21 Ombre Grey Hair Looks

It was a trend that first hit in the early part of 2016, but these ombre grey hair looks are here to stay. The trend has grown from strength to strength, with more and more celebrities hopping on the grey-haired bandwagon. There are now so many products on the market that achieving the perfect grey … Read more

21 Colourful Undercut Hair Designs for Women

Have you been considering an undercut lately? If you have been, you’re certainly not the only one. The trend has made a recent resurgence, but this time, it’s brought some colour along for the ride. We’ll warn you now, some of these hairstyles are so shiny-bright, you’ll need sunglasses for sure. These colourful undercut hair … Read more

31 Looks: My Little Pony Hair

If you were looking for a hair colour so beautiful, people might not think it was actually real, you definitely need to check out these My Little Pony hair looks we’ve found. From pastel shades to super bright pops, there’s a hair look to suit everyone … And every pony too. The only think you … Read more

21 Ponytail Hair Ideas We Love

The humble ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles in the world, and that’s why so many men (and women) make it their get-ready-quick go-to style. But what happens when you’re not in the mood for something as simple as a ponytail? What happens when you want to inject a little … something into the … Read more

21 Rose Gold Hair Colour Looks

Rose gold hair colour looks are very popular right now, and this is definitely because they’re one of the most flattering colour choices you could make. There are so many examples of this colour look that you could take inspiration from, from mixed blondes with strawberry red shades, to more bright pops of pink, and … Read more

21 Chocolate Brown and Lilac Hair Looks

Are you on the hunt for a hair colour that is both sophisticated and smart, but with just the right amount of unique and edginess about it to call it your own? You should look at chocolate brown and lilac hair looks – subtle, stunning, and easy to wear. More than that, you can even … Read more

21 Braided Hair Looks

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21 Graceful Dark Red Hair Ideas

Dark Red Hair Ideas

Believe it or not, red is actually much more a versatile colour than you first may have given it credit for. Although it is renowned for being quite high maintenance, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make your dark red hair ideas last a little longer. We’ll share those with … Read more

41 Beautiful Blue Hair Designs

If you’re thinking of going for a bold and bright colour for this summer, you should check out these beautiful blue hair designs. With a shade and tone to suit every hair type, length, style and even skin tone, it won’t be long before you fall in love with these bold beauties, and if you … Read more

21 Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

Layers are the perfect way to rock long hair, especially if you want to inject some volume, style or elegance into the mix. We’ve come up with a few layered haircuts for long hair that really show off the drastic variety of layers you can choose from. We hope you’re sitting comfortably. Some of these … Read more