21 Hot Summer Looks

Having a hard time piecing together hot summer 2016 looks that’ll keep you cool, look amazing, and won’t make get covered in sweat marks with the usually hot weather we’ve been having? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been stalking all the hottest fashion bloggers and we’ve realised they’re putting together some pretty awesome outfits that we’d quite like to copy ourselves.

So, for a little inspiration on what to wear when the temperature gets hot this summer, check these out:


There’s something about these super-long shirt – dresses that look AMAZING over denim shorts … funnily enough, just like you can see on this fabulous fashion blogger. If you have great legs but don’t really like your tummy, this is a great look for you – the top covers a multitude of sins whilst still giving you the same kind of sex appeal from showing a little bit of leg.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Nga Wendy | Click for more details

Team it all with those Adidas classics and a black over-the-shoulder bag and you’re pretty much good to go for the day, especially if you’ve mastered the art of the messy bun too! There are plenty of these tops on the high street right now – time for some shopping for these hot summer 2016 looks?

Stripes can be quite difficult to wear but the good news is you just need to find the right stripe for you. Vertical stripes help to make you appear longer, and therefore thinner, but it’s all about the cut – this dress is flattering for a number of body shapes and works really well with the plain white pumps which, let’s face it, we’re all rocking this summer anyway.

Source: Belle Sirisoonthorn | Click For More Details
Source: Belle Sirisoonthorn | Click for more details

I can’t stress how important a pair of simple white Toms or white Converse pumps are – you can literally wear them with everything, from your prettiest little summer dresses to rocky denim shorts and tee’s. Take a peek at all the ways you can wear Converse here: 21 Ways To Wear Converse

Okay, so we must admit, it’s not really about the braids at all – it’s totally about the dress. We love how the braids work well with this cute little sundress, but off-the-shoulder tops and outfits are so on-trend right now, and this one is a classic look to copy.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Yana P | Click for more details

It’s a simple H&M dress and this fashion blogger wears hers with some Doc Martens, but if these are a little too much for you, or you don’t own a pair yet, swap them for some little white Converse or your favourite new Adidas kicks instead.

We’re loving big prints right now although we must admit, they can be a little daunting. We think this fashion blogger has done things just right though, teaming hers with a basic white ripped jean and casual, contrasting-coloured trainers. It’s an easy way of wearing something that really isn’t that easy to wear.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Malinina-ek – | Click for more details

If you don’t have cropped white, ripped jeans like these, just turn yours up – turn-up jeans are another big look right now, and with the rolled-up sleeves on the shirt, just makes for a perfect casual term relatively formal daytime summer look.

Who said you couldn’t wear your tartan skirt in the summer? This fashion blogger seems to have managed it perfectly, the right balance of summer clothing and grunge-punk. It’s a little bit like a summer rebellion, and it’s a great on-trend look for right now.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Chiemi Ito | Click for more details

Team your tartan skirt with a simple black top, tucked in if you’re brave enough, and go high-waisted with the skirt if you’re hoping to add some extra curves. You could wear this look with whatever black shoes you look – cute flats, big and chunky ankle boots, whatever you like.

This outfit will also work right through autumn and winter, especially if you start to layer up, adding tights for the legs, and a sweater or a long-sleeve shirt at the top.

These are two quite difficult looks to get just spot on – the two-piece and stripes. This fashion blogger from Moscow shows you how to do things the right way through, and the tip is to find the right kind of style for your body shape.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Daria Harman | Click for more details

Choosing a two-piece is much like choosing a dress. If you get the shape wrong, the look can make you appear boxy, or even much bigger than what you are, especially with the stripes. These chevon steps are quite flattering, but horizontal stripes can be a no-no if you’re anything over a size zero … which is definitely all of us!

7 –

We’re so in love with this Tibetan princess look, and we can’t work out what we’re more in love with – that beautiful necklace or that AMAZING Zara dress.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks 1
Source: Media Motisan | Click for more details

If this look is a little too Tibetan for you, tone things down by wearing this stunning white dress over denim shorts, and team with gladiator style sandals, a messy bun, and some Aviator sunnies to complete the look.

We loved absolutely everything about this look, and the thing that we loved the most about it is how easy it is to throw it all together. It’s simple a matter of adding a camisole / vest to a pair of jeans, add your cutest, most comfortable trainers, and liven things up with that adorable floral gilet / sleeveless shirt.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Zoé Alalouch | Click for more details

This look is perfect for the days when you’re not sure what you’re doing – it could be casual or it could be more chic than that. The more you accessorise and jazz up your hair, the more chic it will look. The more casual you dress it down, with a backpack, messy bun and scruffy kicks, for example, the more it will be suitable for kicking around during the day.

Remember we told you that off-the-shoulder numbers were bang on trend for summer 2016? Well, this blogger pretty much proves our point. She’s rocking braids which the Kardashians just made fabulous, denim shorts which are a staple for any girl during any summer, and that adorable white off-the-shoulder number, which jazzes the look up just a little more than a regular tee, you know? It’s like casual day wear, but instantly prettier.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Kristina Dolinskaya | Click for more details

We loved every part of this outfit, and you could even switch the denim shorts with boyfriend jeans rolled up at the bottom if you’re not comfortable getting your legs out. Team with trainers, cute white booties like you can see here, white Converse, scrappy sandals, whatever you like. This is probably one of the most versatile hot summer 2016 looks.


For when the weather gets really super hot, there’s nothing better than kicking around in our bathing suit, and for when you can’t be bothered to find a cool enough outfit to change into when you want to run out, what about this look? Just throw some shorts on with your tropical print bathing suit, and throw a lace or crochet shawl over the top if you feel really on display.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Vane ❀ | Click for more details

When you pend as much money as we do on bathing suits, it only makes sense to wear them as much as possible. We’re all buying bodies with the poppers these days, and a bathing suit isn’t that different.

We predicted that bomber jackets were going to be a big thing for 2016, and we weren’t wrong at all, were we? The floral print bomber jacket is the one everyone seems to be rocking right now, leaving those black plastic numbers behind.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Dagmara | Click for more details

Here’s a super easy way of rocking your printed or floral bomber jacket for summer – team them with some scrappy sandals (heels are down to you), a basic white vest or camisole, and one of these amazing bomber jackets. Add sunnies, pick your handbag, and let your hair flow free and you have a look that’ll attract attention for all the right reasons.

We cannot get enough of this Zara skirt, and we’ve seen hundreds of them on the high street which makes things even better yet. For those summer days when your’e too lazy to piece together a ‘better outfit’, there’s nothing better than a cute pleated, long skirt like this one, complete with pale-coloured tee for those hot summer days, or a little short-sleeved sweater like you can see here.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Belle Sirisoonthorn | Click for more details

You could add white pumps to this look, or even cute kitten heels for a slightly dressier daytime feel. A waterfall coat or cardigan is also good for when it gets a little chilly in the evenings if you’re planning being out in this cute outfit all day.

What better time to bare some flesh than in the heat of the summer, and this open back shirt is just perfect for right now. Cool enough to let a breeze flow through, but still covering so that you’re not baring too much flesh, you can find this one at Delphine the Label, and for more details on the outfit, just click on the outfit.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks 4
Source: Holynights Claudia | Click for more details

The black mules are a great addition to stop this looking too casual, and you could even turn those jeans up a little more, or exchange them for shorter jeans entirely, to switch the look up. Here’s another great tip too – what about a button-up denim skirt?

With an off-the-shoulder top, you won’t get tan lines. That’s the first thing we loved about this outfit, and the second is that we can wear our favourite white jeans again. We were dying for an excuse to pull those out of the closet.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks 5
Source: Larisa Costea | Click for more details

The off-the-shoulder top hides a multitude of sins – it covers those ‘bingo wings’ you hate at the top of your arms, and it’s flattering too, although it’s one you’ll need to team with thin spaghetti straps if you’ve got quite broad shoulders. We love this little cherry delight, and the nude stilettos are from Kurt Geiger.

Everyone needs a little denim jacket in their wardrobe and if you don’t have one, it’s about time you went shopping. We love the way this one has that customised look, and there’s plenty of tutorials on Youtube if you fancy having a bash at custom-making one of your own.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks 6
Source: Talia Shelest | Click for more details

Pair these with your snazziest sneakers and you have a look that’s perfect for running around during the day. It’s easy to throw together, comfortable to wear, and perfect for this amazing summer heat that we almost never get!

For those days when it’s not quite as sunny as you’d like it to be, don’t disregard your summer wardrobe altogether. Just team it with a few clever staples for an outfit that is not only perfect for those chilly summer evenings, but also those autumn days when it’s just too warm to get your jeans out.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Jocelyn Jacobson | Click for more details

Team your pale and pastel coloured dresses with an easy jacket and those cool cowboy-style Steve Madden booties. The hat is optional, of course, but we kinda love it too!

They’re two looks that shouldn’t go together, and when you piece it together in your head, you just can’t see it working. However, when you see the entire outfit in practice, just like you can see here, you can start to understand why it would be perfect for the hottest of hot summer days.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Mónica Sors | Click for more details

It’s free-flowing with loose and light clothing. Plus it looks super pretty. The only thing you’ll need to watch out for are those tan lines – if you’ve got straps going on, you’re going to have a few lines if you sit in the sun. And sorry to sound like your mum here, but make sure you slap on the sun protection!

You know when you’re told to wear some casual, just a tee and jeans? Well, this is the perfect outfit for those exact occasions, and you could jazz it up with cuter shoes, or even wear your favourite Adidas kicks with them. It’s an easy-breezy outfit for the easiest and breeziest of days.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Yana P | Click for more details

We love retro t-shirts right now, especially ones with cool slogans on the front, and we love the casual appeal of this entire outfit, especially with those turned-up jeans. Throw on your white belt and go as high-waisted as you dare. This is one of those hot summer 2016 looks that we’ll definitely be recreating ourselves.

Just when you thought you no longer had any need for your long denim skirt, we go and provide you with hot summer 2016 looks that’ll make you thankful you bought it. Simply team it with a simple tee, a colourful neck scarf, and some cute scrappy sandals for an easy thrown-together look that you could wear every day.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Bi Huni | Click for more details

Add some heels if you want to glam things up a bit – think scrappy heeled sandals and you have about the right idea, and for when the evenings get a little chilly or you want to wear this right through until autumn, just add boots and eventually tights or leggings underneath.

We are so thankful these Birkenstock sandals are back because they really are the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever owned. For running around in the summer, you can’t beat these shoes, and you definitely can’t beat this outfit.

Hot Summer 2016 Looks
Source: Mizuho K | Click for more details

You have a cool and casual white shirt which can be left unbuttoned and loose when you wear a white camisole or vest underneath. You can also remove the layers when it gets super hot. Ripped jeans are a must have if you’re going to wear denim at all in this hot weather, and those sensible flat sandals just make casual day outfits so much easier … and comfortable too!

We hope we’ve provided you with plenty of inspiration – these hot summer 2016 looks are definitely ones we’ll be adding to our to-wear list. Who about you? Which ones were your favourite? Which ones will you try to recreate yourself? If you piece an outfit together and you’ve gathered your inspiration from us, tag us – #CherryCherryBeauty. We’d love to feature you!