Cute Winter Outfit Ideas for January

21 Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

We are most definitely in the grips of winter, and there’s no way we’re happy about this, it must be said. It’s cold, but as soon as you enter a shop, cafe, office, or other building, the temperature climbs higher and higher. The only thing to do is wear layers, giving you something to take off as you make your way between boiling hot and freezing cold, and then right back up the other side again. Thankfully, we’ve been having a good old look around Instagram and have found some amazingly cute winter outfit ideas for January. Take a look at some of these, put together by some of the best fashion bloggers across the world. Don’t forget to check ’em out and show them some love too. Links to find the blogger/fashion icon are beneath each image.

1 – Casual, Cool and Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

If you don’t think that casual wear can still be cool, you’re wrong. This looks shows you just that. Rock those jogging pants with a cool tee and denim jacket, and you’ve got a look that suggests that you could be going to the gym. If you’re anything like us, you’re not heading to the gym at all, but just the shops for some milk or something. That doesn’t mean that you can’t look effortlessly stylish at the same time, however. This look is stylish, on-trend, and includes casual wear. It’s all we could want from our cute winter outfit ideas for January!

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Casual, Cool And Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: yasminaboujee

2 – Red Boots Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

This is a great running-around-town outfit for winter, pairing jeans with a slogan/grunge tee, and finishing that off with a faux-fur jacket and red accessories. The red boot and bag combo are great for adding a flash of colour. Plus, who knows what might happen if you click those red heels together three times … ?

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Red Boots Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: stylesensemoments

3 – Smart & Comfortable Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Right, let’s get one thing straight. Tight-fitting clothes after Christmas the New Year are a massive no-no. The festive period is totally the time to allow yourself a bit of indulgence, with New Year’s Resolutions kicking you back into gear to try and lose those extra pounds afterwards. You will want clothes that look fabulous, of course, but that also allow for extra festive weight. This smart, yet comfortable approach is just the thing!

The belted waist of those comfortable and loose-fitting trousers will nip you in, making them super flattering. The simple white shirt is a staple item for any closet; it goes with everything and anything. Worn with simple loafers or flats and you have an outfit that could easily do a day in the office, or a day lounging around at home with friends. You could even kick off those flats and switch them for pointed heels for later on in the evening.

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Smart &Amp; Comfortable Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: jpegii

4 – Layered Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Layer up that tartan dress that’s been hanging in your closet since last year with a simple black jacket and a tartan scarf or wrap, and you’ve got yourself a super comfy and warm winter outfit that warms up the dreary winter days wonderfully. Worn with flat boots and thick black tights for those running around days Alternatively, pair the dress with heels if you feel like adding some sass-factor to the occasion. Either way, there’s always a way to wear last year’s fashions. Layering up and teaming with this year’s styles and trends is a great way to rock this cute garment. Two massive thumbs up from us.

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Layered Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: stylebaus

5 – Denim Skirt & Cosy Knits Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

A denim skirt could be one of the most versatile items of clothing in your wardrobe. It’s suitable for both winter and summer wear. This skirt, shown off beautifully by fashion blogger, Nora Aradi, could easily be worn with a casual tee during the warmer summer months. When the temperatures turn, heat things up a little with a nice and cosy knitted sweater, the more oversized, the better, and then add tights and whatever footwear you like.

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Denim Skirt &Amp; Cosy Knits Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: noraaradi

DM’s would look super cute with this outfit, but you could opt for knee-high biker boots, cute trainers, heels, or any other footwear, heeled or flat. That’s the beauty of a denim skirt like this one — you won’t just get one season of wear out of it. The right skirt with a super-flattering shape could actually see you through many years, making it more of an investment than an impulse purchase.

Check some of these denim skirts out for a bit of outfit inspiration:

6 – Casual Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Who said leisurewear was only for the gym? This outfit is so cool, we’d go out and buy a matching sports set just so that we could recreate it. Swap the sporty trainers for grungy boots, DM’s perhaps? Throw on a cool biker jacket too, and the whole look just works really well. A killer bag just completes it, and we’re definitely in favour of a rucksack/backpack-style. Huge thanks to Marija M for giving us the perfect excuse to rock our leisurewear, and you’ll find more fab looks on Marija’s blog:

Casual Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: stylesensemoments

7 – Red Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

We’re totally feeling the red vibes for this winter, and this outfit is giving us absolute #outfitenvy for sure. The beautiful fashion blogger iampriiincesss shows us how to rock those red trousers with ease, opting for a flattering high-waisted pair that really does suit almost every body shape and type. Tuck a black slogan tee in, and wrap a nude belt around the middle, and the outfit would be super cool for any season, especially with those killin’ it red heels too.

Team things up with a red jacket or long red cardigan, and you’ve got those layers that help make this a great outfit for winter. You could even kick off the heels and add some flat boots – this look would still look utterly cool and totally fabulous. Oh, and there’s plenty more when this outfit inspo came from too. Just check out her blog here:

Red Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: iampriiincesss

8 – Hats & Scarf Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Hats are cute, but you don’t need to wait for the warmer weather to hit before you can wear them. Pair yours with a super cosy and chunky scarf for a winter look that enables you to wear a lot of your summer wardrobe too. Light tees are easily layered up with sweaters, scarves, and jackets for winter. You don’t need to change closet entirely. You just need to learn how to mix and match like a pro. This look is not only cute but super stylish too. We love it!

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Hats &Amp; Scarf Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: thelucyandjane

9 – Little Black Dress Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Okay, so, admittedly, this is a black and gold little black dress, but the same rules apply. Throw some thigh-high boots on with it, very in-trend for right now, and then throw a beautiful white coat over the top, and you have an outfit that will see you through many a winter occasion. Parties, dinners, birthday greets, and more besides! You can add some tights if you’d rather not bare your legs in the colder weather, and you could even sub those rad red boots heeled boots for flat ones if you’re anything like us — Bambi on ice — in heels. This look is fierce and fabulous, and you can find more information on the behindhermask blog here.

Little Black Dress Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: behindhermask

10 – Tartan Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Tartan is just one of those prints that look as if it was made for winter. Tartan jacket like this one would work well with both smart and casual outfits, worn with tailored trousers and cute heels for a more office-like approach, or jeans and cute trainers or flats for casual, day wear. We’ve got so much love for this cute outfit though, teaming the tartan jacket with a bobble hat and black jeans. Layering up is smart for winter because then you can take the layers off when things get too warm. Layer this up with t-shirts, sweaters, and scarves over any coloured denim for the easiest daytime look to keep you warm this January.

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Tartan Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: fitloveandstylish

11 – Oversized & Thigh-Highs Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

The oversized sweater is honestly one of the most versatile items of clothing that you can have in your wardrobe. You can wear it with almost anything — skirts, jeans, smarter trousers and heels, and you can even wear it alone, just like this beautiful fashion blogger shows. Team with thigh-high flat boots for a really sassy look, and one that you could always add tights or leggings too if baring flesh just sounds too chilly for your liking. There are plenty of these on the market right now, meaning there’s definitely going to be one that you instantly fall in love with. The oversized sweater/T-shirt thing has been one of the fashion rules we’ve lived by over the last few months, and the trend is set to stay heading into this year too.

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Oversized &Amp; Thigh-Highs Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: yasminaboujee

12 – Crushed Velvet Boots Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Those beautiful crushed velvet boots would go with so many outfits already hanging in your wardrobe, you may wonder why you hadn’t invested in a pair of these beauties yet. As the beauty blogger, Sammi Jackson, wonderfully shows, they’re the perfect nude accompaniment to ripped black skinny jeans and a black biker jacket, but you could pair these with a string of other outfits. We think they’d look super cute with a floaty skirt for those slightly warmer days too. You can find more information about this adorable outfit, as well as many more, on Sammi’s blog:

Crushed Velvet Boots Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: sammi_jackson

13 – Suede & Patterned Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

For when you want to jazz up your regular legging look, how about the idea of suede leggings? This casually cool look has seen those suede beauties teamed with a simple tee and oversize tartan (patterned) jacket. Warmer than your average leggings, and certainly much dressier too, this is a look that we can really get on board with. Any excuse to wear leggings again, that’s what we’re saying!

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Suede &Amp; Patterned Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: yasminaboujee

14 – Comfy-Cozy Biker Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

We’ve owned a black jacket for decades. Literally, the same black biker style jacket. It never goes out of style, and even when it does, it’s only for the briefest time. We have worn this jacket every winter for the last ten years or so, and it really does go with everything else we own. Trainers and jeans with a nude coloured hat make a great January outfit, and the jacket can even be added to sassy boots and a cute skirt for a springtime date night look. If you don’t own a biker jacket, it’s definitely time you looked at investing. It’s not only comfortable, it warm, and it works with almost everything else you have hanging up in your wardrobe too!

Comfy-Cozy Biker Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: Fashionchick

15 – Cute Winter Outfit Ideas with Cape

We were having a good root around in our closet the other day, and we happened to come across a black cape that we’d only ever worn once. On the hunt for inspiration on how to wear it, we then spotted this cute cape look. It’s the perfect thing to just throw on over your outfit, and layering is such a good idea for winter. Plus, you know what it’s like; you head to your mum’s house and wrap up warm because it’s minus five degrees outside, and then when you get there, it’s like spending a day at the beach because she’s got the heating on full blast.

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Cute Winter Outfit Ideas With Cape

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16 – Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

When you need an outfit that matches your mood when you’re feeling super extra, how about this sequinned wonder? Who’d have known that a long-sleeved sequin dress would look so damn fabulous with a fluffy vest over the top? And with those burgundy knee-high boots, it really does make the cutest and sassiest outfit. We think this would make a great date night look, or maybe even a look for the up and coming Valentine’s Day. Not that we’re talking about that already, of course. (We totally are.)

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Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: iampriiincesss

17 – All Black Everything Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

“Wear black, eat pizza” could just be our motto in life, and we absolutely loved this outfit from Ellone Andreea. A white shirt just looks effortlessly cool under a knitted sweater, and slogans are a really big deal right now. Of course, this sweater-shirt combo would also look great with jeans, just in case you weren’t in the vinyl pants mood. Check out Ellone’s Youtube channel or Instagram for more minimal gothic fashion inspiration. We’re a little obsessed with her looks right now!

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All Black Everything Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: ellone_andreea

18 – Smart Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Need a look that screams ‘I mean business!’, yet is still totally comfortable at the same time? Pair your skinny black jeans with cool, flat boots, throw on a white shirt, even stealing your boyfriend’s if you need to. Then add a scarf and a hat to match. It’s super cute, super cool, and all that layering means that it will be super warm and cosy too. This is one of our favourite cute winter outfit ideas for January.

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Smart Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: stylebaus

19 – Casual Knit Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Do you have black jeans hanging in your closet? How about an oversized casual knit? Woolly hat? Boots? Belt? You have all the elements that you need to come up with this cute winter outfit idea. You could easily add a jacket if things weren’t warm enough, and a vest or tee underneath the baggy sweater will also give you the layering effect. The layering will help not only to make things warmer but also to allow you to take off layers when things get a bit too warm. This casual outfit is all the inspiration we need today, but how about you?

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Casual Knit Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: then3rdmom

20 – Faux Fur Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Faux fur is perfect for the winter weather, offering you plenty of fluff to keep you warm when it’s freezing cold outside. You can pair a faux-fur jacket or coat with anything, depending on your colour choices. We’re totally obsessed with this all-black-everything look, with cute ankle boots and featured leggings to jazz things up. You could always inject a bit of colour, such as brightly coloured shoes, or maybe even switching the leggings for jeans and a more neutral t-shirt and flats. The thing we’re trying to say here is that all that fluff will add a layer of warmth to any outfit. And a bit of glam too.

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Faux Fur Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: jpegii

21 – Little Red Skirt Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

We’re a very big fan of the little red skirt. It’s an item of clothing that we seem to pull out every winter. It looks utterly adorable with tights and a thick knit, just like you can see on this gorgeous fashion blogger. You could easily wear ankle boots with this outfit, or even knee-high/thigh-high boots if you’re feeling particularly sassy today. If you pair the outfit with a thinner vest-style top or body underneath the sweater, you can also remove layers. This helps for when the temperatures get a little warmer too. Winter is all about layering.

All of the items used to create this cute outfit are easily worn and layered with a number of other garments. That sweater would look totally adorable with casual boyfriend or mum-style jeans. You could also jazz the skirt up with heels and a flirty little top if you were looking for a more evening/celebration look. Are you sold by the little red skirt idea yet?

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Little Red Skirt Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Source: noraaradi

What do you think? Did we do good? We certainly think so, and we’re giving ourselves a big pat on the back as we speak. Well, type. We’d love to give thanks to The lovelies behind these look. We wouldn’t have any winter outfit inspiration at all if it weren’t for them. We can’t wait to see what you lovely lot come up with too. Don’t forget to show us, and let us know if you’d like to be featured too. We’re always on the hunt for new looks to show off. Let us feature you ?

Thanks for reading today. We hope that we’ve given you the best cute winter outfit ideas for January. Let us know your favourites be leaving your comments in the box below, or get in touch via social media. We’d love to hear from you.

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