31 Galaxy Nails That Are out of This World

Are you looking for nails that are truly out of this world? You need to check out the brand new nail tends then — galaxy nails. When you can bring the stars, and the rest of the universe, to you, why wouldn’t you want to do just that? Whether you’re looking for something simple and … Read more

31 Nails for Summer

If you’re on the hunt for some super cool nails for summer 2017, look no further. We’ve got some that we think you might just like, and there’s a little something to suit every taste too! Whether you’re on the hunt for long talons or short ones, bright ones or subtle ones, ones covered in … Read more

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35 Holiday Nails for Summer

Ladies and gentlemen, as we sit here tapping away at the laptop to bring you yet another plethora of unique and wonderful nail designs, we’re basking in the warm rays of the hot sun, a great indication that summer and that warmer weather we’ve been craving for so long is finally on its way. Yes, … Read more

25 Pizza Nails That Look Good Enough To Eat

Did you know that British people spend around £4.4 billion on pizzas every year? That’s impressive right? To be honest, as impressive as our pizza-eating habits are, they still aren’t as impressive as some of these pizza nails we’ve fallen in love with… Obviously. Seeing as it’s second most popular food item on the list … Read more

15 Insane Harley Quinn Nail Designs

15 Harley Quinn Nail Designs

Harley Quinn, also known as Harleen Frances Quinzel, is the Joker’s girlfriend … most of the time. Although many of us think we know all there is to know about Harley herself, she’s had a varied and interested back-story, moving from various comic-books, and even changing her look a few times in the process. We … Read more

31 Ice Cream Designs for Nails

Have you got the scoop on the latest nail trend? And yes, the pun was definitely intended! We’re talking about ice cream designs for nails, and with summer coming up, we’re literally watering at the mouth at the very thought of them. If you feel like getting creative with a design that won’t melt under … Read more

46 Purrfect Cat Nail Designs

Cat Nail Art

We love cats. We also love nails. Can you guess what’s coming next? Yes, that’s right. We’re talking cat nail designs and to be more precise, 46 amazing examples of which we want to share with you. As avid cat lovers ourselves, we appreciate each and every one of these feline designs and we hope … Read more

21 Pokemon Nail Designs

The entire world is going mad for Pokemon Go right now and we thought we would join in the fun by bringing you the very best Pokemon nail designs. Because … why not? Whether you’re capturing yourself a Pikachu, or hunting out a Squirtle, do it in style with the best talons – check out … Read more

21 Beautiful Matte Nail Art Styles

Is it time for you to head to the nail salon? Are you struggling to come up with ideas of what to do with regards to your nails next? We’ve come up with some of the cutest and most beautiful matte nail art styles, and we definitely think you’re going to want to check them … Read more

21 Neon Nails

We’re a big fan of bright pops of colour on our nails when we’re heading into the summer, and that’s why we’ve decided to take a closer look at neon nails for 2017. We’ve been rocking nudes and light shades for a long time, and we really feel the need to make our nails stand … Read more