39 Mermaid Nails To Fall In Love With

Everyone’s all about the mermaids right now with mermaid hair, mermaid scale leggings, and many other mermaid-themed fashion accessories hitting the high street. Something else that seems to be on trend for right now is mermaid nails. Brightly coloured and as shiny as you dare to make them, these shimmering, sparkling delights are perfect nails for spring time. The weather is getting warmer, we’re all getting a bit happier and it’s time to start thinking about getting bikini-body-ready.

The perfect bikini won’t work without the right nails though… Just saying!

Take a peek at the beautiful designs we’ve fallen in love with on our trek around the internet to find the prettiest, shiniest and most exquisite mermaid nails you’re guaranteed to fall in love with.

Whether you’ve got long nails, short nails, coffin nails, pointed nails, toe nails or finger nails… We’ve found the perfect mermaid nails for you.

One of the easiest ways we’ve found to recreate these beautiful purple and blue holographic mermaid scales is with nail wraps. Clever designs that feature the design already laid out, you simply lie them across your nail, flatten them down and trim around the edges. There’s no painting, waiting for them to dry, worrying about stencils and templates or decals…

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Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @naildesignsbyrachel

If it’s super easy you want, this is how you get it. You could always go the old-fashioned route and use a mermaid scales template over the nails to recreate this stunning watery-themed look.

Don’t fancy purple and blue? Check out these green and gold (with a few browny-bronze shades thrown in for good measure) mermaid scales nails!

Mermaid Nails
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Hand-painted nails are always going to look great and authentic if you have a steady hand and as you can see, the scales here are all slightly different sizes. It’s not perfect but it doesn’t really need to be. You could even replace the colours you see here with whatever you like as long as it follows that under-the-sea theme. Slightly grown up mermaid nails perhaps?

Just because they’re mermaid nails doesn’t mean they need scales on them. We love these pink to blue ombre nails and they’re been mermaid’ed-up the right way with just one simple shell embellishment, attached to one nail on each hand.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @ beckweee

These are simple and easy to achieve with a triangular makeup sponge and two shades of nail polish. Add the embellishment (which you can pick up for next to nothing), wait for it to dry and away you go! If you don’t like pink and blue, you could swap the pink for green for a more mermaid-y effect, or switch it up with whatever shades and tones you like.

They’re your nails after all!

Pearls are perfect nail embellishments for sea-themed nails and if you’re not rich enough to be able to afford actual pearls on your talons, cheat with these cute additions.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @nailedbystacy

If you don’t have pearls, white and diamond-effect gems will work just as well. Just remember to use some strong nail glue to keep them in check and always have a couple spare too… They have a habit of dropping off when you least want them to!

Another thing that goes hand in hand with nails for your watery, mermaid theme? Shells, that’s what! What better way to ‘water-up’ your nails than by adding these adorable shell embellishments? Simple, effective and you could even keep the nails underneath as neutral as you like.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @rosielybeauty

We’re pretty much in love with the pinkie finger nails here. The white one with the seahorses is super cute but the blue tip and the mermaid silhouette… That’s just the cutest, don’t you think?

We love this look, combining scales and Ariel’s cute purple bikini top. We’ve already covered how to recreate those mermaid scales and as you can see from the middle nail, the coconut-shell bikini is easily copied with the help of lighter and darker flicks of purple.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @professionalnailss

In order to keep this look as beautiful and as glossy as it should, you’re going to need to invest in a really decent top coat. When applying it, make sure you slide a little right over the tip of your nail too. By doing this, you’re adding another layer of protecting to the ends and you’ll normally find this is where the most chipping happens.

When we were growing up, all we wanted was to live like a mermaid so we could never understand her want or desire to be part of our world. Disney is now a hotter trend than ever with more ranges of Disney-inspired clothing and accessory ranges coming out all the time. Why not get one step ahead of the trend with these The Little Mermaid themed delights?

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @nailedbyceline

Although this might take a while with the hand painting involved, the look is one that everyone will be envious of. With detailing like that, everyone will want mermaid nails!

Another simple Ariel face but this time, she’s been paired with ocean rolls and beautiful shells and scales. It’s a combination that really works if you want mermaid or ocean themed nails and as you can see, they have been recreated with a touch of glitter, a few swirls, and a black nail polish pen to help draw out those shells.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @nailedbyceline

If you’re using a super bright colour as your base coat, use a white coat as a primer base. The white backdrop helps funkier, bolder colours shine that much brighter. Smart tip, right?

We love this look – white to turquoise ombre mermaid nails. They are two similar looks but it just goes to show how easy you can ‘touch-up’ an old look to recreate a new one. The left could be easily covered with a top coat of that blue, the shell could be left in place, and the scales could be added around it on one featured nail only.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @nailstorming

It’s a tip we talk about a lot but having that one feature nail could make all the difference! It helps to stop a very boring look being just that. Plus, if it goes wrong, you can just take it off and paint in the same one-colour as the others. It’s also great for last minute jazz-up’s if you’ve only got a few minutes spare in between work and the bar.

Everyone associates mermaid nails with blues, greens and aquamarine tones but we love these peach and gold combo. It’s a really elegant and sophisticated way of getting mermaid nails without making them too bright or bolshy.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @nailstorming

If peach isn’t your thing, think pastel tones of any shade or colour. With the gold over the top, your nails will reflect the light and stand out. Just remember to give it a good top coat to keep the look in check!