21 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

Only two percent of all people across the globe have green eyes, although that does amount to about 140,000,000 people. Your eyes are actually capable of changing colour a little bit too, depending on various things. Pupil dilation will have an effect, and lighting, mood, and even whether or not you’re looking at someone whom you find attractive can change how much your pupils dilate. Science stuff aside, there really is something very beautiful about those ‘pretty green eyes’. And, just in case you’re looking for a few gorgeous eye makeup looks for green eyes, here are a few looks we definitely think you should check out:

1 – Pinky-Plum for Green Eyes

This Portuguese makeup artist has done things very right with this gorgeous look for green eyes, using shades of pink, burgundy, and almost red-toned shades to really bring those green peepers to life. It’s a smokey eye look with a twist, and perfect for greeny-brown shades, but don’t forget to brighten things up with that pale flash on the inner corner of the eye. Whatever highlighter you’re using is just perfect for this spot.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 1

Source: kahinaspirit

2 – Glitter Mood for Green Eyes

Let’s face it; there are some occasions where a hint of glitter is most definitely called for. This stunning dark purple, almost-blue look is one that we would recommend for any occasion, but definitely for those special ones. It’s actually a very clever look when you break it down a little. You have a classic smokey eye, but the centre of the upper lid has been giving a twist, with that purple/blue glitter touch. Add a little along the lower lash line too, and you’ll find that it’s the easiest and fastest way to spice up a typical smokey eye look. To find out what products were used to create this, check out piotrowskamakeup / Instagram. The details of this image can be found here.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 6

Source: piotrowskamakeup

3 – Sunset Tones for Green Eyes

This absolutely fabulous look has been created by the beautiful brookenoelbeauty / Instagram, and there’s even a full tutorial that you can follow if you feel like checking out her Youtube channel too. You’ll find that here. Those wonderful peachy, orange shades have been blended together with just the right amount of flicked-out liner and show you just how well they work with green eyes. This look was created using a number of palettes (the list of which can be found in the Youtube video description) but there are plenty of palettes that combine all the colours you’d need for this look in one. If you’ve not tried this sunset tones for your green eyes yet, it’s about time you did!

We love this sunset look so much that we dedicated a whole post to it. Check out our post about 21 stunning sunset makeup looks!

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 4

Source: brookenoelbeauty


4 – Shimmering Green Splendor

Another perfect look for a festive occasion, this beautiful look has been created to include different depths of green, with lighter and darker shades used across the lid. Towards the inner corner, you have a lighter, paler shade, usually white or your regular highlighter. This helps to make you look more alert and awake, and also makes your eyes appear brighter and more open. The outer corner and crease of the eyelid is a much darker tone, with a shiner, brighter, and perhaps even more glittery green thrown in the centre. Of course, you must blend this properly before you can call it done, but it’s essentially a smokey eye with green, rather than just the regular dark browns, greys, and black tones.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 10

Source: annyt_k

5 – ABH Prism Tones for Green Eyes

If you want a more pigmented look to your powder, make it moist. Once you’ve dabbed your brush into the powder, spray it with a light mist of makeup setting spray to give it a dampness, you’ll notice that the colour comes through much better when it’s applied to your skin. We’ve watched so many Instagram and Youtube makeup artists use this trick and can 100% guarantee that it works.

You can find the products and tricks used to create this stunning look here, and don’t forget to check out more of the work on offer by the delightful ashjordanbeauty / Instagram too.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 15

Source: ashjordanbeauty

6 – Purple Makeup for Green Eyes

Purple tones suit almost every eye colour, and green eyes are definitely no exception. A slight purple hue has been added to the eyes in this stunning look, both in the crease of the upper lid, as well as along the lower lash line. The look has been perfectly completed using a wonderful shade of purple on the lips. The gem beneath the eye is totally optional, but we love it to add a bit of sparkle to the occasion!

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 2

Source: kahinaspirit


7 – Super Flattering Purple Tones

Purple really does suit every eye colour. We’ve mentioned that point already, but this look just double-proves our point. Working light to dark across the eyelid, a pinky tone has been added just in the lid crease, and you’ll need to flex your blending skills for a look like this one. In fact, the trick with many of these bright and multi-layered eye makeup looks is clever blending. If you haven’t got a fluffy blending brush yet, it’s definitely about time you invested. You can find out the products that were used in this look, as well as the brushes and other tools, in the Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial on YouTube here.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 5

Source: brookenoelbeauty

8 – Lilac Eyes, Blue Lips

To be fair, as much as the eyes on this look from kasiapinkflamingo / Instagram are staggeringly beautiful, it’s the lilac/pink eye and blue lip combo that we’d like to concentrate on more. Firstly, we’ve pretty much established that lilac/purple eyes work perfectly well with EVERY eye colour. Secondly, the shades especially go well with green eyes. Thirdly, would you ever have thought of mixing lilac eyes with blue lips? No, we hadn’t thought of it either, and that’s just why we felt the need to show you. Sometimes, it really does pay to think outside the box. Gorgeous eye makeup looks for green eyes just like this one proves that point.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 8

Source: kasiapinkflamingo

9 – Blue & Gold Makeup for Green Eyes

You’re often told that blue tones won’t work on green eyes, but as gorgeous eye makeup looks for green eyes like this one show, that’s just not the case. Mixing another shade in with the one you’re not quite sure of using is a great tip, in this case, gold has been mixed with the blue. Romanian blogger, Ana Terenti or annyt_k / Instagram, has some amazing gorgeous eye makeup looks for green eyes, just in case you fancied taking a closer look. And, even better than that, you’ll find the products and tools she used to achieve this blue look here too.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 11

Source: annyt_k


10 – Green Liner Thing for Green Eyes

We love the way that a layer of green liner has been added above the black line in this gorgeous look, and it’s a trick that you could use with all manner of colours, and even makeup products too. Many liquid lipsticks actually double-up quite well as eyeliners, and it’s well worth having a play around to see what else you could make better use of in your makeup bag.

Don’t forget to check out more of the work on offer by the delightful fleurvmakeup / Instagram too. She’s got some fabulous makeup looks, especially if you’re looking for gorgeous eye makeup looks for green eyes!

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 17

Source: fleurvmakeup

11 – Cranberry Look for Green Eyes

Cranberry is another of those tones and shades that just works so well with green eyes, as wonderfully displayed by Kelsey Marie, kmariebeauty__ / Instagram. In fact, she’s nailed this green eye business expertly. We know this because we’ve been checking out her Youtube channel, which you’ll find here. Back to the cranberry-goodness, and although simply done, you’ll find that this is one of those perfect looks for no-eyeliner days. You can even cut out the false lashes if you wanted to. Kinda natural, but not too natural.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 13

Source: kmariebeauty__

12 – Sultry Rose Gold Vibes

Creamy eyeshadows can be worked in and blended a little more to give more of a hue than more pigmented powders, and that’s definitely the case if you want a shimmering and metallic look to your eyes today. You can still use a brush to apply the creamy product, but you have the option of working any specific bits in with your fingers. You can also use the product on your lips, and also as a blush-style item for your cheeks too.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 18

Source: klaudiabadura

13 – Smokin’ Smokey Eye

You really can’t go wrong with a smokey eye. Darken things up for nighttime use. Alternatively, switch to grey for a slightly easier to wear look. In fact, grey is a very handy shade to have in your makeup bag. It goes with literally every other colour that you could possibly think of. That goes for eye colour too!

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 20

Source: heidimakeupartist

14 – Simple Black Eye Liner, Red Lips

This Stockholm-born makeup queen has got things so spot on with this look, which is another one that works well for festive, romantic, and glam occasions. A classic red lip never goes out of fashion, and when you combine that with a simple black eyeliner flick, you know you’re on to a winning thing. It’s a perfect makeup solution for any eye colour, but definitely works on those lovely green delights!

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 9

Source: kasiapinkflamingo

15 – Gold Smokey & Silver Glitter Cut Crease

Who said you couldn’t pair gold and silver shades together in the same look? Gorgeous eye makeup looks for green eyes like this one bust those rules clean out. You’ve got a Smokey Eye, beautifully blended into a luxurious gold shade. Then, the entire thing has been given a new lease of life with that silver glitter line, added to the cut crease. It’s a glam look, that’s for sure. Does it tick all of the right boxes for you?

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 21

Source: stylistanna


16 – Peachy Nude Lip & Nude Bronze Eye Combo

For those days when you want nude or neutral makeup, this bronze eye and nude/peachy lip combo is the perfect thing. A sweep of that nude/bronze tone to the eyes will be the perfect backdrop for that killer eyeliner flick (that can easily be achieved with tape if you’re not feeling like you have the steadiest hand). A quick flick of that matte, peachy lipstick and you’re good to go. Once you’ve added a bit of highlighter because you must sparkle every day.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 14

Source: kmariebeauty__

17 – Glittery Green Eyes for Christmas

Okay, so it doesn’t actually need to be Christmas just to rock a wonderfully green and glittery look like this one. It is an absolutely perfect look for the occasion though, you must admit. Different tones of green glitter were used in this look, 03 Teal and Ice by NYX Cosmetics, for example. To find out how this look was recreated, you’ll find the product list here, by piotrowskamakeup / Instagram.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 7

Source: piotrowskamakeup

18 – Electric Charge

If you’ve recently bagged yourself the Urban Decay Electric palette, you’re going to want some inspiration for your pretty green eyes, right? Well, Utah-based makeup and special effects artist, makeupbyalyssamua / Instagram has got some for you, in the form of this clever electrically-charged look. We’re adding this one to the festival look for sure, but what occasion would you choose to rock this look? Find products and brushes, etc. used here.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 12

Source: makeupbyalyssamua


19 – Black and Red Smokey Eye for Green Eyes

For the days when you need your smokey eye to have a bit more va-va-voom, add some red to it. It’s perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries …. In fact, any damn day of the year! It’s a fierce and fiery look, and those are two reasons why we love it.

You can find the products and tricks used to create this stunning look here, and don’t forget to check out more of the work on offer by the delightful annyt_k / Instagram too.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 16

Source: annyt_k

20 – Molten Lips & Lashes of Liner

The beautiful kahinaspirit / Instagram shows you how to do relatively simple eyes with molten lips in this stunning image — one of our favourite gorgeous eye makeup looks for green eyes. We particularly love the way that she has used the liner to create a double-line effect, adding something extra dramatic to what would otherwise be quite a toned-down eye look. You can see what she used to create the look here.

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 3

Source: kahinaspirit

21 – Classically Gold & Red for Green Eyes

There are tones of gold to work with every eye colour, but as you can see, this bright yellow-gold look works so well with those greeny-hazel tones. Lots of black liner and bright red lips complete the look, giving you a glam and sophisticated look that would work well for a wide number of occasions. It’s definitely romantic. We might add it to the Valentine’s Day list of makeup inspiration ideas, what do you think?

Source: klaudiabadura

Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Green Eyes 19


So … What did you think of these gorgeous eye makeup looks for green eyes? Did you find something to use as inspiration for your newest makeup look? Or, perhaps today’s? Tell us all about it. We can’t wait to see what you did. Don’t forget to get in touch if you’d like to be featured on a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty.com. We would also like to give thanks to these beautiful babes and their equally beautiful makeup looks! Where would we be without these as inspiration from time to time?

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