25 Best Advent Calendars for Christmas

It’s that time of year again, and we’re not going to lie, we’re getting mighty excited about the prospect of opening our advent calendar this year on December 1st. In fact, we get just as excited about it every year, which led us to some inspiration for this post. Wouldn’t it be great if, for once, we didn’t just get a generic chocolate advent calendar for Christmas 2016?

We’ve been on the hunt for the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016, and we think we’ve found pretty much one for everyone, and that makes us very happy indeed.

So, regardless of who you’re in charge of buying for this year, here are the …

1 – Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

We’ve gone for the more traditional and best advent calendars for Christmas 2016, and if we’re talking about chocolate, you can’t go far wrong with Hotel Chocolat chocolate! There are a number of advent calendars on offer, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, etc., and our personal favourite is the dark one.


We totally haven’t eaten our way through it already … Okay, we lied. We have eaten the entire thing.

£12.50 – John Lewis – Click image for more details.

2 – MAD Beauty ASOS Exclusive 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

This is currently on sale – £9.89 rather than £10.99 – so it definitely deserves to be listed as one of the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016. This is cheaper than some of the chocolate-filled advent calendars we’ve come across, and this one contains a range of beauty products that won’t just fill you up with unhealthy and un-nutritious calories!


With lip balms, bath salts, nail files, bath fizzers, and more, it’s a super cute little gift, and it’s a calendar we kinda want for ourselves. It’s totally cool to buy our own … right?

£9.89 – ASOS – Click image for more details.

3 – English Tea Shop X’mas Advent Calendar (Pack of Two)

For the tea-lovers in your life, and let’s face it, there’s probably quite a few, there’s this – one of the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016 we’ve seen, if we’re being honest.


Each of the boxes, and there’s two in a pack, contains 25 tea bags – one exquisite cup of tea for every day of December. Your Nan will love this gift, as will your Mum, and probably your Dad for that matter. Who could turn down a good ol’ cuppa?

£11.20 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

4 – Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar 2016

Okay, so it’s not exactly one you’re going to buy for a colleague in your office, especially at £219.99 (on Amazon), but it’s definitely one that we’re lusting after, so we feel it definitely deserves a spot on the list.


Containing twelve travel-sized beauty products from the world-class and award-winning range, there are all sorts of goodies to enjoy, including lipsticks, lashes, and plenty of glow!

£219.99 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

5 – Yankee Candle Holiday Party Advent Calendar

It’s a slightly more affordable price than the Charlotte Tilbury one, and we reckon most of the female relatives in our family would enjoy this beautifully scented box. You get one voice candle, you know – for the big day, and then you get 23 tea lights, ranging from a number of festive scents.


If Macaron Treats, Christmas Cookie, and Christmas Eve sound like something you’d want your house to smell like, this is one of the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016, and at under £18 (on Amazon), we can’t think of a single reason why we don’t deserve it … personally.

£17.90 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

6 – NYX Beauty Advent Calendar 2016

Beauty advent calendars are a really big deal for right now, and if the Charlotte Tilbury one (at £200+) is a tad too pricey for your budget, why not consider this delightfully glittery NYX Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 instead?


You’ll get the delights of twelve eyeshadows, and twelve lip creams, all brand new shades, and all with a super-rich pigmentation that will see you right through the entire Festive season. Plus, you get the lights of a brand new product every day for a month, and that just rocks our boat a lot more than it probably should do …

£89.95 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

7 – Accentra – Advent Calendar for Men – Brown

We can’t forget about the men, and with an advent calendar that smells as good as this one does, you’re not going to want to forget about them either. This is actually a great little idea for your best friend, your BAE, your Dad … any number of male relatives.


With things like male-scented shower gel, nail clippers, nail scissors, foot lotion, after shave lotion, a comb, and more, the man that receives this will get everything he needs to start looking after himself and smell like a King. What a great idea?!

£29.98 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

8 – Chase ’24 Days of Christmas Spirit’ advent Calendar

One that the big spirit drinkers in your family and friends circle will love, we actually laughed about how we needed one of these in the obvious. Then each of the CherryCherryBeauty writers could have a meltdown and get drunk on the miniatures in the mornings of December. Great idea, right? Sadly, the boss didn’t go for it.


In all seriousness though, this is one of the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016, and just to back that up, it’s been out of stock three out of the last five times we’ve gone looking for it. Luckily, with John Lewis, you’ll receive an email when it comes back in stock. Phew!

£130 – John Lewis – Click image for more details.

9 – Tree Advent Calendar

We loved this one because instead of containing beauty products of edible candies, this Tree Advent Calendar from Topshop contains jewellery items. We can never get enough of the blingy stuff, and it even gave us some inspiration on DIY advent calendars.


A great gift for someone who you don’t know that well, but you can see that they love jewellery, or atlas seem to wear a lot of it, we’d even love this for ourselves. How about you?

£28 – Topshop – Click image for more details.

10 – Benefit Girl O’Clock Rock 2016 Christmas Advent Calendar

We’re telling you, we can’t get enough of these beauty product advent calendars this year, and at under £55, this Benefit beauty is definitely on our wish-list. You get miniatures of all the best of the Benefit collection, including the they’re real! mascara, benetint, hoola, BADgal lash, and more!


We cant get enough of the Benefit collection right now, especially the hoola and they’re real! mascara. If you’re not sure whether or not these products are worth the price, these miniatures give you a great way of trying before you buy, so to speak. That’s the excuse we’re going to use when we ask our BAE’s for them anyway …

£53.94 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

11 – The Beer Hawk Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Another one for the men, or just the beer-drinkers in your life, and we come to this amazing Beer Hawk Craft Beer Advent Calendar. With 24 different premium craft beers to try, ranging from pale ales, Stouts, Pilsners, and more, there’s even a glass to complete the package.


If he prefers a pale ale to a pint of lager, this one’s a great advent calendar, don’t you think?

£75.00 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

12 – The Beauty Advent Calendar

Not just focusing on makeup, there are a wide range of beauty products in this adorable box, stylish and sophisticated and great for your Mum! With eye creams, facial primers, skin creams, eyedrops, nail transfers and decals, and a whole host more, the receiver of this advent calendar will never be so excited about opening that little box every morning in December! We know something – we’d love this for ourselves!


The gift box is reusable, giving you a place to store all your newfound goodies, and it looks super-cool and super stylish too. It’s currently on sale too, just what we like to hear, down a tenner from £50!

£40 – ASOS – Click image for more details.

13 – John Lewis Wooden Tree Advent Calendar

With everyone talking about this year’s Christmas advert (and it’s not even been released yet), you must forgive us for getting carried away on the John Lewis website as we get ready for the festive period.


We’ve spotted this great little empty wooden tree advent calendar, perfect for when you already know 24 little gifts that you want to put in it. You could make homemade treats for the kids, for example, or even throw some dog or cat treats in there for the furry members of your family. Makeup for the girls, manly stuff for the boys … wouldn’t it be a great idea to come up with advent calendar fillings of your own?

£25.95 – John Lewis – Click image for more details.

14 – The Sanctuary Spa Let Go Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

For the woman in your life who desperately want to pamper, so basically all of them then, this The Sanctuary Spa set is perfect, offering 24 travel-sized bottles of some of the nicest smelling beauty products on the market.


We love getting The Sanctuary stuff, so we can pretty much guaranteed that we wouldn’t be disappointed if we were to open this instead of chocolate on December 1st. And no, we wouldn’t think you were telling us that we smell.

£35.99 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

15 – 24 Happy Days Christmas Advent Calendar

If you love The Body Shop, you’re going to love this 24-treat advent calendar, perfect for when you something nice, simple, and super good for your skin. Everyone’s worried about using cosmetics and beauty products that aren’t testing on animals these days, and with The Body Shop, you know your beauty products have definitely not.

You’ll get plenty of little goodies in this advent calendar, including nail polish, eye makeup remover, body lotion, lip pencils, and plenty of other cosmetics, and everything is from their best-selling ranges, you know you’re getting good stuff for your money!

£60 – The Body Shop – Click image for more details.

16 – W7 24 Cosmetic Treats, Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

For when the younger generation (read – teenage girls) won’t stop banging on about the latest beauty boxes, and you know they’re just not experienced enough to get such an expensive gift yet, this W7 delight sure does come in handy. In fact, we quite like the W7 range ourselves, and looking through our makeup box has unearthed all sorts of beautiful colours we haven’t worn in a while, and are totally going to now!


At just over £20, it’s great for those of you shopping for the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016 on a budget, and can cover a wide range of people too. We’ve bought three of these. Only one of them is for us … we promise!

17 – Lindt Hello Christmas Tower Advent Calendar

An advent calendar just wouldn’t be an advent calendar without a bit of chocolate in it, and that’s why we love this TOWER of Lindt chocolate … because who wouldn’t want a tower of chocolate?


Containing various Lindt delights, this is definitely one you won’t want to share with anyone, especially no the kids. Just make sure you’ve got them their own candy ones to enjoy, otherwise you might find that some of these go missing.

We didn’t even manage to save this one until December 1st, so no, we won’t be making to the end of the month without eating all the chocolates in one go.

£29.99 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

18 – Ciaté London Mini Mani Month 2016 Nail Polish Advent Calendar

If you love nails as much as we love nails, you’re bound to be exited by this super cool calendar, one of the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016! There’s a cute little treat behind every door, with 22 mini bottles of nail polish, a nail file, and one full sized nail polish too.


Plus, look at the box, and the bottles too! This one looks utterly adorable, and we want it for solely that reasons!

£50 – Beauty Expert – Click image for more details.

*Also available at Very for £37.50 right now. Click HERE for more details.

19 – LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

We know it’s for 6-14 year olds really, but when we showed some of the men in our life (brothers, best friends, boyfriends, that kind of things), they all expressed some serious love of this LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. All boys seem to love Star Wars, and they also seem to love LEGO too …


Why not indulge their inner child and let them have something to play with every morning throughout December. It’s got to be better than them having chocolate for breakfast.

*Also part of a three-for-two deal across thousands of gifts & toys!

£25 – Boots – Click image for more details.

20 – Selfridges Little Luxuries Advent Calendar

If you like makeup and cosmetic brands such as Urban Decay, Limited Edition, YSL, and Lancome, you’re going to absolutely adore the Eclectic Little Luxuries Advent Calendar from Selfridges, and they are fast selling out!


We found this little beauty on Amazon, and you can be sure that this one will fulfil all of your beauty needs … for now anyway.

£169.75 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

21 – Wine Advent Calendar

This one doesn’t really need any explanations, does it? Who couldn’t do with a bottle of wine for a day, for the entire duration of December? Christmas is a very stressful time, no one would blame you for turning to the drink!


They’re miniature bottles, before you get all excited about the prospect of ‘totally bladdered December’, but there’s plenty of delights for you to enjoy, and all in moderation too!

£69.99 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

22 – Estee Lauder Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar

Do you really love your mum? Do you love her enough to treat her to this amazing Estee Lauder beauty advent calendar, complete with 24 trial-sized bottles of some of the best-selling items within the beauty range.


With luxury nail polish, sculpting lipsticks, bronzers, night repair eye gel, skin activating lotions, face masks, and a whole host more, she’ll be delighted every morning that she wakes up … and you might just get you a killer Christmas gift in return!

(All about those brownie points!)

£205 – Boots – Click image for more details.

23 – Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar – The Bearded Man Company

They’re a well-known brand, so at least you’ll know when you buy the man in your life this beautiful little box set he’ll get some decent use out of it. It contains everything you need for a great smelling, soft beard, and some men could really use a hand … you know? This is a really discreet way of doing just that. We’re so smart, right?


You’ll get 24 little bottles of good beardy-stuff in this one, and every boy we’ve asked have said it’s a great idea, so we think it definitely belongs on the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016 list.

£29.99 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

24 – Clinique 24 Days of Clinique Christmas 2016 Advent Calendar

You know he loves you when he buys you Clinique, and at £150, this is an advent calendar you’ll want to appreciate the heck out of. Luckily, you get some of the best Clinique goodies in the box set, so the price is definitely worth it. That’s what we keep telling him anyway!


With best-sellers such as the Age Defense BB Cream, moisturising lotions, and even a few products for men too, everyone will love this one, especially when they hear your excited squeal as you open yet another high-class beauty treat in the morning throughout December!

£150 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

25 – Moo Free Advent Calendar

And for those of you who think you’re going to get left out because you can’t have chocolate / diary, here’s a great idea – a Moo Free Advent Calendar, complete with two free Santas and a couple of selection boxes too.


They make for great vegan stocking fillers, as well as one of the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016 if you’re looking for a dairy-free, vegetarian, or vegan option, and it’s all for under £20 too!

£18.95 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

So there you have them – 25 of the best advent calendars for Christmas 2016, and we think we’ve got most people covered. What do you think? Have you seen any super cool advent calendars around? Do you think they should be addd to the list? Get in touch on social media and let us know! All help when it comes to buying stuff for Christmas is always greatly appreciated!