The Ultimate Guide To Birthday Nails

Is your Birthday just around the corner? Are you excited about it? If I had been in your place, I would have been over the moon with excitement. By now, I would have decided which outfit I would wear, the theme, and where I would throw the party. I would have decided what kind of birthday nails I would get. 

While we leave the outfit, theme, and place on you, we can suggest some fantastic birthday nail ideas you can flaunt at your party. 

We have birthday nail designs that will blow your mind away. So without wasting time, let’s see the most fantastic birthday nails ideas. 

Birthday Nails With A Heart, Flame, And Scorpion
Birthday Nails
Birthday Nail Designs In Nude With Gold Design
Birthday Nail Designs
Nail Designs Birthday With Glitter
Nail Designs Birthday
Birthday Nail Ideas In Pink With Cupcake
Birthday Nail Ideas
Birthday Nails Ideas With Pink And White Tips
Birthday Nails Ideas
Nails For Birthday With Green Base Coat And Black Snake Design
Nails For Birthday

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Birthday Nail Set With Embellishments
Birthday Nail Set
Libra Birthday Nails With Green And White Lines
Libra Birthday Nails
Simple Birthday Nails With Cupcakes
Simple Birthday Nails
Birthday Set Nails For Capricorns
Birthday Set Nails
Scorpio Birthday Nails For Extra Long Length
Scorpio Birthday Nails
Black Birthday Nails With Confetti
Black Birthday Nails

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Birthday Nails For 11 Year Olds With Gifts And Candles
Birthday Nails For 11 Year Olds
Birthday Nail Art On Brown Short Nails
Birthday Nail Art
Glitter Birthday Nails With Ombre Effect
Glitter Birthday Nails
Nail Ideas For Birthday With White French Tips
Nail Ideas For Birthday
Birthday Nail Inspo On Stiletto Shape
Birthday Nail Inspo
Birthday Nails Design With Ombre Effect
Birthday Nails Design

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Zodiac Sign Scorpio Birthday Nails With Clear Base Coat
Zodiac Sign Scorpio Birthday Nails
Happy Birthday Nails For 21St Birthday
Happy Birthday Nails
Blue Birthday Nails For 29Th Birthday
Blue Birthday Nails
25Th Birthday Nails With Nude Base And Black Design
25Th Birthday Nails
Nail Art For Birthday In Green And Gold
Nail Art For Birthday
30Th Birthday Nail Ideas On Nude Shade
30Th Birthday Nail Ideas

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18Th Birthday Nail Ideas With Confetti
18Th Birthday Nail Ideas
Nail Designs For Birthday With Embellishments
Nail Designs For Birthday
Nails Birthday In Matte Black And Metallic Pink
Nails Birthday
Birthday Nails For 13 Year Olds In Pink With Balloons
Birthday Nails For 13 Year Olds
Nail Designs For Birthdays In Black And White
Nail Designs For Birthdays
Birthday Nails For 15 Year Olds With Cupcake
Birthday Nails For 15 Year Olds

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Birthday Nails Designs With Blue Tips
Birthday Nails Designs
Birthday Almond Nails With Confetti
Birthday Almond Nails
Birthday Cake Nails In Pink, Silver And White
Birthday Cake Nails
Birthday Gel Nails In Nude And Black
Birthday Gel Nails
Birthday Inspired Nails For Capricorns
Birthday Inspired Nails
24 Birthday Nails In Black And Silver
24 Birthday Nails

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Almond Shape Birthday Nails In Pink
Almond Shape Birthday Nails
Birthday Nail Sets For Capricorns
Birthday Nail Sets

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21st Birthday Nails

Get ready to glam up your digits with some fabulously fierce and fun 21st birthday nails! From coffin designs to pink hues, let your creativity run wild.

Long Pink Coffin Nails With Cute Pink 3D Nail Decorations Of Teddy Bears, Bunnies And Fruit
Light Blue Coffin Nails With Ombre, Glitter And Rhinestones
Long Light Pink And Dark Pink Coffin Nails With Glitter, Rhinestones, 3D Nail Decoration And 21 Written In White.
Long Square Tip Dark Brown Nails With Ombre And Silver Glitter
Long Coffin Nails With Light Pink French Tip, Cuticle Gem And 21 Written In Silver
Long Coffin Nails With Nude And White French Tip And Ombre, White Flower Design And Silver Rhinestones
Long Coffin Nude Coffin Nails With Ombre Effect, White Designs And Rhinestones
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White Birthday Nails

Get attention-grabbing white birthday nail ideas to feel chic and glamorous on your special day. Check out our collection of stunning nail designs.

White Birthday Nails For Capricorn
Birthday Nails White With Rhinestones And Glitter
White Birthday Nail Ideas For Libra
Cute White Birthday Nails In Nude With White Design
White Birthday Nail Designs On Clear Nails
Birthday White Nails In Blue And Black
Cute White Birthday Nails In Black And White
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Glamorous Birthday Nails

Get ready to turn heads with these glam birthday nails! From glitter and unique designs to acrylic nails, these suggestions will surely inspire you to polish up your nails for your special day.

Glam Birthday Acrylic Nails
Glamorous Birthday Nails
Unique Glamorous Birthday Nails
Birthday Glam Nails
Glamorous Birthday Nail Designs
Glam Birthday Nails
Glamorous Nails For Birthday
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Coffin Birthday Nails

Make your birthday celebration special with these coffin birthday nails. Choose from light or dark designs, or create your own sparkly look with ease.

Coffin Birthday Nails In Cheetah Print
Long Coffin Nails With Nude Base, White Heart Nail Decor, Pink And Purple Heart Nail Confetti, Pink And Purple Rhinestones
Coffin Cute Birthday Nails With Birthday Cake On One Finger
Birthday Nails Coffin In Blue With Cake
Birthday Coffin Nails With A Different Design On Each Finger
Sparkle Birthday Nails Coffin With Cupcake On One Finger
Cute Birthday Coffin Nails In Pastel Shades
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Pink Birthday Nails

There are a bunch of different designs you can choose from for your pink birthday nails from nails for your sweet 16 to bling zodiac nails.

Pink Birthday Nails With Pink Tips
Pink Birthday Nail Ideas With Pink Tips And Clear Base Coat
Birthday Nails Pink Tips
Birthday Pink Nails With Cupcake And Gifts
Pink Birthday Nails Coffin With Ombre Effect
Birthday Pink Nail Polish With Confetti
Birthday Nails Pink With Rhinestones
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Birthday Nails Short

Get creative ideas for birthday nails short. Fabulous & fun designs to celebrate your special day. Discover unique ideas with us!

Birthday Nails Short In Pink With Confetti
Short Birthday Nails With Dinosaur On It
Classy Short Birthday Nails In Black, Grey And Glitter
Cute Short Birthday Nails In Royal Blue And White
Birthday Nails Ideas Short In Multi Colors
Birthday Nail Ideas Short In Black And Nude Shade With Stars
Short Birthday Nail Ideas In Green And Black
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Cute Birthday Nails

Looking for cute birthday nails for your special day? Check out our blog post filled with adorable and stylish nail ideas that will make you feel gorgeous and confident on your birthday!

Coffin Cute Birthday Nails
Cute Short Birthday Nails
Cute Birthday Nail Ideas
Cute Nails For Birthday
Cute Birthday Nail Designs
Cute Birthday Nails Short
Cute Nails For Your Birthday
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Acrylic Birthday Nails

Get creative with these beautiful and eye catching birthday acrylic nails. Discover innovative designs for your special day or any event.

Acrylic Birthday Nails In Pink And White
Glam Birthday Acrylic Nails With Pink Tips And Design
Baddie Acrylic Long Birthday Nails With Yellow Tips And Embellishments
Birthday Acrylic Nails With Nude Base Coat And Black Design
Birthday Nails Acrylic With Glitter And Balloon On Almond Shape
Birthday Acrylic Nail Ideas In Black And Gold
Acrylic Nails For Birthday In Black And Olive Green
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Long Birthday Nails

Since a birthday is a special deal, we have picked out some fantastic long birthday nail ideas for your inspiration.

Long Birthday Nails With Nude Base And Pink Tips
Baddie Acrylic Long Birthday Nails With Yellow Tips
Long Birthday Nail Ideas With Pink Tips
Birthday Nails Long For Scorpios
Birthday Nail Ideas Long With Olive Green Tips And Black Design
Long Acrylic Birthday Nails With Embellishments
Long Coffin Birthday Nails With Butterflies
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Nail designs birthday can be designed in whichever way you like. That’s the best part about it. There are no strict rules regarding picking birthday nails’ color, shape, and design. 

The best part is that you can easily do a birthday nail set at home. You only need knowledge, tools, or a little time to create the perfect birthday nails. Here are a few quick steps that you can follow: 

  1. Begin with a clear base coat. Just make sure you buff the surface of your nail. 
  2. Apply primer on your nails. 
  3. Using your favorite nail polish, apply a top coat. You can also use gel nail polish. But for that, you will need a UV-LED lamp for curing the manicure. 
  4. Create the design of your choice. 
  5. Let the nail polish dry. 
  6. Once dry, apply a shiny or matte coat. 
  7. Moisturize your nails after removing access nail paint. 

There are multiple options when it comes to nail ideas for birthday. You can apply glitter on your nails or even create an ombre effect. You can even add a trendy design to it. 

If you are not a fan of glitter, you opt for zodiac signs and birthday years in unique fonts, balloons, cakes, or cupcakes. All of them look amazing for birthday nail art. 

We hope this article helped you tick your birthday nail inspo off your to-do list. 

Have a fantastic day, and Happy Birthday Beauties! XOXO