21 Christmas Nail Art Designs

Is it too soon to talk about Christmas? We never think so, and that’s why we’re getting things kickstarted with some beautiful Christmas nail art designs to get you in the festive mood. There’s something for everyone, from neutral shades to bright pops of colour, and with every nail shape included for good measure too.

Don’t forget, if you’ve come up with some amazing Christmas nail art designs yourself and want to show them off, post them on your social media accounts and tag us with #CherryCherryBeauty. You can also privately send the images to us – DM us on Instagram, for example! We want to make sure we have something for everyone, and we need your designs to do just that.

1 – Simple Christmas Tree Nails

What do we love about these nails … Apart from everything, of course! They’re simple, actually quite simple to do at home, and can be easily jazzed up with embellishments, just like you can see right here.

Instagram / @nailsbyjema

The design itself is actually very simple. You can use tape to create the triangle-tree outline, and then you can paint that with green, or in this case, marble green in different shades, even adding tiny glitter dots to act as Christmas tree ornaments and decorations if you wish. Add the star to the top of the Christmas tree, and you’re good to go.

2 – Christmas Stripes

Certain colours are commonly associated with Christmas, red, green and gold being the most obvious ones. That’s why these candy-cane nails remind you so much of the festive period, and why we’ve included them on this list.

Instagram / @badgirlnails

The other nails could be whatever shade or colour of polish that you like, or you could keep the trend going like you can see here and opt for the red, green, and gold delights. But that one feature nail – that’s the one you want to pay special attention to, making sure you get that candy cane look just right. Alternatively, you could just do what we do and fake it with nail wraps instead.

3 – Christmas Carol Christmas Nail Art Designs

These nails are super cool, Christmas carols in time for the season to be jolly. If you’re no good at hand-painting font like this, there’s no need to panic, because as well as nail stamping, there are a couple of super easy ways in which you recreate this nail text effect.

Instagram / @secretjewelgarden

If you cover you painted nail in a quick dab of alcohol, using a cotton wool ball or pad, and then place newspaper print face-down on the nail, when you move it away again, the print will have transferred onto your nail. That’s the easiest way to get script designs, without the hassle of getting your handwriting spot on!

4 – Cute Christmas Puds

These nails really do look good enough to eat, plus they’re super cute which makes them an instant winner in our eyes. Plus, when you break the design down into more manageable segments, you realise they aren’t as difficult to achieve at home as you first may have thought.

Spotted on OneNailToRuleThemAll – Click for full tutorial

There’s even better news too – we’ve found a full tutorial on these nails, and if you want to give them a shot yourself, just click on the image for more details. Aren’t we so nice to you?

5 – Simple Glitter + Gold Christmas Tree Nails

Another super simple one you can easily do at home with just a few moments spare, and to start with, you’ll need to add a cost of your base colour. In this case, it’s green, but you could do any colour you liked. The Christmas tree shape reminds you that it’s Christmas, so it doesn’t matter if you go off-festive-topic with the shade.

Spotted on Pinterest

Once that base coat has dried, use tape to mask off a triangular shape to form the tree. The criss-cross design is achieved be using masking tape, or even thinner nail foil, across the tree shape. When you’re done and the polish is dry, peel off the tape, give it a good cost of clear top cost, and that rhinestone gem to act as the star on the top of the tree.

6 – Black Christmas Tinsel Tips

When it comes to Christmas nail art designs, you just can’t get more festive than adding glitter to the occasion. Now, if only glitter wasn’t a real pain in the backside to get rid of.

Instagram / @fairlycharming

Actually, before you get disheartened by the thought of a glitter-less Christmas, there are a few tips you can use to make getting rid of glitter nail polish much easier. Just one of these is to add a thin layer of PVA glue underneath the glitter layer itself. When you’re done with it and ready to change, simply peel off that glitter layer and you’re back to the shade you had on underneath. Smart, right?

7 – Nude Christmas Nail Art Designs

If you want beautiful nails for Christmas this year, you need to start off with good condition nails. That might mean that you need to put in some work, and give your talons the TLC they truly deserve. It’s not like you don’t put them through enough!

Instagram / @melcisme

Before you even get the nail polish out of wherever you keep it, give your nails a good clean first. Nail polish always slides on better to clean, fresh nails, than nails that have got your leftovers from the last manicure on there. Remove any prior polish with some remover that’s acetone free, and then use nail brush and some hand / nail wash to exfoliate away dead skin cells. Then your hands are ready for their mani. And not a second before!

8 – Tartan Christmas Nails

If you think that hair trims are the only trim you need to worry about, think again. Trimming your nails regularly is just as important as making sure you head to the hair salon every six to eight weeks, and the reasons are much the same too.

Spotted on Pinterest

When you have dead, rubbishy nails, you’re wasting nutrients on them. By giving them a trim, you’re cutting off the dead ends, and this gives your fresh, strong nails a chance to grow through. That’s just what you need before heading to the nail salon for these Christmas nail art designs.

9 – Square Santa Nails

Theres something very cute and comic-like about this adorable set of Christmas nails, incorporating the main dude himself with the image of square boxes or presents. It’s something a little different, and we really kinda like it.

Instagram / @banicured_

The Santa nail could easily be added to a hand where all the rest of the nails are one shade – a neutral colour, for example, or a sparkly red. In fact, there are so many elements you could take from these Christmas nail art designs, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

10 – Christmas Bauble Nails

It’s a super simple idea if you already have some glittery nail polish to hand, and we love the simplicity of these Christmas bauble nails. There’s something quite traditional about them, especially with that curved / rounded – point tip, and we can’t help but think that any number of background shades would work too.

Spotted on Pinterest

If you want to recreate these nails yourself at home, we’d recommend starting with that round bauble / decoration shape to start with. You can ad the glitter string and the bow afterwards, but is often the circle that proves to be the hardest part.

11 – Super Embellished Christmas Nails

If you’re using metal nail tools when taking care of your nails, such as metal cuticle sticks, for example, throw them out. They’re a bad idea, and all the best beauty and nail experts say so. You can cause actual trauma to the nails, nail bed, and the cuticles and skin to, just by using these tools. We suggest that you get rid of them!

Instagram / @xnailsbymiri

Nail care tips aside, you really do need to take care of your nails if you want festive delights such as these. This is even more so the case if you’re getting nail extensions, because there is much more care required, both before, during, and after.

12 – Glitter Tinsel Christmas Nail Art Designs

Having short nails doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a beautiful and festive nail design. It just means you need to be a little more imaginative with the way you work your designs, and that’s not a bad thing.

Spotted on Pinterest

Simple Christmas nail art designs are often easier on shorter nail lengths, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative, just like these stunning nails. What do you think? Would you rock these?

13 – Santa Sweater Nails

Long nails sure do look beautiful, especially when you want a complicated or intricate design, or real show-stopping talons. However, they’re not always practical, and if your nail health isn’t up to scratch, the long nails will cause more havoc when the extensions are applied.

Instagram / @nailartspa

If you want nails that are a healthy length, as well as a practical length, opt for slightly shorter ones with rounded edges, rather than their pointed or square cousins. It’s easier to build the strength up on them when they’re shorter than when they’re longer.

14 – Christmas Tree Nails

Although you’re always told to cut or push back those cuticles when you redo your polish, it’s actually not very good for your nails. The cuticle actually acts as a seal, and when you break that seal, you’re breaking that barrier of protection. That’s when you start getting into the realms of nail damage and infections, and neither of those things are something you want.

Spotted on BlueTapeAndNailTips – Click for full tutorial

All the nasty infection-talk aside, what do you think about these glitter-tastic Christmas tree nails? They’re super simple to achieve with the help of some nail tape, and you could get creative with your glitter colours too, throwing blues, greens, reds, golds, and plenty of other colours into the mix.

15 – Glittery Festive Nails

We love gold glitter, and for some reason it just seems to go hand in hand with the festive period. This means that these nails are definitely on our lust-list, combining Christmas-tree green with the right amount of gold glitter to really liven things up.

Instagram / @banicured_

The good thing about Christmas nail art designs like these is that you can completely customise them to match any look or colour you wanted. If green wasn’t really your favourite shade, you could easily swap it out for red, or any number of other shades, and still not stray from the festive theme.

16 – Red Candy Cane Nails

Red and white stripes have long since been a great symbol of the festive period, particularly with those red and white striped candy canes your mother always puts on the tree and never lets you eat. What’s the point in that? (We always ate them when we thought no one was looking … How about you?)

Instagram / @thenailtrail

If you don’t fancy trying to get those candy cane stripes just right with your own dodgy hand-painting techniques (because ours were, quite frankly, useless), you can buy candy cane nail wraps which are, obviously, much easier. And quicker, for that matter. Who has time for nails when there’s Christmas shopping to do?

17 – Mistletoe Christmas Nails

You know the old tradition of mistletoe, don’t you? If you stand underneath it, you need to kiss the person you’re with. When there are free smooches on offer, it just makes sense to take full advantage and rock out with mistletoe Christmas nails!

Spotted on Pinterest

When the whole process is broken down, they’re not actually as difficult as you first may have thought, and you can add the leafy design to plain white nails, nude nails, red nails, or any other background shade that you like. Add the red blobs for the mistletoe berries, and get a little creative, using zig-zag lines to make the outer shape of the leaves themselves. Once that’s done, colour them in, add some lighter and darker shading if you fancy getting a little more adventurous, and Bob’s your uncle. You have Christmas nail art designs that are both super-simple and super-cute too!

18 – Pink Christmas Nails

Bright pink isn’t normally a shade you would associate with the festive season, but there’s something about thinking about side the box, don’t you think? We wouldn’t have dreamed of adding pink Christmas trees to our festive nails, but this look just nails it. Pun intended, obviously.

Instagram / @Glittr

And why not? If you’re bored of all the classic Christmas shades and want to go for something brighter and more colourful, you could do a lot worse than this bubblegum pink shade, especially combined with that silver glitter nail too. It’s a look that goes hand in hand – perfect with the Christmas tree design.

19 – Dotticure Christmas Nails

It’s a simple design, but with the right combination of dotticure shades, you could have the easiest Christmas nail art designs out there. With the simplest backdrop and a few well-placed dots, different sized dots at that, your nails could look like Christmas too.

Instagram / @PaulinasPassions

The ends of a hair grip are the perfect sized dots, just in case you don’t have dotting nail tools to hand, and you could always play around with a combination of shades to recreate that little Christmas tree too.

20 – Christmas Scene Nails

Before you opt for bright Christmas colours, make sure that you add a coat of a clear base paint. There’s a few good reasons for this, but one of the most important is to form a barrier so those bright shades don’t stain your nail bed.

Instagram / @banicured_

You know when your nail goes a weird yellow colour? Yep, that’s staining, and it’s often avoidable – a quick coat of base paint being one of the ways to avoid it. Make sure you do the leg work for your Christmas nail art designs – that base coat is VITAL!

21 – Simple Santa Nails

And, to finish the lot, we have these simple Santa nails – the perfect combination of shimmer, Santa, and all things red. When it comes to Christmas nail art designs, people often forget about the old and traditional looks, and these ones are often the ones with the biggest impact. These are done on short nails, but there’s something to stop you from transferring the design to longer nails, and even different nail shapes too.

Instagram / @ane_li

You could move the mistletoe around, and even have simple shimmer nails with all except the Santa nails. It’s completely up to you – just come back and let us know what you created, of course!

And there you have them – 21 Christmas nail art designs that we can’t wait to rock for ourselves, but which ones have taken your fancy? Which designs have made you wishing November away in time for December? We’d love to know what you think, and what nail creations you come up with you! Don’t forget to tag us!

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