8 Nail Shapes You Should Know About

Nails have never been so important but these days if your nails don’t match your outfit, or at the very least bring a little something extra to your look, it’s just not finished yet.

Nail shapes have changed over the years and you now have more than a few options to choose from. Whether you want to liven things up by trying something different, or are just looking to pamper yourself for a nice night out, check out these nail shapes and how to wear them:

Instagram / Alenailtech
Instagram / alenailtech

If you’re a nail biter or prefer to keep them manageable, short, round nails are perfect for you. Only just extending a little past the nail bed, you might not have the greatest area to work with when it comes to intricate designs but if you’re looking for something simple and elegant, you could try these simple round blue metallic beauties.

Instagram / Naturellenailsandbeauty
Instagram / naturellenailsandbeauty

Square nails are just as the name would suggest – square. Keeping things filed flat at the end makes them easier to undertake daily tasks with and if you keep them relatively short, will be easy to maintain. You could try any number of looks with square nails, changing the length to suit you. These nude and glitter inspired nails are perfect for keeping things simple, but the one feature glitter nail stops the look from being too dull.

Instagram / Kay.nails
Instagram / kay.nails

Yes, it’s a real thing. Squoval are a combination of two shapes – square and oval. Imagine a square nail but with the edges slightly more rounded off. It’s a slightly less severe look than the square ones and are slightly more manageable if you can’t handle a completely flat shape.

The Sally Hansen nail polish is Mint Sprint and you can find it here.

Instagram / Doobysnails
Instagram / doobysnails

These are probably one of the more traditional nails with the conventional rounded shape at the end. If you have longer nails and fancy a more feminine appeal, this look is perfect for you and looks great with a solid lock of colour or with a coloured tip. You can even get away with throwing a pattern on too just like these pastel blue, nude and white design.

Instagram / Sarahp898
Instagram / sarahp898

Also know as coffin nails, these are a relatively new design to come into fashion and many women find their nails just aren’t strong enough to grow long enough to try this trend and make them last! You can always opt for acrylic or gel nails to get the desired effect. Long and elongated, they are perfect for making a feature out of the base of the nail rather than the tip for a change. I like the crystal design on these.

Instagram / Christina_Beautyandmore
Instagram / christina_beautyandmore

They’re shaped like almonds as you’d probably guessed. Normally longer in length they are rounded at the top as opposed to the straight, narrow edge of the ballerina or coffin nails.

I really like these nude nails and to spice it up, you could apply a decorative black swirl on just one of yours too.

Instagram / Secretjewelgarden
Instagram / secretjewelgarden

These are not the most practical of nail shapes and do take a bit of getting used to but for a special treat every now and again, you should definitely rock the stiletto nail. Long talons with a narrow point, you can dress them up or down… Although I fell in love with this watery-octopus design!

Instagram / Nailedbystacy
Instagram / nailedbystacy

Another relatively new one, and probably not the most practice once more, lipstick nails have an asymmetrical, diagonal edge. These aren’t nails everyone will love but certainly bring a little something new to the table. You might want to keep this to a simple design to start with – the odd looking edge is enough to make it edgy. By adding lots of glitter, sparkles and embellishments, you may find the look is a little too much!

Why not play around with your nails the next time you head to the salon? Try a different shape than what you’re used to, or opt for a really funky pattern instead. Follow Cherry Cherry Beauty on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and you’ll find plenty of beauty inspiration when you need it the most!