach and pink tones used here. It looks like candy — good enough to eat.

Pastel Pink Hair 34

Source: rainbowrage

32 – Purple + Pink Multi-Mix

If you’re looking for the perfect hairstyle to show off your new fabulous locks, how about a half-up, half-down fishtail braid? Once you’ve gotten the hang of this braid style, you’ll find that it soon becomes your new favourite, a multitude of other looks available from just this one simple braided design. Pull the braid itself apart a little bit and you’ve got the cutest mussed-up do for spring and summer days. We’re living for this amazing pink look!

Pastel Pink Hair 29

Source: hairbymisskellyo

33 – Dark to Light Candyfloss Pink Short Ringlets

Cute ringlet curls are the perfect accompaniment for pretty pastel pink hair, and a curling wand is the perfect thing for getting that. If you don’t want to give your hair an all-over ringlet look, you could just pull random tendrils and curls those instead, working your magic towards the bottom, rather than up the top.

Pastel Pink Hair 9

Source: tusk_hair_camden

34 – Blue, Lilac & Pastel Pink Hair Looks

Different pastel tones of lilac, blues, and pinks are one of this springs biggest trends, even given the rather cute nickname of “pink cloud hair”. Best achieved on lighter natural hair (or lightened hair), the aim of the game is to get adventurous with tiny little streaks, adding slightly more personality to the average pastel pink hair looks. We’ll be honest; it’s definitely one of our favourites. We’ve added it to the list. (And we’ll let you know how it goes!)

Pastel Pink Hair 4

Source: poppysalonnc

35 – Edgy + Romantic Short Pink Look

A look that we think would be fabulous for Valentine’s Day, you could literally spell out your love for the colour pink with this edgy and modern hair design. The undercut look is a really fresh look that has quite a few benefits attached to it. When you cut your hair, you’re cutting off all the dead ends that are taking up precious resources. In turn, the good hair doesn’t get all of the nutrients it needs, because the “bad” and dead hair is stealing it all. Having a good cut from time to time is a really smart idea, but you don’t need to go super short in order to reap the rewards.

Pastel Pink Hair 28

Source: lj.sharman

36 – Cute n’ Curly Bob, Pastel Pink Style

In order to keep your pastel pink hair looks as pink as they should be, for as long as they should be, you’ll need to learn the tricks of the trade. Pink-specific shampoos will help to keep the colour, by adding a thin layer of additional colour over the top, as you wash your hair. You can even buy conditioner in the same formulation, and you can make your own at home.

When we have extra hair dye left over, we like to add some to bottles of part-used shampoo and conditioner. You will need to check the instructions, but semi-permanent and temporary shades are usually designed to be used a little bit at a time, and, therefore, don’t encounter any problems when you add them to another product and/or save it for later.

There are actually lots of pink-specific shampoos and conditioners that you could try on your hair to make the colour last longer. We can personally recommend the products beneath the image (because we have tried them):

Pastel Pink Hair 14

Source: kjostyles

37 – Lovely Multi-Pink Hair Look

As well as using pink-specific products for your pastel pink hair looks, there are a few other tips that you can use to make your beautiful new hair look as fabulous as this one does, for as long as it should do.

Do you like washing your hair in cold water? Well, you might want to start getting used to it. Why? Because cooler water is much better for coloured hair than warm or hot water is. It encourages the hair follicles to wake up and produce oils, which in turn leads to stronger, longer, and healthier-looking hair. At the same time, cold water helps to retain coloured hair for a lot longer than hot or warm water does.

It might just be time for a chilly morning shower!

Pastel Pink Hair 3

Source: poppysalonnc

38 – Pastel Pink Hair + Undercut

In fact, whilst we’re on the subject of keeping your pastel pink hair looks looking better for longer, we might as well go right ahead and tell you that you should cut down on the amount you’re washing your hair. The more you wash it, the quicker the colour will fade out, particularly if you’ve opted for a semi-permanent dye that’s meant to last for 4-8 washes.

Wear a hat, put your hair up, or use a touch of dry shampoo; whatever you do, go dirty-haired every once in a while. Your pastel pink locks will thank you for it!

Pastel Pink Hair 8

Source: tusk_hair_camden

39 – Sharp Pink to Mauve Gradient

Of course, one of the best things about having a colour that is known to fade quite quickly, which pink is known for, is that you can switch your look up every once in a while. Adding new colours and hues to it will give it the impression of an entirely brand new look. This stunning array of bright pinks to light mauves cold easily have been a pastel pink look to start with. Add some colour to the ends, and then to the roots too, and it will look like your fresh new look is exactly that — fresh and new. No one will ever need to know that you have technically recycled an older colour.

Pastel Pink Hair 27

Source: glamiris

40 – Mauve & Blossom Short Hair

When you’re bored of your pastel pink hair looks, there are more than a few ways that you can grow or fade it out. Shampoo that has anti-dandruff properties seem to be really good at fading colour when you don’t want it to. In fact, we don’t recommend that you use anti-dandruff shampoo when you have coloured hair at all. When you’re trying to get rid of it, on the other hand, it works a treat, fading whatever shade you’ve got to a much lighter version of it much quicker than any other non-cleansing product.

Pastel Pink Hair 21

Source: bescene

41 – Bright Pink Bob

If you’re attempting these super cool pastel pink hair looks at home, make sure that you are doing everything you can to prevent your hair from becoming dry or damaged. When you use bleach to lighten your hair first, don’t leave it on for too long. Follow the instructions precisely. We do not recommend playing around with bleach if you aren’t really sure of what you’re doing. A friend also comes in really handy to make sure that all the hair is covered and the colour is changing as it should do.

Pastel Pink Hair 2

Source: poppysalonnc

So … what do you think? Have any of these pastel pink hair looks tickled you pink? Which one have you fallen head-over-heels in love with? Maybe you have a pastel pink hair look that you’re dying to show off? We can’t wait to see it, so don’t forget to get in touch. You’ll find us on social media or you can leave your Instagram links in the comments below. We would love to feature you in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty! Pink hair or otherwise!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at these cute looks just as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you. You’ll find the link to each amazing artist beneath each image — don’t forget to go and show them some love too.

Have an amazing pink-inspired day!

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