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51 Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Ideas

With everyone super excited about Beauty and the Beast, we’ve also been going into Disney overload. One of the members of the CherryCherryBeauty den is currently planning her very own Beauty and the Beast tattoos, and it prompted us to put together this beautiful post – the wonderful tattoos that we come across in our hunt to design our own.

We hope we’ve featured the right artists, but if any of them are incorrect, feel free to let us know who the work belongs to. These artists are incredible, and we want to make sure we’re linking to the right folk!

If you have Beauty and the Beast tattoos that you want to show off, send them to us. You’ll find details at the end of this post, and we can’t wait to show off your beautiful designs. We want to feature you!

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it. We know you’re waiting to see these stunning designs …

1 – Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

The enchanted rose has become almost as important as the main characters, so it’s definitely an idea you’ll see a lot when on the hunt for Beauty and the Beast tattoos. We love this sparkling and enchanting design, especially in that almost stained glass effect.

Oh, and for the record, the reason Beast didn’t want Belle to touch the enchanted rose was that if anyone else touched it but the Enchantress who cast the spell on him in the first place, it would be destroyed. This means the folk within the castle would never get the chance to return back to their human state.


Source: becky_tattoo

2 – Cogsworth + Lumière Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

They’re two of the main characters in Beauty and the Beast, and let’s face it, they’re hilarious too. Why wouldn’t you want them inked on your skin? For the record, they weren’t originally meant to have sung the hit, “Be Our Guest” to Belle at dinner time at all. At first, all of the household objects were to sing the song for Maurice. He was the first person ever to have entered the Beast’s castle after all. We’re glad they switched it so that Belle had the wonders of that little performance, aren’t you?

19 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: samanthapixierobson

3 – Beauty and the Beast Back Tattoos

This is a huge piece, but wow! Isn’t it wonderful? We’ve secretly been watching (stalking) the creation of this over the last few weeks, and if you click on the link beneath the image, you’ll see the transformation also. This kind of thing takes serious time and dedication (and pain too!), but you must admit, it looks pretty darn good when it’s all finished!

18 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: beautattoo

4 – Updated Enchanted Rose

It’s the classic enchanted rose ink, but with a difference – updated in front of that beautiful Disney castle. It’s a clever look, and one we’re definitely obsessed with. Disney also made a few changes to the original enchanted rose tale from Beauty and the Beast. Maurice, Belle’s father, was meant to have tried to touch the rose and not Belle. Not only that, in the original story, there was no enchanted rose at all. Well, there was, but it didn’t have anything to do with the storyline. We’re so glad they updated it – we wouldn’t have these stunning Beauty and the Beast tattoos otherwise!

17 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: becky_tattoo

5 – Chip + Mrs. Potts

To go alongside this AMAZING Chip + Mrs. Potts tattoo, we’d like to present you with this fun fact about the little fella – Chip was originally only meant to have had one line in the movie, but they loved him so much, they added more to the story specifically for him. Bradley Pierce offered his voice for the role, and he became one of the most-loved characters from the entire movie.

16 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: samanthapixierobson

6 – Watercolor Chip

And here’s a beautiful way to add a new and unique take on the classic Chip / Beauty and the Beast tattoos – watercolor! It’s a really beautiful look, very sketch-like, and could easily be customized to better suit you. We think we would even love this one if it were just in black and white, without the color and watercolor addition. What do you think?

36 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: laruetattoo32784

7 – Beast Tattoo

Do you know what the Beast’s real name is? Well, his real name when he was a Prince and not a Beast, of course. In case you were interested, his real name is Adam – Prince Adam – although we never actually heard that or learn about it in the Disney movie. Not that you need to know that fun fact to have this beautiful stained-glass effect Beauty and the Beast tattoo. And it really is beautiful too!

14 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: electriceel13

8 – Beauty and the Beast Foot Tattoos

What a beautiful and very clever idea – these two pieces would look like a heart if they were together, but they’ve been separated into two halves – perfect to have one on each foot. Oh, and in case you weren’t aware, foot tattoos are rather painful. Just ask anyone who’s had them!

13 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: amydeerheart

9 – Classic Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

Of course, you can’t get much better than the proper classic Beauty and the Beast tattoos – those designs that look as if they could have been taken directly from the bright colours of the Disney movies themselves. Did you know that the Beast was actually made up from the pieces of a lot of different other animals? When they were creating what he looked like, they used a lion’s mane, the body of a bear, a gorilla’s brow, a buffalo’s head, and the legs of a wolf.

66074284 454480042056620 912396260019992610 N

Source: skullandrosetattoo

10 – 2017 Realistic Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

And, of course, with the new movie coming out, there’s set to be a new wave of Beauty and the Beast tattoos – the more realistic ones. This one looks out of this world, and we can’t wait to see what else comes about as a result of the release of the latest film.

11 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: jurgismikalauskas

11 – Silhouette Lined Beauty and the Best

It’s simple yet very effective, and the only colour incorporated into his design is the red and green from the rose. If you wanted something that reminds you of your favourite Disney movie, but isn’t large or colourful, this one might be right up your alley. We love it, and we think it’s mighty clever too. Definitely one to take some inspiration from.

9 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: somozaart

12 – Stained Glass Enchanted Rose

Two Beauty and the Beast looks / ideas have been used together for this stunning tattoo design – the stained glass effect from the beginning of the movie itself, and that enchanted rose which, of course, sets the enchanted theme throughout. A clever little twist on a rather classic tattoo, you can even have this one inked in miniature – along your finger or thumb, perhaps?

20 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: richie_blue_eyes

13 – Framed Stained Glass Enchanted Rose

And for a little something more from your Beauty and the Beast tattoos using the enchanted rose design, this framed circle is a great addition. It just goes to show how you can use one theme or idea from the movie, and customise it to be unique to you. Let your imagination flow free, your tattoos are just that after all … YOURS!

4 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: davidneuentattoo

14 – Black + Shaded Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

We’re used to seeing these stunning Disney tattoos in bright and bold colours, but what about when you don’t want that? Some people just aren’t a fan of colour in their body art, and this black and shaded piece is a great one to take a little inspiration from. We can’t help but think that frame around the edge would look great in the shape of the handheld mirror that Belle used to see her father in the movie, and then Beast later on. What do you think?

6 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: chrisallendraws

15 – Classic + Elegant Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

It’s like the piece we saw before, but this one has had colour added in, and to form the shape of the handheld mirror (but not the image itself), the enchanted rose in that beautiful pink outer has been added to the very bottom of it. Another clever way of incorporating a few different Beauty and the Beast pieces into one tattoo, and making it entirely unique to you.

7 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: kellyborderstattoo

16 – Tale as Old as Time Tattoo

This tattoo is so stunning, we’re actually thinking of a little something like this for our own hands, and it’s a design that has been taken on a few times. Again, just like the other tattoo pieces we’ve shown you, there are a hundred and one ways to customise this beautiful little finger / hand piece.

5 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: nathanotattoos

17 – Beauty and the Beast Leg Piece

This is on the upper leg, and we can’t think of anything we’d rather have more. There are so many beautiful features in this design – the stained glass part from the beginning of the movie, along with all of our favorite characters. It’s so bold and bright, and definitely a tattoo you’ll want to take really good care of. You know when your tattooist tells you stuff, like how to take care of your new ink, and also what kind of products you should and shouldn’t be rubbing on it? Well, yes, you should definitely listen to the advice they’re giving you. They do know what they’re doing after all.

10 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: beautattoo

18 – Chip + Lumière Tattoo

Jerry Orbach played Lumière, who was quite the character in the movie, and he was well known for that gag with Cogsworth. You know the one – the one where Cogsworth always gets burned and somehow it’s really funny. We love the flirtatious Lumière alongside the innocent Chip in this Beauty and the Beast tattoo idea. How about you?

3 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: ink_by_eusch

19 – Disney + Enchanted Rose Tattoo

Did you know that the voice behind The Little Mermaid – Jodi Benson – was originally meant to have been the voice behind Belle in Beauty and the Beast also? No, we didn’t know that info until we went looking for it. We also found some more fun facts about Paige O’Hara – the actress who later went on to lend her voice to the beauty in the movie. When Belle was crying in the movie, Paige was actually crying real tears as she recorded her voice. Isn’t that a beautiful story?

2 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: chelseytattoos

20 – Couples Beauty And The Beast Tattoos for Hands

The film was so popular that it bagged over $100 million at the box office, and it was the first movie of it’s kind – animated – to do just that. Released in 1991, it was also the third highest-grossing film, and was only beaten by Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

In other news, how do you feel about these statement beauty and the beast couple tattoos? Which of these tattoos do you prefer?

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Not enough inspiration yet? Check out this video with a mega compilation of beauty and the beast tattoos!

21 – Enchanted Rose Gap Filler Tattoo

You could use the smaller pieces within the Beauty and the Beast tale as “gap-fillers” for your larger piece. So, for example, if you had Beauty and the Beast themselves somewhere on your body, perhaps in a sleeve, the little characters – Chip and the enchanted rose, for example, could be used in smaller sizes to fill the gaps in your skin. You should speak to your tattooist about what could be done – they’re used to creating custom art pieces for people just like you! (Oh, and some of them are really good at it too!)

Beauty And The Beast Rose Tattoo Filler

Source: Pinterest

22 – Simple Rose in Glass Tattoo

It’s so simple and elegant, we can’t think of a single reason why we wouldn’t want this beautiful enchanted rose tattoo. Not so much enchanted though – this rose is actually life-like! What would you prefer – something real or something enchanted?


Spotted on Pinterest

23 – Eye-Catching Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

Have you ever seen something so pretty in all your life? It’s as though the whole story of beauty and the beast is told through this incredible tattoo design. We think that the tattoo artist has captured the emotions of the characters perfectly in this piece.

Beauty And The Beast Tattoo Big

Source: tattoobyjaclyn

24 – Modern Twist – Tale as Old as Time

If you wanted a traditional rose tattoo, but with a very modern twist on it, how about this one? It’s cute, clever, simple, and could be made bigger or smaller, dependant on the area on your body where you want to have it. Just remember – the bigger the tattoo, the more the sittings, the more the pain. Although … it can’t hurt that much because people who have just the one tattoo never seem to have just the one tattoo for very long …


Source: Pinterest

25 – Chip Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are so popular right now, it was only going to be a matter of time before we showed the one in the shape of Beauty and the Beast tattoos. Isn’t this the cutest though – the cutest little Chip tattoo for your finger? You could go all out and have a different character on every finger if you wanted to … Now we’re even thinking about it!


Source: angeltattoos

26 – Traditional Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

There are loads of sculptures around the corridors of the Beast’s castle, and even they have a bit of a story behind them too. They were said to have been early constructions of the Beast himself – what he was going to look like through the sketching process. It’s funny to see what he *almost* looked like, but we’re glad they made him the way he is! (We actually prefer him as the Beast than Prince Adam …)

Beauty And The Beast Tattoo Ideas Artistic

27 – Beauty and The Beast Rose Tattoo Sternum

Have you ever thought of having the enchanted rose as a sternum tattoo? The shape of it just fits perfectly. As owners of sternum tattoos ourselves, we must warn you that this one really does hurt a bit (read: a lot!). The good thing about these tattoos is that you can hide them and show them off when and if you feel like it. You know – for the ones that mean the most to you.

Beauty And The Beast Rose Tattoo

Source: Pinterest

28 – The Many Faces of Belle Tattoo

We love this imaginative black and white strip featuring the many faces of Belle. The tattoo artist has a whole collection of strips like these with all of your favourite disney characters. What character would you get?

96023214 170884860948435 7583905778660960635 N

Source: beautattoo

29 – Beast In The Mirror Tattoo

How many times did you watch Beauty and the Beast dancing in the Disney movie? Well, here’s another fun fact for you – the scene actually used the same animation as the dancing scene in Sleeping Beauty, when Aurora is dancing with her Prince. According to reports, the production team were running out of time, so just rehashed an old one to fit the bill! Don’t you love it when everything comes together in the end?

Beauty And The Beast Tattoo The Beast

Source: saraink88

30 – Lumière Tattoo

Lumière wasn’t originally meant to have been French, but because Jerry Orbach, the guy who played his voice, decided to have a French accent on the day of filming, that’s what Lumière was left with. The actor literally just decided to make him French out of nowhere, and somehow it all just worked!

Beauty And The Beast Tattoo Ideas Lumiere

Source: Pinterest

31 – Classic Beast Tattoo

For the record, we don’t actually know that Gaston dies when Beast watches him slip to his death at the end of the movie. That’s not to say a sequel is on the way though – when the Disney baddie falls to his death, there are skulls visible in his eyes. Keep your eyes peeled for them and let us know if you spot this next time!

20482221 926694770819544 7530435605403009024 N

Source: skullandrosetattoo

32 – Enchanted Rose Tattoo

Getting the part of Belle wasn’t easy for Paige O’Hara and she was apparently up against over five hundred other women for the role. Not only that, O’Hara herself went through a strenuous audition process that included no fewer than five separate auditions. We’re glad she stuck with it, because we think her voice is just perfect for the part!

Screenshot 2022 01 06 At 16.44.10

Source: peachytattoo

33 – Cute Cogsworth Tattoo

Cogsworth was played by David Ogden Stiers, and he was the “majordomo” of the house. That basically means he was like the highest servant, of sorts, although nobody ever really listened to him. It was lovely to see him having fun in the movie, as you can see from hilarious Beauty and the Beast tattoos just like this one. It’s different, and definitely not a classic that you would have picked from the movie, but that’s exactly why we love it!



34 – Simple Belle Tattoo

Not just Lumière rocking the French accent, Belle was originally meant to have been French-speaking also. When the producers heard O’Hara voice the part, they decided to just leave her as she was, without the accent. Luckily, it all worked splendidly!

Screenshot 2022 01 06 At 16.35.26

Source: becky_tattoo

35 – A Different Style of Princess Tattoo

Why wouldn’t you combine our favourite Disney princess with the anime style? This is such a pretty princess design, especially with the watercolour effect in the background. What do you think? Is this the Beauty and the Beast tattoo for you?

122489427 215484390004929 8722766671918169461 N

Source: samanthapixierobson

36 – Smiling Cogsworth Tattoo

Another cute Cogsworth tattoo, and we love the fact that he’s smiling! The poor guy had such a hard time keeping every one in check around the castle! Did you know that the key that was used to wind him up was actually in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears? Take a peek and let us know if you manage to spot it!

Beauty And The Beast Tattoo Cogsworth

Source: Pinterest

37 – Colourful Beauty and the Beast Tattoos for Arms

We don’t know if you would have noticed this, but when Belle is reading her “favourite book” at the beginning of the movie, she’s reading a book that basically depicts everything she’s about to go through. There’s a scene where you see a picture – a girl in blue seemingly hiding from a handsome Prince, and there are words in a scroll beneath it. These say “le prince charmont” which stands for “Prince Charming”. Who knew?

12 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Source: angharadchappelle

38 – Dark Mirror Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

Within the movie, there was once a scene where the Beast dragged the carcass of a body through the castle. This was later removed to prevent the Beast from coming across as too much of a … well, beast. The producers did leave some of this in the film, however. In the West Wing of his castle, there are some rather large ribs in the corner, mostly hidden by shadows and folds of fabric, but you can still spot them.


Source: Pinterest

39 – Little + Simple Chip Tattoo

It’s cute and hardly what you would call a “conventional” or “traditional” inking in the realms of Beauty and the Beast tattoos, but that’s kinda why we love it so much. Why not think outside the box and opt for something that everyone else hasn’t got? Come up with your own interpretation of the characters! It is your body after all, why not adorn it with your artwork?

Beauty And The Beast Tattoo Chip

Spotted on Pinterest

40 – Love Heart + Belle Tattoo

Did you know that Belle from Beauty and the Beast also featured in another Disney classic? She’s quite hard to spot, but there is one scene where Belle wanders through the courtyard in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Give it a watch and let us know if you manage to spot her!

190013967 227570122094606 7456772309604572896 N

Source: beautattoo

41 – Mrs Potts + Chip Feet Tattoos

When you’ve got such a cute dup as this pair, it doesn’t make sense to break them up. That’s why we loved these cute Beauty and the Beast tattoos on the feet, although we are aware that it will probably hurt. Do you have foot tattoos yourself? Out of ten, what would you have ranked the pain at? (Just asking … for a friend!)

Beauty And The Beast Feet Tattoo

Spotted on Pinterest

42 – Sugar Skull Belle Tattoo

Wow, what a cool idea? It’s Belle, but as you’ve never seen her before! Incorporating the sugar skull tattoo idea into your Beauty and the Beast tattoos is a great way to make it your own, and we can’t help but think of the endless possibilities! Who’s up for the challenge of doodling some tattoo ideas? We’d love to see them. Better than that, we’d love to feature them!

16585495 696469290515208 4917444817539039232 N

Source: skullandrosetattoo

43 – Belle + Beast Love Heart Tattoo

It’s the beautiful pair – Beauty and the Beast – but as you’ve never seen them before. They’re tattooed and … well, badass, quite frankly. What do you think of their little takeover? Is this a look that you would consider for yourselves? We’ve never thought about it before, but we definitely love the look of this fine art! How about you?

17493621 993735087423283 6461687325129703424 N

Source: peachytattoo

44 – Beauty and the Beast Arm Tattoo

A beautiful tattoo, but this time on the arm as opposed to hands, fingers or feet. It features our favourite characters against an artistic background. It’s amazing how some white ink placement can really bring the look to life, and when you’re looking at Disney tattoos, it might be worth asking your tattoo artist if this is something they can incorporate into your design.

266162120 155198923501848 749518348081669712 N

Source: kiomaraldana

45 – Beast + Rose Tattoo

There seems to have been another movie that played quite a big role in dictating various features from the Beauty and the Beast movie. Can you guess it? It’s The Wizard of Oz. Belle looks very much like Dorothy does in the movie, and there are quite a few reference sot the Lion an in the film too, especially when Beast is getting ready for dinner and he gets his “ridiculous” makeover!

Beauty And The Beast Rose Tattoo Beast
Source: meganrosetattoos

46 – Beauty and the Beast Heart Tattoos

Beauty and the Beast won a whole host of awards when it was released, and with some seriously loved characters, it’s not very hard to see why. The Academy Award for Best Music, Original Song went to the song, “Beauty and the Beast”, and it also won Best Music, Original Score also. Add a couple of Golden Globes, and a few Grammy’s in there, and you know you’ve hit the big time. Apparently we’re not the only ones to love it so much!

Beauty And The Beast Heart Tattoo

Source: meganrosetattoos

47 – Tale as Old as Time Foot Tattoo

We’ve seen this tattoo design before, but now we’re showing you a slightly different way of inking it! How about having it on your foot instead? We know, we know, the foot is meant to one of the most painful places to have tattooed, but as you can see, the pain is definitely worth it! We have serious tattoo envy over this one. What about you?


Source: Pinterest

48 – Unique Enchanted Rose Tattoo

You may find that brightly coloured ink designs, such as these Beauty and the Beast tattoos, will need a little touching-up after a while, but that’s actually relatively normal. When the scabs get knocked off your tattoo, for example, the colour may come out a little, and this can happen by accident. Your tattooist will wrap your new art as soon as it’s finished, but after that, it’s down to you. Make sure you are taking care of your new art as you should be.

8 51 Beauty And The Beast Tattoos

Spotted on Pinterest

49 – Beauty and the Beast Couple Tattoos

Before you get your tattoo, make sure you do your research. You will need to find an artist that can do what you’re asking for. There are some really great tattooists out there that can do “everything”, but some will have specialities in colour work, and that’s the kind of tattoo artist you’ll be looking for, for something like this. The more information you can give your artist, the more likely he or she is to come up with something you’ll love forever, and that’s the aim of the game!


Source: Pinterest

50 – Bright Beauty and the Beast Leg Tattoo

If you want to go for bright and bold Beauty and the Beast tattoo ideas like this one, you need to know about the upkeep. These brightly coloured tattoos need to be taken care of, and as well as following the instructions your tattooist gives you on how to take care of your new art work, you should also make sure that you get the right cream, and make sure you have loose-fitting clothes also. Remember – this will hurt for at least a week or so afterwards, and it’ll scab too. You’ll need clothing that won’t knock those scabs off.

173943489 296887442008809 7772585278838672131 N

Source: beautattoo

51 – Rose in Glass Tattoo

When you get a bright tattoo like this one, make sure you’re keeping it well protected when the summer sun comes along. Those rays might feel nice on your skin, but they’ll be no good for your new art work. In fact, the sunlight will just cause them to fade quicker, and could even cause burning and peeling, which obviously won’t be great for it.


Source: Pinterest

Wow! What a beautiful display of amazing art work! What did you think of these stunning Beauty and the Beast tattoos? We can’t wait to hear which ones are your favourites, and if you’d like to be featured, feel free to send in your own ideas. We can’t wait for the film to be released, and we also can’t wait to get started on our own Disney inkings! We will, of course, update you as to our progress. Make sure you check out the social media pages to be kept up to date.

Remember to show these amazing tattoo artists some love, and if we’ve gotten any of the info wrong, feel free to correct us. And remember to get in touch – you can leave your comments below, or use our social media links. We’d love to hear from you!