Finding the Right Winter Jumpers for Your Body Type

It’s time to get those winter woolies out again, but if, like us, yours could probably do with a bit of updating, we’re coming to the rescue. We’ve done some research, lots in fact, and we’ve found the best winter jumpers for your body type to rock for winter.

Whether you’re long, tall, petite, plus size, apple-shaped, hourglass, whatever, it doesn’t matter. There are winter jumpers out there for you. We just need to find them.

So, make yourself comfortable, grab yourself a cup of tea, and check out the beauties. They’ll warm you up just looking at them!

Firstly, make sure you buy winter jumpers for your body type that actually fit. If you’re a 12, what’s the point in buying a 14? So many women choose jumpers that are too big for their body, and this can often make them look much less flattering than what they could do.

Are you a busty girl?

If you’re busty and big up top, wearing winter jumpers can seem like hard work. There’s nothing to stop the flow of material from bust to bottom, so it just falls, often making you appear wider / boxier / squarer.

To prevent this from happening, look for winter jumpers that are shaped towards the bottom, or nipped in at the waist. Alternatively, tucking the jumper in can often give you a more shaped look.

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If you’re worried about having a large chest, don’t. As long as you AVOID the clinging fabrics, you’ll be just fine, especially if you want to hide your ample assets for whatever occasion. You could look at cardigans with buttons that sit quite low, for example, or opt for a belt that sits at your waist rather than higher up, under your bust.

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High and plunging necklines are also not your best friend if you’re quite big up-top, and instead you should look for scooping necklines. You could also help to level things out a little by making sure you add a higher-necked and simple t-shirt underneath, just like you can see here.

Do you want to hide those lumpy bits?

Are you curvy? Do you just want to hide those lumpy, bumpy bits on the days when Spanx are the last thing you want to wear? Rock an oversized jumper, but even things out on the bottom. If you’re going for a loose, wide, flowing top, opt for more tailoring and structure towards the bottom – skinny jeans, for example, or leggings.

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If you were to wear flowing bottoms and a flowing, loose winter jumper, the outfit won’t be as flattering. Just as we mentioned before, you can even tuck the front of your loose, oversized jumper into the waistband of your jeans or leggings to add more structure and shape.

For a really flattering hemline, a diagonal one is definitely one to go for. This shape helps to elongate the body, and this makes you look thinner rather than wider.

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Another of the winter jumpers we’d probably recommend wearing with skinny jeans or leggings, you could also rock a more relaxed jumper with yoga / workout pants and trainers for a comfortable, yet fashionable, running-about-town look.

How about apple-shaped?

If you think your body type is apple-shaped, the best winter jumpers for your body type are those that help to elongate things. In order to do this, you’re going to need to look for longer length.

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Longer, tunic-style cardigans and winter jumpers are a really great idea, and you should look for ‘slim’ patterns and fabrics, rather than the chunky knits. Speaking of patterns, if you want to look for one, go for smaller designs. These are super flattering on apple-shaped jumpers! We loved these patterned beauties:

Do you class yourself as pear-shaped?

If you’re pear-shaped, as in thinner at the top but with hips, thighs and a booty that most women would be totally envious of, a great flattering hemline is one like this one – curved so that it’s shorter in the middle, yet longer at the two sides.

£12 / Miss Selfridge / Click for more details

It helps to thin out those bulky areas around the waist that you hate so much, and can be work with a number of bottoms, from long and flowing skirts, to jeans, leggings, workout pants, etc.

If you’re not overly happy with the way you look, it’s easy to shy away, preferring to wear dark coloured winter jumpers. You no longer need to do this. With the right winter jumpers for your body type, you could pretty much wear any colour that you like.

£119 / Ted Baker / Click for more details

Adding a waist belt to any oversized jumper automatically makes it look more flattering. It will help to give you the appearance of a waist even when you don’t have one.

£22 / Dorothy Perkins / Click for more details

It’ll also help curvy ladies love their hourglass shape too! Most women would kill for a figure like that. Isn’t it about time you appreciated it more?

Do you want longer legs?

If you want to make your legs look longer, a mullet sweater is the way forward, a little like the one we suggested for the pear-shaped figured. Another great thing about a jumper like this is that the length on the back helps to cover your butt if that’s not your favourite part of your body. We love your butt, obviously, but we don’t like our own. We’re just assuming you feel the same …

If you love the way your upper body looks, but believe you need a touch more work on the bottom half, work colour in your favour. Keep the bottom half dark – black skinny jeans, for example, or a smart pair of dark coloured tailored trousers. On the top half however, liven things up with a bright pop of colour. Or get things started with at least a lighter shade – like the grey one you can see below. It’s guaranteed to liven up your mood, and we bet you get a whole bunch of compliments too!

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A sheer trim is a really great idea for when you want to hide a multitude of sins. We love to rock these winter jumpers when we’re having that time of the month and we want to cover all the bloating. The flowing fabric helps to make it feel super feminine, even when we’re feeling at our lowest.

£69 / Coast / Click for more details

You could also consider wearing a simple sweater over another top if you can’t find one like this that you like. We especially love a crisp white shirt under a fitted jumper, and it can have the same flattering effect.

Are you long and lean?

If you’re long and lean, a really good tip for you is to go for fabrics that cling to the contours of your body. This can add shape to places you wouldn’t recognise that you even have shape, and it also means that you can play around with some of the glitzier items too. For example, we’re one hundred percent in love with this outfit, complete with metallic, shimmery jumper.

Source: Christie Moore / Click for more details

Sequins, shiny fabrics, and clinging materials are all what you should look at. Give them a try – we bet you’re won over by them.

If you have quite long legs but wish your torso was a tad longer, you can help to even things out with winter jumpers for your body type that stop right at hip-level.

£48 / HOT!MESS / Click for more details

This helps to make things a little longer, and if you play around with the right lines, shapes, and tailoring, you could also help to make your outfit even more flattering.

Do you have broad shoulders?

Don’t worry – there are winter jumpers for your body type too. You can look for the really deep necklines, but make sure you oft for quite loose-flowing arms. Batwing sleeves are a great choice to help feminise things, and v-necks help to turn the attention from your shoulders to the centre of your body.

Source: Wicked Ying NEW / Click for more details

If you love your muscular arms, but don’t like the way they look in winter jumpers sometimes, you should make sure that you’re avoiding any designs or fancy frills around the top half of the jumper. This is definitely the case for around the shoulders themselves. Simplicity is definitely key.

Simpler designs are much easier to wear when you’re broad shouldered or with muscular arms, and kimono-styles are a great choice. Batwing, and loose-sleeves, are also perfect.

£19.99 / New Look / Click for more details

If you want to add more femininity to your boyish figure, you can achieve that by looking for those that add more bulk and volume. Cable and other chunky knits are a really good option, and if you want to add a few more curves, considering adding details such as pleats, ruching, or ruffles.

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Horizontal stripes, although usually forbidden, will help once again to help give you a ‘wider’ appearance, and you could also consider adding a thin belt to add a waist where you think you don’t have one.

And what about those stripes?

While we’re on the subject of stripes, we know they’re terribly scary, but there you CAN wear them. You just need to know the right way to way them – the right winter jumpers for your body type.

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Horizontal stripes are not your first option if you want to make yourself appear thinner / taller / more elongated. Instead, you’ll want to go for vertical stripes which, funnily enough, are actually hard to come by than you first may have thought. It took a couple of the members in our CherryCherryBeauty den a few days to find high street items with vertical stripes right now. Luckily, the internet has made life a lot easier.

We hope that we’ve given you plenty of inspiration on how to rock your winter wardrobe, but starting with the right winter jumpers for your body type is definitely a great place to start. If you’ve spotted any wonderful winter warmers out and about, give us a shout and tell us all about them. We’ve been waiting all year to get wrapped up in ours!

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