26 Hot Looks For Spring

We know, we know, winter has been going on for far too long. We’re all sick of the cold, icy temperatures and the blanket of bad weather that seems to be getting worse. Here’s something to cheer you up though girlies, spring will be on its way soon. And you know what that means… Revamping your closet!

If you want to hit the spring with a wardrobe to be proud of, here are 26 hot looks for spring 2016, as rocked by fashion bloggers all over the world, inspired by the likes of Chanel, Coach, Givenchy, Gucci, Prada and more on the catwalk for the Spring / Summer 16 fashion shows.


Both Gucci and Prada rocked a re-done vintage look for the catwalk in the Spring 2016 fashion shows, and along with cute pussy-neck bows, layers and textured fabrics were all the rage. For those chilly days when you want to layer up (because we all know what the crazy British weather is like), this look is perfect and can be re-hashed in a number of ways to make it more unique to you.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Paz Halabi Rodriguez

It’s a lightweight pussy-neck bow shirt underneath a leather shift dress. You could switch the khaki / olive coloured dress from Zara for a simple black number, and the black tights and knee-high boots from H&M are easily worn for cool weather, or switched for a cute pair of black strappy heels or simple court shoes and bare-all legs for when it’s warmer. You could even wear the look with black loafers to kill two birds with one stone.

Continuing on with that pussy-neck bow theme, we’ve found another way to wear the classic trend very easily, and is a look that could be worn for daytime at the office, or matched with some killer heels for an evening event. This is one of the most versatile looks and can be thrown on in moments.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Bowtie Diary

Worn with trousers rather than a dress or skirt gives this top a totally different look, and there’s those black loafers we keep talking about. If you don’t have a pair yet, you really should get them! The ones this fashion blogger are wearing are from New Look and the pussy-neck bow shirt was thrifted! Perhaps it’s time to go bargain hunting…

There were a number of big designers who incorporated nightwear into daywear for the Spring 2016 catwalk including Balenciaga, Celine and Givenchy. The slip dress, a classic 90’s wardrobe staple, has been re-hashed for 2016 with laces, embroidery and buttons giving the idea a romantic and more modern look.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Milady Sandy

This beautiful maxi dress from Asos incorporates every part of the look perfectly with lace, soft fabrics, long length and feature buttons. If you don’t happen to have a meadow handy for your backdrop, don’t panic. Just team your slip maxi dress with gladiator style sandals and a boho-style bag for a look considered street-suitable.

Believe it or not, this is a simple lace slip worn over a sequin mini dress and is a great way of bringing in the spring 2016 look, bringing layers into the equation also.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Lilia Uriostegui Mojica

You don’t need to wear your lace slip over a sequin mini dress of course, you could team yours with some cute denim shorts and a scrappy white top for one of the hottest of hot looks for spring 2016!

Big, solid blocks of colour set in stripes were all over the catwalk for spring 2016 and Christian Dior led the way with red and black vertical stripes, a great flattering look to help lengthen you rather than make you look wider.

(Just a little heads up for the curvy ladies out there!)

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Madelene Billman

We love this retro stripe look, teaming a diagonal muted striped shirt (in this case a MissGuided body suit) with a H&M button-up skirt, another look we’ve investigated closely! These skirts were everywhere for Winter 2015-2016 and it appears they’re sticking around for spring and summer too. We love it when that happens – more ways to wear what we already own.

Sticking with the striped theme, here’s another great way to wear the look and it’s actually not far removed from the bright Missouri colours we saw on the catwalk.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Peexo

Wear your burgundy stripes with cute little red ankle boots and that nude trench coat you were rocking all winter. You could even team this look with nude court heels or scrappy sandals if you wanted to, and leave the coat behind for that evening event.

The good news is you don’t need to get rid of last year’s maxi dresses just yet because long, flowing, soft fabric maxi dresses were all over the cat walk and most of them had one big thing in common – those striped and chevron patterns.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Kamila Z

An instant way to warm up your summer maxi dresses is to rock them with a biker-style black leather jacket, and you could even get away with wearing cute ankle booties too. Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean you can’t rock your summer wardrobe still. You just need to learn how to layer up. Replace the big daisy necklace with a comfy white scarf and you’d even have a great cold weather look.

Dolce & Gabbana showed off a beautiful red and white striped nautical dress on the catwalk for spring 2016 and you must admit, there’s something about the blue and white stripes of the nautical theme that just seems to go hand in hand with the slightly warmer weather.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn

If red and white stripes aren’t quite your thing, go for something slightly more simple for your nautical look. This simple blue shift dress with red detailing gives off that classic sailor-themed finish, and the red tights with white Converse trainers help to keep things nice and casual and day-time suitable. Again, we discussed Converse trainers recently – they’re another spring 2016 must-have!

It was Oscar de la Renta who brought this theme around for the spring 2016 catwalk and the flamenco themed, red-ruffle look was everywhere incorporated with luxurious fabrics and racy lace.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Lauren Vandiver

If you want a look to stand out, this red jump suit is simple perfect and incorporates all parts of the embraced trend. There’s the beautiful red pop of colour with the Spanish, flamenco theme, and you’ve got the ruffles around the top.

Of course, if this look is a little too red for your liking, you could just try something simpler to start with. You could mix a ruffled, off-the-shoulder top with some cute shorts for spring and team with some Converse for a more casual, daytime look.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Lauren Vandiver

There are lots of ways to wear these Spanish-themed spring trend and with Givenchy and Roberto Cavalli all rocking ruffles in various colours, mostly black and red, it might be time for you to start thinking about those boho off-the-shoulder ruffles too!

Prada rocked the blingiest of gold sequinned looks in the spring 2016 fashion shows but if the two-piece suit was a little too blingtastic for your tastes, tone it down with just the right amount of gold sequins like this fashion blogger with her fabulous Nasty Gal gold blazer.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Kim Tuttle

This blogger has teamed hers with the cutest Forever 21 over-the-knee boots (which we LOVE right now) and a short, or skirt and shorts together if you didn’t already know). The plain white collared shirt helps to give it a structured look but there’s nothing wrong with rocking a little black dress under that little gold blazer too.

In keeping with the sequin trend, we’re also introducing another trend hot for spring 2016 – the mermaid trend. Mermaid nails are all the rage, everyone’s rocking mermaid hair and with this beautiful Topshop mermaid sequinned skirt, you could be rocking the trend too.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: bumpkinbetty

We love the floral blazer that this fashion blogger has added to the look but if it’s a little too on the colourful side for you, don’t be afraid to keep things muted and more neutral with a nude coloured trend coat or blazer instead to go with those beautiful Carvela shoes.

These slimline skirts are perfect to wear with rocky and slogan tees tucked-in, and you could even make the look a warmer one by adding boots. Personally, we think ankle booties would look pretty cute too.

We featured it recently and we are telling you that the 90’s bomber jacket is making a massive comeback for spring 2016. The Kardashians and Jenner’s have been out and about wearing one as has Sienna Miller and Gigi Hadid too. If they’re wearing it, you should take a closer look. Why not have a look at 7 Ways to Wear a Bomber Jacket while you’re here for more style inspiration?

Ways To Wear A Bomber Jacket
Source: My everyday life

We love this laid-back spring look – just add a shirt, skinny jeans and some cool Adidas trainers. Throw on some sunnies and muss your hair back into a ponytail and you have a look that takes just five minutes to put on and will look super cool whatever the weather!

Textures were all over the catwalk for the spring 2016 collections and as well as ruffles and mix-matched fabrics, romantic feathers were very much a focal point from designers such as Valentino, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016
Source: Natalia M

If you want an easy way to wear them without ruffling too many feathers (get the pun?), look for a feathered bag like this delightful Zara number. It instantly adds a romantic feel to any outfit, irrespective of how casual it is. The Converse and jeans convo here doesn’t look half as casual as it should with a bag as awesome as that.

Hot Looks For Spring 2016