21 Grey Living Rooms You’ll Want to Create

The colour grey is often seen as a rather negative one. We see it in grey clouds on a miserable, rainy and cold day. It is also a colour that was once associated with a lack of confidence, and maybe even one used to symbolise being in hiding. These days, however, grey is seen very differently, and we aren’t just talking about 50 Shades of Grey … We’re talking about grey interior design, and to be more specific, grey living rooms.

Rather than being intimidated by the colour grey, or shying away from using it in your home, you should actually embrace it. When used in the right way, it is one of the most versatile colours not he spectrum, and it works so well with a wide variety of other shades and tones. You can make a room appear darker using greys, but you can also make a space appear lighting too. It all depends on how to work it into the room you’re redecorating.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, don’t worry, we’ve got a few rooms you might like to take some inspiration from …

1 – Grey + Vintage Wood

Grey has become one of the most popular colours used in interior design over the last couple of years, and even more so over the last six to twelve months. People are becoming increasingly more aware of how it can be used, in both light and dark shades, to achieve a wide range of different finishes. This room, for example, has been given a really comfortable and cozy finish with the addition of some soft cushions, and those photo frames on the wall and filled with the photos of everything and everyone that is important. It’s a space where you should cherish one another, snuggled up on the couch. The more warm and inviting you make it, the more warm and inviting it will feel.

Grey Living Rooms 3

Source: nottooshabbymama

2 – Grey + Green Paradise

What about when you don’t want it to feel cosy, however? This grey and green leafy look is great for when you want something a little different, and the palm tree effect is one that is also very much on trend right now. Cushions are an easy way to inject different colours, especially if you’ve already got the grey couch sorted. A print on the wall helps to reinforce the impression you’re trying to give, and you could also include some actual greenery too. There are many reported benefits to having plants in your home.

Grey Living Rooms 4

Source: bouclair

3 – Light + Bright Grey Living Rooms

When you’ve got a big bay window in your living room, it just makes sense to use it wisely. With light shades of grey and neutrals you can instantly make a space appear even bigger and brighter still, but the comfortable cushions and throws still makes it very inviting. It’s often the finishing touches that can make or break a room, so it might be time that you paid a little more attention to yours …

Grey Living Rooms 8

Source: rebecca.ch

4 – Grey Wallpaper

Grey wallpaper is one of the easiest ways that you can inject some of the colour into your living room, and you can do this for a fraction of the price that you might expect. The ones that we have featured below, for example, are all found in Wilkinsons. You can achieve some of these expensive looks on a budget if you just shop around, and the internet has most definitely helped to make that possible. Shop around before you part with your hard earned cash also, otherwise you might kick yourself for paying over the odds!

Grey Living Rooms 1

Source: Pinterest

5 – Grey + Glass

Grey and glass is a great combination, especially if you use light tones and keep the glass clean for a really bright and airy finish. Glass isn’t great if you had kids or pets, mostly because you’ll find yourself polishing it all every five minutes. If you have that kind of patience, however, we salute you. And also, can you come and help us do our housework too?

Grey Living Rooms 6

Source: lovefabdecor

6 – Grey Chesterfield Style Sofa

The couch is one of the most important features of your living room, and that’s because the whole family spends so much time on it. You will want a couch that matches your decor, of course, but at the same time you will need to consider other things. Do you have kids? You may want to consider leather, rather than fabric couches, mostly because they’re easier to clean. Leather, at the same time, can be super cold in the winter and super sticky when the weather is warm … Will you need to buy contrasting throws or blankets to stop that from becoming an issue? Who knew there were so many things to think about when you wanted to buy a new couch!

Grey Living Rooms 1

Source: Loaf

7 – Black, White, Grey + Printed

There is a reason behind grey being one of the most popular colours within interior design, and that’s because it is incredibly versatile. You can achieve a mass of looks with it, from modern and edgy to more traditional and even chic. The right accessories in the right colours shades will transform your room into a grey space you will want to spend all of your time in. This black, white, grey and printed idea is a simple one, using lighter tones to contrast with the darkness of the black. Used in a marble effect, the look is very sophisticated with very little effort.

Grey Living Rooms 9

Source: engineeringinstyle

8 – Little Grey Nook

Take a look at this room. There aren’t actually that many grey elements in it, and it just goes to show how easy it could be to entirely transform a space. The cushions on the couch are grey (or rather, a silvery-grey) on top of white, and the only other grey touches that have been added to the space are the shaggy and soft rug on the floor, and also the silver in the centred coffee table. If you only have a small space to work, grey living rooms like these work excellently as inspiration. Using those lighter shades, you are going to make the small space seem much larger. That’s even more so the case when you work with glass furniture, and also mirrors and lights too.

Grey Living Rooms 10

Source: paytonsartain

9 – Spots + Fur Grey Living Rooms

Do you want something cosier? This spots and fury grey living room idea is a great one, and it looks super inviting for the bookworms among you. We would love to curl up in that comfortable grey armchair with a good book, particularly during the winter. You could even add a super warm throw or blanket to go with those textured cushions. Again, there are only very simple grey touches added to this space to create the theme, but the blush addition helps to make it appear much more feminine and soft, rather than hard and edgy.

Grey Living Rooms 12

Source: jlgarvin

10 – Greys + Straight Lines

Simple, sleek, and oh so elegant, but do grey living rooms like these tick all the right boxes for you? This look has incorporated rich greens into the colour scheme, bringing a warm and earthy feel to the space. In lighter colours, this large living area might have seemed quite cold, but the introduction of warmer tones has managed to avoid this. It doesn’t look cold at all. Instead, it looks warm, cosy and very inviting. We’d love to curl up on that couch and watch the soaps in our pyjamas with a cup of hot chocolate … and the cream and marshmallows on top too!

Grey Living Rooms 11

Source: Pinterest

11 – Accentuating Accessories

Silvery and grey toned accessories can make grey living rooms, even when there are no other touches of the colour in the space at all. This is quite a cool colour scheme, but the textured cushions in plentiful amounts has stopped the room from looking too chilly, even helping to make things look really rich and luxurious. If you can’t change the walls or floor in your building or home, look to change the accessories first. Things like cushions, rugs, and even artwork on the walls can help to bring the colour scheme you want into play, and without spending a small fortune or putting too much effort in!

Grey Living Rooms 15

Source: Pinterest

12 – Boho Grey Living Rooms

Would you like your grey living rooms to exude boho chic? What do you think of the boho grey look? Rustic wood and grey tones work really well together, something that clearly been shown by this design, and it just goes to show how versatile the grey palette really is. Take a look at some paint samples and you’ll see there are almost too many shades to play around with. The hardest part of your decorating journey will often be choosing the colours you want to work with.

Grey Living Rooms 20

Source: belliwood_boholiving

13 – Grey, White + Blush Pink Inspiration

By paying attention to the important details, such as adding furniture and soft furnishings in a contrasting colour, it wont be long before you see the grey living rooms you’re trying to recreate come together right before your very eyes. The white used here bridges the gap between the grey and white. It also stops the look from being overall too-cold. Plus, who doesn’t want more pink in their life? We certainly think there’s room for more pink in ours!

Grey Living Rooms 18

Source: Pinterest

14 – Grey Walled Living Rooms

If you want a natural, calming living room, you’ll need to look towards the more neutral and lighter shades in the palette. Think about putting your lighter grey shades with neutral and early browns and greens, for example. The walls can be a tad darker if the accessories and flooring are light, but remember that lots of dark features in a small room will make the space seem smaller still. The light coverings for the huge windows stop this from being too dark and uninviting, and the mirrors also help. One of the first things that you should install into a small and dark room is a mirror. It instantly reflects, helping smaller spaces seem bigger and brighter.

Grey Living Rooms 17

Source: Pinterest

15 – Knitted Greys

We love those knitted throws and blankets so much, we did a whole featured piece on them. In case you want to take a peek at that one too, you’ll find it here > 18 Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas

Once again, we’re focusing on those beautiful little additional touches in grey living rooms like this one. Those little touches are not only what make a room look great, but they also help to make the space more comfortable. When you’re coming home after a hard day at work, for example, and you just want to collapse and nap for a while, that blanket will come in remarkably handy. You’ll be warm, cosy, and napping in no time at all.

Grey Living Rooms 19

Source: ahintofdecor

16 – 50 Shades of Blush + Grey

Never underestimate the importance of art on the walls, especially when you’re not allowed to decorate. You’re often restricted when you live in a rental property, and that’s definitely the case when you want to paint the walls in quite dramatic colours. Or do dramatic things, such as entirely change the flooring. In times where painting the walls isn’t your best option, use larger prints and art work in the colour scheme of your choice. It doesn’t just run home the theme you want to install in the room, it also allows some of your personality to flow free. It will be YOUR choice of art on the walls, and you know what they say about art … (What do they say about art?)

Grey Living Rooms 14

Source: Pinterest

17 – DIY Grey Living Rooms

If you already have old pieces of furniture that are in really good condition, but just don’t match your interior design scheme any longer, don’t be so quite to throw them away. With some paint, some new knobs / handles, and a bit of TLC, those older pieces of furniture could become something new and stunning in no time at all. You could easily create something beautiful out of something old, and we would recommend something like this …

Grey Living Rooms 21

Source: Etsy

And just in case you wanted to give this a shot, here’s a few items you might need to get yourself started:

18 – Rose Gold + Grey Living Rooms

Rose gold and grey are two shades that work together really well, very complimentary, despite being quite the opposite. This room is quite stark and minimalistic, with the straight lines and edges. Those fluffy touches on the couch help to soften the blow, so to speak, adding not just the rose gold accents into the room, but also comfortable finish. Grey living rooms like this one are so pretty. This one is one of our favourites!

Grey Living Rooms 13

Source: Pinterest

19 – Floral Grey Living Rooms

Add a chandelier to a room to add more light, and also more luxury. This is even more so the case when you have luxurious and soft fabrics to work hand in hand. This room has a wonderfully comfortable glow and look about it, also helped by the candles and floral displays. You’d be amazed at how those small and seemingly unimportant touches can make the world of difference to a cold and un-loved room. We would give anything to sit and chill on that couch right now with friends. What do you think? Movie night with plenty of popcorn?

Grey Living Rooms 7

Source: Pinterest

20 – Red + Grey Living Rooms

A bright pop of colour can really bring those grey living rooms to life, and although red and grey might not have been two shades you’d have put together, as you can see, it clearly works. Although red is a colour that generally indicates anger and danger, when used with the light grey contrasting tones, it almost has a calming effect. The bamboo plants certainly help on the coffee table. There’s something to be said for the calming properties of greenery in your home.

Grey Living Rooms 5

Source: bouclair

21 – Light Grey + Lovely

Don’t be afraid to play around with ideas. At first thought, a pastel, powdered pink and light, silvery-grey tone might not work that well together. If you were putting them together in an outfit, one might almost describe it as a bit of a washout. Despite this, the colour scheme works really well together in this light and airy space, and the odd darker pink contrast has been added to really I’ve the room a good pop. It’s light grey and lovely, and we certainly love it.

Grey Living Rooms 2

Source: our__little__home

We must admit, we couldn’t pick a favourite. We loved all of these grey living rooms so much. We do know that we have the redecorating / interior design bug now, and these beautiful living room styles definitely tickled our fancy. Which one did you like the most? Make sure you let us know in the comments below!

If you DO have a home that you’re proud of and want to show it off – show us! We’d love to feature your beautiful homes, and you can get in touch and send in your shots through our social media accounts. Get in touch – we can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing with your houses!

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