31 Beautiful Bathrooms to Take Inspiration From

The bathroom is one of those rooms in the house that you always say you’ll get around to decorating, but for some reason, in so many homes, it tends to be the last of the rooms that you’d class as finished or beautiful. We’ve done a quick poll around the CherryCherryBeauty den, and more of us say that we’re not happy with the way our bathrooms are decorated than say we are.

If you’re not overly impressed with the state of your bathroom right now, we’ve got a little helping hand for you. We’ve got a few beautiful bathrooms that you should take inspiration from, each with their own little bit of magic woven in. Are you ready? Sitting comfortably? It’s about to get your interior design head on, ladies, with these beautiful bathrooms that we can’t wait to take inspiration from:

1 – Simple + Minimalist

The simple and minimalistic look is a great one for the bathroom, especially when you consider that it is often the smallest room in the home. It’s quite funny really. It’s the most-used room, with the exception of the kitchen, yet it’s so tiny when compared to the other rooms in the house. Keep yours light and airy, minimalistic, if you will, if you want to make it look bigger and brighter.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 13

Source: Amber Interior Design

2 – Simple Grey Tiling

One of the hardest things to get right in the bathroom, is the lighting. You need to use wall surfaces that reflect the light, rather than absorb it, and that’s why we would suggest going with a lighter shade tone over a darker one. Darker tones in this small space will make things seem not only smaller, but darker and dingier too. Brighten things up with a lighter shade on the walls, and use alcove-style spaces, rather than stick-out shelving units, to help make the best use of your space.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 2

Source: Pinterest

3 – Glass Doors + Panels

Glass always help to make things bigger and brighter, and we love the way that the shower doors have been completed entirely in glass. With the white marble tiles on the walls, this makes for a bathroom space that we would LOVE to get ready in.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 9

Source: bhg.com

4 – Bath + Window View

Of course, if you love the light as much as we do, you could always consider having your bathtub right in front of it. This clearly only works when you have privacy working on your side. You don’t really want to give the neighbours an eyeful as they’re hanging out their washing. If you have beautiful views out of the bathroom window, however, it would be an awful shame to waste them …

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 14

Source: Love and Renovations

5 – Classic White Tiling

Classic white and black monochrome looks work really well in beautiful bathrooms to take inspiration from, and this design gives you a very classic and elegant way to rock the palette. It’s a very grown-up way of rocking your bathroom, and we won’t lie, we totally dig it. But what about you? Is this beautiful bathroom your favourite?

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 3

Source: Pinterest

6 – Spa-Style Bathroom Inspiration

If you don’t have enough time or money to go to the spa as often as you’d like, bring the spa to your home instead. When you really think about it, the spa look is actually one of the easiest ways to decorate your bathroom, and beautiful bathroom designs such as the one below, give you a perfect example of how tranquil the space really could be:

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 26

Source: Pinterest

7 – Stunning Before + After

You don’t need to employ the assistance of an expensive interior designer to come up with unique and wonderful ways to turn your dull bathroom into one of these beautiful bathrooms. Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration, as are social media pages, such as Instagram, and as the image below shows, you can do what you want with relative ease … And on a budget!

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 15

Source: The Handmade Home

8 – White + Gold Beautiful Bathrooms to Take Inspiration From

White and gold is a very sophisticated and glam bathroom look that we can’t help but lust after. It’s so simple, effortlessly chic, and it uses a hot trend that is very much in style right now. Keep things simple with gold highlights, rather than too much of the metallic shade. The taps, lights, and mirror add the right amount of gold to this room. If you add too much, you run the risk of looking a little bit like you belonged in the eighties. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but it won’t work if beautiful bathrooms like the one below is the kinda look you’re going for.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 20

Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

9 – Light + Airy Bathroom Inspiration

If you have features to rock in your bathroom, rock them! The angled ceilings in these beautiful bathrooms show you that anything quirky about your home could be easily be made into a beautiful focal point. If you have a big enough bathroom, consider having the shower in the centre of the room, rather than up against one wall. It means that you can fit more stuff in all the way around too. Talk about making great use of your bathroom space!

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 27

Source: Pinterest

10 – Fifty Shades of Grey

We love the grey tones in this beautiful bathroom inspiration, but we want to focus more on the artwork hanging on the walls. Why don’t you have stuff on the walls in your bathroom? Do you have anything hanging on the walls in your bathroom? It’s a room, just like any other room in your house, so where are the wall coverings? You’re missing a trick if you don’t have any, that’s all we’re saying. The right artwork on the walls can really make a room. If you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush, don’t be afraid to get creative with your own art ideas. If you’re not, we know a great artist, and you can check him out here > @stephenverneartist on Instagram.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 19

Source: The Blooming Hydrangea

11 – Bright & Airy

His n’ hers sinks are our favourite thing right now, and we think there’s something mighty regal-looking about them, don’t you think? It certainly saves the hassle of having to share a sink with a boy. They make so much mess, and they almost never clean up after themselves. Unless you’ve found a great guy who does? Ladies? Any news on this?

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 8

Source: Pinterest

12 – Kids Bathroom Design

If you have the opportunity to allow the kids their own bathroom, let them have it. You can decorate it fun and adventurous, rather than glam and upmarket, just like you’d want the grown up beautiful bathrooms to look. It takes next to nothing to transform a dull and uninteresting space into something cool and nautical, just like you can see here. Why not let the kids pick their own theme? It would certainly allow you to explore your creative side! (Plus, if it’s their own space, they might be more inclined to take care of it / clean it up.)

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 18

Source: The Handmade Home

13 – His n’ Her Vanity

We’re back to the his n’ her vanities now, but this one is stunning and we would like it installed in our home immediately … if not sooner! The mirrors, when used in this way, would be the great addition to make a smaller bathroom appear bigger. That even goes when you have the single sink, rathe than the duo you can see here. It’s grown up, sophisticated, and glam. We’d quite like to spend all of our time in it!

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 7

Source: Pinterest

14 – Over-Toilet Shelving

You’ll notice that older houses have smaller bathrooms, and newer homes have larger bathrooms, or at least, two bathrooms. The importance of a large, spacial, and almost palatial bathroom is now more important than ever. We all want bathrooms that rival those that we see in our favourite celeb snaps on Instagram, that’s for sure. If you have a small bathroom and you want to make it look bigger, keeping things light, bright and airy is your best approach. You’ll also want to make sure you’re hiding all your clutter away. There are plenty of tricks for this – using cute baskets and covered boxes, for example. The more clutter you have out, the smaller the room will look.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 17

Source: The Handmade Home

15 – Glass Block Shower

Those glass blocks really are something else, and this is just an idea to show you how your beautiful bathrooms could look once you get a bit creative. If you’re bored of the same old styles of square shower, liven things up by building a rounded one instead. You can create a look that you want – really want – if you’re willing to be patient, plan it out, and do it right the first time. Don’t you want this to be a bathroom you’re going to want to spend all your time in? That’s not something that happens over night, you know?

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 6

Source: Pinterest

16 – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Lighting is important in a bathroom, whether it’s a big or small space. Cleverly placed lighting will be your best friend, so consider adding special lights around the mirror to make applying makeup easier, for example. Also consider the colour of your lightbulbs. The yellower lightbulbs aren’t quite as flattering as those bright white, energy-saving ones. If you’re having a hard time with your bathroom, more specifically, the lighting, try looking at newer, brighter bulbs instead. It can make such a difference to the room!

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 12

Source: homebunch

17 – Faux Wood Walls / French Country Bathroom

Before you start hunting for beautiful bathrooms to take inspiration from, make sure you know what kind of style you’d like. There is a way to make ANY style fit into your small bathroom, if you have limited space to play around, but you do need to know what kind of style you want first. Are you looking for traditional French country bathrooms? Or something chicer and more modern? It’s time to start thinking about how you’d really like your bathroom to look in the back of your Instagram selfies!

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 5

Source: Pinterest

18 – Door Storage

If you can’t paint the walls in your bathroom, there are still ways that you can include your favourite shades and tones. A carefully placed rug on the floor can bring a theme to life, and you can look at adding carefully thought-out flowers in similar colours. You could add a coloured or themed shower curtain, art on the walls, plant pots, shelving units, and a whole load more. This enables you to work in a range of shades, without having to change the wall or floor. Even if you had tiles that you didn’t like the colour of in the bathroom, you can cover them with tile transfers. There’s no excuse – you CAN have a beautiful bathroom to be damn proud of.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 11

Source: jennaburger

19 – Marble Beauty

Marble bathrooms are beautiful bathrooms, and we don’t think anyone can argue with that. If you can’t afford real marble beauties (we totally can’t either!), you can fake it a little with some cleverly counter-covers. You could even get creative yourself, hand-painting those marble patterns along surfaces. Just make sure you do your research and you know what finishing materials are required. The last thing you’ll want is to create a little masterpiece, only for the steam in your bathroom to cause the paint to peel and chip away.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 4

Source: Pinterest

20 – Hang Em Up High

Plants are great to have in a bathroom, especially if it is a bright room with great beams of sun. There are so many advantages to having plants in your home, and more importantly, your bathroom. These clever leafy delights convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, making the air in the bathroom better to breathe, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some plants are harder to keep alive than others, and we’d definitely recommend skipping orchids, if you’re a green-fingered beginner. Spider plants and cacti make for great bathroom gardening beginners.

Also: make your bathroom appear taller by hanging the shower curtain right from the ceiling, rather than just above the shower.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 10

Source: younghouselove

21 – Confined Bathroom Makeover

Make the most of the space you have, rather than wishing for more space that you don’t. Even if you have the quirkiest of bathroom spaces you have the potential to make it into something beautiful. This clever bath placement, for example, uses a little groove of the bathroom quite nicely, with that freestanding bath adding a real fellow luxury.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 1

Source: Carla Aston

22 – Simple + Chic

If you have decent counters and countertops, but they just don’t match the end feel of your desire beautiful bathrooms, give them a new lease of life. you don’t need to redecorate your entire bathroom, installing brand new features and fixtures. Your old cupboard doors could be sanded down, leaving that beautiful wood grain, or you could paint over the top of old and boring cupboard doors. Redecorating doesn’t need to cost you a small fortune when you have the know-how!

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 16

Source: The Handmade Home

23 – Blue Tiled Bathroom

The colour will often be one of the first choices you’ll make when it comes to redecorating any room, and the one you pick will make a difference. Lighter colours will make the room look bigger. Darker colours will make the room look smaller. Certain colours, such as blue, have the potential to look cold, as well as bright and airy, whereas red is quite a dangerous colour, and one that is usually associated with anger. It’s not a shade you will commonly find in the loo. Think about what kind of palette you’d like in the bathroom.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 21

Source: The Effortless Chic

24 – Big, White Bathroom

If you have the opportunity to enjoy natural, full lighting in your bathroom, grab it with both hands. Ceiling windows / sky lights let through the most beautiful lighting, and it just so happens to be the perfect lighting for putting your makeup on too. If you have the option to add more windows and more natural light, you should most definitely think about it. You really will thank us for that great tip later on.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 24

Source: Pinterest

25 – Monochrome Madness in the Bathroom

Back to monochrome again, but this time we have incorporated a beautiful wooden finish to it all, making it look modern and traditional, all at the same time. Black finishes look really luxurious when they’re done right, and this pays homage to rather old-fashioned bathrooms. Not that we’re complaining, of course, because we really do love this style of bathroom. What do you think though? Would you add this one to the list of your favourites?

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 28

Source: Pinterest

26 – Stunning Tile Shower Room Design

If you have a shower room – a room that is basically just a shower – turn it into a proper shower room, just like you would see in any celebrity bathroom. It makes sense when you think about it , plus it gives you the option to use the space to its full potential. This luxurious and beautiful bathroom space is so simple, with the most elegant of designs, but it looks damn fabulous. It also makes great use of the space, especially incorporating shelves and storage into the mix.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 29

Source: Pinterest

27 – Large + Spacious Bathroom Design

If you opt for longer, vertical patterns in the room, your walls will appear longer and your room will appear taller. If you opt for horizontal ones, those walls with the pattern will seem longer. You can use those lines to cleverly re-size your beautiful bathrooms, giving you more chances to play around if you didn’t think you had the chance to before.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 30

Source: Pinterest

28 – Wooden Style Calming Bathroom

How do you feel about a natural, wooden bathroom? It’s a very simple and elegant design, particularly with those mirrors covering the entire wall at the end. We do have a question though … Who took the photo? It’s been bugging us for ages! Answers in the comments below!

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 25

Source: Pinterest

29 – Wood Wall Bathrooms

Speaking of wooden walls, how do you feel about these sleek and straight lines? The combination of wood staining here gives you a real depth, and you could achieve the same effect yourself by playing around with stains. There’s that greenery again … Didn’t we say it was a good thing? These up-high shelving pieces give you the perfect place to throw a couple of plants, and you could even choose faux-plants if you aren’t brave enough to try keeping real ones alive.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 23

Source: design-milk

30 – Luxurious Bath Space

Don’t be afraid to play around with wallpaper in the bathroom. Floral patterns are great if you’re looking for something chic and traditional, but you could opt for something brighter, bolder, and even textured. Water resistant wallpapers come in a range of colours, shades, and even styles these days, giving you so many ways to experiment. You can even buy varnishes to use over the top of the wallpaper to seal it, protecting it from the steam and condensation that usually calls for tiles.

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 31

Source: Pinterest

31 – Rustic Walls (+ Cheese Box Belt Shelf)

What a bloody marvellous idea?! And the perfect excuse to eat more cheese, we reckon! Turn it on its side, use an old belt as a hanging device, and then use a piece of wood in the centre to act as a shelf. Throw on flowers in a bottle, and you could even spray the bottles. That sounds like the perfect excuse to empty more bottles if you ask us …

Beautiful Bathrooms To Take Inspiration From 22

Source: Curb to Refurb

And there you have them – 31 beautiful bathrooms to take inspiration from. What do you think? Are there any ideas here that you think you want to add to your bathroom? Have you done one better than these ideas, do you think? If you’ve got a room to show off, send them in – let us show them off. We’ll link right back to you, and if you provide us with a tutorial / step-by-step instructions, we’ll even share those too. We want to share your good ideas. We wouldn’t have any #homegoals at all if it weren’t for these inspirational ideas.

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

Thanks for checking in and supporting CherryCherryBeauty! xo

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