Joker Nail Art

Let’s face it, you don’t need to be a total comic book geek to know who the Joker is, or why you need Joker nail art – he’s one of the most iconic comic book villains, set to harass Batman at every turn. Plus, these days he’s chasing after Harley Quinn causing trouble so … chances are you know this guy’s face. The face that has changed more than a few times over the years.

We decided to pay homage to the Joker, especially with the recent release of the amazing Suicide Squad movie, with 15 Joker nail art ideas. Are you sitting comfortably?

1 – Simple Joker Face + Glitter Tips

Exploring Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker is definitely sad, with an overdose ending his sad life before the movie, The Dark Knight, was even released in 2008. It’s sad to think that if he had survived, he would have grabbed an Academy Award, and also the critical acclaim the role was met by.

Joker Nail Art
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Pay homage to the Clown Prince himself, and the sadly departed yet always in our thoughts, Heath Ledger, with this Joker nail art – simple, effective, and to the point. We love the green and purple glitter tips alongside that simple white Joker face, and it’s a look that you could easily customise to suit whatever outfit you choose. Perhaps a cool Halloween costume?

2 – Joker + Harley Nails

The Joker first made his appearance in the comic book world back in 1940, and back then, he should have died! He was originally planned to meet his demise during his first and only appearance, but we’re awfully glad he didn’t. We’d have no need for beautiful Joker nail art like this if he did.

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During that first viewing of him, the editor actually made him come back to life, arguing with the writer who incidentally almost didn’t include him at all. According to other writers, he was far too “clownish”.

3 – Cover Art Harley Quinn + Joker Nails

Harley Quinn and the Joker have had a complicated relationship for many years, and there were even times during their relationship that the villain tried to kill his Queen despite his ongoing love and adoration for her. They have a classic good / bad relationship to start with – the Joker being bad, and Harley Quinn keeping on running back for more *spoiler alert*, something else that became very evident in the recent hit, Suicide Squad.

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We love their complicated relationship though, especially with Margot Robbie and Jared Leto behind them. To pay tribute to that, we’d love to present to you this amazing Harley Quinn and Joker nail art, copying the cover art from the new movie and music soundtrack.

4 – Ha Ha Joker Nail Art

The Joker is a pretty unknown kinda super villain in the comic book world, despite being the most volatile and dangerous enemy that Batman could ever come across. It’s also been hinted for many years that the Joker actually knows Batman’s real identity – Bruce Wayne – but he doesn’t really care. The way he looks at it is that he makes Batman better, and that he wouldn’t be him at all if he didn’t have a villain like the Joker to come up against.

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We love these ‘haha’ purple Joker-themed nails, and we can’t help but think you could replace the red, white and black ones with Batman nails – good versus evil, for example. Or you could just paint them all in that ‘haha’ design. Thats the best thing about them – you can make them exactly yours and entirely unique.

5 – Heath Ledger’s Joker Nails

The classic makeup associated with Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker was actually created by none other than Heath Ledger himself. Funnily enough, the film actually won an Oscar for ‘Best Makeup’, and part of that credit must go to the actor who never even saw the release of success of the movie.

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The makeup was picked up from drug stores apparently, and he threw together a look that worked so well, the rest of the makeup team had to learn what he did to recreate the look every day he was needed to film more scenes. It just goes to show that you don’t need to be a professional to come up with the best looks. We can’t wait to see your Joker nail art!

6 – Ombre Joker Nail Art

No one knows where Joker comes from, and the story was written that way deliberately to give him as much of an air of mystery as possible. At one point he was Bruce Wayne’s mother, and he seems to give so many differing stories about his past, it’s impossible to work out what is true and what’s been completely made-up.

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One of the biggest theories (and the one that seems to be the ‘realest’), is that the Joker was once a lab worked who tried to screw over his boss. Batman intervened and stopped the burglary, and the Joker was meant to have fallen into a vat of acid, giving him the classic look we associate with him today. This story is also mimicked with Harley Quinn – the falling into a vat of acid is what gives her the white face and melted pink/blue makeup look.

7 – Featuring The Joker

For when you don’t have time to spend hours on your nails, we love these simple Joker nail art designs – nails left plain white and green on all of them except one – the feature nail. This will, of course, feature the Joker himself.

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When you have the one featured nail like this, the rest of your nails can be left as simple as you’d like, which certainly makes it easy when work comes around again on Monday morning and you forgot to take your nail polish off. If you had Joker designs on all of your nails, your boss might have a little something to say about it.

8 – Holographic Joker Diamonds

And here we’re using holographic foil pieces / sequins to bring your Joker nail art to life, using four smaller diamond shapes to create one bigger diamond – a symbol of the Joker and his beautiful sidekick, Harley Quinn.

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These nails are super cute, and we love that purple shade used in the background. Even if you didn’t have Heath Ledger’s face on these, you’d know what the design was meant to be, just from the clever use of purple and green, and those diamond-shaped embellishments.

9 – Zig Zag Joker Glitter Nails

Do you remember that we spoke about that one featured nail? Well, this is another great way to wear it, plus we really loved that super purple shimmer shade used too.

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For that featured nail, start by painting half of your nail in that glitter purple pop, and then the other hand of the nail in a contrasting green Joker-like shade. The divide doesn’t need to be super perfect because you’re going to be adding to it (and therefore covering it up), with that yellow zig-zag design anyway. Wait for it to dry and then check no sections need to be touched-up, and you too could have cool Joker nail art.

10 – Joker Coloured Tips

Simple yet effective – that’s what we love about these Joker themed nails. You could contrast the tips and reminder of the nail how you like. You could even have the same with the exception of the one featured nail, which would then be the other way around. Either way, go a little crazy with it. You don’t come up with a new and fresh design by doing what everyone else has already done.

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The shimmer shades used in this design are awesome, and with the help of nail tape, you could easily section of the nail tips and paint them in contrasting shades. Add a little sparkle for the finish touches, and all you need to do now is figure out your costume …

11 – Joker Bang Ha Ha Nails

Everyone thinks that the Joker is actually insane, and when you look at him, you’ll be forgiven for believing it yourself. After all, he hardly looks like the sanest person in the world, does he?

Joker Nail Art 2
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Rather than just being conventionally nuts, the Joker is said to suffer from “super-insanity”, which basically means he knows what he’s doing, and what chaos his actions will create, but he does it anyway just because it’s fun. That’s why we love this Joker nail – just because we can, and because it’s fun!

12 – Modern Day Joker with a Twist

These are Joker nails, but with a twist – a modern day take on a classic comic book villain. It’s a super-cool look, right? We certainly thought so.

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Rather than featuring the Joker, just use the colours associated with him on your nails instead, in this case with a geometric design that can easily be done freehand, or using tape to mask off sections before painting. These would be good for both long and short nails alike, and that’s what makes them brilliant.

13 – Insane Joker Nail Art

The Joker is the comic-book villain with the most kills, as well as being “super-insane”. He came up with the most weird and wonderful ways to ‘bump-off’ his victims too, as if killing them in the first place wasn’t bad enough.

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There’s no need to bump anyone off with this Joker nail art though, another clever way of using simple colours with the one featured nail. You could go for the lighter, brighter, almost neon-looking green that you can see here, but for a more subtle and discreet way of rocking your Joker nails, you could always opt for a darker shade instead. That’ll dampen the look down a little, and more than much more wearable for work the morning after the night before.

14 – Old School Joker

It’s almost like the old-school Jack Nicholson Joker has been moved in with the newest Joker role with this one, Daddy’s Lil Monster included. And why wouldn’t you celebrate the Joker through the ages. If you love him, surely you need to love all sides of him? The older ones included?

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We kinda love the idea of using different images of the Joker to show his evolution through time, and we’d love to see what some of you lovely lot come up with … mostly because our offering was pretty shocking.

15 – Joker Ha Ha Nails

It was said that Heath Ledger actually locked himself in a room of his motel for 43 days to get into the Joker character before filming began on the movie. Whether the dark thoughts he came up with played a part in his suicide, we’ll never know, but the result of his isolation was a character so in depth, you couldn’t help but love him a little.

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Moving on from Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker, to Jared Leto’s almost more-insane version in the latest Suicide Squad movie, what do you think about these all-over ‘haha’ nails? They’re easier enough to do if you have a steady hand, and you can even see a hint of green and purple beneath most of the nails, and just the right hint of that red lipstick on that featured nail.

And there you have them – 15 Joker nail art ideas that we think you’ll love. Obviously we can’t wait to see what you lovely lot get up to, so if you give these Joker nails a go yourself and love what you come up with, show us! We’ll feature your stunning designs too.

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