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New Years Eve Outfits

How ready are you for New Year? We know that we should get Christmas out the way before we start thinking of the partying festivities, but we can’t help it. We need help to find the perfect New Years Eve outfits 2016!

We’ve been taking a peek at the current trends, and also what the celebs are rocking this season. and we’ve brought you some of the very best and super sophisticated outfit ideas to really rock the party!

1 – Sequins

Sequins are very obviously a big deal for the big celebrations, and we’re getting total Harley Quinn vibes with this black and gold little sequinned number. Even better news, it’s on sale from Dorothy Perkins!

£22.50 (was £30) / Dorothy Perkins / Click for more details

If you want to rock ‘mature sequins’, one great tip to remember is to opt for a higher neckline. It’s often a much more classy and sophisticated way to wear the trend, especially if it’s a shorter dress.

If you’re not brave enough to rock a sequinned dress, there’s nothing wrong with adding some new life to an old little black dress with a sequinned jacket instead, or even some sequinned accessories. We’re personally loving this little beauty from Miss Selfridge – the perfect way to stay warm and look super sassy!

£27.50 (was £55) / Miss Selfridge

As a final note, opt for dark sequins, such as black, or even matte finishes to dark silvers and golds. These are much more flattering shades than some of the bolder and brighter sequin numbers, especially if you’re a newbie to wearing them.

We are also totally in love with these shiny, sequin numbers too:

2 – Off-the-Shoulder

It’s a massive trend right now, those off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder dresses. We’re absolutely in love with this sassy little number, on offer from Missguided. And it’s black too – you really can’t go wrong with a little black dress.

Source: Missguided

Structured styles are actually a great idea when you’re trying to find a flattering New Year’s Eve outfit. If you’re post baby or, just like us, just post food-baby, a shift dress with a structured style to it will prove particularly flattering. If you’re planning on adding heels to the occasion, even better because it will make you appear more elongated, thus battling that circle shape.

Bigger sleeves are a great idea, and these feature-sleeve designs will draw eyes to the bits of you, you don’t mind – your arms and shoulders, whilst making sure no-one’s paying attention to the bits you DO mind – your tummy, for example.

3 – Velvet Dresses

Velvet can be difficult for many women to wear. It’s one of those ‘old-fashioned’ types of material, but recently we’ve seen it come back around once again. When it comes to New Years Eve outfits 2016, we simply can’t cut out the trend. It’s definitely going to be warmer than some of the other dresses we’ve worn in previous celebrations too!

Instagram / @pursuitofshoes

Velvet is a luxury fabric – it’s textured, warm, and soft. A simple dress, just like this very glamorous (but still simple) classic gown is easier to wear than lots of patterns and frills, so if you’re in any doubt, go simple and then add to it with a great pair of shoes and some shiny accessories.

If a velvet dress feels a little too much for you to rock this year, how about throwing the luxury trend into the mix by adding these key pieces to your outfit?

4 – Golds + Nudes

If you’re planning going nuder than nude for this New Year, there are a few things you should know. the golds and nudes look is a very glamorous and sophisticated one, but only when it’s done in the right way. Just like @amrezy here!

Instagram / @amrezy

Try not to go with a shade that matches your skint one, otherwise it’ll make you look naked and / or washed out. Darker is often the easiest way to go, even if it is just by a couple of shades, and if you add nude heels also, your legs will look longer and thinner.

If you want to replicate that beautiful hourglass figure in your nude and gold look for this New Year, opt for something nipped-in at the waist, or add a gold belt. You could even look for a dress that has seams or designs that imitate that curvy shape too.

5 – Sheer Dresses

Sheer dresses are a great way to show off some flesh without actually showing off some flesh. You can pick dresses that show off the bits you do like, and hide the areas that you don’t, while at the same time still being super sassy. That’s what you really need from your New Years Eve outfits 2016, right?

Source: Lauren G / Click for more details

There are so many ways that you can wear this sheer trend, and we love the way the above fashion blogger has rocked it, bringing in a number of other on-fleek trends for right now. There’s the structuring underneath with that gladiator-style bralet, and a very simple scallop-edged skirt. It’s feminine, sexy, and covered all at once.

If you’re looking for a more glam look for your party or event, check out this sassy little ASOS number. That off-the-shoulder look is so hot right now, and doesn’t it go great with those heeled ankle boots? You could even opt for a chunkier heel if you’re worried about those cold temperatures and ice.

£110 / Asos / Click for more details

We found so many sheer little numbers we fell in love with. Too many to list, that’s for sure, but here’s a few more that we felt deserved a spot on the list:

6 – Metallic Dresses

Metallics are a lot easier to wear than you first may have thought too, and they’re super versatile once you get the hang of them. We’ve gone with metallic dresses here, but you should split things up with a skirt or trousers instead. That’s exactly what we meant about metallics being so versatile!

£22.49 (was £44.99) / New Look / Click for more details

We’re hopelessly in love with this silver sequin dress from New Look, and it’s on sale right now which makes things even better still. From £44.99 to £22.49, it would look great worn with simple black tights. If you’re not sure on wearing heels, you could even team it with simple flat black ankle boots too. Think Chelsea boots and you have about the same idea that we were thinking of.

Source: Klaudia / Click for more details

We also love the way this fashion blogger has styled her metallic dress casually, a thin black belt added for shape around the middle, and black strappy shoes and a black necklace to finish.

But just in case a metallic dress is too much for you, check out these metallic pieces instead:

7 – The One-Piece / Jumpsuit

The one-piece / jumpsuit has taken over the world, and now more of us are braving it and wearing an all-in-one little number other than a dress, or even a skirt and top combo. If you want something that’ll make you stand out from the crowd, and mix in some of the latest trends, a cut-out one piece is definitely one of the best New Years Eve outfits 2016!

£24.99 (was £45) / AX Paris / Click for more details

If you’re a bit wary of wearing a jumpsuit, there are a few tips we can share with you to help make the process easier. We totally appreciate how hard it is to rock a brand new style for the first time, especially when it’s at a big event where lots of people are going to see you (hopefully) rocking it!

Tip number one – make sure that you find a New Years Eve playsuit that actually fits you. If it doesn’t – too long int he leg, too short in the body, etc. – it will make you feel uncomfortable, and you’ll spend the majority of your time tugging the outfit around.

Tip number two – if you’re worried about looking too wide or boxy, opt for a playsuit that’s nipped in at the waist to help level things out, or add a defining belt around your waist instead.

£139 / Coast / Click for more details

Tip number three – make sure you wear heels. Your legs instantly look longer, and therefore your body looks more elongated, when you opt for heels, and nude heels are even better!

8 – Lace For Days

Just because you’re wearing lace doesn’t mean you need to be wearing ALL lace. Sometimes just the hint of lace is enough, and that’s just what we love this lace bodysuit. It also brings velvet into the mix which, as we’ve already discovered, is a hot look for winter 2016/17.

£35 / Topshop / Click for more details

You could wear your lace body suit tucked into trousers or a skirt, and this sleek silhouette often makes many of the clothes you already have in your closet much more flattering to wear. It’s like wearing shape wear but on the outside – everything is ‘sucked in’, and you’ll feel better because you know nothing can become un-tucked.

Source: Andrea Funk / Click for more details

This blogger has worn her lace bodysuit tucked into tailored trousers, paired with black boots and a camel jacket. It’s a great daytime outfit, and if you were to replace those boots with killer heels, and throw off that camel jacket, you’d have a great nighttime outfit too.

9 – Tailored Twist

When you’re not in the mood to be super feminine, let your masculine side shine through in this tailored tuxedo number. With the right tailoring or helpful additions like the tie-belt in this look, you can make any jacket, even HIS jacket, look feminine.

Spotted on Pinterest

You could wear his white shirt and his tuxedo for this look, just adding a slimline pair of your own trousers, and some pointed court shoes too. It’s definitely warmer than a barely-there dress, and it looks super sophisticated too. Almost Bond-babe-esque, don’t you think?

10 – Cropped Tops

We know, we know, the thought of wearing your midriff out on the cold night of New Year is shocking, but it’s a look that definitely can’t be thrown out. If you’re not actually going to be spending any time out in the cold, what does it matter whether you have your midriff out or not? It’s nice and warm inside, right?

Source: Saralynn / Click for more details

This is a great look for when you need to throw something together as fast as you can. A simple skirt, some knee-high or thigh-high boots, a denim jacket, and a cropped top. There are so many out there right now, and you could even mix and match bralets with lace overlays too if you didn’t want to throw too much flesh out there. Here’s a few more looks we think you might like too:

11 – Lace Shorts

Just when you thought it was time to hang up your summer shorts and stop shaving your legs, New Year comes around. Lace shorts and New Years Eve outfits 2016 go hand in hand like … well, New Year and fireworks!

Source: Emily S / Click for more details

You could add tights – black, coloured, or even patterned – to your outfit if you’re worried about your legs getting cold. But if you were going to wear a little dress, or a skirt, why wouldn’t you wear shorts? The same amount of leg is going to get chilly, right?

You could add heels with nude legs, or ankle boots with tight-clad legs, and you could throw a leather biker jacket over a beautifully glitzy top for a really sparkly outfit. How about one of the metallic beauties we showed you earlier on?

And there you have them – a few of the New Years Eve outfits 2016 that we’re debating on this year. Which ones have you gotten inspiration from? Have you bought any of the items we’ve suggested? We can’t wait to see your outfits, and if you manage to find yourself, how about you give us a hand with ours too?

Have a great New Year! We hope that you look damn fabulous!

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