40 Disney Nails We Love!

If you’re planning a Disney themed party, or just love the movies, you need Disney nails. At some point in her life, every woman needs to rock Disney nails.

Pretty in pink or dark and villainous, it’s up to you. We’ve come up with the perfect nails for every occasions. Are you sitting comfortably? Are you ready to begin? Here are 40 Disney nails we love!

Cute, simple yet intricate all at the same time – just a couple of reasons why we’re in love with these simple and elegant Alice in Wonderland nails. Clearly one you’ll need a steady hand for, or a professional at the very least, perfect for any Alice-themed adventures!

Disney Nails
Instagram: eribbonail

Of course, if you’re not very handsy and don’t have time to head to the nail salon, here’s a really clever yet simple little tip…

Use decals! There are loads available on the internet and they are super easy to affix to your nails. Simply stick it on, cover with top coat and you could have any look you like – Disney nails, or any other themed nails.

Another hand-painted beauty, we love the elegant embellishments that help to recreate this look. Again, as we mentioned before, there’s nothing wrong with using decals if you don’t have a very steady hand, but the blue and white glittery backdrop is easily achieved with the help of a triangular makeup sponge, painting your ombre paint in stripes of colour getting darker to lighter.

Disney Nails
Instagram: yuka_n.art

When you press the sponge onto your nail, you should be left with an ombre, marbled effect like you can see here on top of which you can stick your embellishments, decals or anything else you fancy.

If we’re talking Disney, you can’t get more classically Disney than these red and black polka dot designs. This shows you a classic way of rocking the Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme even on short nails, and square nails too.

Disney Nails
Instagram: tiffanis_nails

The plain black nails are simple enough – you can either use a black shimmer, or a black polish covered with a glittery top coat. By doing that, you can change the effect from longer strands of glitter to big circles, small dots and more.

A stencil is your best bet if you’re a first-timer at this nail design business but the Mickey Mouse look isn’t too difficult to achieve. It’s essentially three circles, one for the main face and two smaller ones for the ears. Use the same black glitter to achieve this co-ordinated effect.

Disney Nails

Alternatively, we found some nail transfers that you could use instead. We’ve tried them and they look much better than our hand drawn ones… See them HERE ->

The red feature nail drums home the Mickey Mouse look and again, is easy to achieve. A red base is easily ‘spotted up’ with the help of the circular bit at the end of a hair grip (or the end of a cocktail stick) and some white polish. Just make sure you wait for the white ‘blobs’ to dry properly before you try to cover them with top coat otherwise you’ll smudge them.

Who doesn’t love Dumbo? Speaking of which, that’s a Disney we’ve not seen in a long time and these nails make us want to dig out those old VHS tapes (oh yes!) and watch it again!

Disney Nails
Instagram: just_alexiz

Admittedly, it’ll take a steady hand to complete this elephant-inspired look although we do love the simplicity of the blue skies with white clouds on the nails where the character isn’t present.

For an easy way to recreate this, use Dumbo decals or transfers over just one nail and leave the rest with just the blue and white backdrop.

The Little Mermaid is one of our favourite Disney movies so we fell a little bit in love with these scaly delights! A different style for every nail sure makes it easier as technically, you could make it up as you go along. If you try with a plain, ocean-view background and muss it up a little, add the scale effect with white instead. It helps to cover a multitude of sins!

Disney Nails
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Another one best left to the professionals unless you have a steady hand, although you could just cheat a little and opt for that aquamarine-green ombre background we told you about earlier, using the triangular makeup sponge to get the perfect ocean-like backdrop.

For Peter Pan fans, these blue and white fly-away nails are just perfect Disney nails. If you have a steady hand, you could create the black silhouette design or, once again, cheat will nail transfers or decals. Honestly, no one would notice the difference…

Disney Nails
Instagram: boutique_nails

You could use these black silhouettes for any Disney theme and you can place them on any coloured backdrop so if you don’t have time for a half-and-half nail like this one, just paint the whole thing one colour. Obviously, the lighter the backdrop, the more obvious the silhouettes will be.

On these Disney nails, it’s the gold one we’d quite like to point out to you. That easily distinguishable D is for Disney and is one of the simplest ways to recreate the look.

Disney Nails
Instagram: samanthafay1987

This “D” design is best drawn freehand although one helpful hint we found is that you could stencil the design on first and then use a black nail paint pen to go over it and define it. Finish with a top coat and away you go – an easy one to instantly liven up one nail. Alliteratively, we found a ‘D’ for Disney decal and you can find it on Easy HERE.

We can’t work what we love the most about these Disney nails. Perhaps it’s the whole Disney princess thing? Or maybe it’s that Disney castle we can see? Colourful and Disney-like, just what we love to see!

Disney Nails
Instagram: nailedbyceline

These nails have been hand-painted but if that sounds like a lot of hard work, which it is by the way, you can always use decals. We found a few you might like and you can find them HERE.

As much as love Peter Pan, we love Tinkerbell more and we definitely love these Tinkerbell Disney nails. The yellow to green ombre is easily done with the triangular makeup sponge trick, and there’s those silhouette design we spoke about before.

Disney Nails
Instagram: just_alexiz

Add a touch of glitter to complete the look and what do you have? Nails fit for a fairy of course!

This wouldn’t look all that Disney themed if it weren’t for the cute additions such as the Mickey Mouse statement nail and that adorable black bow.

Disney Nails
Instagram: nailsbydebbie

3D nails are very much a big trend for right now and although they take a bit of getting used to, they are a very easy way to revamp an otherwise dull and boring set of nails. Just try the red backdrop with the white dots to start with before adding a bow. You can work up to more complex designs later on!

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