21 Stunning Matte Blue Nails

People say your nails say much about who you are – the state of your health and your personality in general. In that case, it would be a disaster if your nails aren’t portraying exactly who you are, wouldn’t they? Here are some matte blue nail ideas for inspiration on your next look if you love blue.

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1 – Sparkly Matte Blue Nails with Glitter

You can apply the blue color in many ways, either as an independent color, color mix, or embellished with glitter. This nail design features one of the most brilliant blue shades we’ve ever seen and a deep blue glitter. The nail length complements the design nicely, but you can always make it longer or shorter if you want.

While you can add embellishments to this if you want, we recommend leaving it as simple as this. Too many embellishments can ruin the design.

Sparkly Matte Blue Nails With Glitter

2 – Long Baby Matte Blue and Pink Nails

If you have never thought of baby blue nails, these nails will make you seriously consider them. Baby blue has always been a beautiful color, but the way it blends nicely with the light pink got us more. You can wear this design on any outfit, from a formal dress and heels to a pair of jeans with a top.

If you recreate this nail design, remember to get the right shade of blue and meticulously apply the sponge. Or, you can see a professional nail artist for perfection’s sake.

Long Baby Matte Blue And Pink Nails

3 – Plain Matte Pink and Blue Matte Nails

Beautify your nails with matte pink and blue nails in this simple, quick, and easy design – the simplicity makes it more gorgeous. You can recreate this design on your natural nails or fix artificial nails; it’s all good as long as you get the exact design. Only the fourth finger carries the matte blue color here; the remaining four fingers carry matte pink.

Meanwhile, you can always twitch this design to your taste; if this design has sparked an idea in you, feel free to let it out.

4 – Clancy Matte Blue Nails

Clancy blue is a beautiful color, and it creates some of the most stunning nail designs we have ever seen. Perhaps, the best part about this design is that you can totally recreate this on your natural nails. With this polish on, you will flaunt your nails courageously in public; regardless of what event they enter, they are sure to get a second look.

This design is simple to recreate; begin by cleaning your nails and ridding them of dirt and oil. Then, apply a couple of coats before finishing with the matte Clancy blue shade.

Short Clancy Matte Blue Nails

5 – Long and Bright Square Matte Blue Nails

These long coffin nails feature a bright and beautiful blue shade; the design is both simple and elegant at the same time. To recreate this design, you will need ten nails, nail glue, nail buffer, nail file, cuticle stick, and an alcohol wipe. When you’re applying the makeup sponge, maintain a gentle slide on the nails; do it meticulously to avoid smears and smudges.

If you don’t want the stress, you can always go to a nail salon to get this design fixed for you.

Long Bright Blue Matte Nails

6 – Butterfly Matte Blue Nails

The time for bland nails has passed; there are hundreds of nail design ideas like this to draw inspiration from. We love the mature coolness of this blue shade and how elegantly the long coffin nails stand – classy and cool. The peak of this design, and why we love it so much, is the pink butterfly art on the middle finger.

In public, these nails will boost your confidence by a millionfold. But, if you aren’t much of a public person, you can just sit in all day and revel in their beauty.

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Matte Blue Nails With Butterfly Design

7 – Long Coffin Blue Matte Nails

You can wear coffin nails in different ways and colors, from pink to blue to matte blue and pink. This is a beautiful design of coffin nails that you can try out for your next look, perfect for summer and winter. The cool colors will contrast nicely with any skin color but will only fit well if you get the designs right.

We tried recreating this coffin nail design, but we gave up after a few tries; it was harder than we thought. You may have better luck with the design than we did – you can also go to a nail salon.

 Long Coffin Blue Matte Nails

8 – Matte Blue Stiletto Nails

If you are going for the blue nail polish shade, try applying it on stiletto nails; they always come out beautiful. These stiletto nails feature a cool shade of blue, no boo-boos, and no smirches; we love how smooth these nails look. You can decide to get creative with this design by adding some glitters and rhinestones, but we love how simple these are.

The simplest nail designs are usually the hardest to get right, so you may want to be careful on this one.

Stiletto Matte Blue Nails

9 – Pumpkin Nails with Matte Top Coat Finish

We fell in love with these pumpkin nails at first sight – the blend of white, blue, and yellow is exquisite. These nails were designed using a custom blue shade, hand-painted pumpkin art, and a velvet matte topcoat finish. You cannot but love how little pumpkin designs grace the nails; they look like they were drawn by an artist.

If you can draw pumpkins on your nails, you can recreate this, but you may still experience some difficulty. For better results, you can visit a professional nail artist.

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Matte Blue And White Nails With Pumpkin Design

10 – Electric Matte Blue Nails

If you’ve taken off your last nail design and want a more dramatic one, here is one to try. These are classy nails you can wear to formal occasions and informal events; they will complement any outfit nicely. They feature a brilliant electric blue color with a matte topcoat finish for a smoother and exotic appearance.

You can get this design ready-made, or you can have a professional manicurist recreate the design for you. But, if you’re recreating this yourself, don’t miss or mix the steps so that the design can turn out like this.

Electric Matte Blue Nails

11 – Blue Matte Nails with Rhinestones

If you love rhinestones as much as we do, you will love this design; the addition of rhinestones perfects the look. Cover all your fingernails with matte blue nail polish, but leave out the fourth finger – we’ve got plans for it. Apply the first, second, and third nail polish coats on your fourth nail, and finish the design off with rhinestones.

You can use any color of rhinestones; these feature yellow, red, and purple colors, making the nails more colorful.

Blue Matte Nails With Rhinestones

12 – Oceanic Matte Blue Nails

Here is a lovely set of luxury nails for summer and winter, perfect for every season and compatible with any outfit. If you are not going to try this design, we will; these are among our favorites where matte blue nails are concerned. Only someone with a creative imagination will know that the blue ocean art will contrast perfectly with a white background.

We do not recommend recreating this design on your own if you’re not familiar with the waters; a nail artist will save you much trouble.

Ocean Matte Blue Nails

13 – Autumn Matte Blue Nails with Leaf Art

Autumn is a time for creating memories with loved ones, loving yourself, and giving yourself the best manicure you can get. This shade is in electric blue with a matte topcoat, which is gorgeous and classy. And, needless to say, the nails’ short length is perfect. Think and imagine wildly, then come up with designs to enhance the beauty of these nails – like autumn leaves.

These nails’ electric color and creative artwork speak mysteries; it’s hard not to fall in love.

Autumn Matte Blue Nails With Leaf Art

14 – Twilight Butterfly Matte Blue Nails with Gems

You can have it exotic if you want it exotic, but this design doesn’t care about ‘simple;’ it goes all out. It captures the cool twilight blue shade, velveteen matte coat, glittery butterfly design, and cute little rhinestones for some embellishments. These feature different shades of blue, from light to lighter and from cool to cooler.

To recreate this design, you need ten long nails, rhinestones, nail buffer, nail file, and other essentials for getting a manicure. A professional nail artist will recreate this without stress.

Twilight Butterfly Matte Blue Nails With Gems

15 – Acrylic Matte Blue Butterfly Nails

This set of nails is perfect for autumn-winter; you can also wear them for summer, but winter and autumn first. The second and pinky fingers feature the bright and cool blue shade all through with added glitters for shine. The middle and fourth fingers carry more butterflies and flowers than we’ve ever seen on nails – this design is magnificent.

Designs like these make us fall in love with blue all over again, especially the beautiful light shade like the one used here.

Acrylic Matte Butterfly Mails

16 – Cool Matte Blue Nails with Rhinestones

These powder blue matte-coated nails will make a beautiful addition to any nail collection; the design is simple but exotic. When you’re done applying the matte coat finish, get your gems ready and arrange them neatly along with your nails, excluding the thumbs and pinkies. These are arranged in different ways, from vertically to a semi-circle, but you can do yours however you want it –just ensure that it is this gorgeous or even better.

You can wear these to a birthday party, on a dinner date, or to a red carpet event.

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Cool Matte Blue Nails Designed With Rhinestones

17 – Bling Matte Blue Nails with Rhinestones

Everything about these nails screams perfection louder than we’ve ever heard it; add some bling to your nails to perfect them. It is this kind of nail design you can wear all day and every day, to any event, and at every season. We love how the stones are arranged regally at the bases of the second and fourth fingers – simple and elegant.

We love these nails because they make us feel beautiful; they have the power to make any girl feel like a princess.

Short Bling Matte Blue Nails With Rhinestones

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18 – Long Matte Blue And Cheetah Nails with Diamonds

This design shows us that you can have precious jewels literally in your hands all day long. These are long matte blue nails embellished with big (though not so big) diamond rock and little rhinestones beneath. Nothing spells “beautiful work of art” better than this nail art design; the matte blue shade is exotic.

We cannot help but notice the unique combination of the long coffin and stiletto nails. Leave the matte blue coffin nails on the thumb, second, and pinky fingers, and the stilettos on the third and fourth.

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Long Pointy Blue Matte Nails With Cheetah Design

19 – Matte Royal Blue Nails with Glitter

Royal blue is another blue shade to try out this season; if you’ve tried other shades, try this one too. This nail design features matte royal blue topcoats with black and silver glitter vertical line work for perfection. We love the simplicity of this nail design and the short length of the nails; it’s a true definition of class and style.

You can try this design on your natural nails or artificial nails; it will still turn out nice. Gently but firmly run the sponge over your nails applying the polish; be wary of flaws.

Matte Royal Blue Nails With Glitter

20 – Classy Matte Blue Butterfly- Designed Nails with Glitter

One look at this design, and we fell in love – as we are sure you have, too. This nail design is definitely one of our favorites and that we really want you to try out. The second finger carries most of the glitter in this design, but the fourth and pinky fingers caught our attention.

These are short coffin nails in matte blue coat finishing and butterfly art for emphasis sake – you know, emphasizing on class. If this nail design doesn’t turn heads, there is a problem somewhere.

Classy Blue And White Butterfly Matte Nails

21 – Dark Matte Blue Glitter Drip Nails

This nail art speaks three things: elegance, class, and exquisiteness – if those words describe you, then you should definitely try these. This nail art is easy to recreate even if you are a beginner; apply three layers of polish before the final matte finishing. Crown the design with dark blue glitters at the nails’ French tips; let your creative mind run unhindered.

The only way these nails won’t turn heads is if no one sees them, but how on earth can these beauties go unnoticed?

Glitter Drip Dark Blue Matte Nails

Finally, we have provided twenty-one matte nail blue looks that every nail addict should try out. So, now, you have no excuse for why your nails aren’t speaking your real language or portraying your genuine image. If you’re a beginner in nail art, follow this YouTube video tutorial to recreate any of these beautiful designs.

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