21 Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

Layers are the perfect way to rock long hair, especially if you want to inject some volume, style or elegance into the mix. We’ve come up with a few layered haircuts for long hair that really show off the drastic variety of layers you can choose from. We hope you’re sitting comfortably. Some of these … Read more

21 Blorange Hair Looks

We’re only one month into 2017 but already it seems that there’s a new hair trend taking over the world – blorange hair. It sounds made up, or like a really tasty jelly-like dessert, but it’s actually blonde and orange hair. It sounds frightening, but we promise you it’s definitely not. The mash-up of blonde … Read more

21 Rose Gold Hair Ideas

Everyone has been rocking rose gold hair recently. In fact, the entire world seems to have gone a tad bonkers for rose gold everything, so it was only a matter of tie before the hair, nails and makeup followed suit. Poppy Delevingne rocked the look, and now we all want a piece of the action. … Read more

18 Exciting Harley Quinn Hair Ideas

We’ve watched Suicide Squad about a million times, and now we’re totally obsessed with Harley Quinn, played in the movie by Margot Robbie. A couple of the girls in our team have recreated the Harley Quinn hair ideas for themselves and received nothing but compliments on them, and if you’re looking to create your very … Read more

21 Dutch Braid Hairstyles To Go Crazy For

We love Dutch braid hairstyles because they’re easy (once you’ve gotten the hang of them), and they can be used to spice up a number of otherwise boring hairstyles. You can buy hair extensions online to add some length and bulk, or just work with your own natural hair, and even thin, fine and flyaway … Read more

21 Braid Hairstyles

Braid hairstyles – once you’ve gotten the hang of it, they’ll become your go-to style, and Kim Kardashian just proves that. In fact, all the Kardashian-Jenner girls do – they’re always rocking these glam and sassy designs. If you want some inspiration on how to wear your braid hairstyles a little bolder, why not check … Read more

41 Pastel Pink Hair Looks

It’s that time of year again … The warmer weather is coming. Grey and dreary days are behind us, and things are starting to get more colourful again. We love the turn of the seasons, when everything changes from black, white, and grey, to bright and bold explosions of colour, using it as the perfect … Read more

18 Purple Rain Hair Designs Dedicated to Prince

The world went into a very purple and very sad meltdown when news that legendary singer, Prince, had died. On April 21st, 2016, another star sadly departed this earth and in tribute, hair stylists, Prince-fans and hair dye addicts all around the world have been coming together to pay tribute. We’ve decided it’s only right … Read more