21 Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails

21 Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails

Pastel purple is a beautiful color and one you can experiment with when designing or fixing your nails. I love pastel purple nail polish for many reasons, one being that it is cool and adaptable for different seasons. If you love pastel purple as much as I do and want ideas for your next look, consider these … Read more

21 Unique Black And Silver Nails

21 Black And Silver Nails

Can you guess a more classic look than black and silver nails? Trust me. You can’t. The dark abyss meets sparkling light. It’s a match that is made in heaven, and we are rightfully obsessed. Nothing screams confidence like a good set of nails, making them dark and brooding. You have the perfect recipe for … Read more

21 Gorgeous Purple Marble Nails

21 Purple Marble Nails

I’m drooling over the recent trend of tie and dye nails. It’s all over my Instagram, and I can’t help the obsession. Another name for tie and dye nails is purple marble nails. Now you must be wondering why it is that? Tie and dye give your nails a textured marble design. In this article, … Read more

21 Glamorous Birthday Nails

21 Birthday Nails

Searching for some nail ideas to flaunt this birthday? Hold on, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now, are you looking for something chic, something too out there, or even something minimal? You’re in the right place. In this article, we have managed to list down some of the best unique glamorous birthday nails you’ll ever come across. So … Read more

21 Elegant Burberry Nails

21 Elegant Burberry Nails

Imagine elegance goes out of style? Can’t handle that thought, right? Neither can I.  But who is the epitome of elegance? Obviously, it’s Burberry. Who disagrees with it? The nova check, Burberry’s iconic check pattern, somehow holds so much power and grace. Correct me if I’m wrong, but It boosts your self-confidence and grace to … Read more

21 Stunning Matte Blue Nails

21 Stunning Matte Blue Nails

People say your nails say much about who you are – the state of your health and your personality in general. In that case, it would be a disaster if your nails aren’t portraying exactly who you are, wouldn’t they? Here are some matte blue nail ideas for inspiration on your next look if you … Read more

21 Unique E-Girl Nails

21 Best E-Girl Nails

E-girls have an outgoing, lively style that they take very seriously, almost as much as they take their nails seriously. They have a reputation for being some of the most active personalities online and in games. As such, they ensure their nails fully express what they stand for, combining fashion and function, among other things. … Read more