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21 Looks: Cute Valentine’s Day Outfits

Can you believe how fast the year is going by already? We’re sure it feels like Christmas is barely over, yet we’re already on the hunt for everything that will make our Valentine’s Day as perfect as possible. Just in case you missed them, we’ve already brought you some of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day makeup looks. We’ve also got a few nail designs that you should definitely look out for too. But, for now, we’re going to look at a few looks for cute Valentine’s Day outfits. Whether you’re looking for something casual, cool, dressy, or cute, there’s a cute outfit out there for you. Maybe one of these will give you a little nudge in the right direction …

1 – Cropped n Cute Valentines Day Outfits

When the weather isn’t quite as warm as you’d like, we definitely think you should pull out the cute, pink sweaters you’ve got hiding in the back of your closet. You should also look at teaming your oversized and cosy pink sweater with some cropped trousers. A higher waist will make this combination both flattering and comfortable, and you could go with flat shoes or heels, depending on how you were feeling that day. We’re particularly impressed with the addition of a cute hat and bag in this around-town look. It’s giving us all the pink hearts and romance vibes.

Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration 11

Source: mel_lamacraft

2 – Sassy Maxi Dress

It’s like the sassiest maxi dress you’ve ever seen, and sexy too, especially with that leg split. When you want to show off just a hint of flesh, but not too much, a skirt with a leg split is a great option. If the split offers a little more flesh than you’d like, don’t be afraid to pair it with tights, or add a piece of fabric to make it slightly less revealing. If it’s good enough for Angelina Jolie, it’s good enough for us. Now, where did we put our razors and fake tan? Winter is most definitely coming to and end …

1 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Sevastiana K Instagram

Source: sevastiana_k

3 – Fabulously Floral Cute Valentine’s Day Outfits

Are florals your thing this spring? If you’re talking about a floral jumpsuit like this, we’re always interested. It’s such a clever item of clothing too. Cute flats and a thrown-on denim jacket make the perfect daytime, romantic outfit. Add some heels and killer jewellery and you’ve got a flirty look that will also see you into the evening too. We’re still rocking the jumpsuit vibe. Are you?

Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration 16

Source: daleystaggs

4 – Floaty Skirt & Checked Shirt

This look works for so many different occasions, we might even print it out and stick it to the front of the fridge. Also: we’re 100% obsessed with this beauty’s hair! You may not have considered teaming a checked/lumberjack-style shirt with a floaty little skirt, but it’s a combo that definitely works for us, especially with those cute boots. Casual, but still flirty and cute. Cute Valentine’s day outfits done right.

8 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Pslovetashh Instagram

Source: pslovetashh

5 – Tailored Trousers & Killer Heels

Are you feeling trousers over a skirt or dress? These tailored and wide-leg delights might just work for you. With a pair of killer heels, you’ll feel ten feet tall. (Even when you aren’t.) Definetley a go to for cute valentines day outfits. Compatible with so many top options, you could make this look as sultry or as conservative as you liked. These trousers will come in handy a lot over the next or so. We guarantee that you’re going to want to wear them EVERYWHERE.

18 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Thattorifrenchlife In

Source: thattorifrenchlife

6 – Casual Denim & Converse Style Cute Valentines Day Outfits

What do you wear when you want to look both cute and casual, all at the same time, whilst still making use of the warmer weather that may or may not grave us on the day? How about a cute denim skirt, a simple white top, and a cute pair of Converse. The flat trainers make it easy to zip around, and you could always pack a cuter pair of shoes if you have a big enough handbag and the date calls for something a little dressier. It’s amazing, all the ways that you can dress up or down a simple denim skirt. Do you own one? Do you think it’s about time that you did?

16 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Ukwordgirl Instagram

Source: ukwordgirl

7 – Red Jeans

Red — the colour of love, romance, and passion. And, it would seem, fabulous jeans too! If you wanted to incorporate some of that romantic theme, but not too much, red jeans are a super cute way of doing things. Effortlessly teamed with a simple white tee, cool black ankle boots, and the cutest (and warm-looking) jacket, and you’ve got a cute valentines outfit that will see you through Valentine’s Day, whatever the weather.

6 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Then3Rdmom Instagram

Source: then3rdmom

8 – Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

If your special someone is going all-out this Valentine’s Day, treating you with the most romantic of meals, you’re going to want some ideas for cute valentines day outfits that reflects such an occasion. This look is simple, elegant, and — let’s face it — pretty darn perfect for a romantic night in or out. Switch the heels for cute flats if you don’t fancy running around town in your killer kick. The faux-fur shawl will keep you somewhat warm when the evening turns into night too. If it’s something fab and glam you’re on the lookout for, this look has got it all sorted.

17 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Jennkelley Instagram

Source: jennkelley

9 – Beret & Sweater Sweetness

Isn’t this look the cutest look? We instantly adored this cute valentines outfits inspiration, a little bit French-themed and oh-so-romantic. An oversized sweater is the most versatile thing you could hang in your wardrobe, looking just as cute with jeans and trainers as it does here, with a cute, matching beret and sassy, thigh-high boots. For when you’re dreaming of Paris, but just can’t get there, bring the Parisian theme to you instead. They say that Paris is the city of love!

4 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Sevastiana K Instagram

Source: sevastiana_k

10 – All Laced Up

Fancy something a bit laced-up for your cute Valentines Day outfits inspiration? We’re loving this look — a simple button-up skirt with a sassy, rich red laced up top and body. We were wearing these laced-up items all winter, and you don’t need to put them aside yet. They’ll still go with a large number of things that you’ll start pulling out to wear for spring. Simply pair yours with a skirt and the cutest boots and you’ve got a ready-in-no-time romantic-themed look.

14 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Daleystaggs Instagram

Source: daleystaggs

11 – Big Pink Fluff

We’re a big fan of this fluffy pink number, perfectly matched with a simple top and patterned skirt, everything all finished off with a cute pair of studded ankle boots. You could substitute that skirt for some smarter trousers or perhaps even cool denim jeans for a slightly warmer look. You could even add sassier heels if you wanted to dress things up a little more. One thing is for sure; we’re totally in love with the big pink fluffy jacket here.

3 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Lefashionaire Instagra

Source: lefashionaire

12 – Floaty T-Shirt Style

For Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration that’s just perfect for layering, we would like to push this cute get-up your way. Team a floaty and romantic t-shirt dress with same sassy shoe-boots, and you’ve got something that you could dress up or down, depending on where you end up. Throw a denim jacket over yourself when the weather turns a little chilly, or even a grungy leather jacket if you just so happen to have one handy. There are plenty of ways that you customise this outfit to match the mood, that’s for sure.

10 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Mel Lamacraft Instagr

Source: mel_lamacraft

13 – Red & Belted

If you’re not in the mood for a light and flirty t-shirt dress, you could always consider a passion-red jumper dress instead. Again, you have a crazy amount of ways to dress things up or down, using a belt to nip things in at the waist, teaming with heels (boots or shoes), or even flats — Converse or sandals. Add some accessories and you’ll have a great time no matter where you end up!

19 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Beautybybda Instagram

Source: beautybybda

14 – Sexy Off-The-Shoulder

We’re praying the weather is nice enough to pull off an outfit like this sassy little number. That denim skirt sure comes in handy, no matter what the season. Who’d have thought that pink, off-the-shoulder shirt would go so splendidly with it? It’s a look that we would never have thought of putting together ourselves, but you must admit; it just works! Pair it all with the sexiest shoes you own and get ready to feel fabulous.

Source: yasminaboujee

15 – Romantic Red Lace Style

An A-line, asymmetrical skirt, like the one you can see in this pretty Valentine’s Day look, is very flattering. It works for all body types, creating a faux-waist, nipping you in, and covering the bits you’re not the biggest fan of. Slightly bloated tum? This look has you covered. The heels help to make your legs look longer and slimmer, a trick we like to use regularly. And shoulders are meant to be quite a sexy part of your body. If you wanted to show some skin, but not too much, this romantic look has everything covered. Sassy, romantic, and possibly the Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration that we were looking for all along … ?

13 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Darya Namonyuk Instag

Source: darya_namonyuk

16 – Red Satin & Ripped Jeans

Who said you couldn’t add an edgier feel to your romantic look? The red satin top works to bring the Valentine’s Day theme, a sultry colour and material. The fishnet tights are worn beneath the ripped black jeans, helping to bring something a little ‘extra’ to the overall outfit too. It’s cool but still cute. That’s just why we love it so!

7 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Sammi Jackson Instagra

Source: sammi_jackson

17 – Pretty Peach Pastels

For when you don’t know what your date-Day will entail, this cute look has all of your bases covered. A cosy, woolly gilet helps to bring some heat when the weather is chilly, and those pretty peach-pastel trousers could be worn just as easily with heels as they can flats, such as brogues (like you can see here), or even trainers. We’re digging this casually-cool style. Is it rocking for you too?

Source: jpegii

18 – Sexy, Sassy, Chic

This look means serious business, another off-the-peg-shoulder style that shows it’s one that’s always in trend. Drag out those bodysuits you’ve been stashing away since last summer, teaming them with leather-look/wet-look trousers. Of course, you could opt for a less shiny, tailored pair of trousers if shiny or glossy wasn’t quite the look you were hunting for. A good pair of black trouser for smarter occasions is a must-have. They’re almost as important as the little black dress!

12 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Iampriiincesss Instag

Source: iampriiincesss

19 – Pretty Pops of Pink

Are you planning a Valentine’s Day filled with running around town? Maybe a spot of shopping with your gal pals? Maybe even a theme park date with your significant other? Well, you’re going to need some fun footwear, which this look has totally covered. The pink scarf adds the warmth, just in case the weather isn’t quite as sunny as you’d hoped. Layer up the prettiest pink top you own, with light jeans and a cosy sweater, and your look might just be as beautiful as this casual one is.

15 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Thelucyandjane Instag

Source: thelucyandjane

20 – Red Skirt & Daisies

We’re very big fans of a cute, A-line red skirt, and we’re also very big fans of the daisy shirt being worn with it in this adorable Valentines-themed look. If you bring the flowers to the occasion, it doesn’t matter so much if your special someone doesn’t! That’s what we keep telling ourselves. This really is a very cute look though. We just need to find a nice, floral meadow for the backdrop of our photos to help make it super romantic!

11 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Stylebaus Instagram

Source: stylebaus

21 – Nude-Pink Sweater Style

Pair a leather-effect skirt with a pinky-nude knitted sweater, and you have a look that is perfectly romantic for Valentine’s Day, all the while being effortlessly cool. We’re loving the grungy Dr Martins boots that have been teamed with this killer look. It ticks every box for us, but how about you?

5 21 Looks Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration Cherrycherrybeauty • Source Stylesensemoments Inst

Source: stylesensemoments

We would love to give thanks to you for reading, and also to these beauties, for giving us permission to feature them. There’s plenty of looks here to take inspiration from, and you could even mix and match, picking a sweater from one look, a pair of trousers from another, perhaps? One thing is for sure, we hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day. We can’t wait to see what you chose to wear. Get in touch if you’d love for us to feature you.