21 Ocean Hair Looks to Copy This Summer

Do you love the ocean? You can now pay homage to the ocean with ocean hair looks that we know you’re going to absolutely love. It’s blue, but not blue quite as you know it, and it’s definitely not a look that can easily be worn by the faint-hearted. What do you think, however? Would you rock blue hair? What about ocean blue hair looks?

Just in case this sounds like something that might be really up your street, because, we’ll be honest, it really was up ours, here are a few looks that you can take a little inspiration from …

1 – Ocean Hair Space Buns

Having freshly dyed hair is the perfect excuse to rock cute little looks lie these space buns. As you can see, they’re an easy hairstyle to rock, taking minimal effort in the morning, and they show off every tone and shade in your ‘do. These cute space buns have become our go-to look when we don’t have time to wash it. Check out the Youtube tutorials!

Ocean Hair Looks 21

Source: caroline.anythingbutbasic

2 – Tropical Ocean Hair Looks

There are so many tones used to create these ocean blue hair looks, that to call them blue at all might be a bit of a lie. This one, for example, includes wonderful shades of green and aqua tones, designed to bring those tropical water vibes into your finished ‘fro. This one might just be one of our all-time favourites, but which one is yours?

Ocean Hair Looks 20

Source: butterflyloftsalon

3 – All the Tones of the Ocean Hair

If you want to take your beachy, boho waves literally, you need to know about ocean blue hair looks just like this one. The idea is to mix and blend various tones and shades of blue, leaving you looking less Smurfy, and more ocean-y. If you are opting for ocean blue hair looks for the first time, head to a salon. This is not a look that you will find easy to get right, especially if you aren’t all that experienced in the world of hair-dyeing.

Ocean Hair Looks 18

Source: @samihairmagic

4 – Washed out to Stormy Seas

You will lose colour faster if you don’t have good condition hair, so make sure that you give your locks some high-conditioning treatments before you opt for a big colour change, as well as during your ocean blue hair looks phase. When you play around with the colour of your hair, you can make it more porous, and this means that it will take colour in quite well, but also let colour go very quickly also. If your hair isn’t in good condition to start with, your hair will fade very fast, from these stunning ocean blue hair looks to something that you probably won’t be overly impressed with …

Ocean Hair Looks 15

Source: bhbbreanna

5 – Metallic Ocean Vibes

There are so many different brands of hair dye these days, all offering various brightly coloured benefits and features. This one, all metallic and blue / silver in its makeup, was created using Pulp Riot hair paint. These can be quite hard to get hold of, or so we’ve learned as we tried to buy them for ourselves, but there are plenty of other hair dye names to look out for if you want to create these stunning ocean-like beauties for yourself. Do some research – look online, particularly on Instagram, and look at what other people are using. You’ll soon get a good idea of how the colours will come out at the end, in ‘real life’.

Ocean Hair Looks 7

Source: hairbykristinamarie

6 – Dark Roots + Ocean Ombre

If you want a really easy way of rocking these ocean hair looks, look at darker roots with lighter and brighter ends. the ombre hair look is one of the easiest ones to use when you’re playing around with multiple tones and shades. The style of hair painting also gives you the chance to make quite unnatural hair shades look quite natural. Blue hair, for example, is one of the most unnatural colours, but for some reason, with the darker roots here, it could almost be a natural phenomenon.

Ocean Hair Looks 11

Source: lunar_locks_

7 – Boldly Blue Ocean Hair Looks

One thing is for sure, these ocean blue hair looks really are something else, but do you know how to keep them looking like they’re something else? Blue is a shade that is renowned for fading very quickly, much quicker than other shades, and you might be surprised at the cost and time necessary to keep it bright and bold. The one thing you will definitely need to ensure, is that your hair is in great condition BEFORE you opt for any lightening / colouring treatments. The dyes themselves will generally be quite conditioning on your hair, depending on the brand, but the lightening treatments you’ll need to go through beforehand is what dries it out and leaves it looking and feeling dry, damaged and brittle.

Ocean Hair Looks 12

Source: bhbbreanna

8 – Dark to Light Ombre Ocean

Keeping things darker on the top and lighter on the ends is one of the easiest ways to wear these stunning ocean hair looks. The darker roots make it easier to keep up with the colour also, as blue is one that fades very fast. Those bright tones will soon fade to a pastel, almost powdery blue, and depending on the quality of your hair to begin with, it may even fade really patchy too. You will need to work with a good hair stylist to get that gradual ombre blend, making it look as stunning as this fabulous look.

Ocean Hair Looks 5

Source: jessidreamsincolour

9 – 50 Shades of Ocean Blue Hair (+ Lilac)

It’s not just blues and greens that are used in these ocean hair looks. Lilac tones can be thrown in also, bringing a really warm and feminine hue to the overall finish. This look will appear more pastel and powdery as it fades, and that’s even more so the case if you use a silver shampoo and conditioner once you leave the salon. The slight colour in the shampoo and conditioner adds more to the look, giving you another way to keep your hair fresh when you don’t have time to run for yet another appointment.

Ocean Hair Looks 8

Source: cozmic.color

10 – All the Baby Blues Ocean Hair Looks

Before you manage to achieve stunning ocean hair looks like this one, you will need to go through quite a lengthy process. You should first start this process before you even make an appointment with your hair colourist. Lots of conditioning treatments are necessary, and this is to protect your hair from the damaging and drying bleaching/lightening treatments you will need to then go through. This is to get your hair to an almost-white base, and from there you can apply a whole range of colours. The better condition your hair is, the better the bleaching and lightening treatments will end. In turn, this means your look will be better all-over, not patchy, and super glossy. Just what you’re looking for!

Ocean Hair Looks 13

Source: bhbbreanna

11 – Twilight Ocean Hair Looks

Mix darker shades of blue with lighter shades of lilac for a super short ocean hair look like this one. This one thinks slightly outside of the box, bringing an almost night sky feel to the ocean waves replicated in the hair. And who said you couldn’t play around with plenty of tones and shades when you have short hair? This pixie look shows you exactly how to rock your not-so-long locks with style! (There are plenty of benefits to going for the chop too!)

Ocean Hair Looks 16

Source: nikki_inreallife

12 – Icy Cold Ocean Hair Styles

If you want super glossy locks like this, you’ll need to know how to take care of your ocean hair looks. Plenty of conditioners will be your friend, and you will also want to consider topping up your colour at home. Some stylists will give you some of the dye they used so that you can add it to shampoos and conditioners. Adding a touch of the hair dye itself to other products that you use regularly, such as shampoo and conditioner, can build-up the colour over time. It helps you to keep fading to a minimum.

Ocean Hair Looks 4

Source: saraihairwizard

13 – Icy Seas Hair Inspiration

The more pictures you have to show your hairstylist, the higher the chance of walking out of the salon with something you actually want. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to colour inspiration too. These stunning ocean hair looks wouldn’t have been created if someone hadn’t taken some inspiration from the ocean itself. Everything around you could be the inspiration you’ve been looking for, including pictures of summer vacays, pictures of blue crystals or gems in the jewellery you have, and more. The more you can show your stylist, the more he or she will know exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to over-research.

Ocean Hair Looks 19

Source: samihairmagic

14 – Glossy Blue + Green Ocean Hair Looks

Don’t want an all-over blue look? Don’t. Add some green to your ocean hair looks to really bring definition and a whole new dimension to the occasion. When you use one colour – an all-over shade on your locks – it will be flat, lifeless, and limp. Adding more than one shade will help to create the impression of more volume, and it can also help to add more definition to hair that you might otherwise have been bored with. Don’t be afraid to throw new colours in there to come up with a look that is entirely unique to you.

Ocean Hair Looks 14

Source: bhbbreanna

15 – Braided Ocean Bright Blue Waves

Once you’ve walked out of the salon, play around with different styles and designs with your hair. You’ll find out what twisted braids and updo’s show off the maximum range of tones and shades in your hair, and you might even find a brand new hairstyle that ends up being your daily go-to. Braids, for example, are an especially useful hair trick to know about. On those days when you really can’t be bothered to wash your hair, braids can both hide those greasy roots, and give you a badass style that everyone will be complimenting you on. There’s a reason Kim K loves them, y’know!

Ocean Hair Looks 3

Source: hairbykaseyoh

16 – All the Greens of the Ocean Hair

The ocean can be green too, you know, and green has been used as the inspiration for this beautiful ocean-themed hair look. There are so many different hair dye colours on the market these days, that there really is no end to the looks you could create. We lose hours of our day (and we mean actual HOURS too) just looking at pretty hair pictures on Instagram. Do you do that too?

Ocean Hair Looks 10

Source: lunar_locks_

17 – Super Short Ocean Hair Inspiration

These ocean hair looks are going to fade very quickly. If we haven’t told you that enough yet, we’re going to tell you some more. We have personally been victimised by this fade-fast shade, and our ocean hair only lasted for two washes the first time we did it. The second time we re-applied the dye (at home), we found that the look lasted much longer, but even still, this is a shade that will show your bad roots off very quickly. Even if you have lighter coloured hair underneath (such as blonde), the roots will still look darker, and actually a little green-like, against the blue and green unnaturally coloured hair around it. You really must know of the maintenance involved with a look as bright, bold and bully as this one!

Ocean Hair Looks 17

Source: nikki_inreallife

18 – Twisted Ocean Blue Hair

If you’re looking for a way to show off all the shades and tones in your hair, as well as boost volume, wavy / curly locks are the way forward. You don’t even need curling tongs / irons to create stunning wave-inspired ocean hair looks, such as this one. With the flick of your wrist, your hair straighteners could be the only tool you need, and you can turn down the volume a little when you’re curling, rather than straightening. Just remember to use the right products for heated styling when you have coloured hair, and your hair will look just as beautiful as this one does.

Ocean Hair Looks 2

Source: roguehairstudio

19 – Ocean Jewelled Beauty

Of course, if you really wanted your hair to stand out, you could always add some hair jewellery. This is a necklace, worn in such a way that it really draws attention to your locks. Hair accessories, including hair jewellery, are such a big thing right now, it seems the perfect opportunity to get a little creative. Do you not remember when Princess Diana wore a beautiful necklace in her hair back in the 80’s? Rock it, and make sure you rock it with style and confidence!

Ocean Hair Looks 6

Source: ck.hair

20 – Aquatic Short Ocean Hair

If you want to read-test a particular shade, but you don’t really want to commit to having it on your hair, temporarily or otherwise, there is another trick that you can use to work out whether or not the shade you want will match your skin tone and complexion. Find something – a piece of material, for example, or a picture of the ocean in a magazine – and hold it against your face. If the blues in the picture look great against your skin tone, you’re on to a winner. If it doesn’t, you might want to take things back to the drawing board. We would always recommend having a chat with a hair stylist / colourist who knows what they’re doing first. This isn’t a step you will want to take lightly … especially seeing as it definitely won’t be just the one step.

Ocean Hair Looks 9

Source: linzdinant

21 – Lost at Sea Ocean Hair Looks

Just remember to have some fun with your ocean hair looks. Let your personality flow free, and play around with colours that you wouldn’t normally consider. There has never been a better time to experiment with different tones, textures and looks. We would definitely recommend checking out Instagram for fun inspiration that you can use to create your own unique look.

Ocean Hair Looks 1

Source: cozmic.color

And there you have them – 21 ocean hair looks that we are definitely obsessed with right now. Which ones have rocked your boat? Are there any you’re tempted to try yourselves? Which picture will you be frog-marching into the hair salon to copy on your own locks? We can’t wait to find out, and we’d love for you to send us in your beautiful hair snaps. If we’ve inspired you, shout about it. We would love to feature you and your locks on CherryCherryBeauty.

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