21 DIY Headboard Ideas

If you want a bedroom that really stands out, it makes sense to pay attention to your headboard. It’s a space of the room that is often neglected, which is a shame for something that can work as both something functional, as well as something artistic, fun, and eye-catching. We’ve been looking around for some DIY headboard ideas, and we think we’ve found a few ideas that you are truly going to love. Whether you’re a novice at DIY or a dab hand with a saw, there’s something to suit everyone, and we’ve added links to the full tutorials where possible.

There are many reasons why you should turn to DIY headboard ideas like these, rather than looking at the ones you can buy in the shops. One of the biggest, of course, is the vast array of customisation options you have at your fingertips. You can control everything, from the size to the shape, the colour, the design, and everything else in-between.

Where to start? How about a few of these headboard looks … ?

1 – Simple Recycled Door Headboard

What’s the easiest way to create a DIY headboard? Use an old door, of course! It’s about the right size to match your average double bed, and it’s got plenty of features that you could use to make it look bigger, bolder and brighter. This simple white recycle old door has had wonderful and bright yellow panels added to bring the sunshine into your mornings. Just remember to take the hinges and other fixtures off the door first, then sand it down, use a good primer, and get creative. Oh, if you do decide to give this a shot for yourself, feel free to share your work with us! Perhaps we could come up with a post all of its own, just for your wonderful DIY door headboard ideas … ?

Diy Headboard Ideas 12

Source: Countryliving

2 – Hanging Cushions DIY Headboard Ideas

Of course, you could always go with something much simpler than that. We’re sticking with the bright and bold yellow theme with this DIY headboard, but we’re stripping it right back. You’ve got an old wooden pole there, which could be an old tree branch that has been sanded, treated, etc. It could also be an old curtain pole, sanded, painted, etc. Buy yourself some oversized cushions, and a couple of cheap, but wide, black leather belts. Affix the two and you have something that looks a little bit like this. Except we’d like to add lots of little cushions, we think, rather than two larger ones. What do you think? Do you like it?

Diy Headboard Ideas 5

Source: House & Garden

3 – Elegant Tufted Headboard

There’s a full tutorial for this super awesome and elegant tufted headboard below this image, and it’s perfect if you want something easy to do on a budget. Not only is this easy to do on a budget, it looks much more expensive than it actually is. Don’t you just love it when that happens? You can play around with colours with DIY headboard ideas like this one, and we can’t wait to see what you lovely lot manage to come up with.

Diy Headboard Ideas 16

Source: Thriftydecorchick

4 – Mantel Headboard Ideas

You know that old mantel piece you had, that you couldn’t find a home for? Well, how about this for a home? DIY headboard ideas like this one incorporate a design that a mantel piece fits perfectly, and it even gives you a space to put decorative items. Although we wouldn’t advise putting anything too heavy on there if you have a cat. You’ll end up with a bump to the head in the middle of the night.

Diy Headboard Ideas 17

Source: Ana-white

5 – DIY Palette Hardboards

We love old wood palettes because there are a hundred and ways in which you can upcycle them. This simple weekend project gives you a way of using old palettes with style, affixing pretty fairy lights to the framework. Just remember to turn the lights off before you go to sleep, and don’t let the lights get too close to fabrics and other flammable materials. You should ensure there is enough of a distance between your pillows and the lights to avoid a fire risk.

Source: craftymorning

6 – Wooden Masterpiece DIY Headboard Ideas

Affix lots of pieces of wood together in a haphazard fashion, just like you can see in DIY headboard ideas such as this one, and the world really is your oyster. Well, the art world anyway.

Fill your wood with decorative pieces that you have collected on your travels, or affix hanging plant pots to add some greenery on to the scene. You could even paint the wood if you wanted to inject some colour into the mix. Whatever you do, come back and show us. We want to feature your DIY headboard ideas in a future post for CherryCherryBeauty.

Source: Pinterest

7 – Fairy Lights DIY Headboard Ideas

Fairy lights are perfect to add some mood lighting to your bedroom, especially when you drape them elegantly (and safely) over or around your headboard. Old pieces of wood have been used to create this natural and rustic headboard design, and the fairy lights, as well as the flexible, affixed lamps, help to add just the right amount of light when you need it. And flattering lighting too. Not too bright, not too dull, just right.

Diy Headboard Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

8 – Shelf-Style DIY Headboard Ideas

You can metaphorically kill two birds with one stone with by using shelf style DIY headboard ideas like this one. You can your favourite photos of loved ones, knowing they are sitting above your head and watching over you every night, or you could add some of your favourite artwork, or even ornaments. Use a slimline mantel style shelf if you want to recreate this stunning, country look. You could make one long cushion to hang down, or you could affix / tie a number of your favourite cushions so that they hang down. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Diy Headboard Ideas 6

Source: camasoft.blogspot

9 – Picket Fence Headboard Design

We loved this almost-gothic look headboard for a single bed, and there’s nothing to stop you from working on a bigger scale to replicate it for a double, king size, or even bigger beds. You can use old wooden pieces saved from a fencing remodel, making sure that you appropriately treat it before moving it inside your home. You could also completely design the shape of it, adding more features if you so wanted. Intricate designs or simple wooden styles, it’s down to you.

Diy Headboard Ideas 13

Source: Addicted2decorating

10 – Easy Build Wooden DIY Headboard

The tutorial for this headboard is so easy to follow, you’ll kick yourself for not finding it sooner. We loved the bright green shade use different here, but you really could run wild with your colour ideas, going brighter and bolder or more muted, dependant on the style of your room. What colour would go for? Or is this beautiful green tone right up your street?

Diy Headboard Ideas 15

Source: Ana-White.com

11 – Rustic Window Pane Headboard

Simple, stunning, elegant – just three words that we would use to describe this amazing rustic window pane headboard. You’ll be amazed how easy old style wooden window panes are easy to come by once you go looking for them, and you could even make a basic framework of your own with old bits of wood if you can’t find the style you’d like. Simply add wallpaper to the window panels, and we’d recommend taking the glass out for safety reasons too. If you didn’t fancy using wallpaper, you could always use different art. How creative are you feeling today?

Diy Headboard Ideas 19

Source: bhg

12 – Simple Shutters Headboard Design

If you’ve managed to get your hands on some simple window shutters, you should most definitely check out DIY headboard ideas like the one below. It really could be as simple as giving your shutters a quick once-over with paint and hanging them on the wall above your bed.

Diy Headboard Ideas 21

Source: Pinterest

13 – Shabby Chic Shelving Headboard Styles

Do you love a bit of shabby chic? We do too, and we especially love this shabby chic style DIY headboard. It gives you plenty of room to add a vase filled with beautiful flowers, although it’s probably not advisable to use real ones if you suffer from hay fever. You’d be amazed at how good fake flowers look these days, and we would definitely recommend checking them out if you wanted to add a touch of the floral into your bedroom space.

Diy Headboard Ideas 20

Source: Pinterest

14 – Frame It DIY Headboard

If you have a couple of large frames, perhaps for old and broken mirrors, why not give them a new lease of life, using them in your DIY headboard ideas? Spray paint could be used to match the colour to your existing bedroom decor, and you could even use wallpaper samples in the centre, where the picture or mirror would once have been. We think it’s a splendid idea, what do you think?

Diy Headboard Ideas 18

Source: Pinterest

15 – High-Luxury Upholstered DIY Headboard Ideas

Do you want a bedroom that screams high luxury and class? You’ll need DIY headboard ideas like this one then, upholstered and fabulous. It’s actually a very simple idea, despite what you might think. A large wooden framework could easily be built, before being covered in a layer of foam, how does levitra work . By creating your own you could have any size, style and design that you like, without being restricted to what you can buy in stores and online. Headboards can be expensive too!

Diy Headboard Ideas 14

Source: Hgtv

16 – Leather-Style DIY Headboard Ideas

It looks super expensive and luxurious, and nobody really needs to know how little this leather style DIY headboard ideas could cost you. The best thing about DIY headboard ideas like these is you can make them to your EXACT specifications. If you want a certain colour or pattern on the fabric, for example, or swapping the leather look for a different material entirely. The only limitations are the ones you set yourself.

Diy Headboard Ideas 11

Source: placeofmytaste

17 – DIY Dropcloth Headboard

Fancy merging studded and stunning? We’ve even got DIY headboard ideas for that, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of this DIY drop cloth headboard. We love the studded look, helping to add a touch of the traditional. What do you think? Would it fit in quite nicely above your bed?

Diy Headboard Ideas 10

Source: twoityourself

18 – Shelf + Quote Headboard Ideas

How about scrapping the idea of DIY headboards entirely, instead choosing to add a shelf (for storage), and a quote (for the aesthetics)? Nobody said you had to have an actual headboard, and this idea certainly works if you have limited space to work with. Adding something that looks good, whilst also adding as storage, is always a smart idea.

Diy Headboard Ideas 7

Source: decor4all

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19 – Old Door DIY Headboard Ideas

If you have an old door to play with, why not turn things on its side (quite literally) and make a brand new wooden headboard out of it. The tutorial is much easier to follow than you’d think, and you’d be doing your bit for the environment by up cycling too. It makes perfect sense to use the materials you already have at your disposal, and it gives you a chance to redecorate on a budget too.

Diy Headboard Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

20 – Simply White DIY Headboard Ideas

If you don’t have an old door to play around with, you can still make use of old wood, and this can come from plenty of places if you learn to keep your eyes peeled. This miss-matched height wooden DIY headboard is simple, cute, and fits the theme of the room really well. We love the way it adds another dimension to that simple white-washed brick background.

Diy Headboard Ideas 8

Source: gravityhomeblog

21 – Simple Wood Panels DIY Headboard

If white isn’t your thing, keep things natural by working with the colour and grain of the wood, rather than against it. A dark wood stain can easily recreate this dark wood look, although there’s nothing to stop you from opting for lighter shades if you wanted to. The framework is stupidly simple to build, and the end results really are quite remarkable. A definite winner if you ask us.

Diy Headboard Ideas 9

Source: diyfunideas

And there you have them – 21 DIY headboard ideas that we think are super awesome and actually quite simple to recreate too. Which one stood out for you? And why? Are you going to recreate it for your own bedroom? Alternatively, do you have a DIY headboard idea that you think rivals these? Send them in! We would LOVE to feature you and your work in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty!

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