Christmas Pyjamas

10 Christmas Pyjamas We Wish We Had

Whether you’re looking for last-minute gifts or you’re just on the hunt for something adorable and super cute to wear on the big day, these Christmas pyjamas are definitely winning in our eyes!

Get yourself a last-minute buy quick before the postal times cut off, or run down to the high street. Either way, these cute PJ’s won’t be around for long!

Christmas Pyjamas 1
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Reduced to just £10, this Santa Onesie from Pretty Little Thing is the only thing we want to unwrap under the Christmas tree this year.

Please Santa… We’ve all been really good girls!

Christmas Pyjamas 2
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The Moschino McDonalds collection was everywhere we looked for 2015 and although these might not be the real deal, we reckon they come pretty damn close.

Available at for just £18, these are Christmas pyjamas we won’t be embarrassed to wear this year!

Christmas Pyjamas 3
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OK, so admittedly they aren’t exactly Christmas pyjamas but we don’t care, we want them anyway.

What else are we meant to do on Christmas Day except for eat, sleep, nap, repeat? Oh, and open presents of course!

Christmas Pyjamas 4
Available at Primark

Because Christmas Day is a totally acceptable day to eat whatever the hell you want for breakfast. Let’s get straight to the point about it. These cute donut-themed beauties might not be overly Christmassy but if we opened these on Christmas morning, we’d be more than happy.

(And so will you be when you learn they’re only a fiver at Primark!)

Christmas Pyjamas 5
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For the days when you don’t want all the responsibility of being Santa, be an elf instead. Plus, judging from those ‘Elf on the Shelf’ escapades, those cheeky little dudes have a lot of fun!

Christmas Pyjamas 6
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Let’s say it as we see it – no pants are the best pants. £15 for the most honest and appropriate Christmas pyjamas we’ll open this year? Obviously it’s a winner!

No pants are the best pants because there’ll be no unbuttoning or unzipping as we eat too much like we do every year…

Christmas Pyjamas 7
Available at Primark

Oh come on – everyone’s talking about Star Wars this Christmas! That’s all everyone’s been talking about for months. Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t escape it so you might as well join them with these cute Primark delights. Only £8.50 too!

Christmas Pyjamas 8
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For when you can’t be bothered for pretty, matching underwear, just fake it with this lingerie night shirt from

Hey, they never said you had to wear actual pants at the table…

Christmas Pyjamas 9
Available at Primark

Festivities + Minions = a Christmas party we definitely want to be at! We love these Minion-themed Christmas pyjamas from Primark and at just £11, we think you might too.

What’s the worst that can happen anyway?

Christmas Pyjamas 10
Available at Primark

Have I been good?


So yeah, Santa should definitely put me on his ‘Good’ list so I can everything I want for Christmas! Even if I don’t get the Louboutin’s I want, these Primark beauties will make for a great consolation prize… At a fraction of the cost!

Christmas Pyjamas 11
Available at Primark

For when the Christmas bug definitely hasn’t hit you (like most of us!), these Mickey Mouse Christmas pyjamas are perfect… Plus they say it all!

Available at Primark, we could probably name a few people these bah-humbug PJ’s would be perfect for.