7 Smart Tips For Maintaining Coloured Hair During Summer

When you have coloured hair, regardless of whatever colour you’ve chosen, the most important thing is maintenance. Coloured hair is obviously going to be more hard work than ‘natural’ hair, not only for the salon appointments before, during and after the colour transformation, but also for the touching-up, little switches to your regular routine, and changes to the products you’re using too.

If you have coloured hair, and keeping it in tip-top condition is important for you this summer, there are a few things you need to know.

1 – Fresh Water Rinse

When you hang out in the pool, try to wash your hair in fresh water (in your shower, for example) as soon as possible. Chlorine isn’t very good for your hair (as you probably already know), and getting it rinsed out as soon as possible is important to ensure your colour doesn’t go a bit … off. You know – blue to green, blonde to yellow, that kind of thing.

At the same time, if you’ve been in salt water all day, chilling by the beach and having a blast in the beautiful blue oceans, for example, once again make sure you rinse your hair as soon as you can with fresh water to get that salty residue out. It’ll play havoc with your colour, and will cause it fade. Not just that, it can cause it to fade patchy. Even worse, right?

2 – Conditioner + Sun Protection

Try to use a conditioning product that offers as much sun protection as possible. This could be a mask that offers SPF, or an every-day leave-in conditioner with the same properties. Also, during the hottest hours of the day, try to keep out the sun. This is usually between 12 – 2 in the afternoon and during this time, wear a hat or sit under a parasol. You should be looking after your hair just as much as you’d look after your skin in the hot sun all day. If you don’t, your colour will fade. Fast.

3 – Stop With The Heat

Leaving your hair straighteners and blow dryer at home might seem absolutely frightening but think of this way – the hot air around you is air-drying your hair, already applying heat to it. What’s the point in adding more heat in the form of your blow dryer or other heated styling tools? Surely you’re just making your hot discomfort even hotter?

Leave your hair to air-dry when you’re away on your jollies and your hair as a whole will thank you for it, and your coloured hair definitely will. Too much heat on your locks can cause it to become dry, brittle and eventually, damaged and broken. Heat causes this damage to happen faster. Don’t use heat and the problem won’t be so bad.

4 – Product Build-Up (Is Good)

When washing your hair, add some of your colour / dye to your shampoo and conditioner. It sounds like a bold and crazy move but it’s not – you’re just building up some of the product which isn’t good for your hair on the long term, but when it comes to keeping your coloured fresh and vibrant throughout the summer works just fine.

When it comes to changing your colour again, as well as the pre-bleaching / lightening conditioning treatments you should use, you should also look at using a clarifying shampoo to help get rid of the bulk of that build-up. Avoiding this will mean your next colour won’t be spot on.

5 – Prepare For Maintenance

Prepare to re-dye your hair more regularly than you’d like to. When one of our team had bright and bold blue hair, she was re-dyeing it on an almost weekly basis to keep it looking fresh and bold. Within two or three washes, the colour faded to a very pastel and muted shade, and although purple shampoo helped to blend things all out nicely, she just found it was a lot of hassle.

If you want to keep your coloured hair looking fresh and bold during the summer, be prepared for the maintenance, that’s all we’re saying. Re-dyeing is a must, whether you’re on vacay or not.

6 – Go With The Flow

If you can’t let your hair dry naturally and need to resort to using your blow-dryer for a last minute refresh of your ‘do, use it in a way that flows with the natural flow of your hair, not against it. This means you should be drying it flat against your head rather than the opposite way which will add frizz and open up those cuticles.

7 – Condition + Coat

Before you hop in the pool or ocean, use a conditioner or hair oil to coat your locks. This prevents chlorine or the salt water from affecting the hair – either the colour or the state of it. We all know how bad chlorine is for hair, especially coloured hair.

Just remember to give your hair a good wash when you’re done, otherwise it’ll end up looking super greasy.


So there you have them – 7 tips to help your coloured hair look as best as it can this summer. If you have any tips of your own and you’d like to share them, leave your comments below. We’d love to add yours to the list!