21 Stunning Blue Makeup Looks

Well, hello! How are you lovelies doing today? We’ve been doing some makeup shopping lately, and we’ve realized that we all seem to buy a lot of blue makeup but very early use any of it. So, to make this shocking situation right again, we’ve been doing some investigating. We’ve been checking out some bold blue makeup looks to recreate ourselves to use the blue makeup items we have finally. Oh, and those blue shades in eyeshadow palettes that we never seem to find a use for.

If you’ve been feeling blue lately, here’s some inspiration to get you started:

1 – Eyes + Lips Blue Makeup Looks

Who said you couldn’t rock blue lips with blue eyes? Bright and bold colors are now more in trend than ever, and this look is a great one to take inspiration from. Once upon a time, you would have been told to use delicate shades and blend them cleverly so that the seams of color could not be seen. These days, however, makeup artists are thinking more outside the box, coming up with fantastic and bold new ways to wear shades that would once have been untouched in a makeup palette.

Eyes + Lips Blue Makeup Looks
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2 – Blue Makeup Looks With Glitters

You’ll need a few things to hand if you want to recreate bold blue makeup looks like this glitter-tastic delight. Pressed glitter is a good place to start, and this one has used different tones to give it a more 3D and real-life effect. Try lilacs and blue hues together, mixed with some silvery-white pieces that really help to reflect the light. Just a slick of liner and lashes completes the look. Make sure you keep your lips relatively neutral so that all the attention has been placed on the heart of this beauty – the eyes.

Blue Makeup Looks With Glitters
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3 – Mermaid Blue Makeup Looks

Do you want to know what we like to do? We like to spend those days when you don’t need to leave the house playing around with new makeup shades and tones. You know those Sundays when you don’t plan on getting dressed, sat on the couch all day, eating junk food and watching all sorts of rubbish on the TV? Grab your makeup palette and a mirror and get experimenting. Just remember to make a note of the shades you use that you liked. (And also the ones that you really didn’t.) When it comes to leaving the house with a bright and bold new colour on your face, you’ll have much more practice.

Mermaid Blue Makeup Looks
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4 – Silver-Lined Light Blue Makeup Looks

A hint of liner is a really great way to experiment with a new colour. You don’t even need that particular colour eyeliner in your makeup bag either. Using a thin brush, your blue eyeshadow, and a touch of water, you have everything you need to create a dramatic (or not so) blue line. Don’t we have all the best tips? That will save you a small fortune on eyeliners that you only end up using just once!

Silver-Lined Light Blue Makeup Looks
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5 – Bright Bold Blue Makeup Looks

It is believed that you should confine bright and bold colours, like these blue shades, to the top lid only. We think that’s a great place to start, but you should try it along the bottom too. Give it a quick flick with a brush and some blue shadow. If you don’t like it, simply wipe it off with a makeup remover wipe, add a quick flash of concealer to repair any smudges in the base you’ve made, and carry on.

Bright Bold Blue Makeup Looks
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Do you want to recreate this stunning look? Have a look at the video tutorial below!

6 – Wild Metallic Gold + Blue Makeup Looks

How about mixing a beautiful blend of blues and golds together for an exotic finish that we think would look amazing for those hot, holiday nights? If you don’t have the exact shade you want when creating your makeup look in the morning, don’t be afraid to blend a whole bunch of colours together. Who knows what the finished look might be?

Wild Metallic Gold + Blue Makeup Looks
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7 – Royal Blue Makeup Looks With Nude Lips

If you want blue eyeshadow that’ll stick for the whole night, you need to use a combination of gel and powder shadows. The gel goes first, above your primer. The powder adds a setting layer over the top to ensure that nothing budges. There’s nothing wrong with layering up your makeup, as long as you learn how to blend it together properly. We’ll be honest, that blending step took us a few attempts to get right. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

Royal Blue Makeup Looks With Nude Lips
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Here at Cherry Cherry Beauty, we love all things blue! We love blue hair, blue nails and even blue bedrooms!!!!

8 – Blue Makeup Looks With Bright Blue Liner

If you want to keep your skin relatively dewy, rather than full coverage, don’t be afraid to mix your foundation with moisturiser. It’ll give you slightly less coverage than you’re used to from your makeup product. It will still give you that covering that evens and hides blemishes. If you’re worried about wearing too much makeup when you’re playing around with new shades, keep the eyes bright and the rest of your look downplayed.

Oh, if you want to pair this stunning look with some matching nails, check out our post with 21 gorgeous matte blue nails!

Blue Makeup Looks With Bright Blue Liner
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9 – Silver And Light Blue Makeup Looks

If you want your blue eyes to really POP, you need to add a slick of white first. This could be a white eyeshadow or even a white eyeliner pencil, but that flash of white will give you the perfect blank canvas to apply your blue over the top. It is a well-known fact among makeup artists that a pale coloured base beneath a bright shade is the best way to liven it u. It’ll make it look brighter and bolder.

Silver And Light Blue Makeup Looks
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10 – Frosty Blue Makeup Looks

It can be hard to know what kind of blush or bronzer you should go for when you’re rocking a brand new colour on your eyes. We’ve got a neat trick that you can use to give yourself a dusky pink-cheeked glow without making you look like you’re wearing too much makeup. Before you add your foundation (after you’ve moisturised your face) add some highlighter. Then, add a touch of gel blush, which you should then blend well into the skin. It’ll give you a glow on the cheeks that comes from BENEATH your makeup, looking it appear more natural and, therefore, easier to wear.

Frosty Blue Makeup Looks
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11 – Silvery Blue Makeup Looks With Cut Crease

If you’re not quite brave enough to rock a really bold and bright shade just yet, don’t panic. Opt for a darker blue, more of a navy blue. You’ll find it easier to wear. One of the easiest changes you can make, for example, is to switch your regular black eyeliner flick for areally deep and dark blue one. You could even consider using blue mascara, rather than black or brown too. You don’t need to go all-out if you don’t want to.

Silvery Blue Makeup Looks With Cut Crease
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12 – Bright + Bold Blue Eye Makeup Looks

Are you feeling dramatic today? How do you feel about this bold, blue dramatic look? Matching your eyes to your lips may seem quite daunting if you’ve never so much as strayed from the neutral colour palette, but you don’t need to go quite this far. We’ve mentioned before that there’s nothing wrong with starting off small and building your way up from there. Have a look on Pinterest and Instagram for lots of blue makeup ideas. Then pick bits that you like from different images and get super creative. Oh, and don’t forget to show us what you’ve created. We bet it’s fabulous. We’d love to feature it in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty …

Bright + Bold Blue Eye Makeup Looks
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13 – Pink + Bold Blue Makeup Looks

For when you can’t work out whether it’s a pink or blue day, how about mixing the two? We know, we know, we’re sure you’ve already heard that blue and pink makeup doesn’t go together, but this look just proves that to be a total myth. Clever blending and shading makes these bold colour combinations a popular choice. That makes it much easier for you to wear!

Pink + Bold Blue Makeup Looks
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14 – Bright Blue Makeup Looks With Sharp Liner

Do you like to play around with bold and big colours in your makeup, just like this stunning look? If you do and you’ve taken photos of your pieces of art, send them in! We’re looking for lots of new makeup inspiration, covering lots of different looks and colours. We want to see what you’ve been coming up. We’d also love to feature you in a future article for the beauty section of CherryCherryBeauty.

Bright Blue Makeup Looks With Sharp Liner
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15 – Glitter Navy Blue Makeup Looks

We love glitter. We love blue makeup. Therefore, we love this stunning version of bold blue makeup looks. You know how you usually go for three specific colours in your neutral palette when applying your makeup in the morning? Well, do the same thing, but rather than picking three progressively darker shades from the neutral range, pick them from the blue range instead. Do what you would usually do with your makeup. Add the darker shades to the crease, and keep lighter pops for the inner corners to make you look wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. Just use the blue shades instead of the neutral, regular ones. Then add a touch of glitter in the corner if you wanted to really jazz things up. See — it’s so much easier than you thought.

Glitter Navy Blue Makeup Looks
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16 – Blue Makeup Looks Queen

The key product of the season is highlighter and, as this look shows, sometimes it’s the perfect trick to really bring a makeup look together. This is a killing-it party look that we totally want to find an excuse to wear ourselves, and it’s a look that could easily be recreated with minimal beauty products.

Blue Makeup Looks Queen
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17 – Gorgeous Desire Bold Blue Makeup Looks

This stunning look was created with a mix of POV Beauty eyeshadows and pressed glitters, and just in case you were wondering, the glitter is in the shade ‘Desire’ and the eyeshadow was in the ‘Gorgeous’ palette. Remember the days when you were told never to mix pink lips and blue eyes together? Well, it’s time to break all the rules. If you’re going to break them, you might as well do it in style with bold blue makeup looks just like this one!

Gorgeous Desire Bold Blue Makeup Looks
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Source: rubina_muartistry

18 – Blue Makeup Looks With Bold Lips And Simple Eyes

Rocking blue lips? Keep your eyes neutral. It makes such a difference because you’d usually wear things the other way around. Well, you would if you were anything like us. Why not switch things up? The best way to rock a bright lip is with a relatively nude eye, so keep everything simple and wear that bold lipstick shade with pride.

Blue Makeup Looks With Bold Lips And Simple Eyes
Source: vanraebeauty

19 – Dark Royal Blue Makeup Looks

Deeper and darker blues are always easier to wear than those brighter, more in-your-face shades, so keep things dark and sultry with bold blue makeup looks like this one. You’ve got the regular darker brown / nude shade on the crease, just as you usually would, as well as the slick of black eyeliner and oodles of lashes. The only thing that makes this different from regular makeup looks you’ll have practiced is that a deep, rich blue shade has been used over the bulk of the eyelid. You would usually have used a much lighter, nude shade, we’re sure, but just that one change could make the world of difference.

Dark Royal Blue Makeup Looks
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20 – Ice Blue Makeup Looks With Double Liner

Technically, this has look is more than just a double liner look, mostly because a thin flash of light / ice blue has been added to the lower lash line to really bring the whole thing together. That double liner look on the top lash line is much easier than you first may have thought too. Simply add your flick of black liner, but keep it more towards the thin side. You are going to add to the bulk of it with that ice blue double-line – the second one that is just above, and basically touching, the initial black line you placed there.

Ice Blue Makeup Looks With Double Liner
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21 – Dark + Light Blue Makeup Looks

Mix darker and lighter tones together for bold blue makeup looks that really stand out and pack a punch. Those blue shades could really make blue eyes pop, and we’ve already established that you can use moistened eyeshadow in the place of eyeliner if you don’t have the right colour to hand. When was the last time you used any other shade of eyeliner than black? We’re giving you a challenge … It’s time to try blue.

Dark + Light Blue Makeup Looks
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And there you have them – 21 pretty pink makeup looks to copy that we think you could achieve at home with ease. If you click on the links, you’ll be taken to the original artist, and we’ve tried to find links to the tutorials where possible. You should definitely go and show them some love – we wouldn’t have any inspiration at all if it weren’t for them! (Plus, they’re very talented, don’t you think?!)