Best Christmas Gifts Pet Owners

Right, we’re just going to put our hands up and admit right now that we probably love our furry friends much more than we love our actual friends, or our families for that matter. We’re really looking forward to spoiling our pampered pooches and majestic moggies, and we think we’ve found some brilliant Christmas gifts for pet owners 2016.

Whether it’s a demanding dog on their hands, or a commanding cat, here are a few things that might make the world of pet ownership a little easier for you. At the very least, it’ll be a little funnier!

1 – John Lewis Christmas Boxer Dog Print Scarf

The John Lewis Christmas boxer was all that everyone has been talking about so far this year, and if you loved that little pooch as much as we did, you’re going to love this Christmas boxer dog print scarf. Not that we’re suggesting you buy it for yourself … it’s for the dog-lover in your life, we promise. (Although we kinda want it so much too!)

£20 / John Lewis / Click for more details

It’ll keep them warm, and let’s face it, it’s perfect for the boxer lover in your life. We all have one. I think I might be that one … Anyway, yes, we absolutely loved this. What do you think?

2 – Smart Garden Metal Solar Cat Light

Can you believe that this is a solar light? We thought it was utterly adorable, and at under £15, it makes a perfect Secret Santa gift! You’re either a cat lover or a dog owner, right? At least then you’ve got a fifty percent chance of getting it spot on …

£14.99 / Very / Click for more details

This beautiful gold-bronze shade is perfect for 2016-2017 trends, and it’ll light your garden up a treat. In case cats weren’t your bag, or you’re buying for someone who has a different pet-love, you should check out these lovelies too:

3 – Ted Baker Large Icon With Dog

Because who doesn’t want the cutest Ted Baker bag with a picture of a dog on it? It’s one of *the* bags of the season, especially in that beautiful grey colour, and we personally guarantee that everyone will go barking mad about this one … Do you see what we did there?

£39 / ASOS / Click for more details

At under £40, it’s not a bad little gift for the pooch-lover in your life, but to be honest, even if we weren’t a dog lover, this one would still be on our Christmas gift list.

4 – Crazy Cat Lady Necklace

Do you know a crazy cat lady? Maybe it’s you? Maybe *you* are the crazy cat lady? It’s okay, most of the girls in the CherryCherryBeauty den are crazy cat ladies too. Where would we be without our furry little friends?

£7.99 / Attitude Clothing / Click for more details

Let her show off her crazy cat lady status with pride with this delightful little necklace, a steal at under a tenner from Attitude Clothing. In fact, we found a vast array of cat, dog, and other animal-themed items on the website. We just couldn’t fit them all on this list! Take a peek and let us know what you fell in love with … for your or your pet lovin’ pal.

5 – Grumpy Cat Slip On Slippers

These slippers are quite apt for a few people we know … they have the same face in the morning, they have the same grumpy demeanour throughout most of the day … It’s the creator of CherryCherryBeauty – she’s a proper little Grumpy Cat!

£9.99 / Truffle Shuffle / Click for more details

These will keep your pet-loving friend or relative’s feet warm, and give them a little chuckle every time they look down at their feet. What’s not to love about that? And all for under a tenner too. A great, find, but in case that wasn’t enough for you, we’ve also found the following little beauties on Truffle Shuffle too:

6 – Pug Mug

We all know a pug-lover too, don’t we? There are about four of them in the CherryCherryBeauty den! We love this cup though – everyone needs to have their own cup, especially if there are lots of cups of tea and coffee going on in the house.

£7.99 / Attitude Clothing / Click for more details

In 2015, the pet population in the UK was estimated to be at around 8.5 million dogs. Believe it or not, more people have dogs than cats – the latter was only estimated to be 7.4 million. The statistics didn’t include fish, but one in two households now homes some sort of pet.

There’s a pet fun fact for you to go hand in hand with your best Christmas gifts for pet owners 2016.

7 – How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You Book

We’re going to be honest about this, after years of cat ownership we can safely admit that every single one of those furry little friends has tried to kill us at least once. Whether it came at us out of nowhere, claws swiping at our faces, or whether it walked across the top of the wardrobe, sending things flinging down towards our heads, the cat is trying to kill us.

£9.95 / PrezzyBox / Click for more details

We feel that all cat people should read this book before going out to adopt their fun new fur ball. Seriously – there’s a good chance your cat really is trying to kill you.

8 – Ghostbusters Pet Costume

Because why wouldn’t your pet owning friend want a Ghostbusters pet costume in their life? This is perhaps one of the best things we’ve ever seen, and as long as you can get your pooch (or cat) to sit still for long enough to put this costume on them, we imagine it would provide hours of fun … and plenty of Youtube videos too! (Make sure you share them with us!)

£19.99 / Truffle Shuffle / Click for more details

If your pet-owning friends have a great sense of humour, this is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for pet owners 2016. Costumes on pets has never before been such a huge deal, and we think it’s time you got a piece of the action. What do you think?

Oh, and just in case Ghostbusters wasn’t quite your bag, how about these instead, also from Truffle Shuffle:

9 – MissRebel Vampire Cat Sweatshirt

For a cat-lover, but not just your average cat-lover, how about this super-cute vampire cat jumper? It’s on sale right now for a third of the original price, which makes it an instant winner, plus it’s super cute. And black is always a flattering colour on everyone.

£11.99 (Was £30) / Trendeo / Click For More Details
£11.99 (was £33.99) / Trendeo / Click for more details

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons households gave for owning a pet was “companionship”? What were your reasons for adopting your furry bundles of joy? Do you think your lives have been enhanced from becoming a pet owner?

10 – Brakeburn Sausage Dog Rucksack

Everyone needs a rucksack. Everyone definitely needs a sausage dog rucksack just like this adorable Brakeburn number that you can see here. Did you know that the “proper name” for the sausage dog is Dachshund, and there are actually 15 different colour variations of them?

£34.99 / John Lewis / Click for more details

Queen Victoria apparently made these hounds popular in Britain, and in the 1973 Munich Olympic Games, the pooch became the very first Olympic mascot! If you’re in the market for a Dachshund of your own, you should also know that they have a very long lifespan, and the longest one was alive for 21 years!

11 – Reserved For The Cat Cushion

Every cat owner knows that the cat sits where the cat wants to sit. If the cat fits, it’ll sit, and in some cases even when it won’t fit at all.

£11.95 / PrezzyBox / Click for more details

We love this “reserved” cushion for your cat, perfect for that chair your BFF’s feline friend has claimed as its own. Cats seem to get very territorial about certain features of their home, and we feel that this cushion not only looks great in your home, but also serves as a warning to anyone who dared to sit in that cat’s seat! And we thought Sheldon Cooper was bad for his spot!

12 – Dog in a Box Sticky Notes

Everyone needs sticky notes, so why not sticky notes in the coolest shape ever? We’re proper in love with these dog in a box sticky notes from Attitude Clothing.

£4.99 / Attitude Clothing / Click for more details

If it’s a stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift you’re on the hunt for, this is perfect. At under a fiver, it’s hardly breaking the bank, plus that pug is super adorable. And now your fabulous housemate doesn’t have an excuse to not write down your messages.

13 – Sterling Silver Dachshund Charm

And for the charm-bracelet-wearing, dog-lover in your life, how super adorable is this Links of London charm? Again, if the Dachshund doesn’t float your boat, you could opt for other styles and breeds of dog, and there are even cat and other animal-themed charms on offer too.

£45 / Links of London / Click for more details

Don’t be fooled by the appearances of these adorable sausage dogs. They were trained, years ago, to not just run after its prey and catch it, but also kill it too. They’ve been rated as one of the most aggressive dogs in a number of studies too. Not bad for such a little ankle-biter! Who’d have thought it?

14 – Pyro Pet Hoppa Candle – Peach

Candles are a really safe choice when it comes to the best Christmas gifts for pet owners 2016. Firstly, who doesn’t like candles? Secondly, this one comes in a number of designs, just in case cute little bunnies weren’t really your thing. Thirdly, this is cool. It just looks cool. Therefore it belongs on the list.

£19.95 / PrezzyBox / Click for more details

Oh, and for the record, there are different colours on offer, and different animals too. We particularly liked the black cat. Which one is your favourite?

15 – Burgundy Cat Print Socks

Everyone knows that Christmas is a massive failure if you don’t get at least one new pair of socks out of it. You’re just not meant to buy your own socks – everyone else (like your mum and your gran) are meant to buy them for you for special occasions such as birthdays and especially Christmas.

£2.49 / New Look / Click for more details

At under three pounds, these are great for stuffing those stockings, and also for Secret Santa style gift-giving occasions. Plus, secretly everyone appreciates a fresh new pair of socks.

*We certainly do.

16 – Dog Selfies Set

Listen, if you’re not taking a hundred and one photos of your pet each day, do you ever have a pet at all? And, to make things even funnier than they already are, how do you feel about dressing our pampered pooches up for the afternoon with this fun dog selfies set?

£6.95 / PrezzyBox / Click for more details

You know those hilarious dog-shaming images you see shared on Facebook all the time? Well, with the wipe-clean mini-whiteboard and easy-clean marker you can make your own! A hilarious gift for under a tenner, and the potential to be even more hilarious as you try and use them. We image the fails and bloopers from this would be just as funny as actually achieving those dog-shaming perfections.

17 – Black Fluffy Cat Tail iPhone 6/6S Case

It’s a phone case. With a tail. And it’s fluffy. I mean, does it never any further explanation? The tail is detachable too … It just gets better, right?

£5.99 / Attitude Clothing / Click for more details

For the ultimate black cat lover, you can’t go wrong with this furry phone case. Plus, it’ll give them something to stroke when the times get rough and stressful. Haven’t you ever seen Get Him to the Greek? Stroke the furry wall!

18 – Pop! Pets Siberian Husky Pop! Vinyl Figure

What about a husky lover? Although, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a husky with their beautiful coats and adorable eyes? For the husky lover who doesn’t like the idea of a permanently shedding pooch around the house, this vinyl figure is great. In fact, they even do different ones for different breeds of dog too!

£9.99 / IWOOT / Click for more details

In case you wanted to know why this particular breed of dog has a tendency to shed quite so badly, it’s because they have a thick double coat designed to help keep them warm in the cold Alaskan winters. Everything about them is built for heat-retention, and even their eyes (shaped like almonds) are cleverly designed so that they can squint through the snow.

19 – Gemma Correll 2017 Cat’s Life Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar for Christmas. How else would they remember when your birthday is? We love this one – a typical cat’s life tale, depicting all the realities faced with cat owners when they first bring home their feline friend.

£10 / John Lewis / Click for more details

We love cats, don’t get us wrong, but they’re really superficial little beasts. They’ll only come to you when they want something, never because you want love, and they’ll mess up any workspace you try to get going. As many flaws and quirks that they have though, we still love them, and we wouldn’t be anywhere without ours!

20 – Sparkle Slippers – Cat

These are slippers that’ll give your floor a clean as you scooch around, but don’t worry, they have non-slip soles too. And, as if they couldn’t get any better, they have cat faces on them. Pink cat faces, wearing glasses … Amazing.

£14.95 / PrezzyBox / Click for more details

And in case the cat didn’t quite tickle your fancy, there are some more feathery and furry friends to pick from too. Just check these little beauties out:

21 – Dino Dog Hottie Warmer

Firstly, it’s a bulldog. Secondly, it’s in a dinosaur costume. Thirdly, you can pop it in the microwave to heat it up, working as a much safer hot water bottle.

It’s a really great idea, especially in the cold weather, and these little microwave warming hotties are perfect for keeping the kids warm in long, early-morning car journeys too … Just a little helpful life hack we’ve learned over the years.

£9 / Topshop / Click for more details

And just in case this cute Christmas gift wasn’t good enough, it even comes with a lavender scented bag, and we all know that lavender has aromatherapy properties to help promote natural sleep.

22 – Black Cat Jewellery Stand

We all need somewhere to put our jewellery, especially when we’re doing the dishes. That sparkly big engagement ring doesn’t deserve to be dunked in dirty dishwater. And congratulations if you recently got engaged too. It seems as if everyone else on our Facebook friends list has!

£8.99 / IWOOT / Click for more details (3 for £15 or 6 for £25)

This black cat design is perfect for anyone who loves those feline fur balls, and it’s clever designed so that you can hang as well as place. That makes it perfect for necklaces and bracelets which you definitely wouldn’t want to get tangled.

23 – Personalised Cat Memorial Frame

This is such a beautiful gift for the pet no longer in their life – a personalised pet memorial frame. There’s three windows – one for a photo, and then spaces for a personalised message, and special dates and names too.

£49.99 / Forever Bespoke / Click for more details

It’s a really thoughtful gift. We all know how attached we can get to our beloved furry family friends, and therefore we definitely think this one belongs on the best Christmas gifts for pet owners 2016.

24 – Teksta Voice Recognition Puppy Electronic Pet

Firstly, this amazing electronic pooch can understand your hand movements and actual voice commands. Secondly, he gets hungry and you need to feed him his bone. Thirdly, he wants to play, and that’s what the ball comes in handy for.

£39.99 / Amazon / Click for more details

For the dog lover in your life who can’t actually have a dog (damn landlords), how about this electronic pup? He might keep the kids off your back for a while. You know how they always go on about wanting a puppy. We think it’s a great idea, and we’re actually considering getting one for the CherryCherryBeauty den! What do you think? Are we too old for a toy dog now?


And if a dog doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about these instead:

25 – Travel Dog in a Tin

Travelling with a pet can be a real pain in the backside, but not with this clever travel dog in a tin – everything you’ll need to keep your dog occupied for trips to the vet, or on holiday journeys.

£9.99 / Forever Bespoke / Click for more details

There’s the water bowl, an emergency lead (always handy), and even doggy dodo bags too. You can add your own extras if you wanted to, but it’s a great idea for just-in-case. You know, because owning a pet is always a surprising experience!

26 – Window Bird Feeder Birdhouse

If you know someone who really loves birds, or even just the wildlife in their back garden, this window bird feeder with suction pads is a really great idea. Set things up so that they’re all warm and cosy inside, and when the birds start to realise there are nuts and other bird feed delights in there, they’ll soon come flocking.

£9.99 / Amazon / Click for more details

What do you get out of the equation (or the person who receives this wonderful gift)? Well, a wonderful view of course. If you’re lucky you might just encourage a few rare wild birds close enough to get a cheeky photograph. If not, at least you can say that you’ve done your bit for the birds this winter. They need a helping hand too, you know? (And it’s not just to keep them safe from your cats!)

27 – Kitten Shaped Ice Cube Tray

Because why wouldn’t you want a glass full of cute fluffy kittens? Of the ice cube type, obviously. We’re not a big fan of having cat fur in our drinks, although that is something you’ll soon need to get used to if you have cats in your home. Those furry little critters don’t really understand the concept of ‘leave my glass alone!’ (Our cat even drinks out of the glass if we have water on our desk!)

£5.99 / Amazon / Click for more details

We do love this, a great little stocking stuffer for the average cat lover. It’s cute, practical (because everyone needs an ice tray), and at least then you’ll have ice when the host forgets to get some for the big christmas party. Practical and cute – what’re could you want from the best christmas gifts for pet owners 2016?

28 – Handmade Wooden ‘ Crazy Rabbit Lady ‘ Home Sign

If you know a crazy rabbit lady, you might find that this cute little handmade sign comes in rather handy. You could even go as far as to make your own if you’re feeling particularly handy and have some old bits of wood around. There’s nothing better than a homemade gift … if you have the time to complete the project, of course.

£6.99 / Amazon / Click for more details

It’s under a tenner, makes for a great stocking stuffer, and there are plenty of designs you could pick from, regardless of what animal your friend or relative is a massive fan of.

29 – Pet Portrait

This is a really great idea for an elderly pet … To have them immortalised in art work is a great way to appreciate them, love them, and respect them. They’re part of the family after all.

Instagram / @artunhinged

There are plenty of artists out there offering pet portrait services, and if you don’t like the idea of something so realistic, you could always opt for a pop art print. In fact, with the canvas printing services you can find online these days, you could even recreate this yourself. Do you have photos of the beloved pet in question? Could you get your hands on some? There are tools on the internet to help you create art out of photos, and a pet print is a great idea for a pet lover.

If you liked the work of this artist, you can hire him HERE.

30 – A Dog’s Guide to Humans: Volume 1

If you ever wanted to know what your dog actually thought of you, this is the book you need to read. In fact … perhaps every dog owner / lover needs to read this one?

£5.71 / Amazon / Click For More Details
£5.71 / Amazon / Click for more details

Written by a professional dog trainer and canine behaviourist, it’s a light-hearted gift that’ll give the receiver something easy to read on the train. One of the best Christmas gifts for pet owners 2016 if you ask us.

And there you have them – some of the best Christmas gifts for pet owners 2016. We loved the items on this list, and we hoped that you loved them too, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to shout them out below. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

*Prices correct at time of writing

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