26 Beautiful Cow Print Nails

If you love nail art and are constantly looking for that next chic style, then today’s your lucky day because we’ve brought you one trendy nail art—cow print nails. Kendal Jenner loves it, Ariana Grande loves it, celebrities can’t get enough of it, and we’re certain you won’t either.

Keep reading because we’ll be showing interesting ways on how to do cow print nails, how to do cow print nails at home, and how to paint cow print nails anywhere. 

1 – Matte Stiletto Cow Print Nails 

We know that there’s something extra about stiletto nails, but seeing them as cow print stiletto nails adds another extra touch. Of course, this nail art isn’t an uncommon one – it can be created by anyone with steady hands. Aside from the cow print nails stiletto design – which takes steady hands to achieve, we love the added touch of black.

One would have thought that cow prints on nails would be a weird look to consider. But, looking at it on this stiletto immediately makes you recount all previously held thoughts. You should consider adding this cute nails cow print to your bucket list.

While this design can easily be done by anyone, we recommend visiting a mail technician if you don’t have steady hands.

Matte Stiletto Cow Print Nails 

2 – Short Cow Print Acrylic Nails

You’ve seen cute cow nails on long acrylics, but have you seen short cow print nails done with acrylics? Certainly not. Interestingly, this nail is how it still turned out beautiful, even on cow print short nails.

We have every reason to believe that you can recreate cow nails short designs or short acrylic nails cow print style using this picture. Apply your base coat, then carefully apply your orange polish on your thumb, index, and middle finger.

Then, on your ring and pinky finger, apply your white polish. Once it’s dried, carefully outline the cow pattern using a thin-tipped brush and black polish and fill it in. Finally, apply your topcoat once dry.

You can recreate this cow print nails short style flawlessly following these steps.

Short Cow Print Acrylic Nails

3 – Cow Print French Tip Nails

Both cow print and French tip nails are having their moments in the current fashion and style. So, combining them to produce these cow French tip nails is rather an excellent idea. This nail design is especially great for girls who want cow print nails French tip designs that are simple yet classy.

What we love most about these cow print French nails is the color combination, simplicity, and attention to detail. If you look closely, you’ll realize that these French cow print nails use brown to achieve cow print art rather than black. For accurate results, it’ll be best if you visit a professional.

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Cow Print French Tip Nails 

4 – Orange Cow Print Nails with Fiery Design

One thing you’ll consistently realize in all of these designs is how unusual most of them are. And that applies to these orange cow print nails. Who would have thought Orange could look this good with cow print design. You’d have to give it up for the nail tech that came up with this idea.

The combination of two shades of orange—light and dark and the fiery art design are the highlights of these nails. To pull off this look, we’d recommend a nail technician. However, if you have some experience with nail painting, you might just be able to do this yourself.

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Orange Cow Print Nails With Fiery Design

5 – Summer Vibe-y Rainbow Cow Print Nails 

Cow print nails but make them rainbow-colored. If we didn’t have this picture, we’d have thought it had to be imagined and done. This cow print rainbow nails is proof of the versatility of cow print nails. I bet you (just like us) have only known cow prints to be on black or white, but seeing this rainbow mix is definitely a game-changer.

If you are the flashy or high-spirited cow-girl, I certainly recommend this cow print nails rainbow look. It’s something you can recreate yourself once you know how to make cow print designs. But, what we’re not certain about is how many people will love to wear a rainbow cow print on their fingers.

Summer Vibe-Y Rainbow Cow Print Nails

6 – Simple Black Cow Print Nails

Another interesting thing about cow print nails is that you can’t resist them when it’s a black design. In fact, black cow nails are gorgeous -especially this one. Maybe the beauty of black nails with cow print is that it is a simple and chic design.

On this nail, the play on design brings the nail alive. The pattern of cow print nails with black polish is one you must try. You can recreate this with your natural nails, just like this one. Or, you can try this design with press-on nails. Whichever you use will still give you the same results. We recommend visiting a nail tech for this one.

Simple Black Cow Print Nails 

7 – Matte Brown Cow Print Nails with Diamonds

Did you know brown would look so good on a cow print? No? Neither did I. Now, this is absolutely gorgeous; I could spend hours drooling over this design. Here, the Brown cow nails are achieved using brown nail polish to create the cow print art on a white surface.

Did you notice the matte finishing? Pretty sure you did. Certainly, we can’t deny the level of attention devoted to creating this. After seeing this, we have no doubt that you’ll want to add cow print nails brown design to your style collection.

We recommend visiting a well-experienced nail tech for this one; we don’t want anyone ruining this perfect look for you.

Matte Brown Cow Print Nails With Diamonds

8 – Cute Pink Cow Print Nails 

Whether you are an animal print lover or not, you certainly can’t ignore the beauty that these pink cow nails exude. The idea of cow nails with pink may have been baffling at first thought, but looking at this, we can’t help but love this. If you are a pink lover, we have every reason to believe cow print nails pink style will definitely be included in your bucket list after seeing this.

If you can make cow print art, this is a simple cow print pink nail you can try at home. All you’ll need for these pink and cow print nails is your pink and white polish and the liner to achieve the design. You can even opt for a short look by using your natural nails. The picture already gives the impression that pink cow print nails short style is a beautiful look.

Cute Pink Cow Print Nails

9 – Pink and White Cow Print Nails

White nails with pink cow print design are certainly a delight to look at. Both colors blend so well, providing a stylish finished look. White and pink have always mixed so well, and looking at it on this nail is so refreshing. 

While the color combo matches, another thing that brings this design to life is the French tip design – you’d notice it is used to achieve the cow print on some fingers. We absolutely love it, and we’ll recommend that when trying to recreate this look, your nail technician will be your best bet for a perfect finish.

Pink And White Cow Print Nails

10 – Blue Cow Print Nails with a Beautiful Twist

Blue cow nails are a must-try, and if you have any doubt, maybe you should stare at this picture again. On its own, blue is a beautiful color – regardless of the shade, and seeing it on this nail is all the proof we need. You have no excuse not to try blue and cow print nails now.

Achieving this cow print nails blue art will require a glass nail, dark and light blue polish, and white polish. We are not sure what makes the nail more beautiful, the color or the style? If you tried, you could recreate this at home, and you can tweak the style so long as you still use blue.

Blue Cow Print Nails With A Beautiful Twist

11 – Long Light Blue Cow Print Nails with Tapered Square Ends

There are so many things to be paid attention to here: light blue nail polish, the design, art, French tip, and the length of the nail. We already mentioned that every shade of blue is beautiful, and this nail color and design only proves our point better. On some nails, the style is French-tipped, while others have only the cow print.

It’s certainly cuteness overload, and if you are looking for cute nail ideas cow print style, this should be on your list. We also doubt that you’ll achieve anything this good if you use another shade of blue. It’s as though this particular style was made for light blue alone.

Long Light Blue Cow Print Nails With Tapered Square Ends

12 – Glossy Blue and White Cow Print Nails

Since it’s raining blue, we are very certain you are taking note of the different looks you can achieve with all the awesome shades of blue. This particular style seems the easiest of all of them to recreate.

When recreating, first create your surface with a white polish (after your base coat, of course). After that, you can begin your cow print design using a blue polish. Anyone can recreate this on their own; all that’s needed is that you pay attention to details.

Glossy Blue And White Cow Print Nails 

13 – Minty Neon Cow Print Nails

Popular fashion opinion is that people who wear neon colors are comfortable with attention or might be following fashion trends. For some time now, neon has been in vogue, so has the cow print nail designs. While they’ve both been in vogue, neither you nor I would have imagined what the combo would have looked like.

But someone did, and that person sure did a great job with this combo. The neon color, cow print, and additional designs will draw some attention to the nails.

Looking at it, we cannot imagine a better way to introduce cow print on neon, if not subtly like this. Anyone can recreate this look, but we’ll like to know if it’s something you might consider.

Minty Neon Cow Print Nails 

14 – French Tip Green Cow Print Nails

On its own, green is a vibrant color that brings out the beauty in whatever surface it’s applied on. This goes for these cow print nails too. The style and design are beautiful, and the French tips contribute to that.

When recreating it with green, you can tweak it for other colors that blend perfectly with green, like white. And, aside from using light green, you can try it on any other shade of green so long as it’s not forest green.

French Tip Green Cow Print Nails 

15 – Spring Vibe-y Pastel Cow Print Nails 

Pastels are warm colors and can be worn by anyone. Seeing this cow print nails pastel style brings spring to mind. And the color combo, nail length, and overall outlook of this design give a calm and cool vibe – we love it.

The simplicity and stylishness of the nails draw attention. After seeing this, the first thing that crossed our minds was “cute!” We are pretty sure this crossed yours too. We think that when recreating this, you should maintain this design. However, if you want to tweak it, you can use baby blue on white instead of black and white for the print, but it’s best to maintain the length.

Spring Vibe-Y Pastel Cow Print Nails 

16 – Coffin Pink and Black Cow Print Nails

You know, black and white, pink and white, but looking at this, you can tell it’s a combination of all – pink, black, white and even nude! The blend, the artistry, all of it is divine. We like how scanty the cow print is and the diversity of subtle designs.

For instance, you can see that the ring finger only has the number 4 at its tip, while the ring finger has an ombré design topped with pink rhinestones. I also think another touch of beauty is the coffin nails. So when you get to your nail tech, I’d advise that you emphasize you want cow coffin nails if you must get this same look.

Coffin Pink And Black Cow Print Nails

17 – French Tip Light Pink Cow Print Nails

You can recreate this look almost immediately with your light pink, white, nude polish, and acrylics. The nail bears a French tip style which adds another layer to the attractiveness.

Although this particular nail design was achieved using square-shaped nails, you can use other shapes and designs like the stiletto, mountain peak, short, or coffin nails. We do not doubt that it’ll look good on any of them. We think this design may be quite easy to pull off. But, we’d recommend visiting your nail technician if you aren’t familiar with doing your nails.

French - Tip Light Pink Cow Print Nails

18 – Black and White Cow Print Nails 

Basically, black and white is the signature design for cow print, so black and white cow nails are not an unusual design to wear. But you’d agree that this looks slightly different from the typical white and black cow print nails. 

If you look closely, you’ll notice that some of the fingers have a swirly diagonal French tip design. We are impressed at the uniqueness of these nails and the creativity of nail tech. 

Recreating this won’t be hard if you can steady your hand to trace the lines. But, if you can’t, let your nail technician do what they do best.

 Black And White Cow Print Nails 

19 – Nude Nails With One Cow Print Design and French Tips

White cow nails can be created using any design, and they’ll still look exquisite. If in doubt, you should look at this picture again. What differentiates this style from other white and black styles is that there’s only one cow print per hand. It reduces attention while maintaining beauty.

If you are to recreate this, you’ll need your white, black, and nude polish. Whatever way you tweak the polish, remember that French tips are important to achieve this level of cuteness.

Nude Nails With One Cow Print Design And French Tips

20 – Green Cow Nails Coffin Design 

Cow print nails coffin designs always have a way of looking great regardless of the colors used. From all the previous nail styles, you’ll take notice of the coffin style on most of them. What does this speak for? It is that coffin nails and cow prints blend definitely make a great team.

For these cow nails coffin style, you can see that the cow print design is only on the middle and ring finger while the plain green occupies every other finger. We like how simple this nail design is, and we think you will too.

You can also achieve this look using a cow print nails coffin short style.

Green Cow Nails Coffin Design 

21 – Long Cow Print Nails with Half Nude Design

In fashion and style, many people love long nails, and you wouldn’t blame them, would you? Somehow, claws always turn out gorgeous, and they give a sophisticated and sassy vibe – who wouldn’t love that?

This particular design is one of the many examples of beautiful claws. Aside from the length, the design is also lovely and contributes to its beauty. The half-nude, half cow print design neatly divided by a thin line of pink polish is impeccable. We love the preciseness of these nails and recommend that you visit a nail technician to achieve this perfection.

Long Cow Print Nails With Half Nude Design

22 – Cute Cow Print Acrylic Nails with Rainbow-theme

Did someone mention cute cow print nails because we’ve brought something your eyes cannot resist – I mean, look at this gorgeousness. These multi-colored cow print nails are simple and worth the hype.

You can recreate this cute cow nail art just as it is or get adventurous with colors. However, we think the colors used here should be maintained. What do you think?

Cute Cow Print Acrylic Nails With Rainbow-Theme

23 – Easy Cow Print Nails 

You might have seen many of the cow print nails look difficult to recreate yourself. It’s a common thing amongst this type of nail because it requires keen attention to detail. But what if we told you that it doesn’t stop you from having the easy cow nails you can do alone?

This nail design shows that you don’t have to stress so much to achieve something beautiful. To pull off this design, you don’t have to go through the process of drawing cow prints on each nail. All you need is one or two fingers with the print, and you can style the other fingers using an orange polish.

You can also play around with other colors and still arrive at a lovely look. This is just one of the easy cow nail art to create; many more are scattered all over the internet.

Easy  Short Cow Print Nails With Orange French Tip

24 – Black Gel and Matte Cow Print Nails

Matte nails are beautiful, and there’s no reason why matte cow nails won’t be equally beautiful. This black matte cow print is an example. These nails give the gothic cowgirl-ish look, and we can’t get our eyes off it.

We recommend getting a nail technician for this cow print nails matte, gel, and glittery design. I don’t think you’d forgive yourself if you messed this up after trying to recreate it yourself.

Black Gel And Matte Cow Print Nails 

25 – Ariana Grande Cow Print Nails Inspo

If you are a loyal Ariana Grande fan and lover, you’d agree that she loves her nails, simple and short. Not just that, we also believe she loves cow print. We’ve seen her on cow nail print designs and cow print pants. 

Given these posts, we think she may be part of the reasons these “yee-haw” vibe-y cow print nails are now in vogue.

This design features a short and round curved nail with a cow print design similar to Ariana Grande cow nails posted a while ago. So, to channel your inner Ariana, you might want to consider this cow print nails Ariana grande design. When recreating, you can tweak these cow nails Ariana grande Inspo and still have a perfect look.

Ariana Grande Cow Print Nails Inspo 

26 – Fall Cow Print Nails 

A bit of cow print and a sprinkle of fall, and there you have it – perfect cow fall nails. This nail design is super easy to recreate and requires very little stress – I mean, you don’t even need press-on nails.

All you need is nail polish with fall vibes – make sure you use the right colors – nude, brown, and cream; they do the job perfectly. Blend it with cow prints either on the same nail, or you can mix fingers like in the picture.

Fall Cow Print Nails 

One thing we have learned from all the above-listed cow print nails is that they will look good in almost any nail polish, style, size, and shape.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Do Cow Print on Nails 

If you’re wondering how to do cow nails yourself, below is a “how-to” cow nails guide to help you achieve the look.

  • You’ll need:
  • Clear base coating polish
  • Darker nail polish(s) of your choice
  • Dotting tool
  • Tin foil for the cow print

Once you have these materials in place, follow these steps to create a perfect cow print nail.

  1. First, apply the clear base coat to protect your nails
  2. Apply your base color
  3. After applying the base color evenly, allow it to dry
  4. Bring out your tin foil and a dotting tool
  5. Drop a bit of the nail polish for your cow print on the tin foil
  6. Use your dotting tool to gently dab and apply to the nail surface in a dot shape.
  7. To achieve the cow print look, the dots should be of different sizes and slouched a little to achieve an extra effect
  8. Allow the nails to dry and apply the clear coat again
  9. Voila! Your cow print nails are ready!

This guide will help you with how to do cow nails at home and for extra advantage, watch this tutorial to know more.

And if you need additional information on how to create your cow print nails yourself, this YouTube video will serve an important purpose.