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Nails for St Patricks Day

On the hunt for some nails for St Patricks Day that really kick butt, standing out for all the right reasons? Well, we definitely think you’ve come to the right place. We have spent hours trawling the internet, Instagram specifically, to look for the best, boldest, brightest, and most beautiful nails for St Patricks Day, and we really hope that you love what we have managed to come up with.

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Sit back, relax, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy a nice cup of tea. It’s time to talk about all things Irish, rainbows, leprechauns, and green-themed.

1 – Simple Green, Gold & Irish Flag Nails

Want your nails to pop with bright colours this St. Patrick’s Day? You need to know this next nail painting tip for sure … In the same way that you would add a white or light shade of eyeshadow to your lids before you use a bright colour eyeshadow to make them pop, try using a white shade of polish on your nails, before painting on your bright and bold shades. The blank canvas will make your bright colours stand out so much more.

Nails for St Patricks Day 3

Source: nailsuponatime

2 – Glam & Long Nails for St Patricks Day

Lookin’ for something super long and super glam for your St Patricks Day nails? These ones might just fit the bill, mixing light-catching silvers in with glorious greens. Sparkly and fantastic, they suit the Irish themed party occasion just perfect. That’s what we think anyway.

Nails for St Patricks Day 8

Source: vincentnails

3 – Green -Tipped Clover Nails

What do you get when you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover?

A rash of good luck.

Yes, we know it’s a pretty shocking joke, but St. Patrick’s Day is all about those four-leaf clovers, something that this nail look has sorted out perfectly. Other common symbols for the big day, of course, are leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold commonly found at the end of that rainbow, green hats, and lots of Irish-themed booze, such as Guinness and Irish cream-style drinks. What’s your favourite part of St. Patrick’s Day? Or is it all of the above?

Nails for St Patricks Day 9

Source: ladysmithnails

4 – Celtic Designed Nails for St Patricks Day

If you’re a tad on the messy side when you’re painting your own nails at home, don’t panic. We’re just as messy, but we’ve learned this super amazing hack that ensures your manicure DOESN’T look like it has been done by a five-year-old AND doesn’t require you to buy anything expensive, fiddly, or from the other side of the world, likely resulting in long delivery times. All you need is Vaseline — petroleum jelly. The process is very simple too — using a cotton bud (Q Tip), simply line the Vaseline around the nails. When the polish accidentally goes ‘outside the lines’, you can simply wash the Vaseline away, once your nails are dried and safe, and the excess polish will come right off with it.

Nails for St Patricks Day 1

Source: nyny_nails

5 – Simple Spring Fling Nails for St Patricks Day

Of course, if you wanted to use something other than Vaseline to make sure you don’t make a mess when you’re painting your own nails, you could always buy some liquid latex. You can buy this stuff on the internet and, in the same way that you line your nails with the Vaseline jelly, you would line your nails with the liquid latex. Once the nails are dried and safe, simply peel off the liquid latex, which should be dry at this point, and the excess nail polish will, once again, come right off with it. That should make your at-home nails for St Patricks Day much easier. Faster too.

Nails for St Patricks Day 13

Source: _cupcakenails_

6 – Sharp & Fierce St Patricks Day Glam Nails

The very long and complex prep work that is involved for acrylic nails often makes them a not very good option, especially if you already have damaged, dry, brittle, or bad-condition nails. If you need nails for just one night only, why not consider using press-on style nails. These can look just as good and, with the right nail glue, will last the distance, without being as damaging to your nails. Even better than that, you can even get custom designs these days, particularly if you look on Etsy, and you can just as easily remove them as you can put them on. We love it when things are super simple, don’t you?

Nails for St Patricks Day 10

Source: margaritasnailz

7 – Spots & Shamrocks Paddy’s Day Nails

If you’re still in the habit of cutting your cuticles, you’re probably ruining your own nails by accident. Rather than doing this, you should use a cuticle remover product instead, which does things in a much safer and more natural way. In order to get a really good mani, you’re going to need a really good condition nail bed. The only way to do this is not to cover it over with acrylic or gel extensions, but to do the hacks and tips that are known to put the good condition back into your nails, as well as protecting them from that point onwards. Taking care of your cuticles is definitely a great place to start.

Nails for St Patricks Day 21

Source: nyny_nails

8 – 3D Shamrock Nails

Wait, this joke is really good, we promise you …

When are Irish potatoes NOT Irish potatoes?

When they’re French fries!

That’s a good one, right? No? Okay, fine. We suck. We’ll console ourselves by ooh’ing over this fab St. Paddy’s Day nail designs, which we totally think are better than the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Nails for St Patricks Day 18

Source: naq57

9 – Kiss Me, I’m Irish Nails

If you’re having a hard time removing your nail polish, don’t be tempted to peel it off. We mentioned the danger of this before, and you really don’t even need to do that, once you learn how to use nail varnish remover in the right way. If you buy yourself a good quality acetone-free nail polish remover, you can soak your nails in it. This will make removing any nail polish a much easier process, particularly those glitter and other stubborn ones. Just make sure you moisturise your nails well once you’re done. The nail polish remover will have a drying effect on your skin and nail bed.

Nails for St Patricks Day 2

Source: soula_nailart

10 – Green & Gold Leaf Short Nails for St Patricks Day

If you have nails that easily break or are damaged, going for a longer nail design or style isn’t always the best idea. Nail extensions are a really good thing for when you have a fancy event going on, but letting your nails breathe and be free of their acrylic or gel prisons is a smart move, unless you want your nails to suffer as a result. You can achieve just as many cute looks on shorter nails, all the while still incorporating the same theme. Don’t rush to get yourself booked in for extensions. It’ll be cheaper without them!

Nails for St Patricks Day 4

Source: lise_pavich_cnd

11 – Leprechaun Nails for St. Patrick’s Day

What did the leprechaun say on March 17?

“Irish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Another beautiful nail look, another bad St. Patrick’s Day joke. Speaking of which, do you know any jokes that are fit for the occasion? We’re looking to add a few more to the list. If you could make them funny too; that would be great. Our Irish-themed jokes seem to fallin’ on flat ears.

Nails for St Patricks Day 14

Source: evy.novoa

12 – Glittery Green Short Shamrock Nails

If you have brittle nails, that tend to break easily, achieving these beautiful and bold designs can be somewhat difficult. In fact, some may even call the task impossible. Thankfully, there are plenty of things that you can do to increase the strength of your weak and damaged nails. Experts actually suggest that you try to first make sure that your hands are clean at all times. This may sound as if it has absolutely nothing to do with the state of your nails, but it actually does, and in quite a big way too. Bacteria can build up, particularly in cracks and damaged nail beds and also under the nails. Making sure that you’re cleaning under your nails is a must. It’s only a start, but it’s a step in the right direction for better-looking and stronger nails.

Nails for St Patricks Day 20

Source: glossynails

13 – Pretty Green Shamrocks Nails

If you want a way that you can get creative, without having to spend hours painting your nails and messing it up (like us), there’s a great hack that you can use to make life a lot easier and quicker for yourself. Paint the entire design onto a piece of cling film or clear plastic, in the right size. Once that has dried, you can literally peel it off, apply that layer to your nail, cut the excess bits off around the edges, and then finish with a good top coat to keep it all in place. It won’t last for days, but it will give you a way to create nails that look good on BOTH hands and makes life a truckload easier for yourself.

Nails for St Patricks Day 19

Source: naq57

14 – Dark & Simple Nails for St Patricks Day

Nobody said that you had to plaster green EVERYWHERE to have the Irish-themed loveliness brought into the mix. These black and silver talons have been cleverly added to, with a green shamrock, making an older manicure (perhaps?) just perfect for the occasion.

Nails for St Patricks Day 17

Source: sarahnelsonnaildesigns

15 – Glittery Green & Gold Lips Nails

There’s not a leprechaun, a rainbow, or a shamrock in sight, but these green nails are still absolutely perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, mostly because of the lush green shade. If you’re looking to show your love for the Irish, say it with a kiss with these cute square-tipped nails. We love them’ they’re simple, yet effective. Isn’t that kinda what you’re looking for?

Nails for St Patricks Day 16

Source: naillovebykylie

16 – Rainbows & Pots of Gold Nails

These nails really will make everyone else green with envy … Yes, another bad pun, but we aren’t kidding about the fabulous nail designs, that’s for sure. Add a touch of the rainbow to your nails, completing the look with lush green tips. These nails could just be the pit at the end of the rainbow for us, what do you think?

Nails for St Patricks Day 11

Source: nailedforthegods

17 – Bright Green Pop Nails for St Patricks Day

Why do frogs like St. Patrick’s Day?

Because they’re always wearing green.

Okay, so it’s a pretty bad one-liner, but these nails for St Patricks Day aren’t bad at all. In fact, they’re bloomin’ marvellous and we love them. Green is a great colour, not just for frogs, but also for you if you’re on the hunt for some nails that really match the theme. These ones do. They’re ticking all of the wants on our list.

Nails for St Patricks Day 15

Source: naillovebykylie

18 – Elegantly Patterned St Paddy’s Day Nails

You might not think that you have everything to hand to help create beautiful nails for St Patricks Day, but that’s probably not the case. You can use many household objects to help with your manicures and nail designs. A hair grip, for example, has rounded edges that you can use a dotting tool. The reinforcement stickers for paper holes can be used to create curved tips, or even a half-moon shaped base or design in your nails, and can even be used for rounded or spotty designs. There are plenty of hacks that you can use, and we’re trying to share all of our best with you. Do you have any absolutely fantastic nail hacks to share? We’d love to hear them. If we like it, we’ll share it! (And credit you for it too!)

Nails for St Patricks Day 12

Source: nails4cocktails

19 – Glittery & Green (& Not a Shamrock in Sight!)

If you’re well known for chipping your nails within minutes of having a new manicure, there’s a base coat hack that you can use to sort the problem out. Simple use TWO layers of your base coat, but rather than covering the entire nail with the two coats, simple paint the first coat on the top half of your nail only. When that has dried, apply your second coat, but this time, add it to the entire nail. When that layer is dry, you are then free to add your polish and work your creative magic. The extra half-layer of base coat protection will offer a tad more strength against chipping and could even make your manicure last for a little longer too.

Nails for St Patricks Day 7

Source: shannasnailadventures

20 – Bronze-Sprinkled Nails for St Patricks Day

Add some bronze sprinklings to your St. Patrick’s Day manicure, just like these cute themed nails, for a look that is both fun and glam, all at the same time. You would be amazed by just how much a smidgen of glitter can entirely transform a nail design. You could leave the glitter off during the day, adding some sparkle once the sun goes down.

Nails for St Patricks Day 5

Source: stunnin.nails

21 – Light Green & Lovely Nails for St Patricks Day

Just remember; there are so many shades of green to play with and so many designs that you could use … Mix and match different features from different nail looks to come up with something super creative and unique, or just pick one nail look and paint that on one nail, leaving the rest of them simply-painted. We cannot wait to see what you come up with, so please leave your Instagram links in the comments below if you’d like us to share your wonderful nail creations.

Nails for St Patricks Day 6

Source: nailedbyterry

As always, thanks so much for reading today. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the inspiration for nails for St Patricks Day. These nail artists have gotten things spot on with these cute, glam, and colourful looks, and we can’t thank them enough for giving us permission to feature them on our website.

Have a fantastic day, and enjoy your celebrations, whatever you end up doing for St. Patrick’s Day!


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